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+Google Play's liquid experiment in the lab.
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It's great being able to always access all my music, anywhere.
Merging science with advertising is always a win for me ;)
I would kindly ask, until it’s available in the UK. Can you please not rub Google Music in our faces.
+Stephen Fowles it kinda is as long as you cheat it a little :-)
Canada is still out! Hook me up Google!
+Stephen Fowles They say its down to copyright issues or some guff like that. I do like the service and it would be great if we could get it legit and above board...
What I find most amazing here is that Apple, the "IPOD" company that supposedly "innovated" the smartphone (by making the iPod an Internet connected phone) didn't have this ability from day-1. Instead, it took 5 major versions before they even came close and by then Google (NOT known for their music services or MP3 players) had pretty well perfected it. Apple fail? :)  I'd be pissed if I were an iPod/iPhone user yet most aren't even aware of the issue or are happy to pretend it doesn't exist. Even my Windows Mobile devices had the iPhone beat until iOS 5 in that respect (and many others really). Wow.
+olivier hubert what you meant to ask was: How long will Google make excuses for not providing same services around the world???
huh... only in US not available in Malaysia. Damn!
+Afifi Zainal be reasonable.. the only Real People are in US. The rest can wait for the wealth to trickle down.. 

USA way...
+Stephen Fowles We are not alone in this.  Look at Google Music as a highly limited beta.  It is only open to 4% of potential users.

There is a way of getting it.  You need to use a proxy when you try and sign up.  It does work as a good way to play the music off your PC but it does not allow anyone but that restricted few to buy new content.

This actually very poor economics.  You want the largest possible userbase.  They have restricted their to 4%.

Perhaps they might want to restrict it further.  I suggest they use the following criteria to limit it further.
1.  Left handed people only.
2.  Only redheads.
3.  With blue eyes
4.  Who speak at least 3 languages other than English.
5.  and live at least 500m above sea level.
+Matthias Kretschmann I will trade you the music in google play for the same technology you all have in your phones! The US generally is always released after Europe and generally has different chipsets
Would it work with DSL 2000, 3G and 30GB of music?
No, of course not.

Good idea when LTE and DSL 16k+ gets standard everywhere :)
Your marketing efforts have been so ham handed and intrusive that I will never buy anything but apps from the 'Play' (the marketing team who thought of that name should be fired) store.

And this ad is moronic and kind of disgusting. You might've chosen a better liquid color.
Only in the U.S. thanks for the disappointment Google.
The Commercials are amazing!  Entertaining and visually informative VS expansive technobable!  Google FTW!
1) That liquid color is definitely interesting to say the least hahaha
2) That desktop is from like the 1800s. I don't think it's going to be able to access Google Play anytime soon, let alone the internet =P
NOT outside US , in Europe /Czech Rep.  we are still waiting for Music and Books on Google Play. Please do something with it.
These ads are awesome. Why does Google not go "Apple Style" and play 500 commercials per minute on "TV" to make this public knowledge. Those that watch this ad on Youtube, already know how awesome it is.
Fair comment, when the hell are we going to see this in the UK?? Google you are forcing us all to go somewhere else!
The ad is really awesome !!!
"We're sorry, the document drink you requested is not available in your country."

The ad is cool BTW.
All of these people complaining that it's not available in their country. You are complaining to the wrong person. Google, and anyone who provides the medium in which you can get the content have zero wants or desires to restrict someone.

Google, Netflix, whomever it may be wants everyone in the world to have access, from any device of their choosing.

Blame the content creators. They want restrictions> Google can't offer the Music, Netflix can't offer the movies, Hulu, whatever it may be, because they are told you either restrict it in that country, or from that device, or you can't have the content at all even for US.

It's exhausting to see this spam on every freaking post that someone makes that is in the market of content delivery. They also want you to see it.
i, for one, avoid mysterious yellow liquids on the internet.
It's clear for me. But I can't ask those, who want restrictions, but the google. I hope they are big enough to pressure those bastards. I would play for music that way. But this way, I never will.
There's a big, wide world beyond the U.S. borders you know Google....just sayin'.
They said edit play lists. Not music.
+David Hay and do you think Google does Not want to make money off you, and market to those people? Blame the content providers, not the content delivery system.
What;s Google Music?  Is it a US-only thing?   What about the rest of the world?
+David Hay what world? USA is The World...

Stop asking people.. it looks ridiculous that the only comments under every cool new Google announcement is 'why US only?' "when in my country?" 
It's available everywhere is a big fat LIE. I know it is not Googles fault but I hate the fact that it is not available in 90% of Europe ...
As suggested above, you really should explicitly state, that this is only available in certain countries. 
+Martin Melka Why? It's a fun video about a service they have that they likely wish could be world wide. It tells you all over elsewhere on their sites that it's only US. People are so up in arms about things like this I wonder why anyone bothers to publicly put out anything interesting.
Wait, I'm confused about the movie. So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up? 
So where does the liquid he drank go?

..Back into the main container thingy? 

no way.. 


I'm reporting this vid to Google as inappropriate
+Mark Finch no offense but noooooo. You have the services we desire but you have a lot of other problems (political, health, laws, ...) I will not have.

I hope we will not have to wait for steaming services more than 1-2 years and I hope the European Union will establish laws that make this possible in every member country and not different laws in every one ...
add me pls ... i am new hereadd me pls ... i am new here
+Todd Landry I love these stylish videos, don't get me wrong on that. I just hate being hyped over something just to find out that it is not available in my country the hard way. That kinda sucks
+Martin Melka I suppose them not notifying versus being mad that it's not available seems reasonable. It's infuriating to see this on every Google post, slammed, nonstop. Google by all means would love to sell you music. Our atrocious content publishers are the ones that are insane.
when it is coming to denmark?
Is it comming to europe soon or will it be like google wallet, in a decade or so? ;)
or ill just do like rats. leave the sinking ship called europe and head for the U.S :P
And if you could roll out google music to other geographies, the ad will gain wide acceptance
Nice ad. Now, I know that you're bound by contracts and rules based on the content providers, but you REALLY need to make this global. The content providers want to see profits, but until they let you (Google) unleash this to the world, it's not going to get the kind of traction that iTunes did.
the key is "anywhere" like the commercial say, let's add "everywhere" too. Still missing in many countries (mine included).
not accessible in many countries....
Looks like a few good beers to me. If you have fluid that color coming out of you I suggest you see your doctor...
It's just a complete waste of bandwidth, you have a phone, tablet, laptop and a pc to listen to a song you are going to download the same song 4 times. By the way I'm more concerned about the environment - just my thought.
If you once get access with your account from any US ip adress, this will be stored by google and then Google Music (Play) is available worldwide for your account. So "anywhere" is a half truth
+Todd Landry Apple sells worldwide and content publishers somehow never come up in the conversation..
+Stephen Fowles I'm in the UK and I've had it since very early on - it's not too hard to figure out how...
Anywhere? So I guess Europe isn't anywhere... It's nowhere ;-)
Why should I even download or own a music file? I prefer to stream. Or do you also download Youtube videos?
+Alex Reusch some of us have limited data so we can't stream all the time. I personally stay away from Youtube for the most part, video is way too expensive for me. If I watch/listen, I'm doing it from my hdd.
+Alex Reusch For the millions that pay for their data by the amount used, streaming is obviously a less cost-effective method of listening to music (or watching video) unless you never listen to the same track twice.
me encanta la publicidad de google, es simple, corto, expresivo, bien informativo, así sí que no molesta la publicidad
How come people from all over the world pay the same (usually much more) as overlords in USA and get half the services?

If Google is unable to provide same quality services  it should charge adequately.

For ignorant people out there - You pay with your info you enter, your searches, your profiles email you send and received. It is being sold for large quantity of $$$ and I'm ok with that.

But if you pay you get to demand
It is about time the USA gets something first in the smartphone world.
Cool Ad! when will come the intergraton with sonos multi room sound system, than you can put 1 more cup in the comercial (^-^)
You may or may not have noticed, but there are some hidden things in the video. Can you find them? Hint: hover with your mouse...
I dont have a mouse i use android with my fingers :-)
Is google music ever coming to canada in this lifetime?
Please please launch in Canada!!!!
Mm this made me thirsty lol
not completely true... I am from a bloody country where google play does not allow me to connect to music and music syncing
Jan Feist
+Android +Google Play it's ridiculous to show this video to all of us, during US citizen are the only ones for whom this service is avaiable. Get it working!
+Nicholas Loomans I totally understand. But unlimited data plans at reasonable prices are not so far away. I believe that in the near future, this will become a standard offering for all providers. Also, roaming costs will soon be history... I do also enjoy music at home, where connectivity and data plans are not an issue at all. I love streaming (flat rate), because I don't have to manage impersonal content and don't need to pay for each individual song. Since I use services as Spotify and, my music horizon has become much wider. I listen to music, I would never do, if I had to buy each song or album. Music is for me now an adventure... every day I explore and find new things. At this level, that's only possible with streaming services.
Australia please. I know we sound like broken records but Apple's ecosystem is light years ahead here. Apple TV is awesome, Apples visual voicemail works like a charm and iTunes has so much more content than anything Google offers.

I can't see why such a massive company can't sort out music, TV shows, a google TV box (compatible with Australian content), and Google voice. 

Seriously falling behind!!!! Considering switching
Nice , hope it's fully opratable in Dubai 
+Todd Landry if the problem is with content providers why +Google doesn't say it? If +Google  was smart than it would just said something like "We are not able to provide content to UK because of organization XXX, you can contact them at ...". And this for all intrested countries. Than it would take pressure of +Google  and put on those organizations.

I live in Poland but I don't know if +Google even tried to contact someone and if yes, than who? If I knew that, than I could organize petition to this organization or write them myself and tell everyone (press included) that organization XXX is a reason that +Google Play cannot provide music service for our country.

That way people will work for +Google to help them expand! 
Rex Wu
Like this video, even it is not in HK yet...
Show great stuff to the whole world. Only make it available for US citizens. Sincerely, google.
isn't it in The United State's of AMERICA  !
Once again, the Americans think that he US is the only country in the world, and ignore the rest, showing their ignorance as usual.
+Tom Olecki On that I agree. Perhaps Google should make a post/statement regarding why the restriction is in place for non US countries for the content. I don't feel that a quirky advertisement is the place, but they should create a post discussing this for conversation and information if nothing else.
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson Apple has always kept what you do with their devices on a short leash. With Android, you get to decide what you do with your device. With iOS, Apple decides what you do with your device, because you know, they know better than the consumer.

Couple of examples:

Apple believes people don't need big phones or small tablets.
Apple believes Flash is bad.
Apple loves proprietary technology even though consumers hate it.

Despite what any of us say even if we stop buying Apple products, Apple will continue to think they know better. You know who else knows better? RIM.
And when is Holland going to be enjoying of this?
hell yes the effects are awesome! freaky, especially the no wires part!
Release it in the UK goddamnit
From the dictionary:

Anywhere = a place within the borders of the United States of America
Downloaded my sister's song from Google Play and now it won't stream the car. I have to use my old Droid 2 to stream and my Droid 4 for my life. I get a high pitched beep and time out when trying to sync to my X5. Please advise. Pretty frustrated. 
Hi! when will it be available in Spain? Another question...which kind of liquid is in it? :-)
No access in my country, looks like I need that cable.
I thought that yellow liquid is something else... :)
+Mark Fairbairn, run while you install it... and download the google music apk file and transfer that onto your phone via a cable (run it after of course). You can uninstall the ip blocking program after and google music will stay attached to your gmail account henceforth. 
Also the problem isn't Google, it's more likely copyright issues and the RIAA
The availability around the world has nothing to do with laws copyright and such.. 

Google can't handle the load.

They make services available to for highest potential market just to keep afloat and keep interest of the rest of the world.

Keeping it beta before they upgrade the hardware to be able to handle the rest of the world..

If they could blame someone they would long time ago
Wow... Play is in Australia but not Play Music...
I predict that the Play Music store will be open world wide (Including Australia) with the release of the Google Tablet in a few weeks. Its about CONTENT and not about hardware.
Andriod (owned by Google and better then iOS), Talking about Google software, via YouTube, a site that Google owns.... Google is taking over the world, I know that it owns other 90 companies, processes over 10 TB a day, etc. Google either buys the competition, or makes something by them self that is better. Go Google!!! 
That's all well and good... Google Play may make all your music available anywhere but Google Play Music is not available anywhere. Please bring it to the UK soon! Been waiting for this for what must be a year at least! 
please roll it out in Australia
Google play make things easier :)
It's funny how they see a Desktop PC! :) but I still love my PC more than my laptop, tablet and smartphone!
i hate google 
why u block many country 
+dany cooper It's the record companies being difficult. Google doesn't have the rights in many countries. They're working on it.
Not yet in Hong Kong.....
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