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Get started with Google Drive and download the +Android mobile app on Google Play:
There’s been a lot of I’m excited to officially introduce Google Drive. We have really focused here on letting users create & share with others and this is a natural evolution of Google Docs. It’s not just storage, it’s about helping you live and work in the cloud and making sure your data is seamlessly available everywhere. You can use it across platforms -- Mac, PC, Android, iOS (coming soon) -- and you can use it with many third party applications - we’re working with many developers to expand the Drive ecosystem.

So, between the Loch Ness Monster and Google Drive, looks like you’ll have to keep looking for Nessie.
Just like the Loch Ness Monster, you may have heard the rumors about Google Drive. It turns out, one of the two actually does exist. Today, we're introducing Google Drive—a place where you can cre...
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I dont see any difference from Google Docs beside the desktop synchronizer.
Awesome. Can't wait to play around with this on my lunch break.
Finally, no more saving draft emails with attachments as a cheeky storage method.
Google used to innovate and create new things, but lately I feel like Google is just copying and trying to catch up to what have already been done.
no linux support and 5gb.. how do you expect to compete with dropbox with that kind of offering? I mean, it's free space so I can't complain too much, but why come to market with a product that's already been done and implemented better?
I didn't see any mention of Linux. Is this another case of Google turning it's back on the OS at the core of it's business? Shame on you +Google
Yeah, lack of linux & FreeBSD support is a downer )-.
Disappointing. I use Linux for everything. Not been terribly thrilled with Dropbox, so I was ready to drop them today. Instead, no Linux support, and no support for Google Apps. Sorry, Google, Dropbox won't be worried yet.
No Linux support? That's a no-go.
Can we please get a resizeable, scrollable widget for Drive in Android? Many thanks.
With all the integration between Google services it would be great if my G+ photos appeared in my G Drive.
No Linux support is a deal breaker.
Why didn't you guys just purchase SugarSync?
Mmm...Google guys make the same mistake than #dropbox ones: we need more than one folder to get synchronized...
Does this work with Google Apps accounts?
Please, donate me a Google Nexus, I pray with all my heart. I love android. I've always wanted an android.
impresionante!! por fin!!
cool but doesn't do anything better than dropbox
Thank you for including the extra 25GB of space I previously bought. Was worried about that.
+Antonio Moratiu this:

Search everything. Search by keyword and filter by file type, owner and more. Drive can even recognize text in scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Let’s say you upload a scanned image of an old newspaper clipping. You can search for a word from the text of the actual article. We also use image recognition so that if you drag and drop photos from your Grand Canyon trip into Drive, you can later search for [grand canyon] and photos of its gorges should pop up. This technology is still in its early stages, and we expect it to get better over time.
No Linux support ? Ubuntu One still seems like the killer linux cloud service...
If you are a linux user, Ubuntu One is great. But then so is dropbox, but I find that DropBox spends too much time 'indexing'. Ubuntu One is better at that, but more expensive.
Cong Ma
It's not a drive (yet) if you can't mount it.
but I am sure somebody will get it to mount it with fuse on linux. I know it was possible to mount your gmail account on you local fs.
I just don't understand Why the storage upgrade is so much expensive!!! It was just $5.00/Year for 20GB and now $2,49/Month for 25GB.
Can't wait for my drive to be "ready". This is a feature I've been looking for kinda long. Good work! Finally got a good reason to drop dropbox and but will Google drive be as good as Ubuntu One? The future will certainly learn!
What about webos support? (by the way, love the new service Google :)
+Fernando Moreira Because before you only paid for Docs space, now you pay 2.5$ and get 25GB in Drive but more space in Gmail and Picassa too...But I think that they must keep the old cheap account too.
I was about to buy at the old rates. The new ones are a bit much for my taste though. It's odd to me that storage prices went up.
They mention being able to stream HD video. Would I be able to stream my entire video collection onto my Android tablet with Google Drive? That'd be a killer app right there!
I can't wait to get the notification when my Google Drive achieves readiness!

EDIT: I would love a Linux client, you know...
+Ángel Linares García
Not really: check this

YESTERDAY: Pricing structure (prices are yearly)
20 GB - $5
80 GB - $20
200 GB - $50
400 GB - $100
1 TB - $256
2 TB - $512
4 TB - $1024
8 TB - $2048
16 TB - $4096
TODAY: Pricing structure (prices are monthly)
25 GB - $2.49
100 GB - $4.99
200 GB - $9.99
400 GB - $19.99
1 TB - $49.99
2 TB - $99.99
4 TB - $199.99
8 TB - $399.99
16 TB - $799.99

"Google storage plans have changed, but you can stay on your current plan as long as you:

Keep your account active
Keep payment information in Google Wallet accurate and up-to-dateDon’t cancel or upgrade your current plan"
having some sync issues already. installed sync app for mac and it's hit or miss whether things will sync. copied a ton of files over about an hour ago and all that's synced is folder names
I downloaded it and it says "Your Google Drive Isn't ready. Do you want us to notify you when it is ready?" :-(
They mentioned that +Donniel Raju Thomas? I actually just interviewed with #dropbox last week and actually mentioned that I would like to add something like that as a feature since I have tons of media on my PC (about 2TiB worth) and a 4G connection on my phone, but no easy way to share the media.
Downloaded and used.
+Brandon Golway I just tried uploading an HD video to Google Drive, and was able to play it on my phone! Woohoo! Too bad I can't play it on my iPad yet. I hope they link Google Drive to YouTube soon, so that I can use the iPad YT app to stream my HD videos! :D
That's freaking awesome +Donniel Raju Thomas! Now the only requirement is a fat pipe to upload all that HD content from your PC to your Gdrive, and obviously the necessary space in your Gdrive.
As I said, it won't be ready even when they say it is... until it is fully compatible with Linux. Dropbox is, is, why not Google Drive from launch?
Still another poor attempt at to match the convenience and usability of dropbox.
Thanks Google, but what about Linux? Come on, you're using it too.
While there is no Linux support it's more or less a Docs derivative, and we're Linuxers are still on Ubuntu One :-(
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I have had drop box for a while now. But Google always pulls through strong and I have now officially switched to Drive from Drop box on my two computers and android device!!
seems awesome, too bad you have to sit on a wait list till google decides they're ready for us. :-(
I just went to "get google drive" on my docs app on android, went to sleep, woke up, voila! not many changes yet, but im sure there will be in the future - at least the syncing folder is here now, will make uploading and renaming a damn sight easier!
I dunno. The terms of service sound worrying. Google claims a right to use of your content, even if you decide to stop using their service. I'd like to see more discussion on this point.
Please add a download count for files
How come Google has decided that they have the rights to everything uploaded onto its drive?
Shawn Q
Android...based on linux - why isn't there a #driveforlinux yet?
common thats very desapointing , this is not products of Google that i loved, back to dropebox
Good on google. But I got me a 25 gb free skydrive from microsoft. C'mon google, offer a FREE 25 gb upgrade
The difference is everybody uses Google services and next to nobody cares about Skydrive.
It would be a nice change of pace if a company whose use of Linux is SO prevalent in every inch of their company, a company SO dependent on it's use of Linux, a company who makes money because of people adding to GNU/Linux where to release the Linux part of their new service FIRST and a few weeks later for MS and MAC.

It would be like a sort of "Thank you" towards the people empowering them to make money.
There are rumors about the Terms and Conditions of the Service. It would be good if Google can clarify these things, to give everyone a piece of mind....
this is ridiculous. #driveforlinux ASAP
Wao! This is great! All thumbs up! It would be nice to be able to set sharing directly in the Google Drive folder..
cool, butneeds a share URL feature like dropbox though ..
oh wait's there under public share ...that needs to be easier to find i think DB it just works via the public folder.
Where do I find "public share"? Do I get a URL like with Dropbox oder SugarSync?
But really google, it's not very pleasant for you to stand on the shoulder of a giant (Linux) and then take a leak....
Can't agree more. For me, online storage is mainly for backingup and sharing research data with collaborators. Gdrive terms drives me away from it
Google drive isn't everywhere if it isn't on Linux. Linux isn't tiny. There are nearly one hundred million people that use it. One Hundred Million. That's more than any of us here will ever encounter in our businesses. And how hard is it to make an Linux port for something like this? And how hard is it to release it with everyone else's product? GOOGLE USES LINUX FOR EVERYTHING, why would they not have this ready up front?
For a company that "embraces" linux so much, and even uses the linux kernel for their own operating system. I am staggered by the lack of linux support across ALL google products. So I am not at all surprised to learn that Google did a half-ass job once again on this project. While I'm at it, how about some auto-login for the linux Google Music client, eh? It didn't bother me until I tried the Windows client. Why put a feature on one OS client, but not the other?
Well... I asked to be notified by email. My Drive is active but my mailbox is empty. I see a Linux client is being "worked on" but no estimate as to a release date. I also see a fuse wrapper on github, but I have to be honest and say I don't have a clue how to use it. This should have been released at launch. #driveforlinux
+Mark Maas Well a Linux client would indeed be nice. And as an old Amiga user i gotta whine about missing Amiga client too :)
Looks like all people in the world is running linux, suddenly.
Anyone know if Drive will still support my home computer and phone using the Drive interface while still letting my work computer access my files/ documents via the Google Docs interface?
What about two or more persons who both have google accounts and share the same PC/Mac? They can not both use the app on the computer because you can not / should not often switch between acoounts becaus drive will always create a new folder.
Please people you have to change that. Even Microsoft with their old windows live mesh was able to let you switch between accounts. You have to make that more user friendly
+Carsten Lilge - multiple user accounts on the computer work well. I know its a pain if youre not used to it, but it can be nice to have your own layout to your account.
Google music USA fine, Google Play USA fine, Google Voice USA fine now Google drive! come on Americans don't even have money, what's going on throw me a frick'n bone here.
Yes need linux support, and what is the difference between this and syncdocs which embeds itself in windows explorer and syncs to google docs?
Apparently #driveforlinux is coming later on. Which in my book still means: "we really do not care for Linux and it's users. We only want to use it to cheaply drive our servers. But we do not want to treat it like a first rate citizen."
I'm sorry - this is a surprise? Google makes money by advertising. There's far fewer desktop linux users than either Mac or Windows, which means fewer eyeballs, which means less money.
Any chance Drive (and all of the other Google apps) will support installing to the SD card? My Nexus One is getting killed on internal space, and Google apps are my biggest issue.
No Linux support and no sync'ing of photos (ones I have and ones I take). This is no drop box killer yet. If auto sync with wifi only option is added then it will look a lot better, but it still leaves my Linux desktop out in the cold.
getting a bug whenever I try to upload from Explorer on my LG Phoenix, have to Force Close if I try to exit Explorer. I have 2.2
Doesn't pique my interest. I am using just about every other thing you offer, but this one doesn't grab my attention. Though you've done a good job dissuading possible negative reaction to your EULA on this it doesn't satisfy me enough, being I have other services available to me and that your offering is so slim.
It's great but the service needs an API flexible enough to sync not just one folder but any, anywhere, to and from, sort of like remote symlinks. (do you have a container in your living room where you stuff everything you have ? I don' would be a mess.)
About Galaxy Nexsus:
can you please cancel the limit of the buy website only to USA?and why you not accept an Israeli international credit card?(i want to buy the Nexsus Galaxy and ship it to an adress in USA)
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