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Android fans in France: you can now enjoy books on +Google Play  Start reading from the world’s largest eBookstore today! 
Books on Google Play ( has arrived in France. Enjoy millions of books from the world’s largest eBookstore, including hundreds of thousands of French titles like Les liste de mes envies ( by Gregoire Delacourt. Enjoy reading your favorite eBooks anywhere on web, phones and tablets. Get started today!
Shop millions of books, including recent bestsellers and thousands of free books. Start reading on your Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone or the web.
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i would love to buy a nexus7 in germany :)
People living in New Caledonia are french people (at least until 2014) but we can't access to Books or Movies on +Google Play ...
I wish Google Play would launch all its services to the rest of the world... It's not fair only the americans get access to G-play... Dammit Google, why do you do this? :P
I'm so sad that my google play is so poor. I only have apps. No movies, music, books, magazines, or even devices such as galaxy nexus or nexus 7. What makes me more sad is that I already imported nexus 7 and currently own a galaxy nexus and cannot fill the m with premium content from the store. 

I live in portugal btw
As I'm the only one who talked about 2014 I think your question is for me +Jacob Kloutier !
In 2014 caledonians will have to decide if they want independence or not.
+Rafael Nunes, you're not alone... We only have apps here in Sweden too... :P I wish Google would come to their senses and launch G-play to the rest of the world... :P
How do you search the french titles?  I'm from Montréal (Québec) and my machines (phone, desktop) are in English, so I only see english books...
+Fabrice Thomas , don't let anyone stand in your way of your freedom, make sure you get what you want and deserve! =)
Rob K
Welcome France. Nice to see things opening up. Would like to see Google Music in Canada, though enjoying Rdio. 
I wish we had Google Music here in Sweden... Then I would get rid of Spotify and only use Google... But it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon... sigh
We already have freedom +Robert Forslund and people just have to see what happened in Vanuatu to understand that "full independence" is not the best idea for New Caledonia.
Anyway that's my point of view and we'll see what happen!
Back to topic now ^^
Well, yeah freedom is nice and everyone should have it, but with freedom comes responsibilities and the people in charge better well know this and make sure they deliver when the people demands it. :P
Bienvenue à la France la fête! Je suis à une perte de savoir pourquoi il a fallu attendre si longtemps.
What about narrow the play books search by language? Why can't I buy French or German books here in UK?
Dont forget The Netherlands!:) 
I would love to use US/UK content in Holland, is there a way to do that? I would love to be able to watch movies and series(no need for subtitles)/ read books and magazine's from my tablet.
Google, please stop being racists and publish French books in Canada...this is simply unacceptable.
Still amateur hour with Google and content. Apple has apps, books, music, movies, magazines and TV shows in a hundred countries. Google has the full offering in one.
Agree with +Vincent Demers  ...

Would you publish only english books in France ? In Belgium ? In Switzerland ? 
So why do you do so in Canada ? 
We want Google Play contents in all of Asia. Were one of your biggest costumers. Why so late?
Every time there's a nice announcement about Google Play offering content in new places, you puny humans complain about something Google can't control. It you had common sense, you'd realise that they'd love to sell all content everywhere. It's the media companies stopping them. Puny humans, Morbo will destroy you!
In Brazil it´s just a dream!
+Khalid Boutin Habing FRENCH content in Canada is NOT something Google can't control. Google Play is FULLY available in Canada. Google Play offers content in french in France.

SO WHY THE FUCK aren't they offering french content in Canada ? 
Congrats France, I hope it come to Brazil soon.
Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Oh, and... hey books, bring with you the Nexus 7.
Ben Lim
When you will launch Google play at Asia, Google? Eve. Apple already launch their apps store to Singapore, Brunei and most ASEAN countries. the sad part I don't want apps store, I only want Google play. Made it happen Google. Give us the chance to make your wallet fatter.
It is pathetic how Brazil is always the last country to receive any kind of service. Companies that treat consumers like that show no respect for our potential market and as result of a late service launch in our country lose much money because people show no interest on having a service launch in US only a year after or more. In a globalized world this is unacceptable. 
+Android how do you remove devices associated with your google account? i.e. old phones, tablets...
Tony Ho
Now that I am on Takju Jelly bean, it's disappointing to see the Play Books and Play Movies app disabled by the OS. Those books I bought when I was in US can no longer be read now that I am located elsewhere. :-(
+Sudhir Khanger, I don't buy book from Google Play as well. I just recommended Moon Reader 'cause after trying Aldiko, Google Books and Kindle, Moon Reader was the best IMO. And the integration with ColorDict is perfect. 
+Android  when we gonna get ics update for SAMSUNG GALAXY S ADVANCE in India?
Do you know when Google Books and Movies will be available in Romania? / Hungary?! 
Cool, But what's about Switzerland? Don't forget,a huge amount of Google employees are working in Switzerland ;-)
I would have bought a Nexus 7 already if they shipped here.
Guys, doesn't really matter how many times we ask here. Everyone wants all Google services and support (me included) but will be ready when it's ready.
+Joel Fabiani F. Teixeira Sorry, that's not true. Why should it be ready without customer demands? And without customer demands, why should Google go into this markets? Or have you forgotten that Google is a profit organization?
+Roger Hüsser What you say is logical, but I personally believe that having control over the number and location of the android daily activations already provide all the statistics that Google needs to prioritize new services based on regions. I do not believe, for example, that having 50,000 daily activations in India and 10,000 in Brazil they will launch new services in Brazil just because 100 Brazilians came here to say "Hey! What about Brazil?".
Chan Li
Sorry! Books on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
When is the Jellybean OTA for Nexus S device gonna roll out ?
Now bring google music and movies to Canada! Stupid CRTC that makes everything to complicated here :( If I could use it now I would have a real reason to get a Nexus7 and a NexusQ.
I couldn't open this link, because I am not in the same country. This is most ugliest discrimination of the peoples that I ever seen after the WW2
Why does everyone think the CRTC has anything to do licensing agreements between content makers and content providers? Google play does not have movies and music in Canada because Google doesn't own the rights. The CRTC has nothing to do with it.
Its not a question of google owning the rights, I own the rights to my music. Why can't I put it all in Google music then? Because canadian regulations are a fuckin labyrinth, that is why google don't make it available for us, it is simply too much trouble, and who decides about those? isn't it the CRTC?
Exactly what I'm saying, Canada(CRTC) is making things difficult for google to offer their services here. I'm not complaning about google at all here.
I can't enjoy anything in Hong Kong :(
Please paid apps in Egypt please
Super ! Voila qui justifie l'achat d'une tablette 7'' :)
Ou puis-je trouver les livres sur mon nexus S, pour les ouvrir dans le reader de mon choix ?
when is andriod and google comencing operations in west africa, ghana to be precise?
The continent is hungry to be part of the golden age of technolgy that has hit the world.
Are those French books also available in North America?
Name 'Google Play' doesn't sound like a place where things can be bought. Shouldn't it have something like 'Market' or 'Store' or 'Shop' or 'Bazaar'.
Ben Lim
+Santosh Yadawar its not about where things can be bought. Its about where fun and entertainment can be found.
wish list for austria (and the rest of europe): play books, music, and movies, nexus7, and a better way to buy the galaxy nexus :)
i cant do anything on the play store but download apps ... WTF GOOGLE!!!!
when are google books and Google Play music/movies coming to India....???
Hello, I am adorid developer one of them.
Thank you for that e-mail. but please, why..why what.. was going on ?
Adorid Development site page was wrote application for 'Herballssam.apk' before a few days, you know that when I said the other Developer, May be 36 hours. I 've been through really serious for 5 days.
I Don't know, what's going on !  I Can't understand. It's before the work, it's after the work, it's during the work,  they won't bring me my mail anymore.
Please ! fast return to mail for me!  
If your one of the developers for android you better go back to the drawing board because the new kyocera hydo has some major issues that really fuck up the whole phone. I know this from experience i bought one of your new hydros and within in a month it started freezing apps quit working it wont stop vibrating and the sd card that you supply with the phone isnt being recognized not to mention it takes forever for the apps to respond to the touch and without the use of the sd card you cant take pics you cant take video you cant save any kind of attachment let alone play music you cant enlarge any of the attachments and to top it off after paying a 140.00 for it now you guys want me to pay to have it ship to you to repair it omg wtf like i didnt put out enough on it you have got to be kidding right. I feel like boycotting your company across the internet and giving you a big ----10 in the ratings when it comes to this phone.
oh and just so you know i'm blind and still think it sucks.
Come on Google, launch full Google play services in Mexico, besides, we're right next to the us isn't that worth something haha
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