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Google Earth 6.2 for Android is rolling out now with support for custom maps and overlays (or KML files) and a new ‘Share’ feature, which allows you to share a screenshot of your current view with people in your Google+ circles, via Gmail, or on other applications.

+Google Earth 6.2 for Android is now available for download on +Google Play:
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ICS on Nexus S 4G ? You know we want it more than any update to Google Earth ! :)
That's nice. This means we can use our Latitude History in it through KML export then !
I can't get it in the country I am in can someone email me the app?
Why can't be installed in Hong Kong? Are you going to block us like GFW in China?
"This app is incompatible with your Nexus S. This item cannot be installed in your device's country."

+Justin Cheung : have you try from the phone market ? I have the same problem from time to time on the webmarket, but I can always download if I search the application on the Android Market PlayStore.
+Guillaume MAURIN +Jouan Amate and everyone else that cannot resist pleading for ICS on their particular device - you sound like bleating sheep.

Stop spamming threads that have absolutely nothing to do with ICS, and direct your frustrations in the appropriate areas.
+Bruce Kendall I am a coder... :-) However, I do have a few trails set up in KML format that I was wondering if I could open them. Very excited if so!
+Lionel HILAIRE +Lionel HILAIRE I have tried a direct and and search, can't be done. But if you email it to a friend they can put in in the phone or tablet. Do a restart and it will load just fine.
Breaks compatibility with i9020 with stock 4.0.3
Can't find a way to turn off / on individual KML files, just "clear map". Would be nice if they were integrated into the layer list.
+Andrew Bates Would you be kind enough to indicate us where we should direct our frustations ?
+Jouan Amate the Google support forums, in Google+ threads that are actually pertinent to your oh-so important 'plight'

Basically, anywhere that actually has some relevance to your incessant moaning.
I wish Google were a little bit more transparent about why certain specific apps and services aren't available in particular regions.

As +Justin Cheung said, Google Earth isn't even listed on the Play Store here in Hong Kong. If there's a problem at our end - for example legislation or regulations here stopping that make it difficult to provide the service - then you should tell people so that we can complain to those responsible about it.

Otherwise it just looks like Google don't care about us [sad face]
+jody Read that's got nothing to do with people spamming threads that have no relevance to ICS

Every time any Google related Google+ page posts something, regardless of what it is about, there are at least 5 people moaning about how their phone doesn't have ICS. It is completely pointless and just spams the thread.
+Andrew Bates Well, the support forums are deserted when it comes to this specific issue
When it comes to Google+ threads, we are on the most relevant one considering it's the only official channel that could be providing us with the minimum information regarding this issue.
Also, I would say that it's not up to you to declare what is important or not for other people.
+Andrew Bates if we're (somewhat hypocritically) complaining about off topic spamming, what about people complaining that a Google service hasn't launched outside the US (even if it hasn't launched in the US yet).
That's true +Andrew Bates but the people who they should be spamming are the handset makers. Since the meteoric rise of Apple, the uneducated seem to think its Google who makes all the software for all the devices. @everyone get in touch with your relevant handset maker - not Google directly

thank you
+Jouan Amate No you are not on the most relevant Google+ thread. Are you actually stupid? You are moaning about ICS not being on your phone, on a Google+ thread that concerns Google Earth.

Also, I would say that you are most definitely an idiot if you think that I am dictating what is important and what isn't important for other people.
I agree: IMP the newest and best ICS doesn't meany you can use all the older best and greatest apps, so why whine about not having it yet?
+Charles Bosse That's all well and good if your complaint is pertinent to the Google+ thread that you're commenting in.

Complaining about Google Music not being available in your country in this thread would be extremely pointless and idiotic.
+Jouan Amate and here comes the deflection from the point.

You are moaning about something that has absolutely no business being moaned about in this thread.

If you want to complain about it, comment in a thread that is actually about Ice Cream Sandwich. Or make your own thread, and mention +Android.

Here is not the place to do it.
Will anyone tell me why Google Earth is not available for my country (Serbia). I have been using it on my desktop and laptop for years here (and everywhere in Europe) without any restrictions.
I am looking forward to see it running on my Android
+Andrew Bates Obviously, I don't think you are stupid enough to believe that any of the options you have given would actually get any attention.
That was my undeflected point :)
+Andrew Bates From these specific threads:
"An answer on this would be helpful Google."
"I think Google's silence speaks volumes."
"Still waiting for an Answer Google."
"An answer on this would be helpful Google."

When I wrote "deserted", I meant deserted by Google.
+Jouan Amate For someone who is a programmer for a games developer, I would have expected better logic.

So you think it is just fine to spam comments in a completely unrelated thread, with your moaning about something that is completely irrelevant to the thread?
+Jalal Kureshi you misspoke here:

"Maybe big media needs to hear about googles ignorance of their flagsh*t nexus still on GB."

The Nexus S 4G is not Google's 'flagship' device. It is a Sprint device. Same as with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.
+Andrew Bates I think people have a case here. +Google promised timely update for that specific phone. Today, more and more phones that are not managed by +Google are getting updates to ICS. Despite this, +Google remains completely silent.
People are just angry because they are not given what they were promised and are just trying to get the attention of +Google . I'm sure any kind of answer would help at this point.
+Jouan Amate Firstly, the Nexus S 4G is a carrier branded and subsidised handset, and as such you will be at the mercy of whatever they decide. If they don't want to update you to ICS through OTA updates, then you are either shit out of luck or you will have to void your warranty and install your own ROM. This is the price you pay for buying a carrier branded and subsidised handset.

Secondly, regardless of how angry you or anyone else is on the matter, continually spamming threads that have no pertinence to your plight is not going to solve the situation. (when I say "continually spamming" I am not referring to you personally, but to the 'angry mob' of users who do this all the time).
vi +Andrew Bates I remember the good old days when you had to wait weeks to find a friend with an extra invite to a Google beta, fish around on Facebook, or resign to waiting a few months for a public sign in. I sort of don't think the people who post 100 comments in a day complaining that the update is in the US only (never mind the need to iron out differences in export, trade, and copyright laws) get that. I understand complaining, in the right place, about a broken update, but lack of access is what it is. Anyway, chill. I agree that it's annoying, but it's not worth getting personally upset over.

+Jalal Kureshi I think that the tech media is already pretty on top of this issue. There would be more stink if a) android was not an open source platform (therefore you can download, modify and install it yourself - the warranty may void but this is a problem with the hardware manufacturer like Samsung, not Google) and b) the old operating system were actually broken instead of just "not as good". I'm not saying Google comes out as the good guy here - they made a promise, and they've failed pretty hard in their "champion of the people" roll in their "meh" attitude toward device specific mods, carrier app bloatware and such - but the blame goes back with the money, and most of the money goes to carriers and hardware manufacturers. You should go to your carrier and ask for a new phone that does what the one you had was sold to you as doing, or to return your smartphone for one that is only built and priced to make phone calls (and ask that your data plan be dropped). I returned a RAZR because I didn't feel it operated as advertised. If you've asked your carrier for your money back, then I'm sorry - but Google states pretty clearly that they offer a platform for device manufacturers to customize and they would make a lot more enemies in manufacturing if they went back on that then they will make in customers who will mostly forget this all in a few years anyway.
+Andrew Bates The Nexus S 4G was on the Google Nexus page. When people were clicking the "Buy" button on this page, they were given the option to buy it from Sprint.
Maybe it has been misunderstood as a sign that it was indeed a Google Phone but also, Sprint, on their forum, are much more active than +Google, and they expressed many many times that they had no control over the Nexus S 4G and that only +Google themselves were able to update it.
I do agree though that all this spamming may not yield any kind of result. I certainly didn't so far. Which is a shame IMHO...
+Andrew Bates I don't know what you think insulting disappointed/concerned users actually accomplishes. It's only unflattering to you and certainly doesn't leave a "+1" for the Android/Google community in general. As a software developer, I can easily say that a software product (any product?) is only as strong as its user base... keep 'em happy.
+Andrew Bates Wrong again, I just don't know what you think you're effectively doing other than showing that you're a hostile type of person. Being that you're clearly a part of the Android/Google community, it reflects poorly on all of us. That is certainly less cool than people "spamming threads".

With regards to "spamming threads" it's more of a reflection that there are issues afoot that don't seem to be getting attention so they spill over...
+Michael Vittiglio you should be a politician for all the sidestepping you're doing. I asked you a straightforward question, and I expected a straightforward answer.

You still haven't answered my question. Bravo.
+Andrew Bates I think you may have misread my answer. "Wrong again" was the answer to your question which I accidentally read as an assertion. I don't think that it's cool to spam threads, but I think that the negativity spewing out of your keyboard is a bit less cool than anything else.

These people aren't hurting anyone, just trying to get some assistance which isn't being provided. You, on the other hand, liberally dole out insults and assumptions. Choosing which to speak out against is an easy calculus from my perspective.

But I know that you're ready to troll back some more venom so go ahead. At this point in my life I find folks like yourself entertaining (though I see why others may find you abusive, crass, insulting, etc).
+Michael Vittiglio These people are derailing threads with completely impertinent subject matter.

Also, you do not know what the definition of an internet troll means if you think that my contribution to this thread is classified as such.
Why Earth isn't supported on Sony Xperia Mini? It has 1GHz processor, it shouldn't have problems running it.
Sorry to burst any bubbles. The NEXUS line is a pure google phone. It comes without any carrier branding and is a flagship phone. The device gets exclusively updated by google. (supposed to anyways). Carrier only delivers the phone, any updates are supposed to come directly from google. We are trying to draw attention to googles lack of transparency on this issue. Most of us would like to see an ICS update for our Nexus S, which was promised months ago, instead we get NOTHING. No status update, no update.. nothing. Imagine if apple did this to the iphone.. Do your homework google fanboys, and you'll see what nexus is. Matter of fact.. heres a link for you

"With this device, users will be the first to receive software upgrades and new Google mobile apps as soon as they become available."

We didn't write that.. google did. We at bare minimum deserve and explanation. The help forums are useless, and a ton of other devices getting updated first.. If google can't deliver. then who will.

Once again,
Thanks google. I will remember this the next time I am out looking for a new phone.
Whatever fan boy.. You'll see how it feels when google stings you too. It will come :) Oh.. noticed you edited after I posted.. SAVED UP? GNX wasn't available when I purchased my NS.. Glad you're enjoying your nexus line phone now.. Wait a few months when you're behind everyone else.. google doesn't give a rats ass about its nexus line. I refuse to purchase anything with google branding again.. the customer service is HORRIBLE (if you can find it, hence the reason we've resorted to hijacking threads), and they still remain silent..

Nexus S is the line just behind your Galaxy Nexus.. and with google owning motorola now.. good luck getting anything from google, the 2 year deal will be up.. and after one year, they've given up.. can't imagine how lucky you GNX owners will be :) I bet you even have the phone on a 2 year contract :)
On the plus side.. atleast it doesn't say anything about getting updates first.. Like the nexus s page..
HAHAHA.. people complaining about free software... A) it's a Nexus device right... Go Update the ROM! Google updated the source code. Since you bought a Nexus Phone (a developers phone) you can do as you wish. Real easy. XDA or a dozen other sites have ROM's and how-to's. Google even has a how to on how to compile your own ROM from the source code.
Here I'll include some links:
I have felt that google could be doing more on Android and maybe should be but Then I realized how much time and how limited the resources probably are. Google has always relied on community support anyway it is available. With android it seems that they let the community do what they do best, hash out ROMs from the Source that Google supplies. Yes maybe they haven't directly supported your device, and yes, maybe they didn't hold your hand and demo how you will send a text message like apple does. I see that as Google thinks highly of you. Apple thinks your a moron and thus you must be told. Google thinks you have a brain and will figure it out on your own.
Explain why my warranty is null and void once i root then.... hmmmm.. I'm not a developer, i'm an average end user.. Just want google to explain why 3 months after they 'froze' an update, they haven't told us a damn thing.. Like i said.. It was a deciding factor when i decided on giving my hard earned $$ to them. They promised an update. I didn't ask for it..

What is so hard to understand about that?? Just give me a valid excuse as to why google has not said a word to its customers? It would take literally 5 minutes to settle us all down.
I'm not sure where to start on the warranty. I think it is obvious, you can damage it. If you abuse it physically they won't warranty it either.
Nexus devices were intended as Developer phones. As a "regular end user" you'll just have to wait. They probably have a good reason.
I think Google is probably hard at work trying to streamline they whole sha-bang. ICS was a huge UI change from before. More so then gingerbread from eclair. AND they had to work on merging honeycomb for tablets into it, or the other way around. Things take time.

It's easy to understand the frustration but if they told you the problem was xyz and that it should be solved in x_days, if it wasn't then you would flip out worse. I'm sure they told you when they froze the updates why they were doing so.
Nice job. Hats off, guys.
You do not have to root to install the official Nexus S ICS ROM that is this very moment sitting on As for the 4g model, yes you are at the mercy of Sprint, just like you were when a carrier update disabled tethering.
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwish Shouldn't Be Ready For Galaxy S2 in Egypt Today...How to get more inf. & how to get it on my Galaxy...???
Wow... That's pretty cool.
+Tony Bertuzzi as there is no physical method to see if your phone is rooted you can easily unroot it and voila! Warranty is fine. May I ask to all the people complaining about a lack of ICS. The i9020 received it.
I'm posting a link etc on my stream ladies and gentlemen.
The AT&T model, as many have pointed out, was carrier subsidized and customized. The model number is different. Do not attempt to flash the official virgin model ROM to the AT&T Nexus S or you may brick your device.
bought a new tablet, wont sync with my mac, gotta love how I can't even find a way to get help so alas I've resorted to commenting on android's google+ account
Gary Ng
Please bring Google Earth app to other countries, I can't download it from Play =(
Really? Googles help forums aren't responding? IM shocked
Back to Earth! If you want to open a KML or KMZ file, or create your own KMZ file showing the location of the photos you took with location information enabled in Google Earth, then install KMLZ to Earth in Google Play
Where is the Nexus S update? Why have you left thousands of people hanging with NO word?
Not working on HTC Legend (why?!) and not available in Russia market
+Gary Ng I found my old Google Earth that I had on my Galaxy Tab, some one was kind enough to email to me, and installed it on Galaxy 7.7. It works fine. But I can not download it from "Play" do to country restrictions. If someone would email the updated file I could then install it. Or I will have to wait until I go outside this country to get it.
+Alex Slater +1 for blocking instead of arguing with the ICS hijack trolls. Despite the claims of a massive base of malcontent users they represent, I found that by blocking only 4 accounts every +Android post comment thread from the past week went to from ~10% on topic to over 50%, and that's including the people arguing with them (myself guilty).

All at risk of succumbing to the urge to argue with trolls: if you just mute the worst offenders you won't feel the need to feed them the attention and bumps they want and G+ will be more enjoyable. They can continue to spew their nonsense to those willing to listen, so it's a win-win.
Afff can't install on my device country wtf!!
+Jouan Amate RE: Sprint's comments that "they had no control over the Nexus S 4G and that only Google...were able to update it".

Not true: as the carrier to which the phone is tied, Sprint are responsible for rolling out the update (which is why they can fill it with their bloatware). As other posters have advised, your spamming should be directed at them.
Google, when can I expect 4.0 update to my Nexus S at&t phone? Did you leave your very own phone in the dust? Does Galaxy Nexus follow the same fate later this year?
So I still sit and wonder if there will be any news for my sad Nexus S 4g. He wants ICS so bad, and cant even have a taste.
nice one google, just noticed there is a change in +1 logo ^^
*This item cannot be installed in your device's country.* (Romania)
+Miha Kukovec +Miha Kukovec
It worked for me

- Down load Earth_6.2
- Plug in your phone to the computer and open the phone or tablet
- Copy the file to your phone or tablet file; I put in the Android/data folder
Reboot the phone
- It works but not s good as if you got it from the market.
Has anyone tried calling Google concerning ICS and Nexus S? I live in Belgium, but the Google Belgium does not have a telephone number, but the departments in other countries do. Call and ask?
Wang FY
Not available in my country? ? ?
Love Technology. Keep The Good Job Android Features Integration.
You said it's optimized for large screen (tablet), but ooops, I can't download on Iconia A500, why google.. why ?
+Ross Whiteford According to Sprint, because the Nexus S is a pure Google phone, they have no means of installing crap or pushing updates. According to them, only Google can push updates.
Maybe they are lying, who knows... But at least they are responsive. Once again, I'm sure everybody would love to hear +Google 's side of the story. Unfortunately, they are completely mute on the subject.
In this situation, I'll trust +Sprint more than you +Ross Whiteford . Unless you are part of either of these organizations ?
Gnx users wont have same problem as nexus s. It doesn't state anywhere that google has to update it. Google only dropped the ball on one and nexus s.
+Jouan Amate That's an interesting claim from Sprint, considering they managed to push a device specific update to disable wifi/USB tethering a few months back.

Maybe they should have qualified their statement a bit -- "only Google can push updates (unless it's something we care about)". Even if it was Google who pushed the actual buttons to move the crippleware update to the device, Sprint was certainly able to get them to do it on their schedule in that instance.
They said already “we hear you", but definitely not listening, if know the difference ;)
Where's ICS for Nexus S? You should have the decency to post an update about the its status!
How many of you Nexus S users have asked Samsung or your carrier to exchange their phones? I'm just curious.

Those of you who haven't experienced the joys of bloatware, preloaded app battery drain, and two year service contracts are awfully ready to swear off Nexus even though Google's android team seems to be actively working on compatibility, or at least conspicuously NOT working on anything else - besides Market which was WAY more broken than 2.3 ever was (and could still use some work). You all seem to talk it up, but have you actively asked to exchange your phone? Just curious.
Where's ICS for Nexus S? You should have the decency to post an update about the its status!
Google, When can I expect 4.0 update to my Nexus S i9020a? Did you leave your very own phone in the dust? At least what is stopping you from giving an update or an ETA?
When will we be able to sync the " My places" on our PC to our phones?
HTC Flyer not compatible?! Still no My places edit possibilties?
Showing the tajmahal which is in india and google earth is not available in india
why this application is not compatible with my device samsung gt-i9100 egypt ?
I like this feature that i can use strait from my i-pad and cell phone. Google Earth is very cool for exploring the entire world.
I tried loading a KML for my Galaxy Note but nothing happens - I click the Radio Button for my KML and then have to press the Back key and I see a small message "Logging into default server" instead of the server I want.
Is this because my KML file is on a username/password protected website? Is it impossible to connect to those sites?
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