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A few months ago we introduced an experience on Nexus 5 that made it easier to access all the goodness of Google Now directly from the home screen. Today we’re making that same experience available to more devices when you install the Google Now Launcher on any Nexus or Google Play edition phone or tablet running KitKat.

Google Now Launcher gives you quick access to Google Now, while keeping your apps right where you want them. Just tap home and then swipe right to access Google Now cards that show you just the right information, at just the right time. And anytime you see the search box at the top of your screen, you can say “Ok Google” (if you’re in the US, UK, or Canada), or you can tap the microphone button to trigger voice input. From there, you can ask a question, or tell your phone what to do, like send a message, get directions, or play a song. If you'd rather type your query, tap the Google search box, which now loads faster than ever.

Google Now Launcher also gives you a beautiful, immersive, and simple experience. The full-screen, larger viewing area lets your wallpaper pop from every pixel. And of course you can place your favorite apps anywhere you like.

If you’ve got a Nexus or Google Play edition device with Android 4.4 KitKat, try Google Now Launcher today by getting it from the Google Play Store here:
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"Ok Google" in german would be really nice....
In some nexus devices google now is disabled and there is no way to get it back... Please consider that
Boris G
Great job it was time :) 
Can we bring back the animations that are in this GIF? The current animations are boring compared to these.
Ya ought to make it so we can access it from the widget from ANY launcher!! +Google
Sorry, a 6x5 grid on a 10 inch Nexus 10 looks ridiculous.
What about us folks without nexus or Google play edition devices?
I just bought the android 4.2 it should work on this phone too.
Please add Icon Pack Support hahaha
Now you just need to introduce KitKat to more Nexus devices.  Hint:  Don't walk away from Galaxy Nexus owners.  The device is hardly obsolete.  
"Today we’re making that same experience available to more devices when you install the Google Now Launcher on any Nexus or Google Play edition phone or tablet running KitKat.

And anytime you see the search box at the top of your screen, you can say “Ok Google” (if you’re in the US, UK, or Canada), or you can tap the microphone button to trigger voice input."

Why am I not surprised?
I've tried this unofficially on my Sony Xperia Z. So what is the problem in giving this to everyone officially?
Finally the full nexus 5 experience on my nexus devices 😀😀😀😀
Shumon M
The icons are too big! Most 3rd party app icons haven't been updated by the developers and look very pixelated! I've switched to Nova because of that! 
Wendy W
Great!  Bring truly hands free to all your devices!
+Nick King yes well I am looking for native support. Xposed is good but introducing it to a newly converted android user is like giving a bomb in their hands xd
Yup! Just downloaded it for the Nexus 7 (2012). Hopefully, that glitch with the missing icon in the lower right corner will be fixed.
It's really surprising how long it takes for Google to release features to nexus and Google play edition phones when they have been available for months now on cyanogenmod, working perfectly too I might add, on quiet alot more devices too, just makes me wonder.... 
+Nikki Kononov ohh I completely agree. I'm currently using it as a work around until native support comes.
I want this on my non-play Verizon HTC One. 
Is there a tablet version for My Nexus 7?
This is the launcher I have on my SG4, thanks to a YouTube video. Very practical and my favorite so far
only works for a couple of phones... I have it installed but it says that my device isn't supported on the play store
Does your phone keep going for too long? Well, then you've come to the right place. Activate Google Now and your battery won't last you until dinner* time.

Me Be
This is really good news.
I've been running GEL on my CM11 G Pro, LOVE IT!  It lacks the some of the customization options of the 3rd party launchers, but Xposed framework + GravityBox got me the look and feel I wanted.
+Ahmad Al-Swairky I searched on Google months back to get it. I don't have the link right now. If you search you'll get is easily.
Bora U
+Jarrod Davis I still have these animations on my Nexus 5, everything is literally the same. Are you on stock?
Still hate what Google has done with the settings two pane view (its now a single view) which looks like the phone view but full of dead space.

How can you guys critize Apple if your gonna do the same thing? Tablets aren't really big phones so fix it +Android
Just got this on my Nexus 7 (2013). It works great! I like the look and feel of this launcher, and the extra convenience is great!
add Moto X please
and GNL looks and works great on Nexus 7
Yes! James Hunt in the search history!
Very nice update to N4, the bigger icons will people with accessibility needs, my wife couldn't see the icons on my phone because they were too small!
Pls... Release for all version... Somebody of us don't have a normal launcher and want what u offer in ur nexus... Plssssss open it for all!!!!
Just sideload the apk -.-
You guys are acting like a bunch of apple users.
Google "google now launcher apk". Download. Install. Done.
No! Only on Nexie!...You'll have to buy one. Hello? It's probably cheaper than whatever you're using. What's with you people?
Buy n e x u s. 
Put that on S3 and & S4,S5
Cannot wait until my Razr HD gets kitkat! 
Installed it on my Nexus 7 , used it for 20 minutes then uninstalled.  Wasn't impressed.  Lost all my widgets, Icons were oversized, Navigation back to home screen quirky, Voice activation doesn't work here in NZ.  So many disadvantages for the one benefit of being able to right swipe.  Google Now was on a tap away anyway from the search widget. Waste of time
Late news, no use...

Hey +toni jeje, it's been here for like a month. Just download from the XDA forums. It comes bundled with the latest Google Search app.

+Brad Churchey You will get updates normally as the app is verified by Google itself.
It worked when it was released, I install the apk on my old galaxy nexus. Didn't drain my battery either.
Didn't even know this was in the works. Thanks! Works great on my Nexus 4.
+Brad Churchey The launcher gets updated through Google Now so you will get the updates just fine. I sideloaded it on my Nexus 4 months ago and have received all updates.
Useless to translate The "OK google" description if is not supported...1 star for me...i haven't got what promised in the description sorry
+Android Not available in my country... What's up with that????
Lol..I Have This Working Great On My SGS2....
The launcher is nice, but when the option to activate the search saying Ok Google will be available on México?
Awesome! It works also on my rooted HTC EVO 3D with 4.4.2 :) Thanks!
I lost a homescreen. I think I'll stick with the standard for now. 
doesn't work on my 2012 nexus 7.  Unless you have to turn it on some how
Stock Xperia launcher looks and operates better in my opinion. 
Great! But I wish the other phone except for Nexus and Google Play edition Device is also possible for it.
Please help me my follow me please I'm from Turkey
Just updated on my Nexus 5, now I get no Weather, click More and it says Not Available.
Please make it compatible with Moto G all variants
It is written that the app is designed for telephones.
Is this to say that even if it will work on a Nexus 7 tablet, it is not recommended to use it on that device ?
1- the developer email provided in your Google Play page bounces!
2- How do I reset the launcher to default? On the first run after I installed the launcher I chose to copy the icons from my old launcher. Now I want to start fresh. Tried to uninstall and re-install with no success. Also can't clear app data in the app manager. The button is grayed out.
+Android when are you sending out the N5 update that makes use of Sprint Spark? and a proper camera fix? mm-qcamera-daemon is crashing constantly!
I have it on my GS3 with CyanogenMod. Downloaded it a while ago.
Works flawlessly on Nexus 4, but lags on Nexus 7 (2012).
What about Germany? Simple Ok Google isn't available. Thats the point why Apple users buy Apple, they Release full and not only in US. All the New stuff we are waiting and waiting. 
Does this support custom icon packs????
Lags slightly on the Nexus 4 when closing the app drawer. When I turn off hotword detection it's buttery smooth again.
+Olaf Schröder simply not true, siri doesnt work for international languages.
Its a work in progress... This is one huge step forward, people with samsung devices for instance can now have a different interface than that horrible touchwiz.
Having a nexus 5 & loving "OK Google" from any home screen I installed this launcher on my Nexus 10. 2 minutes later I'd uninstalled it again. No "OK Google" here in Australia it seems, which is just poor form given it works just fine on my nexus 5, and you lose the shortcut to the play store from the app draw (a really handy shortcut). Google now just isn't useful enough here in Australia to warrant the switch, so I'm back to my old launcher.
Good one but
1. The application icons are taking more pages than default launcher.
2. Better if have transparent home menu like nexus 5.
I want this on my Note 3. :-/
Still no hot word detection for german language.
I've been using it religiously on my gs3 running cm11. Great experience, just wish I could customize a little more. 
+Joshua Sumner - I'm still running 4.3. I'll have to look into upgrading to 4.4 this weekend. :-)
How about some compatibility with us Galaxy S users over here?
I side-loaded this on my N4 & N7 when it was first launched, I really like it.
This update has a bug on Nexus 5. Side scrolling on app screens to 1st or last page sometimes causes launcher to crash. You see a blink and temporary blank page.
Grid size customisation and app drawer organisation... add these and it would be pretty close to perfect!
I believe that would have liked this on my Samsung Galaxy S III but I suppose that the software is tied to the new capabilities of KitKat.
My Launcher doesn't do that kind of animation when i press the google search bar, anyone? Nexus 4.
Its a good one but I like Action Launcher :)
Wah its not out for my 4.2 android phone. Complain to your manufacturer not Google, Google could literally have not made it easier for them.
the wallpaper keeps glitching when i go from an app and click the home button. Any fix?
The performance is horrible on Nexus 4. It lags and stutters like hell. 
Thanks for showing me something I'd really like to have, then slap me in the face because my Galaxy Nexus doesn't (nor will never) have KitKat. 
Now everyone can have the same experience as I have on the Nexus 5
Please add htc one. Why isn't it supported
Why not put it on all Kit Kat devices? Big Android fan but gets old always waiting for some update that some have but others don't.
It works on jelly bean just fine as long as you have newest google search app installed just side load the launcher .apk and it works
I'd appreciate it if I would only have to say that on my Droid Mini running KitKat. I have to say "OK Google Now" ):
but kiss your widgets goodbye....
Is this it compatible with custom icons? They're pretty much the only thing keeping me on the Nova launcher. 
To be honest the launcher looks ridicules..the huge icons are a pain @-@ I guess I got used to nova lol...I'll keep the launcher anyway just in case though I probably won't use it...nice move though, google!
Love it. The icons are pretty big on my nexus 4 though.
Я случайно удалила папку контакты и сейчас не могу их восстановить,как это возможно сделать?
Nice..dont even think I need to get a Nexus 5..maybe I should wait cause I'm close to pulling the trigger..
I have had the Google Now Launcher on my AT&T HTC One for the past month. I like it better than Sense 5 but I miss BlinkFeed
Had this on my N4 and N7 since it was ripped from the N5... Sorry guys :(
when I can resize icons, and when I can have more options for rows and columns, I'll use this launcher 
I will stick to my Nova Launcher
Thanks for the heads up on this just installed on my first gen n7 seems to have smoothed out some of the glitches I was getting since kit kat
Does not work for playing songs.
Now I have two Google Now looks on my #Nexus 4. One that goes from the left, and another from the bottom. Most of the widgets designed for old grid could not be stretched to the whole screen width.
After a two year holiday on iOS, I moved to a Nexus 5 a couple of weeks back.... Have given the wife my iPad, nicked her Nexus 7 and installed this launcher. Happy I had my little holiday, but ecstatic to have this launcher and experience across all my Nexus devices now. Great work from the green team!
+Jeffrey Sutton what do you mean 'not compatible'? It works perfectly fine. Yes, on 4.4 TouchWiz rom. Just have to sideload it. Tested and went back to' nova'. 
I agree with everyone that has mentioned custom icon pack support. The icons being smallholder or scalable would be great also. Still, great work Google!
Our all knowing overloards give us a treat. LOL.
I don't know about others, but the Play Store is seeing my LG G2 running AOSP CarbonROM as compatible. It also sees my first-gen Kindle Fire running CM11-based HellKat as compatible. So it appears that custom ROMs will also be flagged as a "GPE" device.
this is also included in CyanogenMod 11 based off of the 4.4.2 android OS and i have it running on my KFHD7 
Google now launcher + xposed GEL settings is superb. No need for custom launchers. I hated the pixelated big icons, xposed fixed that.
Why can't you add a 'hold icon to uninstall' gesture like all the launchers and even iPhone has? 
Sorry but app drawer is really cumbersome and badly needs improving. Search or quick access via letter as per aviate would be it. 
I'm suffering from a heavy bug on my N5 since I got it: GEL/GNL randomly deletes and resurrects home screens! e.g. It just showed me a homescreen that randomly disappeared months ago
i'm using sony xperia for a year , Google Now directly from the home screen ...
Make this available for Moto X Dev Edition users.
I had installed this on my stock Note 2 from an apk back in Decemver but had to uninstall it because of battery life issues. Now using it as part of Omnirom but again had battery life issues. Turned off hot word detection in Google settings and solved it. Anyone experience the same?
i want a nexus5(゚ω゚)
Been working on my note 3
Been running this on my S3.. Its cool I guess. Just surprised its just now coming out on stock ROMs lol.. Old news to me:)
丹pa K卄丹阝丹尺 ちモ爪∪丹.
My note 3 is stock. I haven't added anything. All I did was enable voice controls and " hi galaxy" wakes it up and I say "open Google now" which brings up home screen, from there "OK Google" does whatever else u ask it
I sideloaded this onto my Moto X months ago and works like a charm. Thank you open source. 
Wang FY
Too big icons.
The problem I had is the phone became laggy. I have a nexus 4 and I have restarted it. Any help would be appreciated. 
Great on my phones but not on my nexus 10 because of it's 5×6 grid 😕
Dear +Android could you guys tell if you will release a kitkat update for the Sony Xperia SP 
Nice. Can't see to use widgets😞😣
Was wondering why I couldn't do this on my Nexus 7 when my Nexus 5 could. Thanks Google.
Wendy W
I has a sad that this isn't available for my original galaxy nexus. Works great on my nexus 7 2013.
Finnaly i won't have oversized icons from my Google experience launcher I bypassed
Edit: still have oversized icons Google did not make anything new they just made it official you have been able to have it since the nexus 5 came out
+Nicholas Petrou Google's testing procedures are more thorough than Cyanogenmod's. It takes a lot of time to squish bugs to the point of release acceptance for something with such high visibility. Especially when your applications are expected to work flawlessly in heterogenous environments. It's complicated and takes time to do it right and Google tries not to release products which are buggy because they care about their reputation. 
I've had it in cm 11. Really didn't use it that much. 
Been using this with cm 11 and now dirty unicorns. Couldn't live without it at this point
"Ok Google" works in india too. Moreover it worked on my N4 even when I had 4.3. 
Zubin G
Lol! I was easily using this launcher on my samsung galaxy mega 5.8 for the past month in india with working google now on android 4.2 and working 'OK Google' . The problem wqas the screen of mega is bigger than nexus 5, so the icons were different..otherwise everything was fine
+Android should give the Google Now card the ability to sign one card as the card that's always on top, like, the weather card...
In CHINA it is NOT work!!!
Let's see what you are making me
Side loaded this on my Nexus 7 (2013) about 1 week after my Nexus 5 arrived.
Had it running on my Note 2 for a couple of months before I sold it and got the Note 3. For someone that uses Google Now all of the time, it is very convenient. Still looking for a version that will work on my Note 3.
Deal breaker for me is the horizontal paging in the app drawer... With 100s of apps installed, getting to the last page takes too long.
I bought my Nexus 5 in the US and now outside US I do not have Google Now at all :-(

Google Location Reporting is not available for your country!!!
The launcher is so awesome - I bought the new Galaxy 8.4 tablet and I love it. Said good-bye to the iPad and iPhone - hello +Samsung USA 
Is it better than Ipda and Iphone?
How about for non nexus or Google play devices? In a few weeks/months, maybe? (Fingers crossed) 
Want to use in xperia sl...... 😏😏😏😏
Finally .. Thanks a lot guys u rock :)
Why "ok google" isn't present in other countries? In Italian I'm able to say that... ;-)
(and no I don't want to root my n5) 
When could I expect "Ok Google" hot word to be available in India? Apple iPhone 5S already gives this option for Google chrome in India.
Also, I just transferred the apk to a Note III and it seems to be working fine. Just the Google Search app needed an update.
A Popov
Guys w/o Nexus devices, do you really think Google cares about you? This is only for official Google devices. Period. Go buy a Nexus. E. g. if you've bought Samsung w/ Touchwiz or HTC w/ Sense, you knew what you were doing, right? Love your vendor's launcher and bloatware.
how  can i open my key board in my phone?it is stoped now.and google doesnot working.please I need your phone is nexus
Had nova launcher for a while that does this
Don't Works in my country. Please update Localisation! 
Cool but why not in all over the world ? I can say OK Google, I'm not stupid.
I tried it its just awsome
Got to try this on my Nexus 7 now
I hope Google now supports Chinese and Chinese regions as soon as possible.
When is the kitkat 4.4 update for galaxy s3 ?
:( I don't get why we "others" are treated inferior.
The launcher is pretty good, but i'm wondering why GoogleNow in italian isn't like abroad. The hotword "ok Google" don't work and even others functions ("show my next appointment" or speak in a conversational mode).
Nexus 7 1st generation isn't a Nexus device ? :-)
Lack of Lock Desktop function as in KK Launcher... I prefer KK Launcher
Can you tell me what you had to do with the wallpaper
I'm using a Galaxy S4 and it showed up on the play store for me (as an UPDATE). Downloaded it. Used it. Not sure why it's being reported as Google Play and nexus only.

Oh, I'm also running CM11.
Meh, I have a nexus 5 and the first thing I did with it was replace this with nova launcher
+Vincent VARESANO search for google now launcher in the play store or click the link above, it's there and works.
I had it sideloaded on my Nexus 7 already. I went ahead did the update and it seems to be smoother and more efficient.
Now if this was supported on my Moto X I'd be a very happy camper. Yes, I know I could sideload, root, etc., but I like my phone Stock. That way I can blame the issues on Moto and Verizon and not worry about other things.
+Android now you should fix battery drain with google now or an option that I could disable it. After update to newer version of android(which has google now) I noticed faster battery drain on my galaxy s4 gt-i9500. Thanks. 
Wow.. Thanks Google. Does is also include nexus 5 ringtones?
Installed it yesterday. Calendar widget isn't getting updated while using it - so still thinks it is yesterday.
andriod is fukng ashole cpy of ios ,,,,, windows is way bttr........
I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess English isn't your first language. Also you have it in reverse.
my sony xperia x8 ♥
I really hate that the Google now settings now take the place of my phone settings in the context menu from home screen. Put my phone settings back in the context menu on the home screen and put the Google now settings in the context menu of the Google now tab. 
Guncellemelerde başarısız olan telefonu alamam en iyisi iphone
Folders cannot be made in app drawer.
Google NOW! is too intrusive.  It is like a neighbor who cannot mind their own business.
H T C add moto x please and my gallery photo add 
This brings me to a great idea: How about full-screen widget in a later version of Android? For example, you can swipe to the side an you are in the Google+ or Facebook app (or just a giant widget)!
It isn't compatible with xperia j :( xperia j is completely forgot about now..
Ben W
Too bad it screws with the back button so you can't easily go back to whatever you were doing before using Google Now. Pretty much goes against Android development guidelines and it hasn't been fixed since it came out. 
I have a gs4 recently updated to sprint running Google now launcher its great. I m on kit Kat as well
It's such a shame that sprint decided to push out the kitkat update only to gs4's and not to gs3's.  It's not like the hardware can't handle it.
Y que pasa con Android anteriores, también lo queremos
Love this feature. I use it often on my note 3. A pleasant step in the right direction. Unlike the update that destroyed Google maps. What a P.O.S. that is now..
I don't understand. If ur already on KitKat Google now is already there. U don't have to download separate launcher... 
I have been using this launcher since last year... (In my Samsung Galaxy SII with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and now that I changed the Android to 4.4.2 Kit Kat) and Google Now is really nice... It does what it says and the "OK Google" is just awesome and I have to say it... I'm not even in US hahahaha I'm from Guatemala... Really nice for all of us sick of TouchWiz from Samsung 
Need a minimum of 5x5 grid on FHD phones, plus ability to scale icons. Launcher needs to be customizable after all it is the android way
When you offer third party icon and theme integration let me know......until then, long live custom launchers!
its saying ur device is incompatible... i have a samsung phone...still!!! why!!!/
Neat idea. Until it started pushing adverts to my home scree. 
En mi LG G2 me dice que no está disponible pero en mi anterior Motorola funcionaba a la perfección. A que se debe? 
You don't even need a rooted phone for this launcher, much less cm11 ___. I have the Z1s with bootloader unlocking disabled, yet I have this launcher. 
Google now is not available in Cyprus?? Why is that? Can you help me please? 
guy g
Cause it doesn't understand Russian ;-)
No OK Google feature on nexus 7 or 4 in Australia. Furthermore voice search is now not working on my nexus 4.
Nice Launcher. But Google services are still pretty useless in other languages than English :-( 
Hi. I tried Bluetooth hands free control which was working fine using Nexus 5 launcher version in my Nexus 4 but now with official version this is broken!! 
Me gusta pero no lo entiendo bien todavía estoy estudiando como manejarlo
easier to access all the goodness of Google Now directly from the home
screen. Today we're making that same experience available to more devices
when you install the Google Now Launcher on any Nexus or Google Play
edition phone or tablet running KitKat.
your apps right where you want them. Just tap home and then swipe right to
access Google Now cards that show...
circle. Change notification settings for this circle.
I can't see the widgets. can any one help with that
+samantha Wendling N7,some n7 and n5 devices have this problem. It says that u are using your Google account for business, but I didn't. 
+Mark Barrios It's already English. I searched for it before and i know many people have this problem 
I love this phone!
Last couple update have destroyed my G Now experience... Moto Droid RAZR MAXX
I didn't know that haha. It just made my nexus 7 even more awesome 😄
Moto X already does this. Drag the home button up on the home screen or any screen.
i have a nexus 7 first gen. i updated it to kikat and suddenly i was not able to send text message from it. it is a nexus 7 3g. any updates on this???
Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running on official 4.3.. Please fix
i have moto g running kitkat but it says incompatible :(
בוקר טוב נחד ליראות את הטוכונולגיה שפתוחו בעולם הסולרי אני מדרג בלייק 1+ מהמעריץ
You need to make a app or update for 4.4 so we all can manage our files and download completely from SD CARD OR PHONE MEMORY full ability of moving my files wherever the hell I want would make me more android happy don't really give a shit about moving apps just PDF files movies music and whatever files I want were I want would be much appreciated by all 4.4 KitKat users so please work on this major issue
You are missing release the Nexus launcher now! 🙌
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