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#AndroidTip for Gmail: If you use Priority Inbox, use settings to only sync Important mail to save on battery and data. Learn more by visiting the Google Mobile Help Center:
The Gmail webmail service has the resources to store all the messages you’ve ever sent or received; your phone does not. To save space, Gmail downloads only some of your messages to your phone by defa...
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Never thought of it as way to save data & battery. I set mine to do that so my phone wasn't disrupting me with unimportant e-mail.
+Alex Slater HTC Desire won't be getting ICS. Desire HD will be. All the S1 processor will not get it. There is a website somewhere that HTC has release about it.
+Simon Jou Zhang Nothing has been confirmed though I know about 100 carriers (globally) will get the one X. AT&T is definitively getting the one x, just as: vodafone, t-mobile etc.
+Alex Slater HTC tries to get ICS to as many phones as possible. one this website you'll find the confirmed list:
If you read the blog post carefully you'll read: ''We are working closely with our carrier partners to nail down update schedules for our other smartphones and will have more to share very soon.'' So perhaps a future Desire update? But time will tell.
android tip for gmail: android gmail app is useless. use Mail app.
+Sandra Liceaga weird isnt it? i use the mail app daily - with a google apps account - and it syncs perfectly, downloads and sends attachments, the lot. the gmail app wont refresh unless I do it manually, then it tells me how many new unread emails i have bit it will NOT show me them.
Hey +Android could you elaborate on how this saves battery?
I understand it shouldn't make any real difference, at least if one doesn't go and reads every email (therefore activating the display), including the unimportant ones. Of course, data I understand, as I do storage on-device (though the limit for synced mail is reasonable)
You know, this is the wrong place to ask about +HTC_News update policy. The very same goes for their phones..
should have used their own computer, phone tablet or whatever. I would then support the action, but used an asset that belonged to the school therefore he used school property so they have the right.
Btw. Anyone aware who gives out the softwareupdates for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Samsung says Google, Google sends me back to Samsung. They're kidding, right? The Google-Help is ridicules!
he he are nuts try out new launchers instead like launcherpro , adw launcher , go launcher etc....
Um...Google Play Movies just automatically downloaded on my Nexus S running ICS and with Vodafone Australia? I still can't see it on the Play Shop so I guess it's still not available in Australia? And I can't download movies since the Play Shop only has apps and books. Why?
Hey guys, can you add "iGoogle" to the Google bar?? is very good have Google Play there, but i'm still using iGoogle as a main tab on mi browser..
Um.. I don't know what you guys are saying about the i9020a not getting ICS. I got the OTA update 3 days ago.....You have to be on wifi to get it..
Ms. Paluchowski , it's not the 9020a generally, it's the AT&T 9020a specifically, we have not received an ota update since 2.3.4, well, most of us haven't, some lucky few got 2.3.6 before google pulled it, and they have yet to receive the 4.0.4 update. So, in short, it sucks to be on one of the largest networks in the US.
+Aaron Lindorfer I'm a guy.....And I'm highly offended. All i9020a are based on the ATT baseband.. at least here in Canada, so that has nothing to do with the i9020a not getting the update. And you didnt get 2.3.6 you say? There are plenty of ways on xda or elsewhere where you can flash the original 2.3.6 stock official rom through stock recovery...
No offense intended, my mistake. Sure, I can (and did) flash all manor of things on the phone, the point is, the official update was never pushed through to the att devices. In the US the only place to get a Nexus S for AT&T is Best Buy, and they are still selling them with stock 2.3.4, with no way for the average user to upgrade. While I know (at least in part) what I'm doing when I flash firmware on the device, many others are left in the dark. Samsung says it's an AT&T thing, and to check with them, AT&T says it's a Samsung and Google and that the updates are left to them. Again, all apologize, the spammers to the G+ page (myself included) are merely trying to get some information, ANY information, but it's liking trying to squeeze orange juice from a giraffe.....not sure where I was going with analogy, but there you have it.
Oh I see. Well that's very unfortunate. Too bad not everyone is smart enough to flash the stock 4.0.4 from recovery. Oh well..
Why android 4 is not yet available for Sony and Samsung models???? thats complete stupid!!!!!
+Simon Jou Zhang ... how? I'm talking down to people? Its the truth... embrace it. Not everyone's got the guts and the smarts to flash the 4.0.4 file. All of us here surely do because we actually care about the update. But what about all those other millions of people who don't even know what OTA updates are? And what about those users who just care about having a functional phone and don't even bother about updating? Trust me, my buddy just got a Gnex and he was prompted to update and didn't know his phone even receives updates... he tried manually updating his phone also to 4.0.4 and gave up, stating that it was too hard. So... now you know that I have proved my point. No everyone is smart enough to flash the 4.0.4 stock file. 
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