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maybe my secret santa would read this and give me an early Christmas present!!!!  
"I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!"

- S.B. Squarepants
You really need an "Only for americas" tag. :(
Can I get one? I missed i/o freebies...
This or a Nexus Device will be my First Android device to get away from Apple
When it will be available in Portugal ?
UK awaits N7. Thanks Google.
Received mine today in the post. So far very impressed :)
Phil Bo
no nexus7 for germany, no nexus7 for me :(
I would definitely have bought one if Google Music and other currently not available stuff, was available in UK :(
What about in Canada?
Will we be notified when it is shipped?
Germany plz. Same for Google now! :(
I'm sat here rocking and dribbling in a corner waiting for my delivery :-\
I will believe it when I will see my credit card charge. Preordred on the 27th. Pffffffff
doesn't help me much!!  I'm going out of town and wanna take this with me!
i anxiously await the arrival of my very own...
For all you international fans of de Nexus 7. I ordered 2 8gb tablets and we can negotiate one of them on eBay....let me know if interested.
What about Italy sale with Google play?
Feel free to just send that one my way. :) 
"We're now shipping Nexus 7 preorders. The first wave of orders are going out today and all preorders are scheduled to ship within the next 3 business days."
It's great, but i can't buy it here (Hungary). And i can't buy Galaxy Nexus too ...
happy birthday to me! happy birthday to me!
Plenty of reviews on line from the Google I/O give aways - can't wait for mine to arrive. All that power for a very reasonable price. Far better than handing 200 additional notes to Apple..
Recommended this one to friends who are still waiting to buy their first tablet.
When it is comming to denmark?
Still no Google products for Croatia... shame, a damn shame
Europe wants official play store devices love :(
How could i pre-order it in UK while i am on my holiday right now ?
Adam W
i ordered within minutes of it going live during the keynote and for a totally irrational reason i'm still hoping it somehow gets here today. monday would be ok but it's a bummer that my local sam's has them cheaper (plus no shipping charge) right now.
Seven is the lucky number of the year for the most people on the planet
Needs more Stylus IMO
When are you opening up for ordering devices on Play Store in Denmark?
Okay, now you're just taunting me. Where's mine?
Rey Perez
Next time I'll just buy my devices from a retailer instead of supporting the Play Store.  Get it sooner and not have to pay the lousy shipping charge.
Exactly. Google lost much of my respect over this one. Count on me to not order anything from the Play store that I can get elsewhere.
Yup, they get it all.
I hope you won't wait too long with starting to ship in Europe, too.
If Google makes the Nexus 7 White version available, I'll buy one right away. Other then that I'll pass. Seems like a cool product still :) Good luck
Last time I pre-order from Google Play. Gamestop customers are getting their devices earlier, with the $25 Play store credit and without paying shipping. Clearly, Google prioritizes its retail partners over its most loyal customers.

I feel like a sucker for pre-ordering from Google Play.
Thanks for leaving those who pre-ordered out in the cold.  We who ordered on the day of I/O are getting our devices days after people who just wandered into retail stores or who pre-ordered at Gamestop and we are paying shipping on top of that.  So we are paying more and getting less and getting it delayed as well.  Thanks Google.
Wait, what retails stores is it in now?  I might have to take a walk
I certainly hope +Google / +Google Play / +Nexus make up for the failed shipping timeline with a surprise for those of us who pre-ordered our devices.

$50 play store credit
Free case
Tickets to Google I/O next year
You might want to let shops know - I asked while playing with new phones in Carphone Warehouse today, and they didn't seem to have heard of it.
I don't even care about free stuff, really.  I just feel burned by them.  I really wanted to see the Play Store concept succeed so I supported it.  I will no longer be supporting them.
Google...this is kind of evil.  $14 for shipping as opposed to walking into a store to pick it up? So where is the pre-order advantage?  Is it too late to cancel my order?
Yea, Ricky, it's been too late all week.
All Gamestop stores in my area have the tablets ready to be picked up for those who pre-ordered. Someone screwed up. 
Experiment: Selling a majorly anticipated device via Google Play.


I will never waste my money or my time ordering another device through Play Store. What the hell were you thinking, Google?
Brandon: What part of pre-order failed here?

Pre-Orders were taken for a product with a rough release timeline, and are being shipped within that timeline...

I fail to see the problem.
Pricks, who knew I could just go to Sams Club to get my 7. Pre-ordered like a good sheep, now I have to wait while new ones sit in store near me.
Up to now I've noticed that the tablet of the box is actually number 7 :-D
If you hadn't said anything I would never have noticed, haha.
+Chad Vincent - If you fail to see the problem, we have nothing to discuss. I'm not the only one who expected that pre-ordering a Nexus device from Google meant something. No one who pre-ordered through the Play Store expected that they could get their N7 faster by ordering through GameStop. This is a failure on the part of Play Store. Period. This diminishes my excitement for this product, and I'm not alone in that.
Please bring your products to Argentina!!!!
I have a major problem with retail outlets getting them before me. I ordered while the I/O event was going on but now find out had i pre-ordered through Gamestop, I would have already gotten it and saved the shipping charges. Epic FAIL.

Specifically... to those of us who pre-ordered it through Play :D
Guess I join in the Google bash too.   How else are they going to know what royal F_ups they are if you don't let them know. 

So, Google just charged my credit card for my pre-order on Friday afternoon.   Charged me for the device, taxes, AND 2-day shipping....which since it's the weekend is really 4 day shipping.   Meanwhile, people that bought through a retailer can walk in today, without shipping costs, and pick one up.   Any guesses whether GameStop would be a better experience should something be wrong with the device?    My guess is Google's customer service will be as it always has been.....non-existant..   FAIL.
Para América del Sur, cuando?
I'm sure I'll love the device.  but I sure have hated this whole experience... NO shipping options other than the 2-day... when I could go to my local game stop and just get one without any shipping and STILL get the credit.  Wow.  Never again.... Play-Pre Order folks should get a free exclusive case or something... just for going through this nonsense.
Exactly!  Shipping on a Friday?  I mean I haven't even been charged yet!  I don't expect to see until mid to late next week.  Whatever.
I fully expect an official apology statement from Google and more Play Store credit for this fiasco.
I wonder if it will even be acknowledged.  I have a feeling it will be business as usual.
+Rey Perez +Drew Newell I agree with Rey. I bet Google won't even issue an apology, let alone try to make up for their  mistake in handling this. I was SO excited about this product. This is such a letdown.
Google. You really dropped the ball on this one. I will not be ordering any future devices via the Google Play Store. There are people that DID NOT order via Google Play that already have their devices in-hand. I just checked my account and it still hasn't been charged.

 With apologies to Darth Vader: I find your lack of communication disturbing.
You should never pre-order a device from any one(google or apple). go down to a store play with the device. if it feels right buy it. 
Engineers don't make good salespeople. Someone with customer service experience should have headed this experiment up. If someone with customer service experience DID lead this project, I think it's time to start accepting new applicants for their position.
eBuyer UK sent out mine yesterday, and it arrived today. Really happy with it, fits in perfect with my SGS3.
I want some more Google Play Store credit please!
It's also hardly Googles fault, the devices were supplied by ASUS and Shipped early by a 3rd Party, who they have no control over.
Really hard to believe that Google continues to botch their retail experience.  Their hardcore followers who supported Play have been treated like dirt.  Obviously, I will treat Play purchases as a last & only option in the future.  Good luck, Google, when the podcasters that giddily announced their pre-orders start complaining about the horrible treatment.
WOO HOO! I can't wait for mine! Ekk!
I think the correct action is to never give Game Stop early stock to anything ever again, they always pull this.
I'm feeling pretty let down by Google, but I won't say I'll never order another device from Play....but I sure as hell won't pre-order another device direct from Google.
+Phil Kerman Google partnered with ASUS on this. Google is handling sales, Google is the warranty agent, Google dictated shipping. This is Google's product and these shipping issues were Google's mistake.
awesome! a shame we, in Europe, gotta wait for quite a bit
When will nexus 7 came to Indonesia?
Buying 2 and relieving one iPad of its kindergarten interface duties
+Brandon Mulcahy I disagree, Google may well have dictated the official release/shipping dates, but it can in no way be held responsible for 3rd parties shipping early.
+Phil Kerman Look, the retailers received instructions from Google not to sell until the 12th. Then, Google updated that notice to an indefinite hold on retail sales. Some retailers didn't listen, and Google, to their credit, forced them to stop selling. But this was not an ASUS problem. This was a Google problem. 
+Phil Kerman Phil How about half a dozen third parties in every launch country? EBuyer in the UK. Staples in Canada. Adorama in New York. Sam's Club. They all jumped the gun? And the worst of it, is that Google charged us shipping and the retail customers are still paying the same price and getting the $25 Play credit. Google effectively screwed over its most loyal customers. We're paying more and getting it later than retail clients. 
Same here, haven't seen anything yet.
I'm going to stay up and wait for my notification, even if it takes all week.
I have heard Australia will not be receiving delivery until approx the 27th of July. Is this true? If so, it is really disappointing. 2 -3 weeks will essentially be a 1 month wait (ordered on the 29/6). Constantly being behind your competitors in terms of service is going to cause long term issues. Still no music, mags, TV etc over here.........
Eddie N
I put in my pre-order on Saturday, June 30. Got notification that Google had received my order on Wednesday, July 4. I haven't gotten home yet so I could be wrong but if this is true:

"We're now shipping Nexus 7 preorders. The first wave of orders are going out today and all preorders are scheduled to ship within the next 3 business days."

then today being a Friday, that means I should be getting my pre-ordered Nexus 7 in the mail by next week, on Thursday, July 19. That's three whole weeks from the time I gave up my credit card info.

Or since I had to wait all this time, I could have just walked into a Gamestop and bought one, without paying for two-day shipping, and having to wait that long.

Ah, well. Things could be worse. This is definitely a #FirstWorldProblem  but, still. Guess my unboxing video will have to wait.... :) 
Mark M
So happy!
+Ethan Baze I just called a Staples in my area.  They have stock.  I'm going to try in the morning.  Google can eat the shipping costs from a refused delivery if I'm successful.  Confirmed with Google Play customer service that they will refund the entire amount, including shipping.  

I suggest you try to do the same.
Just echoing what many others have said. Feel totally disappointed with how #Google  have handled this. At the very least people who pre-ordered should have received their N7s at the same time they appeared in the stores, if not earlier.

Also, if online stores like ebuyer here in the UK can offer the N7 with free shipping (and 2% cashback if you use sites like quidco or topcashback) then I don't see why Google have to charge £9.99 for it especially when there's absolutely no benefit at all buying from Play Store - please correct me if I'm wrong.

Furthermore,  #googleplaystore  is just ridiculous!
- Who in their right minds would put the 'My Orders and Settings' right at the bottom of the screen?
- How is it possible an 'all-things-on-the-cloud' company cannot create a decent shopping experience where you can see how far along you are in the process and more importantly allow you to cancel your order?
- How can my pre-order which has not been shipped yet - let alone delivered - has a status of 'Complete'?
Keith, I would be happy to find a store in my area with N7 stock as well.  I have had no positive experience with #google 's customer service either.  No additional information, no insight on why folks who ordered a week after me are receiving tracking while I am not, not even an insincere apology that stores are stocking them on shelves before the "premiere purchasing location" can manage to ship them out the door.  Yeah, this was handled as well as my 3 year old could have done; I guess I expected better from google.

Thanks for the information that they will refund the entire amount.
When will nexus 10 come out?
I wan't it..please shiping to Indonesia :(
I can't preorder one coz it is not available for preorders on my region :/ y is India always not on the list of preorder regions :( 
+Ted Schoenling Same for me - we leave on vacation tomorrow.  I just got my 'it shipped!' message minutes ago.  I'll check on it in the morning; if by some miracle it will arrive tomorrow, we'll delay a day.  Otherwise, I guess I'll see it in 9 days :-/

On the other hand, VACATION!
Whoo Hoo!  Got my shipping notification.
+Daniel Spiteri  I'm also in Aus, also pre-ordered on the 29th, and naturally am also completely in the dark regarding my order.  If that date is correct, I'll cancel my order right away as that isn't how I expected to be treated as a loyal customer.
Good Luck Google. Lets not stop innovating. iPad Mini is going to be a real challenger when launched. Need to make Google products more Trendy. We all know they are powerful
ar kei
hk is waiting for it.
UK ship date is July 16th - expect the rest of the EU around the same time...
Just found the Christmas present for the kids!!
When will it come to HK?
+1 for the Poem, 2 for the rhyme, Google  shows us, it don't waste no time.
Got an email from Google at 2 am with shipping & tracking #.  The email says the package was shipped on July 9th?    Since Google charged me EXTRA for 2 day shipping, then I should have gotten it 3 days ago.   But, checking with UPS shows a label was generated for shipping, but they have not actually got the package yet?   Fail.
I ordered my nexus 7 (16 GB) on June 27th while I was watching android keynote.. I still didn't get a shipping confirmation..People who ordered week later got their shipping confirmations..I am utterly disgusted with the way Google handle this..There is something called first come first served.. 
Estou doido para ver esse brinquedinho no Brasil.
who i really want one, any date for latinoamerica release?
I just got my shipping confirmation. 'bout time.
Confirmation received. The annoying anticipation period begins.
B Ru
Eager to get my hands on one. 
SERIOUSLY!?! You guys shipped it 2-day shipping on a FRIDAY!?! That means I won't get it until Monday because of the weekend. Seriously Google, fuck you. Could've gone to the store to buy one by now.
got mine on Friday shipped from another supplier
If Google had issued a statement early on what exactly went wrong with their supply chain, it wouldn't have had to cop with the wrath of hardcore Google loyalists.
If any of you GOOGLERS are reading... I would like 50$ store credit for having to deal with this unfair situation. 
Mine is in route. Can't wait!
Don't forget Switzerland please! ^^
Vivek G
please tell me when it will be available in India
Thanks, Google, for charging me $14 to pre-order the Nexus 7 when I could have fucking bought the thing locally and had it sooner.
eu tambem quero uma :P quando é que vai chegar a Portugal?
I'm going to take advantage of the 15 day buyer's remorse period. I'm not going to simply refuse shipment and send Google back an unopened N7. I'll open mine, play with it for a couple days, get some fingerprints on it, and then box it up and ship it back for a full refund. Thank you, Google, for killing my excitement for this product.

Scratch that... there is a 15% restocking fee.
Is that because they delayed it so much and by the time it arrives it will be available to buy in shops anyway? I thought that, but then I'd lose £10 for the delivery and it should arrive only a day or two at most after it's in the shops. I know what you (might) mean though....
The Netherlands is waiting... :))
This is totally unacceptable.  Google does not seem to understand what Pre-order means.  We are going to get our tablets 5 days after launch.  We paid extra shipping to wait for it.  Last time I order anything off google.  If I ever order their nexus again, it will be straight from a retailer.  Totally unfair to those who pre ordered.  Some people ordered from the play store because Google says its going to be online only and through the play store only.  What a bunch of lies.  
+Brandon Mulcahy ....I had the same thought until I read their return policies......there is a 15% restocking fee applied to open boxes.
I know its Sunday night but where is mine. Let's go 2 day shipping
I received my shipping notice Friday night. UPS still don't have any information on the tracking number right now. When I bought stuff online previously, tracking number always worked within 24 hours after it shipped. I come to two conclusions. Either 1. People in UPS decide to take the weekend off and not updating their system. Or 2. Google just send out fake shipping notice to stop people from cancelling order. Google makes people to pay for 2 days shipping. I expect better experience from Google than that.
+Wai Chan No shipping company updates their tracking information after about 5pm on Friday and yes they do take the weekend off.
For those who have a tracking number but no info on UPS page.  That means google created a label and UPS did not pick it up yet.  THIS DID NOT SHIPPED ON FRIDAY!  UPS WILL PICK IT UP ON MONDAY!  With two day shipping you will get it wednesday.  We have to wait almost a week and paid extra.  ANOTHER REASON NOT TO BUY ANYTHING OFF GOOGLE PLAY!  You get the honor of paying extra and waiting longer.  GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!  You want to take on apple...good luck.  I dont see google winning any customer support awards anytime soon.  I want my 2 day shipping charges back since I have to wait longer.
I believe I am one of few people that are not in a rush to get their tablet or that cares that Gamestop started to sell them even tho Google said not to. Am I complaining because of "Poor Service"? or demanding extras from Google like "$50 Play Credit, Free Case and Tickets to next years Google I/O" or even asking for money back because of impatience. All of you are complaining, and if you are all this mad about this then go buy Apple. Android users don't need to have people that like on Team Android.

(Haters Gonna Hate)
(Bitches Be Crazy)
If team android dont need people who complain, I think team android just lost about 90% of its base.  Most people are complaining of unfairness.  They were under the assumption that google will at least coordinate the launch so that everyone gets theirs by launch date.  They didn't give a launch date and people were finding out gamestop and few other stores were selling it while we who preordered have to wait and paid extra for 2 day shipping.  Its like you wait in line waiting and someone skips you.  That's how most of us feel.  
When it is coming in India...?????
When are we going to get Java ???
yakju model of galaxy nexus and no update yet...when will i get it?
Anyone actually git one yet at this rate be able to get one from argos quicker and no delivery!
I have been trying too hard to just get a reply from Google Asia pacific. A reply indicating the status of my order is all I ask for. Is that too hard?

Jul 16
You sent Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. an email with the subject: What is the status of my order?
Message: "This is my fourth enquiry and I'm yet to receive a reply from you guys! This is just ridiculous. Can you not just reply with the status of my order? I am baffled. Am I asking too much of you guys? Just a reply!!!!! "
Jul 14
You sent Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. an email with the subject: What is the status of my order?
Message: "Can you please provide me an update on the status of an order? An update is all I ask for! Why is that so hard? I find this very disrespectful."
Jul 13
You sent Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. an email with the subject: What is the status of my order?
Message: "Any updates on the order. Please provide an estimation on when the device will be shipped out."
Jul 8
You sent Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. an email with the subject: What is the status of my order?
Message: "When is the nexus 7 expected to ship?"
Jun 27
Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. received your order.
No shipping notice from Google Play Store UK or USA. I have 2 orders, both on 28th of June...
I'm not one to join the #firstworldproblems torch & pitchfork crowd. However, I will say that if Google is going to play in the D2C space, you guys need to realize that expectations are different when we give you our money than when we use your three year beta software for free... "when we get to it" isn't going to fly.

"Pre order" has a very specific meaning in this market. If you can't deliver, don't advertise as such and work through retailers who seem to have their supply chain and fulfillment issues figured out.

You guys aren't Apple... your customers actually consider the value, capabilities and logistics of their purchases. If I wanted to be treated like I don't matter and am lucky to be getting one at all when it arrives a week late, I'd go get in line with the iSheep to be herded.
Seriously Google?!? You shipped it on Friday night and it won't be here until Tuesday! This has been an awful pre-ordering experience. And the worst 2-day shipping I have ever paid for. 
Eddie N
You said it, +Keith Childers ! Let's hope TPTB @ El Goog are listening. Matter of fact, I'm tagging +Vic Gundotra and +Bradley Horowitz  on this thread so that they can witness some of the frustration that their customers are having with how things have gone down so far.

And as for +Jordan Stock and his statement "Android users don't need to have people that like on Team Android" -- I disagree. What we don't need on Team Android are sheep who just take anything given to them because it comes from the Great and Mighty Google. If Google does well, we on Team Android (I might have to trademark that phrase now LOL) do well. If Google doesn't do well (and I think saying that you are offering something on a pre-order basis and not fulfilling the pre-order in a timely fashion counts as "not doing well"), we on Team Android have every right to complain, and expect satisfaction. Google is competing with a master marketer in the form of Apple, and such slipups will not help them in that competition. You especially don't want the people who would under normal circumstances be your most fervent evangelists to turn into a rowdy anti-Android/anti-Google mob. With great power, and you know the rest.

I do agree with you on one thing: compared to other problems in my life, or to other problems that the vast majority of earthlings suffer, not getting a tablet in two days even though you paid for that to happen, does count as a classic #FirstWorldProblem ...which is why I'm not bitching and moaning that hard :)

C'mon, Google! #MustDoBetter  
This is what I dont understand.  Google created the shipping label on the 10th, sent the email on the 13th and it was picked up by UPS today.  I dont understand the logic that google works with.  Make the preorder customers wait while retail gets it early.  They are staying silent and let this roll over.  This is what annoys me too.  
Whoever ran this tragedy of a launch should be fired. +Google needs to learn how to serve customers. Apple can launch in a dozen countries at the same time with no retailer breaking their instructions and offers arriving at millions of home on launch day. This episode shows why Google will always be second rate.
Going to be refusing delivery based on principle. No way I'm paying $20 for Canadian 2-day shipping only to have it arrive a full week after retail availability. 

Google owes a shipping refund to everyone that pre-ordered through the Play Store. I can't see anyone choosing to purchase through it after this debacle. 
Just buy in a store and refuse shipment. It's the only way Google will learn. The retail stores will be cleaned out of stock for regular folk to try and buy. The Play store warehouse will be flooded with refused shipments. And Google's margins on these sales will take a hit because they now have to pay retail markups.

I picked one up on Saturday morning. And I haven't heard anything about my 28 June pre-order, but it'll be going back. I didn't want to be a sucker who paid shipping for a device showing up a week after retail.
Mine still hasn't even shipped... this is crap
Found this on reddit:

If you do in fact have a store selling the Nexus 7 locally and are disappointed with Google's handling of the shipments, you can always get a full refund from the Play Store by refusing shipment to the courrier at your door, or returning it to the shipping outlet unopened. 

Many others have been told, and I've called the Google support line myself, that full refunds including shipping ($20 here in Canada) are issued if you refuse the delivery this way. You do not need to notify Google before hand, just refuse the shipment. 

Ignore speculation concerning returns; they're mostly bull. The brick and mortar stores are often more than willing to return your device in store without having to ship it back to Google, for all defects. Purchasing from the Play Store means they may ship a device to you while you ship yours in for diagnostics (after which if they deem the issue not a defect, you will be charged a fee). From your average store, so long as there is stock you will get a swift exchange.

All hardware warranties are handled by ASUS. Whether through Google as a retailer, or Staples, Sam's Club, Gamestop, etc. 

All retail purchases do include the $25 Play Store credit and come from the same manufactured batch (Play Store orders are not free from the defects experienced by some customers). 

*TL;DR* You can just go pick up a device from a local store and refuse shipment on your Play Store order. You will get the same warranties and the $25 credit. Google will refund your full order including shipping after the package returns to them. 
What was the point of pre order. I still haven't got mine
Disappointed with this whole experience, and what pisses me off the most is the lack of communication on their part. Admit it Google you screwed up and in the process screwed over your loyal customers.
google sucks the big veiny balls, no wonder theyve only made software so far. they are a horrible company for selling products and advertising. i havent been this pissed over a device in a long time. i paid for 2 day shipping but its been like a month. and still hasnt shipped. they should refund the shipping costs and give another $25 credit for their bullshit. they refuse to even cancel orderes even though they havent shipped it and the charge is only pending. smh i hope apple sues the shit out of them and gets revenge on them for me. and i hate apple but apple didnt steal my money and not give me nothing in return
Still waiting for my June 27th Nexus 7 order to ship..Google's "we ship within 3 business days" lie ends today..No shipping confirmation, no charge on CC..Nothing..
+Ryley Reschke Perhaps you missed the fact that several people who pre ordered on the 27th have not even gotten shipment notices while others who ordered later have already received, and retail stores got their shipments ahead of release day. So we know ASUS had the stock and simply prioritized retail partners above direct orders. They made a choice to treat one class of paying customers poorly, the choice has negative PR consequences. This is how sales and marketing works. Keep going with your little lecture on entitlement though... it was very moving.

P.S. It's not entitlement to demand better service from a company taking your money then failing to uphold the terms of the contract. If I may be so bold, consumers stoically bending over and chanting "thank you sir, may I have another" is a far bigger problem with society than entitlement.
I just received a notice that my nexus 7 has been shipped(Canada)! YEAH! 
September in Holland, the 16 GB version... I'll buy one!
I never said anything about the end of the world, strawman projections are stupid, and you're guilty of at least as much knee jerk dismissive arrogance as you continue to accuse.

I defended Google during the whine fest over Nexus S owners not getting ICS "first" because Google took no money from those people and never promised them anything with a hard date attached. Neither condition applies here.

Corporations have these little minor details called sales, marketing, and public relations divisions. I suppose those folks should all be let go immediately since all that matters is the company offering the product and me deciding whether to buy it solely on the product's merits, and without regard for such ephemeral concerns as customer service, warranty, marketing promotions, and sales contract terms being upheld, eh? See? I can make pointless strawman arguments too.

Bottom line: Google set a shipping date for direct pre orders, failed to meet it despite clearly demonstrating the supply chain was fully intact for retail, and has offered zilch in terms of explanation or compensation to those affected. I have the right to be critical of that, you have the right to be an apologist since it doesn't bother you. But you're not going to "correct" my thinking on the issue with your ongoing arrogation and false equivalents to entitlement issues, so might as well give up on that, chief.
Please someone buzz me when is Nexus 7 coming to India !
I missed G Nex ! (Samsung did not release in India :( ) I AM NOT Missing this one.
Got it today and love it! Also happy that my wife wants one now too.
You obviously don't consider it a waste of time trying desperately to save face on the internet after condescending to strangers using fallacious arguments, or you wouldn't still be doing so to try and have the last word.

The funny thing is... I already have my device. Got it at GameStop on launch day. I just don't subscribe to the belief that you should never criticize people or companies you like, even when improvement is needed. Otherwise how would they even know? That's not entitlement, son. That's responsible consumerism. Try it sometime.
Not sure I need nexus q. Have had a sonos system for a year and it's better for music
Mine arrived today. It was Christmas in July!
Zamir P
Eddie N
And I just checked my email, and saw this, from the Google Play team:

Status of your Nexus 7 pre-order

We wanted to send you an update on your Nexus 7 pre-order. We’ve had incredible demand for the new tablet and are shipping them as quickly as possible. If you placed your order by July 11, it will ship this week and we’ve upgraded to overnight shipping so it arrives sooner. Orders placed after July 11, will ship next week with overnight shipping.

If you’d like more detailed information on device shipments, please reference our online Help Center

Thanks for your patience. Your Nexus 7 will be on its way soon.

The Google Play Team

© 2012 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you on your Nexus 7 product pre-order."

That sound you hear in the background is of me drumming my fingers on the tabletop... :)
+Eddie N Glad to see they're working on fulfilling your order, and that they are upgrading shipping. Hope you find a special cookie in your mailbox tomorrow :)
Got my Nexus 7 delivered today and so far am very happy with the product. The reviews were not lying about the impressive build quality for such a low price. I look forward to delving into it further. Thanks for upgrading the shipping to overnight as it was frustrating to have pre-ordered on the day of launch and not get it before those who had not.
Mine arrived today! Shame it was nearly a week later than Ebuyers customers and £10 more because of the delivery charge!
The most hard to open box ever release to the market.
I cant wait to get mine!!!
Finally got mine its awesome!
Too bad the QC on the Nexus 7 is pretty bad. All you people who can't order should be thankful, because if you get one with issues, getting a hold of customer support is a nightmare - unless you like waiting on hold for over an hour!

I don't recommend buying it from Google Play. Buy it from a local store so you can return/exchange it if you get one with defects.
I received my nexus 7 yesterday
Vadim S
Got mine! Nice toy! IMHO: Getting "Welcome" from just does not cut in our day and age :)
Mine is in the post.Apparently overnight delivery.
Took longer than I expected to arrive but worth the wait. I am very pleased with first android purchase.
+Eddie N I just got mine. Like just now. I still feel like I deserve a shipping refund and a $50 Play store credit
I thought it was supposed to come with a Google Play credit. Does anybody know anything about this and why mine isn't in the box?
Sign this petition asking Google Play to refund the shipping costs if you feel that you've been cheated by the shipping delays, costs and the global lack of information concerning the shipments status:

Here in the UK, the tablets have been shipped 2 days ago but all of them had incomplete addresses. As a result, they couldn't be delivered and have been sent back to sender. They're now waiting in the TNT depots.

No updates, no communication, no apologies... 
In the meantime, anyone can get a tablet from a brick and mortar shop in the UK before any of the tablets pre-ordered through Google Play get delivered and without having to pay for shipping costs.

The least Google could do is to refund the Google Play customers. 
Kam Siu
i want one :(! wife said no :(
Pre-ordered mine July 2nd, was wondering when was it going to ship ..
Quer um!!
ASSIM Que chegar aqui no Brasil vou comprar o meu!!
bring this to Indonesia please....
Eddie N

This morning, I heard a knock on my door. It was the UPS guy -- on a Saturday, which is quite unusual. Guess what he had in his hands?...

Eddie N then I went back and checked my Gmail:

1:38 am: "Google Inc. $308.14 - Your order is in progress"

1:39 am: "Your Google Play Order from Jun 30, 2012 Has Shipped"

So, finally, our great national nightmare is over.

$249 for 1 Nexus 7 (16 GB) 
$24.99 for 1 additional Nexus 7 charger
$13.99 for shipping (the two-day shipping. HA!)
$20.16 for tax

No idea yet whether or not I'm getting the Google Play credit again.
This is the price break down for Australian.

AUD$299 Nexus 7 (16 GB) inc. tax
AUD$19.99 Shipping Fee
AUD$9.5697 International transaction fee
Total price AUD$328.5597
Total price after converted to USD$339.7096
Compare to the total price buying in US $283.15

Heart breaker :(

One more thing to notice why paypal still on the top because we don't need to pay freaking international transaction fee.
Well I am from India and this device is simply irresistible so I order it for 320$ including taxes and shipping...I'll be receiving my device shortly..yippee...
anil p
when I can buy this in India?
I'm loving my Nexus 7. Thank you Google.
I love my nexus 7 its great for the family too but I really miss the landscape home screen I know the app that can change it but I don't like the layout and wallpapers looks strange can the please be a real tablet looking option
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when would it be avaliable in HK ?!
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