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Introducing Nexus Q: a cloud-connected jukebox where everyone brings their own music to the party.
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I dreamt something like this, I just didn't have the time or funding! ;-)
Song Zheng
I'll buy so many of these if they are < $50
Wow....want to send me one?  :)  You guys rock!
Shut up and take my money! When and where can I buy this?
Chris V
$299- still worth it. 1 Please.
Awsome! But looks REALLY expensive.
Tony M.
that looks like the nerdiest party ever
looks nice but too expensive for someone to afford to use as a squeezebox and a HTPC is similarly priced
at 2011, really?
and,are u sure that was made in USA,not Malaysia?not China?
can't wait to put home automation software on it
Even worse then I thought! Instead of your 4 beloved countries it it USA only. Shame on you.

Glad I bought an AppleTV two weeks ago.
So pretty! I wish everyone had one and used Android. It would make life so much easier.
yeah as usual US only.....grrrr...gimme gimme gimmeeeeee!
Stop being lazy and start making deals to get these things to work in the rest of the world ffs!
very pretty, but too much $$$, particularly since most folks will already have the amp. Give us a stripped down one for $99 or subsidize it with advertising.
maybe $99 would be the best price for it
Never again will I be able to avoid my girlfriends music.
Agree. It needs to be under $100. If a tablet is $200, this thing should be $100 for sure.
I think $150 is a good price... but still awesome.
US-only, Google knows how to handle the European community
Kinda like apple tv. But with some tweaks. Much cooler than apple tv IMHO 
is nice.. but for 99$ you get a apple tv that works differently but basically does the same thing.
yeah that was my first thought too. They should sell it for 199$ as well
for a media server, the price definitely needs to be sub $150 if not $100
How can this cost $100 more than the tablet and $200 more than AppleTV!?!? Nice product but a huge miss on the pricing.
299??? Thanks, love it, cool, but I will wait till it drops to $99...
Surely take the $199 tablet, rip out the screen, release it for $150.
299??? really?? no way...
Can only pull music from Play (cloud)?
Or can it also pull from local media server (via DNLA) on my private network?
let the battle begin~!! let's see who can take the control!
By the way, I I love he use the word "hackability"....
Yeah $299 is a bit high.  I don't quite get it enough to spend that much.  Does it work with Android 2.2 and 2.3 ?
I think 299 with nexus q and nexus 7 should be better than 199 nexus q ! lol 
I will get one but it depends on the price.
I wish it had support for google tv!
competidor del apple tv y aunque tiene mejor hardware y software es un poco elevado el precio...
Pretty, too expensive, Why not add all the features to Google TV?
Here is a new plan for you.
1. Nexus Google TV that is basically the new Nexus 7 without a screen but with and HDMI and and audio out and maybe an TOSlink.
2. Add apps for the Google TV. AKA games.
3. Offer support for Bluetooth controllers for gaming.
4. keep the mic and the camera from the Nexus 7 so you can do hang outs and video chats on your TV.
5. Add the new social features from the Q to this device.
6. Price it at $199. Drop the amp to save some money. $99 would be better but might not be doable.
So there you go one device for your video chat, streaming, gaming, and goodness knows what else all from Google.
This sounds like a fun app. But there some outhere. Have to checkit.
why don't make it a google tv? or it's more than a google tv??
It's very cool and would get one but I agree with the price being too high...
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
This is kinda replacing the google tv
I'd rather have an apple tv for 100 bucks....
very cool, how come not for iphone users?
wow,how cute!
Great one! I would totally buy it but too expensive!
+krishna kumar Not really. Not until it has its own on-screen interface. Right now, it only streams whatever you control on your phone or tablet. There's no services like Hulu, Netflix, etc. And at $299, it's cost prohibitive, considering Apple TV is only $99.
why does it need to be compatible for iphone users? iphone has their own lame devices.
I like the idea of it. But the price tag on it is a bit of a turn off. Personally I'll just continue to have my PC hooked up to my TV and use my Droid to control it.
Just gonna get it for Christmas
maybe only was created in the US!
I guess I need to check Apple TV again.. but I didn't realize that Apple TV does the biggest feature of Q (which.. for me.. is the fact that anyone at my house can push their music to my sound system from their phone in seconds).
Looks like the think from the movie GANT.
I think you guys missed it with that price point. Over priced for what it does.
can any 1 elaborate what it really does!!
A new have to have device
Would be nice... can we have Google music in the UK please.
+Kaiser VanDeLoo - nope.  It's an android device on it's own.  It hooks into your TV and speakers.  You control it with another android tablet or phone.
Looks like a mini Gantz, minus the vulgar phrases popping up on the surface.
Watinig for the match btn Spain vs Portugal in a few minitus,what a big crash and disappointment for one team
+Barney Doan ummm google play store. That does all the things netflix and hulu does. 
It's hackable! so get to work on a UI for it!
Oh, and a built in 25W amp. HDMI, optical out, WIfI and wired network. It prettymuch blows the apple TV out of the water. Sure it's more, by a lot, but it is a better design. 
+Martin Krischik I love the apple freaks! They should all move over seas where all their crapple stuff is made! I'll gladly spend $299 for it just because it's American made!
+Cezar Cocu a million activations a day on Android phones? Apple can't say that. Google has the userbase.
+700 woot! I really like this device but want to learn more about the social aspect of it. I mean, can someone walk by my house and add a song or movie without my permission? Although that WOULD make for a whole new level of Trolling hahaha
Nice concept, but it's too expensive! $99 or $149 would be a better price point
Does it allow the sharing of photos?  It would be awesome to throw up pictures from your guests just like the music and movies.
Google TV functionality, ability to act as a router and I would gladly pay. I'm guessing Google is betting you'll buy a GTV powered TV set all the same
I've always wanted a spherical magic device developed by the one and only Google
smart concept implemented in cool
I don't like it
Too expensive just like every other google product. Looks like I will have to wait the standard 6 months for the price to come down like it does on EVERYTHING google sells.
Who needs a wedding DJ if you have this device. :)
Interface is done with an android device I believe
Who needs a dj wen u can POOPSEX

It looks pretty cool...the problem isn't so much that the Google accessories are not fabulous, but that they need to clean up the mobile side of their many android phones out there and then a new OS comes out for a new and better phone and those left behind with a phone that is only 6 months old...and we don't get to enjoy the benefits of the new OS etc etc...  ...But I still love you Google!
Amazing product, but don't understand all the fuss over the price. If you love music and have purchased separate audio components in the past, this is cheap by comparison.
Wasn't sure at first how this is any better from a bluetooth audio receiver or DLNA solutions... But now I realize that it brings sharing your music / movies into the modern age. No more dragging DVDs to a friend's house or disconnecting their devices from their speakers to play music on my phone.
It will rocks my home entertainment system.
I love the concept, just wish the price point were a little lower...
Man all the developers at IO received a Nexus phone, the Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q !!! So jealous! 8D
How is this better than the $99 apple tv?
its like an Apple tv just expensive!
I was really hoping for something like this being announced, and totally bummed about the price tag.. hopefully it comes down over time.
I trust that there will be some type of controls on this juke box to prevent explicit lyrics or video to be played from someone's device at a social gathering.
This is exactly the kind of device that justifies buying cloud content. (imho)
Boring video! Nexus and Google being a little bit too smug about something that Bose have already done...
Lucky attendees at the IO event get one for attending..... wish i could have been there.
+Daryl Messenger I doubt it.  Invite people you trust, set rules in your house.  The same thing stopping somebody from spouting expletives from their mouth will prevent them from adding them to the queue. 
Really want Netflix and Hulu Plus on board.
Not sure I like it.  The idea of carrying around a relatively fragile ball and risk theft or breakage is a bit much.  I know they're coming from the perspective of the earphone being isolating in a time when social media is "sort of" making more socially interactive.  Sound quality and size are going to be necessary for success. 
Plus - the design isn't "self felatio", outside the box thinking... Glade Air fresheners looked just like this 5 years ago! Also, Knight rider's 'Kit' owned the light bar thingy! Unimpressed...
Add games, use it for multi-player gaming, control with individual phones, view on large-screen tv.
omg im going to go broke buying all the new stuff
We so see this in the creative studio...  : )
This is kind of dumb. Yes, it's very convenient, and yes, it'll make social sharing of digital media a lot easier, but I'm not paying $300 for something I can just McGuyver a couple of cables together to achieve the same thing. Or, holy shit, just buy a Google TV or other similar device. 
I'll wait and see on this. Cool idea but I don't throw enough parties to justify 300. I'll stick with my Google tv for now
Good idea...if they can make it affordable,that is. Time will tell ;)
It looks cool. It can have lot more features than just a jukebox. I am sure google will figure out.
It is a Nexus, hope we can unlock it!
Eric U
Just feel this should be a function in Google TV box which is only $99.
I agree, it should be a function within google TV.  and the price is a kinda a little too high
Made in the USA!!! I am always more willing to spend the extra $$$ when it comes to a U.S. made product, but I won't pull the trigger just yet until I see more cloud related apps that integrate such as tunein or pandora.
I really hope this works with Google TV and streaming from a mobile device instead of just being controlled with a mobile device. 
+Jur Joosten I was wondering the same thing. I don't think it does, I think it is meant as a more complementary device.
Nice idea, but you better not invite the local heavy metal fan when you holding a classical banquet. Plus I hope it come with some auto smoothing transsision option or its going to be a garing party, that and there could be one guy whos going to fill the jukebox with a ton of his own stuff.
I don't like the cloud.... it makes me nervous.
They should integrate google + events with this for the photo stream. Gallery as well. Wouldn't it just have been easier to add an ir transmitter to all nexus devices so they can talk to google TV devices?
Needs to be a competent home media solution first and then have the jukebox feature as an added bonus for those special occasions. Does not seem to measure up on the basic features. I predict this will be a big failure, or at least a waste of time for google.
Google always will have something cool for the audience .. Every time!
The Nexus Q is the first step to intergrate the living room.  In time the Q will be GTV and vice versa.  
It needs to be able to run least Netflix.. You put the same processing power that is in the Galaxy Nexus in this device...just to stream Music/Videos from Play and YouTube?

That doesn't seem to make much sense. This device seems like it should have been more of an evolution to Google TV than a 'social jukebox'. Sure, it looks great, but for $299.99 and the included hardware this device could have been (and could be) so much more. Having Android devices control it is the right idea, but give it the ability to use all of those wonderful Android apps on the market and it becomes a powerful home theater experience.
Can it stream photos?
Way more expensive than both Apple TV and Roku. It's the integrated amp that probably jacks the price up, but who doesn't have an amp already. They need an ampless version. Especially if they want people to have in multiple rooms.
The price is CRAZY and all the functionality they have shown should be a standard part of Google TV.
Pretty cool device. A little pricey, but I'm interested.
Great device fine price I would have paid north of $600 for it just like when the bose came out. 10 on pre-order they'll make great gifts. Thanks Google.
Please make it available in INDIA super ASAP
Might end up taking it bowling!
Honestly, I see nothing exciting although the video advertisement is made like a movie trailer.
Yeah when I saw it I thought the same thing, DAMN expensive
Seems pretty awesome to me. Have a bunch of Squeezeboxes dotted around the house. Work well enough but if Google can combine that with their Music Play technology this would be so cool. Hope the UK prices are reasonable...
"oogh want to play sol tar! bored BORED rip head off!"
Looks like an eyeball with the nerve still hanging in the back
Hire a real dj. Keep your Miley Cyrus. 
Rob Pow
Tell me when the "lite" version is available, it shouldn't cost more than the tablet, that's insane.
Just wish it wasn't so expensive. 
When will you think of a way seamlessly transfer my itunes music and stuff I would consider committing fully to Android system vertically
$299 is a little pricey, but keep in mind that this thing is supposedly designed and manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. This fact would probably affect the price.
I wonder if it will work with Plex App
Put this and Google TV together, half the price add storage and backup and hire me to work with you... those are the changes I'd make. Then when I work there I'll redesign that table death star.
Alot better looking than apple TV.
I was wondering all through the presentation, why can't this be a Google TV Nexus device !!
Love the idea of this ... I don't know if I want my friends controlling my music ...
This looks expensive if you market it against Apple TV, but compared to Sonos systems it is pretty well priced.
How does this supplement my Google TV?
Way to invent a ball.. 3/4 of this video is nothingness propaganda to buy this product.. but doesn't actually tell you what it actually does.. Reminds me of any apple commercial tho.. "We have a phone we didnt think we could make better... but did".. - lol
This would be great at bars and restaurants. These places could have a sticker on their front door letting people know they are Nexus Q enabled. Then the business can sponsor theme nights with the best DJ could get a discount or drink.
If XBMC creates an app (or hack) for this, I will buy.
Chau Vu
yeah, too much
This def a hit! Cloud base tech is where its at
Cant wait to get me one of these!
Why so expensive? Its not like it holds all the music. It only connects you to the cloud storage.
I don't know if anyone had brought this up, it looks like it's wired to your stereo system. For something that is meant to be in the middle if your living room, that would be very inconvenient. I, for one, don't want to have to wire cables from this device to wherever my speaker system sits. If people are supped to physically interact with this device, then I shouldn't have to think too hard about where I want to put it.
The movement from i pods to Androids begins. 
My question is how does this product fit in with Google TV? Does Google TV get the Q capabilities? Does Q also have those of Google TV (apps, browser, etc)? Don't get me wrong, the Nexus Q looks cool, but it seems a little over priced for what it is (unless it can also play netflix, hulu, and other apps then I would give it a chance)...
For everyone complaining about not dropping in ur country. GOOGLE has no control over your countries radio frequency regulators. So give it a rest! Don't u think they would like to sell these everywhere?
Una manera fácil e inteligente para compartir Google at home
someone please explain why it is so expensive...
precio un poco alto pero una increíble invención
Does it have an expanable memory option and HDMI output? Could not see that in the specs
I don't get what it is. It's just a jukebox? Why do you need it to connect to the cloud when your phone can just do it?
at 2:13 using a Mac to help develope a mediocre product from google. Apple doesn't need to worry a bit, it's the rest that has to worry. the only thing that google is good for is its search engine.
What happens if I dont like the other persons music?
Lame.  What's the point in having nice HDMI inputs if all Google Music will let me output is a shitty quality 256kpbs MP3???  Where's the FLAC support?  What about DLNA?  Not to mention the fact that 20 minutes a day for 10 days of using Google Music over AT&T "unlimited" brought me over my 5GB quota.  Google Music just isn't ready.
This is too expensive for too little return.  I'll stick with MythTV for now.
Careful, don't taunt Google fun ball.
jest pretend you like that is the way not to make them sad or
un happy but say it like you mean it 
Why couldn't we just get this functionality in Google TV? The Q is a great looking device but I already own two Google TVs with plans to update to one of the new boxes. I really want streaming capabilities but cannot justify a purchase that only allows streaming from Google apps.
+Sue West I don't own a Google TV device, but I was about to write exactly the same thing!
Sony Rolly Is BETTER!
US only due to availability? Now that Google TV is coming to other countries I'd hope this will launch soon as well.
I'll take two. Please take my money.
Lan Yu
This is awesome!!! Such a sleek design
How dare any of you think of syncing with iTunes....that's just wrong
OMG that is the worst subtitling...'incontinence everywhere' ?!?
During the live video at io I was stamped made in the USA?. Is this true? If so I'll pre order now
This looks amazing, but why are you treating Canadians as 2nd class citizens by not offering it here?
I love it! What was stamped inside was even better: Made in the USA.
Does it support DLNA, or playing of media from Windows/Mac servers?
Cool idea...but $299 is a bit steep for what it does.
i think that you can change user pretty easy and share your media in someone else house
Price is alittle high but I will definitely be getting it.
Shut up and take my money :-) im getting one asap.
I've been doing this for years with my apple tv...
+ Ricardo Carvajal correct me if I'm wrong but I think appletv lets guests stream content from their device, maybe even iCloud. It's an interesting looking product but 299 seems too much for a media streamer. People don't seem to want to buy yet another set top box anyway( everyone has made one it seems, and this seems to do less than some)
Supposedly, you can set it up so guests can't edit the list, but still, why doesn't a person just bluetooth or (OMG!) wire an android device through a headphone jack, and listen? When they need to do is market a pair of wireless speakers with the cloud connectivity and local device streaming built in. I could get into that for $300, but this is a stretch
+ Wayne Earp don't ask them to come back, poor taste in music says something about a person. 
Slick design and awesome concept, but just too expensive for what it is.. 
Son of a bitch! I thought of this like, 3 minutes after I first started uploading my albums to google music...
Good stuff - just need to roll out Google music to the UK and we are away!
You can import your iTunes library to google play so you can sorta use it
Designed and Manufactured in the USA, that's why. Good on Google for doing this, even though I'm in Australia
A beautiful object, interesting concept, but I couldn't justify spending $300 for something my xbox essentially does already...
299$ is outrages but dam this product looks nice.
WDTVLive Plus already does this, has for years. Pair it with a 3tb network drive and you have your own cloud to play anything anywhere.
Very apple design ad! (That's a good thing)
299 for an AppleTV-a-like. Hmmm. Loving the Nexus7 tablet though.
For all the haters out there griping about this being US only blah blah blah... Most countries have export control on new technology stating that things developed domestically can't be exported without going through some form of review (ITAR in US - google it) process first.

Since that process can take months (govts everywhere being oh so efficient) Google was faced with the choice of releasing at IO to US market or waiting months to gain ITAR approval to export. Same thing with Glass as Sergey mentioned today in keynote...
Would love a Q. But being in the UK, it would be pointless without music in Goole Play!
Don't understand what you are saying.  It's all confusting.
You must be joking...$300?!?! I'll buy it when it hits $100 6 months down the road.
Such a great starting point but WAY to limiting.  Love that it's made in America - sad that it won't be purchased in America.  If you gave it the ability to sync/stream with PCs/Macs and use their content (WMC/MP4) files, I would buy two.  Only filtering in Google purchased content streamed from the cloud - too much left to be desired.  Looks cool though.
Haad M
This is an incredibly great starting point for getting Android@Home. Media centers have always been fascinating to me, and here is another one I plan on playing with eventually.  There are a couple of downsides to this though.  It's great that it's a cloud product, but as consumers, we're still fighting for our rights to download, and stop bandwidth caps.  I can never fully recommend this product (or any cloud product) to someone, because there's always the possibility of not being able to access my data, because I could be limited to a bandwidth cap.  The other downside is the price point.  But this could be overlooked, since the product is manufactured in the U.S.
+Mark Davis and +Chinyere Williams check this out whenyou get a chance.
Please fix Google tv first
$300, out of my pocket, just so that my 'andriod enabled' friends can play the odd music they store via Google's proprietary music-cloud service?  

Open the platform to any smart device and drop the price to $79 and you might have yourself a deal.  This is an access technology.  

Google, you should take a loss at the register in order to drive folks towards Google Play.  Call it marketing costs.
They look class wouldn't mind one! When are they being released in Ireland n any idea of R.R.P
Really simple and so I really love it. I would want this to be my Google TV unit and my Nexus 7 tablet to be my interface. Right direction Google.
I don't see why everyone is complaining about the price? It basically has similar functionality to Sonos, but adds a social component. It also has the ability to add new functionality down the road since it is contains the same chip as the Galaxy Nexus.
If it works with Spotify... I'm definitely going to get one.
People are going to love me when some death metal makes it in between pop songs! 
Amazing gadget.. Surprising it's not competitively priced vs the Apple TV..!! 
Wow i wonder will this be in stock? And how much this will cost?
Wow total mindgasm! I can't wait to have 1 of these in my home, or even at work because so many people have android devices there too
WAy too cool! I'll definitely be adding this to my Christmas list.
Too expensive, would like one at a lower price
Way cool. Great industrial design. Priced out of popularity and mainstream adoption from the get go. Too bad. 
Awesome looking & performing device. When is it available?
Made in America and worth every dollar! Here's to American born production. I'll take one +Google
@ +John Hoford the price reflects its American production cost. Things cost more when they are made in the US. Labor here is pretty expensive.
its not that labor is expensive in America. It is that many American companies want their employees to be able to enjoy life. All the cheap Chinese labor.. NO ONE use a iPhone. You would think everyone would have one but it is rejected mainly because of Apples slave labor mentality and conditions. american labor rates could go down allot but how many americns would lower the standard of living 900 % ?
yeah the cheaper chinese version is worth the wait i guess
Interesting concept. Needs to be an app across all platforms that would allow to share music and videos. Imagine at a party or club or even a school event. People listening to what they want. On one device. 
Made in America. Everyone, go out and get one! Seriously. Make this product work! Bring back manufacturing to this country. I'll do my best to have one of these this year. Heck I just bought a streaming media/blue ray player. But I can use this in another room. 
It seems there are maybe 4% of the commenters that understand what the potential for this device is, how it works, why it's seperate from googleTV, and why it doesn't come with Hulu - Netflix -Pandora.

Doesn't bode well for The Q if this is a representative sample size.
Made in the USA which may account for its price, but correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't this be Google's first hardware manufacturing venture? How is that point not getting too much attention?
That's crazy awesome... When are they going to sell these things?!!!
Love this device. $299 is a bit steep. Remember Logitech Revue, awesome device, crappy price point at 299.00. $99 bucks is where this needs to be. That said, can I have 2 please?
What is wrong with just saying price? Why price point?
This is much more then just a Revue. For what it does i think its appropriately priced. But the best part of all is that this is a google product.. So there will be support.. their will be updates and new features..
I thought it reminded me more of Marvin the phandroid android
I love google but I just don't get this thing. So you can make a social playlist? Couldn't you have done this with say your google TV box that's already connected to your sound system and an app?
The price is just right because it's "Made in USA" not China!
You should make smaller, cheaper satellite ones that users can upload their own music. they can carry all their stuff and interact with the bigger ones. This allows owners of the bigger ones to gift smaller ones to friends allowing them to be social. Also you should explore customizations
If it were a little cheaper it would be worth it. Another fun product to get our geek on with!
The Fail Formula: No device independence + No 3rd party apps + Not multiplatform + Bad pricing. If it had a UI, and could receive media from an iPad or a PC, or Mac, or a 3rd party Android app, and would cost $99 without the amp, THEN it would make sense, and it would be a mainstream success. Until then, awesome first try and props for the industrial design.
Looks really cool, and glad it's made in the USA, but 400$ is a bit steep. Seems like you could put a Rasperry Pi in a ball and have the same functionality for less than 100$.
Google should have made this 99$ and it would fly off the shelves
It is a really neat idea and it is a must-have for great home entertainment!
Buy a Sonos system instead. Greater choice of music and the same price...
Good design just don't feel price is right. Unlocked galaxy nexus for 349 and this for 299 :-(
it makes apple TV look like just a toy :D
Why doesn’t this have google tv built in?
I am sorry but, no dice. To expensive. If it could stream my phones screen and show it on the TV, maybe. But for streaming music... No.

I like my movies on Blu-Ray.
I love the design, but I can't see it being worth even $100 for a number of reasons.

1. It's got no inputs, so if you plan on watching Movies from somewhere other than Google Play, you'd need to get an entirely separate sound system since you can't run the TV audio (or any audio) through the Q. This means you'd need a home theater system for non-Google videos, which makes the embedded amp pretty much useless asides from setups where people only use Google content, or that are only for listening to music.

2. You can only stream movies to one Q at a time, so no one can watch different movies in different rooms. (Unless they're using different Play accounts, perhaps?)--at least that's what it says on the website.

3. Can't even operate it without an Android device. So if my mom came to visit she couldn't listen to music while my wife and I are at work since she has an iPhone.

4. How much would multi-room cost? $300 per unit? I'm really not feeling that considering the limitations.

If I could pass audio through it I'd think it might be worth considering as a replacement for a receiver (provided your TV has enough inputs that for all your devices), but without at least that, no way.

Allowing it to play bluetooth audio streamed through other apps on the Android device would go a long way as well, since it would at least expand the available content.
It's a GNex with a built-in amp in a sphere. So I sort of understand the price point. If it was priced at $149, I'd be pre ordering right now.
+Eric Guenther 
A GNex?...not even remotely. I've got a GNex, and if I connect it to my stereo I can run Pandora and play music from any source my heart desires from my networked storage. I can play videos on my GNex from many sources other than Google. I've got full access to all Android apps. I can call people and stream things over 4G wherever I am, and a use a turn-by-turn capable GPS. I can play music and videos locally without even resorting to streaming if necessary. I can stream music to my car stereo while driving to work everyday.

What this is is Google Music, Movies, and TV in a bad-ass looking sphere with an amp with an extra layer of social control.

The GNex is waaaaay more than the Q.
Damn you Google. You can get me excited for anything.
find some one to battle me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does it come with a self-destruct button?
i have to get this baby..Dang man....this is beautiful
The music and movies have to be purchased from google play?
I hope the nexus Q will support DLNA otherwise it is just another walled-garden device...
Technology at its BEST. I must have one.
just look like a bowling ball with leds ....
Leds??? multicolor leds ???
And can play/share music ???

:Q__ I want it NOW !!!
Really awesome! Good job Google :-)
But if you don't live in the US you can just ** off...
Jus looks fantastic, til u realise u gotta hav 5 big ol' cables runnin out of it & across yr coffee table. It really jus kills th thing aesthetically. Not 4 me.
$299 for a pure novelty item? I think not. 999 out of every 1000 people that buy this will only use it to show their friends how cool it is. The rest of the year it will collect dust next to there VCR. If there was Google TV integration and media hub integration at about half that price point it may have been worth a look. Kuddos for making it in the USA though.
got my attention, but losing it if its only limited to google products..
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esta muy bacano espero que lo lanzen pronto en colombia
mTi is a World Class Fashionable Apparels Brand name.
Real cool wonder if i browse on the web on my tablet and stream as well
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