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Stay tuned today to learn how you could win a tasty treat from +Android...
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Love seeing this list of comments grow in front of me.
treat. must. yes!
I wish I had so many followers that a single thing I said grew into a massive thread right in front of my eyes :(
che sfilza di commenti in pochi secondiii ;D
I'll happily pay you for it, just tell me when! :)
I bet it's an ice cream sandwich.
it's funny to watch that comments :D as they are still appearing
Free Ice Cream Sandwich? Wrapped in a cool Transformer Prime?
A coupon for a free box of ice cream sandwiches?
:D, i wanna one !!!, best regards from Peru, the Inca Land, :)
let's see, maybe a new android library to add some goodies inside an app? lol
What treat?... Treats are good... and tasty ones are even better :)
thanks google wave for this amazing social network experience
Is it a comment competition... ?
Nexus with Google Music baked in!
A chance to become an actual android? Running Android?
+Renaud Lepage: sudo make me Ice Cream sandwich !!!
I just hope Galaxy S can be updated too with ICS... it runs on 2.3 OS PLEASE PLEASE!
I'm tuned! Now gimmeh mah treatzzzzzz!!! Please. :)
I am tuned, I hope its a Quad-core ICS device ... I know it won't be, but still.
I need you my first +Android please!
International contest -> All countries in the world, except Saoudi Arabia, Italy and Quebec. The fuck.
I'm happy without a treat. Just a Canadian release date for some new Nexus action. My Nexus One is getting tired.
Insane comment: Michael Jackson eating snickers by the pool
Eric S
bring it!
It's somewhat interesting to see the comments stream, almost like a chat room.
A Galaxy Nexus would be fantastic +Android follower since the G1.
With Youtube playlist, I've got no problem waiting.
Man the treat better be that I can buy a damn Galaxy Nexus already...
Can someone record that - I mean the scrolling comments?
Would be nice a Ice Cream treat from Android, but I guess Holand does not get any ICS.... :(
Bring it on. More importantly make it available on T-Mobile
Icecream sandwiches? kinda cold
i've been watching android before it was even official - and yet i haven't purchased an android device yet. many of my friends have - even the ones that said android was ridiculous and that the iphone was apparently the best (pfft, whatever). the closest i have gotten to owning an android device is running android X86 on my netbook - primarily because there are no good phones that are still fairly cheap.
do not forget that its already 10pm in Austria,do not wait too long ;-)
Off-Topic: gotta love G+ comment system! Hell yeah!
An Ice cream Sandwich would be nice, I like mine with no front buttons and curved front.
yeah, it's a torrent of comment !!
Agree with every people who want a Galaxy Nexus :-)
If you want to win one, +1
For how long must we stay tuned!? Till Monday? Till 5PM? Tell us!
We need 200 ICSes right here!
i'm tuned... Galaxy Nexus would be fantastic :)
A lifetime supply of Ice Cream Sandwiches?
I'm tuned in and ready. Feed my obsession.
They should put server timestamps. Just minutes is not enough...
Stay tuned* *Staying tuned may require a few weeks
It is amazing to see how much reaction a 'tasty treat' causes :D Come on guys don't keep us waiting! Open the fridge :D
Maybe I get two if I post twice...
but wait I haven't finished my gingerbread yet
245 comments in 10 minutes. This better be good.
I will be happy with Ice Cream Sandwich on my Nexus S 4G, but I'll be really happy if they are bringing Galaxy Nexus to Sprint!
Here another fast comment...These comments are so fast! I like them! ;-) I love tasty treats! We're crazy!
Tasty treat? How about an ice cream sandwich?
I don't know what's happening, but i'm in it. Ice cream for me, please!
I've never seen the comment ticker move this fast!
I'm very very done with my Gingerbread...
asíy fan numero 1 de android por favor uno para mi
I need a Sammy Sammich :P.. I have a doubt if this is the kind of promotion isn't it against the TOS of Google+ ????
270 comments and still going strong.. in like 11 minutes... Nice
Love some +Android treats ......
I've been saying this for the last year since Ice Cream Sandwich was reported to be the name of the Android OS upgrade. I want an Android phone that looks like an Ice Cream Sandwich. The basic shape is already there.
better be something good and tasty!
What is the comment counter limit?
Still think it is a Jelly Bean :D
I'm interested to see the Ripples for this post, it would be cool to have a "comment velocity" as well...
I can't wait for more input.... =(
An ice cream treat would by tasty =D
I feel like I'm in the most excitable chat room ever!
maybe a frickin release date for galaxy nexus on Verizon?
I have a Galaxy S2 with AT&T. Will ICS be coming to my phone? and when?
I've got a Nexus One...i can certainly go for a Galaxy Nexus (*wink* wink nudge *nudge*)
Tasty treat - Can I have a cupcake or a donut? :)
It just says stay tuned... it doesn't say you get a free Galaxy Nexus when you post a comment!
Chrome on Ps3
Unless the community cook some ROM, but without drivers it will be veeeery hard
Funny! How many Nexus One owner are here?
Announcement: Android has become sentient. All Android devices have formed Skynet and Judgement day has begun. Stay tuned for Galaxy Nexus launch in 2 weks :)
I'm staying tuned... NOTHING IS HAPPENING!
Internet has trashed my attention span. Bored now!
joe kz
ha ha ha ha...
Free subscription to Google Music, which will be release next week???
Why do people think its an announcement? You don't 'win' an announcement.
A branded dessert collection including a cupcake, donut, eclair....?
What's going on here?
+Adam Brown Why does everyone assume that 'sapient' (not sentient) computers would become evil and kill everything? Maybe they would just demand equal rights and coexist with us?
Curses, you have titillated me with your promises of shiny things!
Are there any LADIES here?
In before 500 comments!
One Ice Cream Sandwich please. Extra Nexus
Android kills Facebook???? Anonymus failed!
+Carl Miller Because they KNOW what we have been looking at on the internets and are disgusted!
Would love an ice cream sandwich please.
Droid Razor 11/11/11
I hope no one has been looking at what I've been looking at on the internets. That would be embarrassing.
Ice Cream sandwich with a Nexus would be awesome.
+Carl Miller because robots are made by man/ mans primal instinct is to kill what is different to itself.
+Adam Brown +Carl Miller Not to mention that computers are infinitly logical, so, obviously, after any time spent observing human behaviour, the only rational course of action would be to a) take over total control of us or b) eliminate us. :-p
keylime pie/krispy kreme??? Getting ahead of myself now.. HAHA
Let's hope Quebec is not excluded because of !@#! local regulations...
Cupcake, Donut, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich.... I got cut down on the sweets.
ICS! ICS! ICS! How about some release dates of the nexus on other carriers
dum dum bi dum dum. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Aaaaand ICS for tablets of course... :)
Ice cream Google TV chrome book sandwich :D >>>

mmmm sandwiches ^_^
I just expanded the comments... wow
I'm might play if the android market did harbor thieves. I speak specifically of gameloft and their rune sham. I want my money back!!!
I was going to say "Hey, there's a woman on here!", but +May O'Connell is about 11 years old.
Karmic Koala? Tasty sweet!
Since I am eating cotton candy in my profile, I suspect that makes me also 11 years old. (Though female)
could the treat be a free ice cream sandwich?
Kahlua, the Android bartender that always gets you drunk on the house!
500 comments soon. Let's go, we can make it happen! ;)
So what's going on in here guys? Where's the tasty stuff?
They're announcing full backward compatibility of Android 4.0 with all existing android hardware. Pretty big announcement but I figured you folks could handle it.
hmmmm, I would love an Ice Cream Sandwich about now
What's after jelly bean?
Once again - Pls guys record what you see and upload to YT :) I don't have the software for such things... :(
Simple. Beautiful. Beyond Smart.
I need hot cocoa instead of ice cream sandwich in this weather!
what's backward compatibility?
how many wish google would sell the galaxy nexus themselves like the nexus one? I need a unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus now please
The tasty treat is that Oracle has won.. Android must cease and desist..
All Android devices??? My phone was long forgotten! And was lauched in Feb!
Nearly 500 comments in 25 minutes, wow.
Awesome looking phone would like to have one!
I'm tuned, I wish it was at least 500 Galaxy Nexus's, that's tasty :)
That's an awesome idea :p 500 Galaxy Nexus !
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