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Today we’re releasing an update to Google Docs for Android with offline access and an improved tablet experience.

There may be times when you don’t have an Internet connection on your Android device, but you still want access to a file you’ve saved in Google Docs. Now you can select any file in Google Docs to “make it available offline”. So regardless of whether you’re connected to the internet, you’re always connected to those files.

Even better, Google Docs keeps your offline files up to date. When you’re on Wi-Fi, offline files are automatically updated. You can also manually update files anytime you have a data connection by opening the file or tapping ‘Update’ from the Offline section of the app.

For those of you with Android tablets, we’ve also improved the Google Docs reading experience. Now, when you open a Google document on your tablet while online, you’ll get a high-resolution version of the document. Swipe left and right to flip between pages, or use the slider at the bottom to page ahead quickly.

Learn more in the Help Center and download the updated Google Docs app in Android Market today:
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Now, how about being able to edit natively within the application instead of the lesser browser version.
How about making the G+ app work properly? It's kind of a mess these days. Photos thumbnails dont link to the images most times...
If only they would created a native editing experience of the docs. The embedded browser is in no way cool.
Pfft I was hoping to see the OS update you just got my hope up
Would you guys please update the app to allow you to select where the App stores data? (I have a phone with the larger sd-card labled sdcard_ext and as a result docs stores all the stuff it stores to my much smaller internal storage. (same with google music.)
Still impossible to add a column to a spreadsheet :-(
I'd like a "Download"-function for documents, like it's in the desktop-browser version. Not only a "offline"-function to look at them inside of GDocs.
You are joking right? When Google Docs has to be one of the main apps on tablet ur just doing webapp with "a lot" of editing options (NOT). I really hoped, that on this update I could really modify my documents like a boss... But editing docs and spreadsheets really sucks.

Is it me, or Google programmers nowadays can't really see how apps should be made?

Again, Google Docs has to be top Android app for tablets, but... Great reading experience though!
Yup, too bad the editing experience still sucks.
Editing spreadsheets is painful, but hey I have a spreadsheet machine in my pocket so I guess I can't complain for now.
why does the menu button still show up even though the same functionality is already available in the action bar? come on google..
Rob Ban
Thanks for the update. It's awesome, although still lacking. In the long run I believe and hope that you're updating Google Docs to be able to properly edit documents of all types, straight from a smartphone and or tablet.

Basic features
* Marker usage (without the limitation of only writing within a specific line)
* Style text (size, bold, italic, underline, strike-through, typeface)
* Lists (bullet|numeric)
* Mark text as headings
* Upload and insert images

The list could go on, but that's the most basic stuff. Probably missed a whole lot though.

Didn't mean to be negative. Love Google Docs (both the web service and the app). Keep the updates coming!
I sure hope the typing experience improves. It's horrid on the tablet!
I NEED to be able to see more than 250 rows of a spreadsheet on a mobile device.....

Oh no! The app is still showing an action overflow button. Wouldn't it be better that you +Android guys also follow your own guidelines on how an Android app should look now.
The biggest problem with the app is the horrible web view while editing documents and spreadsheets. It's slow and the buttons are way to small to click with your finger.
Great improvements.... Improve editing and you win, Google. Period. End of story.
It still performs sluggishly as compared to viewing a document in the stock web browser with the mobile interface turned off.
Another Docs release that doesn't fix the most important part, editing.
Come on. Seriously.
I'm waiting for a tablet version for the Honeycomb HTC Flyer.
Happy days I've been waiting for this - I might just go and buy that tablet now :-)
Why does it double menu button on Galaxy Nexus? In New app I have now menu on the button bar and in app on the top bar:-\
What about the much requested native document editor? Its very cumbersome and frusterating to use the app to edit word documents, spreadsheets or anything else. I hope we can see it added very soon.
Nice .. Then we just need the 4.0.3 update for our G-nexus phone....???
Still no native editing? Would the +Android team add it if we paid the the app? Its a feature I'd pay for... its beyond stupid that there's not a great writing experience on Android Tablets. Apple has Pages, and Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 Tablets with Office 15... and Google gives us a a crappy website inside an app hack job.
Any chance of Google resurrecting Notepad? It would be great as an app, with sync etc.
It took you nearly a year to make a tablet UI for this app.

It's still one of your worst apps to be honest. Docs needs a complete overhaul.
Docs for tablets... finally ... just 6 months after I sold the wife's xoom!!! -.-
I have made a point of +1ing every post that refers to the lack of a native editor. This is just ridiculous, google docs cannot be taken seriously until it has a great native app for editing, viewing and creating. Having a native editor would be fantastic for anyone using google apps accounts and just be a tremendous advantage for the Android platform in general.
Finally... reading documents is now ready ;-)
Srsly, when are you going to make a USEFUL tablet app?
For what is the nice document organizer or reading interface for, when you can't edit documents because THAT interface is still badly made...
THANK YOU! I've been wanting offline functionality for Docs for a while.
Will offline edit be available next? Any hope?
Awesome news! Thanks.
Great news! Exactly why I switched back to Android! Now, I have the ability to be mobile anywhere anytime and work if necessary.
awesome! But you can't make an entire collection "available offline"? Only files? That seems like alot of work if I have to go through each individual file and make it offline. You can't do something like playlists on Google Music?
Please make the document editing better... not just a port of the HTML version please please please
+Android Sorry but this version bring little that would make writing a document on a tablet any better. How about some simple controls for editing text? Check out Evernote for text editing toolbar. Can't believe that all we can do with Google Docs is to write text, sans formatting.

There seems to be some bugs with displaying even the simplest documents. Preview crashes or times out.

So, now you have the interface for all docs, please give your text/spreadsheet/etc editors a bit more love.
At last ! :)

I assume we'll be able to 'select all' and have all files stored on SD card for offline editing.

Now, if only we could get offline for PCs too, so I can use it on my laptop when I don't have an internet connection, then I could finally get rid of Dropbox.

For those that don't like the web editing, and don't mind spending a few pounds to get a good experience, I recommend Documents to Go from DataViz (I have no affiliation). Wonder how the offline function works with that though.
Love it! I was wondering if Docs would get a sweet upgrade like my other favorite apps.
Such a great addition. Actually needed this on monday but I will take it now. Are you able to creat new docs that get synced up to the cloud the next time you are onlinee
Great! Just in time for getting the transformer prime for school use! :D
You guys should be working on the new ICS upgrade for Nexus S, im waiting!
I wish the editing was improved and supported all file types.
Honestly, good start with improved readability and offline but, Google Docs needs to focus on editing capabilities on tablets. Comparing my editing experiences with Apple Pages (iPad) and Google Docs (GTab 10.1), the user experience is night and day.
Good start but that should have been there last year. Seriously need editing capability on my galaxy s2. I dont use the google docs app much because of the lack of this feature!
That's all well and good, as much as i like google docs, I find myself using excel 2010 and word 2010 more and more. just wish i could get that level of features in google docs.
At least with skydrive i can stay mobile.
Not having files offline available is the main business reason for me still to use an HP1100 tablet
Any word on getting the document side of google docs to support things such as: Bold, Italics, Bullets?
Too bad I can't download the new Docs version using a stock Galaxy Tab 10.1 because the Market app is broken for most users. Good job Samsung and Google!
for the love of android can you move the action bar search menu whatever to the damn bottom! im not a freaking alien with 10 inch fingers
Good step in the right direction. Needs the rest of the features that the desktop site has, or at least most of them so we don't need to rely on 3rd party apps.
Needs three features for me. Insert line (can be done from number button left of "EDIT"). Need to be able to add formulas. Need to be able to make a copy of a existing spread sheet. Please... PLEASE.. fix these.
This is huge, can't wait to try it out on my Transformer 1 later!
Too everyone who is commenting about editing - I think you are all offering great feedback and I suspect the Docs team is hearing you loud and clear. I think they are working on it just as they were with offline, which honestly was probably tied for priority with better editing but offline may have been easier/faster to implement. I think we will see solid editing coming soon. Just a hunch, just an opinion.
+Colin Bowen you can go offline on chrome just download the extention, go settings/make offline will take you there
Editing sucks... Dropbox is exponentially better, as it allows you to edit with any app and syncs the changes.
pdf on gdocs (sucks) - needs improvement
The menu button is still in full use when viewing a doc? I thought you told developers to get rid of it.
All the latest updates to google apps have been fantastic lately...
I use Ubuntu Linux land am woundering why there is no standard regarding the installation? I mean each Linux distribution variant has its own install method yet they are all standard. This is done not only for ease but to discourage hacking!
We should have an option to automatically sync over 3G.
I'm not sure if I should post questions here. i'm HK users, our Galaxy Nexus build is yakjuzs, but found there no OTA updates, even Google or Samsung can't reply on this issue. Did anyone know why ?
This is an app i regularly use..
We're big time Google fanboys here but seriously the Google apps are mostly terrible. Please stop making them in your 20% time.
i would be happy to have full browser level interaction on my tablet. I would also like keyboard support that works. I would like too be able to handle my - simple- spreadsheets without contorting myself or taking 15 to 30 seconds JUST to select a field!

Spellcheck spellcheck spellcheck spellcheck spellcheck.
+Android, when will the ability to save the app to an SD card be available, along with Google Music? They take up too much space on my LG Enlighten.
Its really not a good app. It should be redesigned to fit the new google style. Add edit option and make it more like app not just offline website. It really feels like that. But ofcourse its better than jusr site, thats true.
seriously, you guys need to focus upon look and feel of this application. Look at Dropbox for instance, wonderful interface!
I'm sticking to Documents to Go. It saves to the Google cloud, and let's me format the text better.
Offline mode is good, but why I cannot open local documents, they are also offline...
Updated just on my Huawei media pad with the result that I can't sync the docs anymore. Please adjust functionality.
I still feel that the editing is way off compared to the web experience. :\ Other than that it got better.
Nice! I received this update on my android market!
I have been waiting since Donut for this! THANK YOU!
wish I have something similar and official for picasa.
THANK YOU! This will be very helpful!
I can open .doc files from a gmail attachment within Google Docs on my desktop machine, view, edit and print it out. Why I can't do this on my Nexus S? If i open a .doc file in my Android GMail app it opens the file in some onboard office app that i don't even have a app icon in the drawer. I can do nothing with the file within this app. Im also unable to import a file from my phone. This is somewhat frustrating.
Dear Google,

Please please please please please...hurry up and create a g-drive so that google docs becomes INFINATLY more usable. If Dropbox can do it, you can do it. Please please pretty please if you are listening.

the interface is not bad aha.
Buggy on Xoom and Nexus S. FC. Cant access docs anymore.
Love g docs. But where's my ics for nexus s4g??
Well NO because there's plenty of Google Apps from Google available in the appstore, to name a few: Gmail, Google Search, Google Translate, Google TV Remote. And they're not actually Google phones, they're actually Android phones and there's a difference..
The most hopeless app of all Google apps. You have to click a doc wait for I don't know how long for it to load... then press edit and wait the same amount of time to enter something. If someone want a notepad to take quick notes and keep everything synced with Google docs. This is definitely not the app. Without giving updates to this app Google should just throw away the hole thing, start from scratch and make something usable.
we need usable, fast app evens with limited features, NOT apps with bunch of features but not usable. Same things go for Google Map
It's communicating with the Google Docs API that is slow. Other apps that do similar things aren't faster, and my app was developed by a good developer and the first download is slow as well.
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Someone answer me send me an email it's ok so my question is with android do you have to pay a $30 monthly fee/ I would NOT like that because i know with iphone and droid you have to
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Can anyone please tell me how to access drop down list in a spreadsheet. I am able to select an item from drop down list if am accessing the Google docs from my PC but when I try to access it from my mobile I don't get any drop down menu.
Any suggestions Please!!!!!!
I am having the same problem as kunal, why doesn't drop down work on mobile versions?
Any update on the drop down menu issue?
the lack of dropdown boxes on spreadsheets on android is unforgivable-Especially considering google docs /drive is made by the very people who created android-dropdowns work on an iphone for crying out loud!!! this needs sorted as soon as possible or im leaving android behind
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