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Congratulations to +Google Maps for Android for winning the "Best Consumer Mobile Service Award" here at #MWC 2012. You can check them out here at the Android stand or on Android Market:
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Google map on mobile is by itself a reason good enough to buy a smartphone, it must be one of the most usefull invention of the last ten years.
Amazing app I wouldn't be able to get around with out it! :-) an its free thanks google!
Congratulations! Google Maps is so cool!
I keep asking myself how much the federal government would have spent to implement a nationwide system showing average current speed on our highways. Billions!!! And it's something that Google did at no cost to the taxpayer using Google Maps and plain old cellphones. Amazing!!!
I drive 3,000 miles a week and google maps out performs any gps system I've ever used. Keep up the good work. Thank you
Having Google Maps GPS on my phone is a huge convenience. Now if they would only put out a proper car dock for the Galaxy Nexus. :/ You guys should push Samsung on that one.
It's the app I use the least but need the most, if that makes sense.
definitely the least utilized yet most fundamentally essential ap in my phone. kuddos to +Jeff Parker for the comment
I think I use it more than any other. I use it for calling up places like restaurants, checking out reviews and for finding bus and train times! So handy!
Wooow... congratulations. google is the best!
Google maps saved my ass multiple times, thank you google for this great product
Maps is the only reason I bother with mobile, non wifi data in my phone, even when I was still using symbian and now android.
It's one of the only reasons I have a data plan!
Congrats! As if there was any competition :D
data plan. I pay a monthly fee for 2GB of data use on my phone.
I'm from China and using MOTOROLA Milestone to post this massage
Still waiting for navigation to be available in Finland :/
+Google Maps for Android are just incredible, I have been using them since my Nexus One days. On Galaxy Nexus they are even better, the Google Maps Navigation is an essential service for me.
Now that Google Maps can show the insides of a building... It cannot be touched! Great work!!!!
Only if Navigation was available can it take so many years to get it even to Finland.
Congrats! We know we'd be constantly lost if it weren't for Google Maps!
its the best and user friendly application,now I can travel all over the Townships in South Africa and I know the street names now. 
i have a samsung galaxy prevail from boost and i like this app the google android maps.
Can we have offline turn-by-turn GPS navigation next, like what Nokia/Windows Phone/Bing Maps is currently progressing towards? It's such a pain when having to travel outside of the carrier coverage zone and rack up roaming fees.
I this is the most used app on my phone and has prevented me from learning my way around Richmond for three years now.
I love using it even when I know where I'm going 
dislike since the upgrade the past month. Latitude does not "check me in," like it use to on my EVO phone. Too bad.
+Paul Revell The problem isn't getting to Finland since it works almost everywhere else BUT Finland. See the problem?
Grand meeting for Android products
Google maps was revolutionary when it arrived, and continues to lead the way by far. It doesn't surprise me one single bit. Then you guys put navigation for free to everyone, and then building maps... The future is almost here, thanks to those Google technologies.
congrats! Google maps such a cool!
Hello guys, How to upgrade my nexus s 2.3.4 to 4.0 icecream sandwich? ?
Hey any news on the nexus S 4G ics update?
O Cerna
What about ICS for Samsung Galaxy S2, maybe that OS just didn't work, and now rumors about Android 5.0 Jelly Bean?! Come On, first get all your supported devices into 4.0
Android 7.02 i need that,get it out
It would be nice if my Nexus S got a OTA of Ice Cream Sandwich from Google.

My “Pure Google Phone”One thing Google doesn’t or can’t do is announce and release products like Apple.

Apple products are in the hands of customers weeks after they are announced.

Google on the other hand you just sit and wait to hear something from a third party.
When will be ICS for nexus s availabile ?
Yeah still looking for the nexus s i9020A ICS release, its been 3 months since other variants received it... Very frustrating as you could imagine
My Nexus S was running beautifully with the gingerbread OS. Your ICS update has screwed it up. Let alone fix bugs from gingerbread (GPRS/EDGE not working) or refine your basic, shamefully flawed taskflows (cannot forward a contact on SMS, groups in contacts is a sorry-looking joke), you have given me a whole new set of bugs to deal with (battery drain, dim display, call drop, network loss, SMS copy/forward bugs, slow/unresponsive stock apps, etc.. the list is embarrassingly long). PLEASE RELEASE AN UPDATE. STOP MUCKING AROUND AT CONFERENCES FLAUNTING BOGUS AWARDS. 'Best Consumer Mobile Service'. MY FOOT.
Best Maps Application on the Planet! :D
+Kyle Ray - with all due respect, if only you would keep your stubborn-ness aside, you really dont have to believe any of the comments being made here. Just do a little bit of research for yourself. Check out google's android and mobile help forums. All those forums have is angry users shouting at google, asking when their expensive phones will be usable again. We are not running some campaign against google with any ulterior motives to come here and spam. We are just looking to get our phones to make a call without it dying on us or running out of battery.
+Matthew Sholtz Idiot. Try reading it again. "As soon as they become available." Is it available for that phone yet? NO. They're working on releasing it. Every version of ICS works differently for each phone, so each version needs to be tailored to each specific phone. This phone WILL get the update AS SOON AS IT'S AVAILABLE FOR THAT PHONE.
I'm with the comments above. Where is ICS for the Nexus S. It's been months. This is why we bought a Nexus device. The lack of communication is insulting.
Get used to it, Kyle. BTW, what phone do you use? Ah, and also: we were once "valued customers", now we are "idiots". The difference is, we already paid. You look very much like an Idiot in the making.
Yea, also, please ban me, so you can join the cohort of idiots in the future, unwise and unadvised. We will welcome you anyhow.
"Best Consumer Mobile Service Award" MY ASS
An yeah, we get a very valuable lesson in computing, marketing, and and end-user service from "Kyle Ray: Photography, water sports including jet skiing and swimming, snowboarding too. Playstation 3 fan and gaming. I enter contests and have placed 4th in International Photo Contest on". Did you call for trolls?
Haha.. +Manel Torralba : You really nailed it. People like +Kyle Ray are really pitiable - their foolishness is their blindfold. Anyhow, like you said, we still wont discriminate the day he joins 'Spamaholics Anonymous'.
Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee Kyle Blocked me !!!!!!!!! Which means... I don't get to see his informed, intelligent posts :) :)
+Miles Conrad Please get information before telling somebody he/she is an idiot. We might be spamming the thread, but we do so for a legitimate reason. Google is also spamming the thread with self loving, masturbatory comments, and auto-awards.
I like the tour that Google's map provide.
I want to ask with you,
How android is basic system of android and how integritas of android to memory and apps??
Thanks for your answer...
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