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Snap a photo on your Galaxy Nexus and seamlessly share it from your computer, tablet, or other devices. Signing into your Google Account lets you wirelessly sync and backup your contacts, photos, calendar, and more securely in the cloud. Calling all cloud dwellers:
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And I hope it can also sync SMS one day (I know there are apps that do this)!
Awesome device. I've had mine for 4 months now and already can't wait for the next nexus (or at least the next os version)
Why doesn't @Android back up your browser bookmarks?
I wish it would do this without having to physically select it ...
I take it back . . . when you save it with auto upload.
Use chrome on pc and android, sign in it will enable sharing open tabs and all bookmarks
+Adithya Thaduri I think drive is for documents, but other features use different services (e.g. photos use google+, calendar uses google calendar, contacts use gmail/google contacts, etc.).
And how do I access my like backed-up photos when I have photo sync on? Is it different from the auto photo upload function of Google+? Or they are actually the same thing, so when I disable photo upload in Google+ nothing will be synced?
+Jeff Schultz in ICS it does, even in the stock browser. Your bookmarks are linked to your Google account, so you can access them from Chrome on your desktop or on your phone, or the default ICS Android browser.
Just wonder whi i took the panorama photo and share it on google plus, all my circles saws it in low resolution only.
We need more TV ads like this in the UK!
None of the best Galaxy Nexus ads have been on TV in the US, either. A couple of the Google+ hangout focused ones have, but that's it.
Panorama was low resolution because all photos uploaded using the auto-upload function are resized to max 2048 x 2048 resolution :o( even when you have plenty of paid storage - hope this changes soon.

If you share a picture that is auto-uploaded from Photos in the Google+ app it will be low resolution.

However if you go to your gallery app in your phone, pick out the picture from there and share to Google+ it will be uploaded seperately and shared in full resolution...
+Thomas Christensen 2048x2048 is a very large picture in all cases but super wide panoramas, though. Considering the auto-uploaded 2048 pictures don't count against your storage limits, I think having to upload them manually to get the full size is reasonable.
don't you want to give me one for freeeeeeeee...(watch swinging back and forth)
+Keith Heard Most phones today have 5-8-12 MP sensors, so the resizing degrades the pictures rather much. I agree that a lot of pictures shared do not need to be full resolution, but there should be a "show full resolution" option and the auto-upload should have an option to enable full resolution (it was there in the beginning!).

The sync function is there to also have a synchronized backup of your contacts, calendar, apps installed, phone setup etc. - in that light it doesn't make sense that the picture backup degrades the quality of the pictures, the user should have the option to upload the original pictures and use the paid storage...
Cute video. <3 that clappy robot at the end. <adorable>
+Thomas Christensen they can, and I do. It's just not done automatically. I use Picasa on my desktop, save all my pictures to my computer in folders that are synced online, and they all go up at full resolution. When I got a new computer, I just downloaded full albums to it so I had quick access to them, and set the sync back up.

I understand your reasoning, and agree that the option would be nice to have, but I think the current solution is sufficient.
a great phone. If it had a memory card slot, it would be close to perfect.
Yep, and get your private photos flagged in the cloud by some random dude. That's what I call service!
My Evo has been doing that for a while now, and without additional data charges or slowdowns.
Launch the nexus in India and take my money
I use dropbox for auto uploading, because it do not compress photos. All peoples who I know do the same.

Hey, Google, 2048 pix -- it's 20 century!
The 2048 limit is because auto-uploaded pictures at that resolution do not count against your storage limit. You can upload full-size photos if you do it manually, but they will count against your storage.
Keith is correct, I payed for extra storage on Google to upload all my photos to Picassa in full Resolution.
I like the ability to include photos from my phone directly into my blogger posts. No more download, upload or finding links. Since my blogger posts go to my Facebook, Google+ and email newsletters, my pictures are getting delivered to my audience without me ever having to upload or download them manually.
People like me who have been hooked to all these features of Android can't even think of any other phones, these features just make life so much simpler. +Android you should advertise more about all the things that #Android can do, I have seen so many Android users who are more or less oblivious about these features and compare there experience with iPhone without even using all what Android has to offer. I have seen people using Android phones without even knowing that it can be used for navigation also, this is just one of innumerable features.
That's is a plus feature, "backup your contacts, photos, calendar, and more securely in the cloud"
Contact sync will turn your contact photos into ugly low resolution. This issue is still there, since 2008, and Google does not care!
How about apps data, full res photos, SMS/MMS, call logs, task list, notes (and those saved in gmail by ios), VPN settings, bookmarks from google toolbar, and other phone settings? I have to backup and restore everything when switching to Gnex. Most of them could be transferred when I switch phones running old school Symbian. Will google drive support those backup in the future?
Love my nexus
App data is already there but not many app use it. I Believe the low res contact photo is due to some standard contact data format which outlook likes. Unfortunately it only allows very low res pics so its not as straight forward fix as you might think.
I understand why Google likes to advertise on YouTube but seriously get some damn commercials out on air so all can see.

Android has the same problem as +T-Mobile and that's marketing even though magenta is becoming more aggressive.
I can do this with Android 2.3. You don't need a Galaxy or ICS to do this
Gingerbread is fabulous and ICS is magical.
Would be nice if they allowed nudity
haha, I remember when I was very young, my parents always telling me not to put anything personal on the internet. Now, a lot of us are putting most of our lives on the internet :P.

Just a funny thought.
Now I feel old, when I was young there was no internet on my386.
+Android I wish you can push Samsung to launch Galaxy Nexus in India. It's a major Android market & courtesy Samsung ( 5 months after international release ) , Galaxy Nexus is still not launched in India. Thus depriving Indian users of the vanilla #ICS and flagship Google Android 4.0 phone
my friends asked me to wait for #galaxynexus instead of buying #galaxynote in october 2011 . Good thing I didn't wait for nexus. But dissapointed samsung is not releasing #ICS for note
no need to feel old, you are a veteran of communication systems that few today understand.
Tee Liu
when we have 5.0?
I absolutely love my galaxy nexus
And I love it more with a o k p!
I wish they will support 256x256 pictures in contacts (ics standard), and step up from ancient 96x96 resolution.
The only hope for you to have hi res photo in a contact is that person to have a Google+ account, not to many chances with older people like parents and so on.. :).
To summarize, if you sync back from cloud (new phoe, new FW, etc) all your contact pictures will be in 96x96 resolution :(
If it had a bigger screen I'd be all in! Im using the galaxy s2 (sprint) And I cant step down.
android os is sucks more coz now v are getting andriod os in china based handset n with the dual sim handset......
+Chase Chick I'm a codename android fan! But I'm always changing, I think it's half the fun of android :-)
wat u want to know abt android just ask me ....... ill help u out coz i worked as technical support executive...
I am a lucky Galaxy Nexus owner. But I cannot wait to get rid of ICS 4.0.2 bugs. I cannot send mails from the build-in e-mail app when the account is configured as Exchange box. When can I expect an upgrade ?
Well done. A lot of people with an Android device don't have a Google account setup in it. Weird.
+Daniel Walesiak Probably not in the near future. They got 4.0.4 working for a few device version, but they seem to have forgotten others. Well over a month now, and I'm still not getting my update on a stock GSM Galaxy Nexus, ICL53F...
So it's "NEARLY the latest Android software" here. Thankfully 4.0.2 is not all that buggy for me.
galaxy nexus might be the shittiest deal i have ever made in my life. Even my lumia 800 has better support than this phone. I am in scandinavia and for some completely cluster fucked reason i havent recieved any update since november. 4.0.2 is still running for me. I am beyond disapointed with the way google/samsung has handled this :(
The way Google treats Galaxy Nexus is disappointing. I thought it would be Google's child and the first phone to get any update. The reality appeared to be too sad. I feel cheated. Waste of money.
And how about USB OTG ability to work with pendrives ? Why old Galaxy S2 can do this but more expensive Galaxy Nexus does not ? A step back ? Where is logics here ?
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About Galaxy Nexsus:
can you please cancel the limit of the buy website only to USA?and why you not accept an Israeli international credit card?(i want to buy the Nexsus Galaxy and ship it to an adress in USA)
请修正GT-i9020 ics4.0.4
Please correct the GT-i9020 ics4.0.4 Color temperature yellowish
My volume is very low please fix the problem love the phone but I'm missing calls due to the volume not being loud enough
Can u let me now one news writing simple::seal on computer you share with stranges such as those in libraries or Internet cafe and other public places. Can u let me see this page tq.
No I don't want to have my pictures on g+ account...I do want to put my photos on my album on gallery.
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