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ninjas are back..!  no game this time..?
Where are the Ninjas fighting over the... Q?
Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
Nice video, I hope this device truly lives up to the hype surrounding it.
Honestly..... Google should make a TV commercial. It might help sales. Maybe you guys know something I don't though.
+Wayne Rushing That is the one advantage that Apple has over Google. They
pay a lot of money to advertise and I believe that Google should be doing
the same. Android could be vastly more popular than it is, especially the
whole Nexus line.
That's not exactly the type of "unboxing' video I was expecting.  Cool though.
When are the pre-orders supposed to ship?  I'm getting antsy....
How did he get his already? They haven't even shipped! That's not an I/O one either!
I believe the rumor mill has them arriving next Tuesday, the 17th, if you picked 2 day shipping. 
Worlds most entertaining un boxing! Lol at the end when the red ninja was holding the nexus 7, his hand was clearly fake haha
Ha, that was funny! And the ninjas came out of the bathroom?
Cool, buy why is GSP so special that he gets his Nexus 7 before me :( /s  I hope now that jelly bean is out that the Nexus 7 will ship pronto.
I just watched the actual video and now I know why he got his Nexus 7 before us. Superior special effects and production values. 
I just hope when my N7 gets delivered I don't need to fight off these ninjas!
Why is the date of the actual release/shipping not being announced?
Typically it seems that Google just lets the announcement be the emails that you get saying your product has shipped.
For one things they may not have complete control, also if they say a date and ship a bit late they will take flak, and if they ship a bit early then why put the date on anyway. 
Managing expectations is pretty much the name of the game I think.
The Nexus 7 is shipping now????
That was probably the most epic un-boxing I have seen :D
This is all awesomeness +1 to the nth power!
gsp has got to be the worlds worst actor.  stick to fighting.  bad unboxing, i want to see the product, not ninjas fighting gsp.
Wtf that was GSP! That's hilarious
I don't think he's a real doctor. 
GSP fighting ninjas?! Sold! lol
GSP + Ninjas + Google = awesome unboxing vid :D
Sooo... Do we also have to fight ninjas to get the shipping date?
T Ma
one fight per year and he fights 3 ninjas.... #smh  
Does the Nexus 7 have a MicroSD card or some other storage augmentation option?
+Hikaru Katayamma sadly the Nexus 7 is limited to the internal storage provided and the cloud. With Google Play Music you get to store up to 20,000 songs online for free and 5GB of storage is given to users who have a drive account. Google+ backs up all of one's photos and videos so if you have a wifi connection you shouldn't have to worry...
Love GSP. Cant wait to see him back in the octagon.
wow! that was not what i thought it was going to be.
that sounds like awesome...that looks like awesome.  i don't want to fight ninjas, so i'll stick with my commodore 64.
when is it coming to Germany?

We are desperately waiting for a revup of Google Play
Instead of making these ill-made videos, ship our orders first. Then you'll have all the time to learn more After Effects' features.
Coolest unboxing ever. All unboxing shows should be made like this.
Valen H
when will i get mine!!!! why pre order from Google when some store starting selling it before Google!!!!!!
That explains everything.
They gave you $25 in the play store....why you cry like little baby?
How about instead of wasting time with stupid unboxing videos that serve no purpose you actually ship the units people are waiting for and pre-ordered.  I could walk into a store and buy one today.  What was the point of pre-ordering then?  Obviously if there is a shortage of these it is because you shipped all of them to retailers and screwed over the pre-order customers.
How about, instead of this fluff, that someone at Google learn how to do retail.  Those who pre-ordered from Staples started getting devices on Friday, while some of us who ordered from the mother ship in the first hour after the product announcement still have gotten zip - not even a ship notice.  Lame, Google.  
Hey +Rick Warner give 'em some slack. I guess they have hands busy with processing orders and shipping out of the door as soon as they can. It is normal for suppliers to look after retailers willing to take stock, so I assume Staples have been given a good chunk to sell themselves. No doubt the run on stock will be lesser in Staples at any rate, which means shipping happens faster.

I know everybody is keen to get the Nexus, but hey, let's be a bit grown up about it and not like children before Christmas.
+Petr Faitl You are completely wrong in my opinion, Google is acting as the retailer here.  This is not some type of factory direct order system so them delaying shipments to customers that ordered during or shortly after the announcement should have been the first people to get their units.  I will never order a piece of hardware from the +Google Play store again because of this.  I had to pay shipping for something that I could have saved money and gotten sooner by picking up in a brick and mortar store.  There was 0 benefit for pre-orders, even the $25 credit is going to everyone and the free movie.  Generally the point of a pre-order is to guarantee availability.  Not to get side skirted so they can please a few retailers.  Google should have not even allowed a street date on the Nexus 7 until they knew they could fulfill all pre-orders in a timely manner.  Cutting them slack only makes it worse the next time it happens.  They need to be held to the same standards as any other retailer. 
+Justin Ellenbecker think what you might. I worked in a company with very similar scenario. And generally the rule is "if you disappoint a consumer the damage is limited to a few hundred pounds. If you disappoint a retailer the damage might run to millions. It's judged by the volume of current and future orders, as they might not take your wares next time.

It will be water under the bridge for most punters once they have their new toy.
+Petr Faitl - you are missing the point.   The point is not what happens in other retail establishments.  The point is that Google is trying to compete against Apple, and trying to act like Apple on the way.  Apple gives zero credence to where you place your order, whether it is at an Apple Store, the on-line store, or via a retailer: all orders form a FIFO queue, first ones in are processed first.  If Google truly wants to be successful competing against Apple, they need to understand why Apple customers are happy, and a big part of that is that Apple, the company, focuses on the end user and not the middle men.  If Google does not learn that lesson soon, then they are doomed to fail in the retail business.
+Rick Warner I'm sorry sir, but you talk garbage for several reasons.

1) If Google (and it was probably ASUS) sends stock to Staples in a container, so it lands in Staples' warehouse, Google has no will at which rate Staple releases the stock. People have been getting their stock from Google, just not at the rate that everyone got it spot on time. Maybe Google should have got more initial stock...

2) Apple stores and central warehouse are not FIFO. Apple stores have their buffer stock on hand. Of course they do.

Notwithstanding, that last time I got my iMac from an online store and it went "tits up" on first power on, Apple store wouldn't take it back. It had to be shipped back to Apple.

3) Why the hell you bring Apple to the discussion a the first place. But you do. Well, are you trying to tell me that Apple has always been in stock for all their devices on a launch day for all customers!?

Time to take the blinkers off your eyes and face the real world. All companies make mistakes, nobody is perfect, even your beloved. This is a petty thing that will be tomorrow's "fish& chips wrapper".

We ought to give these guys credit for pulling all the stops and getting the product out so quickly and actually, announce it and have the stock in a record time. Just look at MS, who announce the surface and another 4-5 months will go by.
+Petr - I am sorry but you are the one that is completely misinformed.  On your point #1 - Google/ASUS did not deliver stock to Staples who then delivered it to customers.  Au contraire, all orders to Staples, at least through 7/13, were send on to Google for fulfillment.  So those ordering from Staples were jumping the line, so to speak.

On your point #2, you are talking of 3 different things:
a) pre-ordered items, as we are talking of with the Nexus 7, are fulfilled by Apple in the standard FIFO queue,regardless of where they were ordered.

b) After release, the retail stores will get stock, but if stock runs out, then all orders again fall into the FIFO queue.

c) We are talking order fulfillment, not repair returns.  Apple makes no secret that all returns go back to a central location, and that depends on point of purchase.  But we are not talking returns, we are talking order fulfillment.

Onto your point #3.  I bring in Apple because Google is trying to emulate Apple with the retail.  They have made this known both explicitly and implicitly.  So if Google wants to be like Apple then they need to learn to be like Apple.  Period.  I am merely holding them to the standard they set for themselves, not my standard.   And no, Apple does not always fulfill all orders on release day; that is not the point.  The point is that Apple fulfills orders on a first come, first served basis.  Google fulfilled based on origin of order, which is anti-consumer and pro-retailer.   Again, Google has made it clear they want an Apple type experience, and Apple has said 'damn the retailers, customers come first' and that is the mindset Google is missing.

Time for you to understand what Google is trying to do, and how they failed in this case.  If they want to be successful, then they need to learn from these mistakes and correct the problems, which is my point.

BTW, for the record, I own 1 Mac, 1 iOS device, and have 6 Android devices.
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