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Back by popular demand: quick access to delete in Gmail!

We’ve just finished updating the Gmail for Android app — here’s what’s new in this release:
* Improved settings for showing archive and delete buttons (more details:
* Touch sender images to select multiple emails in the conversation list. If you have turned off sender images you can touch and hold, then touch to select subsequent emails (learn more:
* Bug fixes

This update is available on Google Play for Android devices running Android 4.0+:

As ever we’d love to hear what you think — go to Settings > Send Feedback in the app to share your thoughts.
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Excellent, this was sorely missed. 
Please bring the "swipe to delete" option back.
But if you have delete and archive selected swipe only archives 
Nice. Now if groups just worked. Why cant I address an email to a gmail contact group? Else; whats the purpose of groups?
thank goodness. I know the whole delete button situation would resolve itself eventually. Thanks :)
How can I get the delete button to show in notifications without turning off archive?
+Tommy Nunno , why are you distributing +Google +Android copyright software which is already distributed for free in the +Google Play store?

I would advise all to NOT download such an APK from an unauthorized and untrusted source. You don't know what, if anything, has been done to change it such as injecting malware or spyware.
No no no! With all of Gmail's storage, I hardly need to delete anything. please unclutter my UI by re-removing that button. 
it was extracted from google play and its most likely in a stage roll out and most people don't want to wait if you feel like waiting go ahead but im giving people an option 
Phewwww! I thought it was me being blind!
What's new about this? This functionality has existed for months. They just published a help document on how to use it. Even then they can't get their links straight.
Now just add Personal Videos to the top level menu in Google Play Videos. No reason that should be relegated to the overflow menu. That's just annoying and bad UX. 
NOTE : #**************************
In existing genuine gmail app given in play store. Go to settings>general settings >Archie and delete actions!
Original gmail just made this optional O:-) 
good everting .of all freedom hp.
Hey anyone else can't "swipe to delete" the emails anymore? I can only find now "swipe to archive" the swipe to delete is nowhere to be found in my settings... (I'm using Gmail in Portuguese, don't know if its different) 
Good. Why was this taken away to begin with? Grrrrrrr I don't like moving backwards.
I'm glad the trashcan got top billing once again!
The NSA wanted to make sure they had a good copy before allowing us to delete. :-p
thank goodness I was missing the quick delete
It was never gone just had to change a setting
The quick way was saying up swipe left or right to delete....
Myo Mon
Alright.. This ain't no phone screenshot .. ARE YOU GUYS RELEASING A 4G TABLET ?
Can someone send me an invite to send money thru gmail?
How hard was it to enable in settings for crying out loud, some of you people really need to read the help files once in a while because by not doing so you are embarrassing yourselves. 
Hooray - the kidnapped delete button was really annoying.
Putting the bar back at the bottom please. Much easier to use and we all are trained to that setup 
Thank god...u heard to my sufferring.
Awesome! I was confused when I couldn't find it there, even on landscape mode. 
Yep, really thank you. Now it's so much faster to delete an email. 
... Just when I got used to the spot under the menu :)
I wish if they had set
Left swipe for delete
N right swipe for archive or vice a verca
Wud hv been easier n faster
Than openning n email n then delete it by pressing a button to delete it
I know we just got an update for Gmail but when is Google voice will get updated it rarely gets updated 
Why would they take this away anyways? Sheesh
I'm glad im not the only one who was annoyed by having to go into the menu to delete emails =D.
Yay, was missing it so much
All you people were being blind . this was already there in the settings, you just needed to enable it. But now they made it appear by default as most people don't look in the settings instead cry.
+Android +Gmail  i noticed a bug when choosing which category to choose in inbox categories settings, the gmail either could not save the selected categories or gmail crashed.

have to clear app data and cache and resetting and resync all over. *sigh

also, no love to select all option in the categories tab? :P

this is on nexus 4 running stock android 4.2.2.
yes, thank you for bringing back my delete button cheese!
I understand goggles consern with us actually reading or emails. But you have to allow batch delete or archive or something. Your making Outlook look so appealing.

-Loyal Google User
Awesome. Now fix the security on hangouts. This needs to be locked down by custom circles
So glad the delete button is back!
+James Osorio just click on the sender pictures and you can batch archive or delete your heart out. 
Now if you'd just fix the notifications, since the app only notifies you on the primary mailbox
That's good and all, ya know...but really, how did that ever get taken off in the first place? Seems like a huge there anyone that uses gmail that doesn't think that it was better with the quick delete?
I'm confused.

Touch sender images to select multiple emails in the conversation list. If you have turned off sender images you can touch and hold, then touch to select subsequent emails.

This ^^^ has been there all along, that's not new. Why is it in the changelog?
+Artem Russakovskii think they assume people will read that to know how to do it.. Silly, that never works. People don't read!!
So now I'm a mastermind virus thief at least according to my inbox. You guys crack me up. Was just trying to do the community a favor feel free to test apk file. Thanks for the laughs guys never seen so much email at once 
Both above links have the same destination, only showing the details of sender images. I miss details about the delete buttons. Thanks for sharing anyway. German version. 
What phone is that? Nexus 4 does not show 4g it just shows H 
The delete was never gone, you just needed to change the setting. Also when show delete and archive, under settings, is selected, which is now the default, swiping only archives. If you change the setting to show only delete then swiping deletes. What needs to be next is swipe one direction to delete and the opposite to archive. +Gmail +Google 
Must be a gnex than thought Google would be testing on the newest nexus
i don't know why it's a big fuss. there's a menu setting to get the delete button back if you wanted to. Gmail had been promoting archiving instead of deleting from the very beginning. must have something to do with making ads fit you. 
Was it really that hard to re-enable it for ppl? It was in the settings, after all. -Ara
Alex S
It's about time!
What were you thinking with the last update?
I still wish sweep to Delete was an option 
Now the gmail app is perfect imo!
+Luke Brewer is an option.
Unless you mean to swipe while reading an email vs the conversation list. Now that would be a nice feature. 
for the love of god thank you for putting that back!!!
Why not: swipe right=delete, swipe left=archive? 
The greatest day of my life!!

By the way, comments in g+ on iOS 7 for iPad is broken.
O.o Wasn't that always available? You just had to check a box in the settings. 
+Chris Sucharda I agree. The bar at the bottom of emails was super convenient, especially with the navigation bar/physical buttons being at the bottom.
+Nicholas Daniels I really hope they work something out. The lack of the button bar on the bottom is highly inconvenient for large devices. 
Yeah, I understand having a "unified structure", but not when it removes practicality/function. (ref. bottom bar in emails) 
What were they thinking? Even Google has "it seemed like a good idea at the time" moments.
how did you get the label icon back in the top right hand corner?
Bring back the checkboxes 
1 million thanks Google... don't want spammy relatives filling my inbox ;)
Please give us an option to swipe left to delete
What I'm missing is a Mark All As Read button, right now I have to go through all mails one by one...
Thanks! For delete button can we also get the delete option in the notification bar besides archive 
please please give an option of swipe to delete. There is no point in archeiving junk mails and i need more clicks to delete.
Please add function "translate" for my language. Пожалуйста добавьте функцию перевода сообщений.
Thank God I thought it was me. I couldn't for the life of me figure out Where that delete button was.....WTH! 
Great.. But when is +google making +hangouts usable? 
The button was selectable in settings all along, why are so many people unable to just use the settings in an app.
Thank you for bringing it back!  Was wondering what happened to that delete icon...
Chris M
+Steven Callister Me. I delete 95% of my emails immediately after reading them. Many people do.
Just because people were too stupid to enable it in the settings....... 
Please add the option to swipe to delete (while retaining both the delete and archive buttons at the top) 
About time, this was creepy, particularly during the NSA stuff.
Thanks, now let me delete from notification bar. 
Thanks, especially putting the trashcan in plain view!
Thank you, I get so much email I need delete available
Yay!! So thankful for that, saves so much time :)
Now put it right on the notification window and we are set!!
Honestly? So many people that did not have the braincapacity to go to settings and enabled the delete button? Google actually has to do it for you all?
The world is going to shit..... 
I'm really not seeing ANY difference here? Can someone enlighten me?
I've always had the trash can above my emails, have always been able to swipe-to-delete and select emails by clicking on the sender icon?

What's up with all people complaining there is no delete icon!?
i hated it when they changed to two steps delete thing, since we have undo, it should be done okay.
Chris M
This isnt about making it available in the settings, which wasn't very well done by the way, its about basic interface logic. Removing the delete button by default was not user friendly, but I know why they did it.

Google Now relies on our information to work, it reads emails, if you delete them it cannot function so well. However, just removing the delete button rather explaining how it works and encouraging us to change our habbits was wrong.
I've missed it. I delete 9 out of 10 straight away
I'm glad it's back and that Google listen to their customers!
Thank you thank you thank you a thousand times!



Tack så hemskt mycket!!

Þakka ykkur alveg kærlega fyrir!!

This was my number one gripe with the "improved" Gmail. Glad you fixed it ! :)
I was just starting to feel the need of that button
I'm confused. Since having 4.2 in March I've always had the delete button. The trash can when reading an email, and the delete option in notifications. Nothing new here at all. 
Thanks for trying, thanks for listening :)
Bit harsh on who ever this Keri is!
+Paul Curtis on some devices the delete button went to the "..." button. On my phone it took three clicks to delete a message. On my Infinity it was no problem...
Thanks, my wife and I were just venting about that a few days ago. Much needed.
Just updated on my Nexus 7, still missing the labels button in all areas :-(
"Don't treat your customers like idiots, but don't for a minute forget that they are." Lesson learned by Google.
+Oswald Alex Don't be lazy, if you find something not as you like - change it yourself (in settings). That's the foundation of Android and it's beauty. Otherwise there is iOS and WP always lurking from behind a corner, where you pay to have certain choices made for you.
+Ray Jones and both of you didn't bother to check the settings to enable it again? It was right there, just a checkbox away.... Check it and Tadaa, delete button is back. 
So what bright spark thought it a good idea to take the bin away from the top? God these people have no idea!!!!! Next the awful coloured writing we never asked for, sorry but I don't get it. 
Yeah !!! ive been missing it will make everything faster i agree swipe to delete would be nice
You know. It will be cool if the delete option could also appear in the notification , I end up archiving a lot of emails I dont care 
I'm curious.. does anyone actually use Archive?? Personally I really don't see the point of it. I have only ever accidentally used it and then could never actually find the archived emails.
I'd block Keri's address for using 'lol' in an email and for not being able to spell 'Kerry' properly. 
Anyone know what they are taking about here?

The one big issue with the new incarnation of gmail is that you can't have swipe to delete when the option to select both delete and archive buttons is shown. AFAIK, that bug is still there in the new update, despite it being the first line item in the new update announcement.

To add to it, the (read more) link against the delete/archive button update goes to the 'select using images' announcement. There's no link to the delete/archive update announcement either! Pulling some wool over everyone's eyes , eh +Gmail +Android 
+Chris Wellings it really depends on your workflow and what you use your email for.
For project management, I like to keep a really controlled Inbox, so I can see just the new stuff coming in. When a new mail arrives, if it has not already been actioned by one of my filters or Gmail plugins (Streak and ActiveInbox), a quick scan of it decides its fate:

- does it need immediate reply? (rarely so): reply to that, assign it to a project (if applicable), mark as "ongoing" and Archive

- does it need the intervention of someone else in the team:
forward, assign, label as "assigned" and Archive

- can it wait?: mark as read, label as "later" and Archive

This way, you can keep your Inbox in check, while keeping all the important stuff, but out of your way.

That's how I use it, anyways
I wasn't liking the extra step.
Imagine the sheer joy a humble button can bring! 
I honestly can't believe how many of you people never looked in settings to enable the delete button. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Keep patting yourselves on the back for making Google put the delete button back for you never mind how completely stupid it's making you look lmao
I want a Del button in notifications!
Would like a feature to be able to select contacts from the address book along with the current option to type first few characters of name. 
Why can't we have checkboxes so we can delete multiple emails, god yahoo do it, it's not rocket science, see this way even if we know what's there we still have to open it what a waste of time!!!! 
Explore and know your apps. It's that simple. 
Great, now bring back the check boxes for multiple selection instead of having to long press each selection. 
The multi colored boxes on the left of each unopened message.
Glad it's back, didn't even know it was an option in the settings though. 
This is awesome! I just saw the "touch sender image" - it's all the checkbox functionality without an actual checkbox taking up space. Love it, this is better than before. I thanks you, Google developers!
When archive and delete are selected then the swipe function should do the same. example:swipe left=archive, swipe right=delete
it's always 4:20 in the google screenshots, someone's smoking that good 'mountain view' on the google campus...
Great stuff, but as the version that come with the phone is undeletable, and some of us still have Samsung Aces or other (relatively) low-memory devices, would it be possible to be able to move Google updates to the SD card?
THANK GOD!  Common sense will never be replaced by college smarts
While I'm glad for the update, it's sad to see such intolerance among those of us who figured out how to access the settings and have been enjoying swipe to delete all along. Don't be mean because people don't think the way you do. That doesn't necessarily make them stupid.

Select all is the game changer I'm waiting for.
What about swiping to one side deletes, swiping to the opposite side archives?
Thanks for bringing it back. It was annoying to click twice to delete mails
Bill P.
Why oh why +Gmail can you not just give us the option to disable conversation view on Android?!?!
I love the quick swipe to delete/archive option on the conversation list but I hate that I have to pick "Show delete only" in the Archive & Delete actions for it to delete rather than archive. Also, it would be SUPER cool if it was swipe one way to delete, swipe the other way to archive.
Rob W
+Geri Peak Its not intolerance really... it's just odd that people would read about this update, and comment but they didn't bother to read online about how to bring back the delete button in the first place.
I was annoyed about it at first just like everyone I didn't check the settings like many are saying here, but I at least came online to see what was up, and brought it back using the settings.
Most settings are there..multi-select, delete/archive, etc  you just have to look around
Please  consider moving the buttons back to the bottom of the screen: either my screen is too big, or my hand to small, but i can hardly reach them up there.
That was the only thing I didn't like in the Gmail update.  It made no sense that something as simple as deleting an email would become a 2 step process.
Gee, I wonder why people would demand to be able to delete their email after learning you support NSA spying...
Everyone is acting like the previous version didn't allow for this functionality. There was always an option in the General Settings area of the app to display the delete button or the archive button, or both. They simply changed the default behavior.

They could have communicated better that the option was there, but aside from that, I think people are blowing things out of proportion.
+Oswald Alex This swipe to delete option is still there. You have to first set the "Show delete only" option.

+Google: I think these two settings should be decoupled.
You shouldn't have taking it out in the first place. Deleting email (especially spam) is good for our health, your servers, the #NSA and the planet ! :-)
+Ruben Uzan They never actually took it out. The default button layout was changed. You could always get the delete button back. People just needed to take 30 seconds to change the settings.
I looked at the settings, and made the change, but best practices for UI design is to allow the most important features to be included as the default operating mode; most average users will not dig through menus in order to restore a setting that was previously the default.
+Seth Estrada I think it should have been communicated better for sure. But I think some people tend to just archive all of their mail rather than delete it. Perhaps Google assumed it was the majority of people but was mistaken.
Google cannot possibly have assumed this: it has custom analytics reflecting the exact number of deletions. Also, since this was a part of the basic UI [which was already extremely minimal before] it should not have been eliminated.

If anything, this may have been an attempt on Google's part to force a new consumer behavior: archiving email to the exclusion of any deletion at any time.

Remember; Google's only business is knowing everything it possibly can about everyone, and the more of an archive it's users save, the more breadcrumbs Google can feed to the highest bidder, whether that be advertisers, government agencies, or anyone else with enough money or influence.
It didn't go just had to change it in the settings.
Thank you! I also really like the swipe to delete feature.
When conversations are selected, the device menu button doesnt work!! Just the dots on the screen...
How did you get the Labels button to come back?  I hate having to click the menu button and then "Change Label" option to organize my email.
Bill P.
+Seth Estrada , good point. But if they want to encourage archive vs delete, just give me unlimited email storage and I will be happy to oblige. As long as I still have to pay for my storage, unlike some other popular email clients...I will delete what I feel is not needed. Now, once again, +Gmail , please allow me the option to disable this &$&%%@#$& conversation view from Android. Thanks.
man, that update pissed me off
Why can't I have Archive and Delete visible, but swipe to delete and delete from the notification.
Also usefull multi select has been added. 
So do I, I will hiking on monday too but Doi Inthanon national park. It is so nice you up date and post the activity. Keep up date my love gmail. CHEER!
Swipe one direction for Archive and the other for Delete would be superb.
This is the perfect idea genius. 
Great, are you now going to fix the mess in hangouts?
Please bring back quick access to labels!
What's the big deal? you could always bring back the quick delete button, there's an option for that in settings.
Thank God. That was really annoying.
Can you give us the option to both archive and delete from the notification area
Love it!! But can we also get the double plane view back when change dpi setting? No matter how small I make dpi I don't get double plane view.. 
Not sure what the issue was, the feature was never taken away, you just had to go to settings to re-enable it.
Thank you Google for listening!!! Hahaha.. Yeyhey! :-) 
How about swipe left, archive and swipe right, delete; or vise versa
Thanks to Google... Fertility like it responded to by comments
Thank u! missed the delete button. 
Jus up set was goin out with ex an he stood me up
Would be nice to have a Swipe to delete and touch to archive. I know too many horror stories of sluggishness with huge inboxes (and I don't need to archive every newegg email).

Besides, why would I need the button and the swipe action to be the same? Seems a bit redundant.
Thank you! A "swipe to delete" feature would indeed be helpful. Something like, swipe left to delete, right to archive... Or the other way around :)
Haven't used the delete button in ages (really, must be more than two years or more...) but it's nice to see you guys respond to the community wishes ;-)
How about an option that enables delete to be triggered when dragging an email of-screen, instead of archive.
Was awaiting this update and the quick delete. Thanks. 
Thank you for the improvements
I think you need to allow us to delete from the notification screen. Much more useful than"archive" from behind the lock screen...
+David Sass  you can already delete from the notification screen, you can configure the displayed buttons in the notification screen from the gmail app (archive by default)
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It would be good if you could delete all mail in one go
Abot time! That pissed me off
Would love to see the add-to-calendar option while reading emails on Android
glad they put this reason it shouldn't be there.
Phew! Glad it's back. I thought I was going mad!
It is sad how negatively this affected me. I hated having to open that menu. How silly.
It's always been there. How many of you morons never bothered looking in the options? If something obvious should be there, it probably already is. This isn't apple
much improved interface now, especially with my account filling up
Hej igen alla som har ett jobb som jeg ikke kan
Thank you! Now kill hangouts and bring back talk! 
i like  Android....perangkat lunak  buat handpone  paling canggih  tank you..Android +GOOGLE...WOOOW
Cavalier Ford Chesapeake VA 
now get rid of "hangouts" and back to the basic talk ...
Jay boe
I need to how to retrieve the hot spot code on my d-3 so i can use my laptop thank you jay. 
Plz tell me how to upgrade from android 2.2 to 4.0 because some applications don't wanna like Google hangout 
+Allen Thembinkosi It's going to depend on your device whether you can update, well your phone and carrier. If your device hasn't already been updated to 4.0, it sadly, likely wont. That said - if you can root it, you may be able to find a working Cyanogen mod rom for your phone which will give you and update. 
Thank you.  I was delighted to find the delete icon again.
shal i got dis app for symbian platform...!
...and for all those on <4.0?

Bollocks to them?
Awesome,it's funny I thought I was the only one that had that problem!
awesome!!!nice app...
WHAAT ? This is not a Nexus 4 , I mean.. they're using 4G anybody notice that ?
I find this out 2500 emails later fml
Why would anyone think it was a good idea to remove it in the first place.
Like My Page @[410218815726245:]
this is actually now a history LOL... delete button was so important for users... i am glad Google listened to users..
In order to get what i asked about i have to have an existing app cuz i cant do anything without it so what's the answer 
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