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Something sweet has arrived...explore all the recent mobile updates in depth at the all new mobile.google.com
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ahh shucks, chrome doesn't run on my captivate glide :(
Don't get it.. What is the new at mobile.google ????
+Miguel Mayol i'm interested, too... I think you have to modify the vold.fstab before the rom compilation, something like that
+Kyle Silcox  I see no link for chrome at the link ..And if I was to use chrome I would most likely find it at play ?
YUM! where can i get this? hihi
+Miguel Mayol The external storage when on a SD card is FAT.  Period.  You are just going to cause yourself a mess if you try to do otherwise.  The basic semantics of how external storage is used relies on it being fat -- no permissions, case insensitive, etc.  (For "emulated" external storage where it is shared with the internal EXT4 or whatever partition, there is a special filesystem layer put on top to emulate the FAT semantics.)

The reason for SD cards being FAT, is because that is the standard that everything operates with.

You can of course mess around and try other things, but you are going to have problems, this is not supported, and you certainly shouldn't be asking on a post about Google Android mobile offerings about this stuff.
Rose L.
So, where is that being sold? I WANT!! :D
What do we have in the beans for performance and power concerns??
I am reading at Linaro that if you have your "hardware pack" or the drivers for making a hardware pack, even being a blob, you can make your Android ICS, and I hope soon your JB of their updated kernel.

Why not making this easy system for making Android official images.

If each device would have its "hardware pack" public or private for the brands there would be an  almost immediate upgrade, more if it is public.

More than 90% of users will have whatever is preinstalled or updated offcially, but geeks like me would install the latest version and even make one special for me, with my options.

And brands will only have to make their hardware packs to make in less than a week their upgrades and if they want make them public to geeks.

Saving a lot of work and money making their Android compilations.

A page for official Android as the one that Linaro has would be great
Can't wait for my Galaxy Nexus update. Also ordering the 7' Nexus.
Updated my VZW Galaxy Nexus this morning. Jellybean ROCKS!!!
I heard it's working on VZW. I have the GSM version.
Now this is just wrong. VZW first? We purchased straight from Google!!! Today Google.
Somebody here to hangout on Jelly Bean stuff ?
+Terrance Knox It's out for GSM version too. Not official build though. It is a leak of the Preview version shown yesterday. 

Find the ZIP, flash in CWM recovery, and enjoy.
Still waiting for my ICS update... :(
i Started hangout on this... come on guys lets talk about JB ..
GSM version isn't stable.
Does everyone have the VZW
I just got ICS last week on my Droid RAZR, and now its already obsolete???!!
Those are only the ones Google control Elizabeth. Raza should be ready quickly.
Sweet, my Xoom will be powered by jelly beans. :)
Mo. Jo
Nice Sweets
i hope android new version jelly beans
Yep Terrance, I have a Nexus, and I love it!!! can't wait!! ;-)
ICS hasn't even been pushed to the Droid Razr yet?! How about we just skip ICS and go straight to Jelly Bean since it seems like I'll never have the newest OS. I'm sitting on 2.3.6!
+Android +Google Developers  I have a question.... Does this update allow you to separate ring tone and notification volumes? That was a huge annoyance. Also, have hardware vendors been given early access to the sdk to ensure that phones such as my +Samsung Mobile Galaxy S3 will receive timely updates? I understand that this is more hardware vendor issue than yours, but after my experience with the +HTC Desire, and after conversing for some time with the devs of the Desire S and Sensation, I found they liked to blame you for giving them software too late ;-)
I have use cell phone
Sony xperia u
& its so sweet good quality & better graphics imaging camera.... Good speed
& version 4.0 ics use...
I vow never to buy an non Nexus device again.  Each new version has added features I've lusted after but features added by carriers and oem's are usually duplicated in the market shortly after and are rarely that great.
still waiting on galaxy s2 to get 4.0... never had to wait nearly a year to get updates on my iphone
+Orlando Salcido  the Ice Cream Sandwich Update alias Android 4.0. (0/1/2/3) is online since a few weeks. And i´m from europe, where it always takes longer untill an update comes out.. Edit: i have the SGS2 too
+Rob Jeffrey  I bought my Nexus S 6 months back and I still love it. :) I wanna try new stuffs, I just go to XDA, download a new rom and voila! new phone :) Nexus phones are the best!
Very excited. I am always impressed with how quickly Google seems to implement any wants you may have had from the previous build to the next.
+Orlando Salcido Looks like the Nexus is Google's iPhone, it gets all the updates and leaves all the other phones without updates so they are always obsolete. So sad. I love everything Google does, minus it's inability to push updates to every phone or every provider. 
Difference between Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean????
+Jason Putnik google makes the updates available all vendors....It is the vendors who end up holding them back....
+Jason Putnik  Its not Google who delays providing updates.. Google   releases the source code. The other companies use that to add their own applications and skins... This takes time :)
Loving jelly bean on my Verizon nexus!!
Jelly Bean is out and Sprint still won't give me ICS for my Galaxy S II
+Phil Cooper +Sumeet Chawla +Ben Cholkas I know the carriers and manufacturers are mostly responsible for the delay in the updates. Just sucks. Bought the Razr and not the Nexus for the price and the 'idea' that ICS was pushing out really soon. I love +Android and I just want the newest software.
Nice new google+ visual, update Youtube app for gingerbread too!
my phone is there :P love it :)*
hope i can flash JB to my SGS
+Sumeet Chawla I had the original Droid 1 with Froyo and now the Razr and I like them both but you're probably right! I need to get the Nexus and a Chromebook to become a true Google/Android lover :) Not a fanboy though, fanboys are for Apple users that don't understand they're paying $600 to own a phone that is barely better than the last one.
Ics is just very well made and presented, if jellybean is going to follow its predecessor's foot steps I have a feeling it wil be a hit....... Lol
Sean D
All this talk about Jelly Beans is making me hungry.  Just make sure that the Galaxay Note gets JB and I will be a happy man. 
Gotta get a new device so I can get jelly bean!
+Jason Putnik this is the basic principle of the relationship between Google, the Android platform, the Nexus devices and the OEMs. If OEMs do not update their devices, its their entire fault (hope you read this +Samsung Mobile). Thus, if you want a device that is updated by Google themselves, but does not necessarily have all the bells and whistles of heavily marketed devices - then get a Nexus.
Very excited and waiting for its release
Nexus 7 looks great tho... wonder how much its gonna cost?
interested in the whole android project  but it looks like a puzzle as how to join  ,how to make use of it??
they be nice to have in your house if you are stressed
That's cool, but I just got a device I could upgrade to ice cream sandwich. so by the time jelly bean is actually available you'll be talking about the next sweet thing. Not interested in anything that's not available to actually play with. Might as well skip having a device if all the fun stuff can only live in my imagination.
Chris J
Today is my birthday. The only thing I want is my bootloader unlocked on my Droid 3. Please!!!!
You're releasing Jelly Bean in July? Sweet so everyone else can expect their phones to actually get an update notification in summer 2015? My friend's Razr still hasn't even gotten Ice Cream Sandwich
with the galaxy note, a high tier phone/phablet, we don't even have ICS, so to be upgraded to JellyBean is nothing but utopic
Should never change your original platform on the phone came as default. Certain candies claimed fast and pretty but they will only slow down your system. Facts !
I wonder what Google gonna decide to call the next Android? Banana Droid :p?
Dagnammit Google! Bring music, magazines, tv and talk to the UK naooooooo!! :-)
+Tristan Staff no no, you're saying it wrong it should be bring all the stuff to all of us in Europe :D DO WANT
Running it on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus! Oh my god, it is SO SO SO smooth! I've used iOS and WP7, and this is much smoother than those are. Kudos, Google. Kudos.
I'm just gonna keep enjoying my nonICS HTC EVO 3d lol.....no more sweets for us lol
Still don't understand hype... I have dealt with ics since December.... I see no difference I suppose its a bunch of bug fixes.
Means no need to touch phone at all all we have to do talk .. ..
+Jason Putnik it hasn't been pushed because Google is going to support its flagship devices.... that's exactly what they will probably do... considering the almost no difference between the two OS in how it looks. I assume this is ICS trying to be adopted all over again. They are making the tablet cheap so everyone will be consolidated
When can I expect that buttery smooth jelly bean on my Asus Transformer tablet?
Love the new Google Voice Search voice and accuracy on Jelly Bean...better than anything out there...voice so human-like on Android! How ironic!
Cc J
Can't wait for the OTA on my GSM Nexus S in July. I wish Samsung would wake up and put it on the galaxy tab 10. 1 but they are putting Ics. I regret buying it.
At least my Xoom will get the update right away. My Moto phone however is still waiting on ICS (which it MAY get later this year). So much for buying another Moto phone. I'll go Nexus next time.
Eww, BerdiBOTS every flavored beans!
I am very excited about this but unfortunately I have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus so there's no telling when I'll be getting the update.
Got my ics4.0 the other day htc evo3d. Took arout twenty minutes to update which i thought was really good.
New update keeps crashing my HTC sensation. Other than that, I love everything about the update. Looks great.
Why ridiculous? It's perfectly simple. Alphabetical order, with each one being named after a dessert or sweet snack.
How the hell can I get my hands on e of those awesome Android Jellybean holders?!?
Any body know what new stuff jelly bean has to offer?
Oooo a piece of candy...ooo a piece of candy...
i dnt lk jellybeans
Do they make you dance all night
Lots of cool stuff in Jelly Bean -- but I won't be able to use any of the personally unless I get a new phone... and that is controlled by my AT&T contract cycle.

I am disappointed in Android/Android Hardware Vendors for not supporting their hardware.  I have a dual-core Atrix (1), and I don't think that will get Jelly Bean.  Meanwhile, my wife's Apple 3GS will get iOS6.  So in the fall, I will get an iPhone 5
5 bucks says half of these people don't like jelly beans and are trying to fit in.....

Everyone is talking about jellybeans and not the new Android. Facepalm
Great! Just when I get the ice cream sandwich there comes the jelly bean. When are we gonna have something New?!?
Before we can buy something, install something, or whatever something that's New, its already old again.
I just flashed CM9 rc1 a few days ago and Jelly bean is here already, love Android but hard to keep up. Loving CM9! Can't wait for buttery smooth CM10
Just downloaded the leaked Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean ROM and I must say it is such an efficient and clean update from the vanilla stuffed Ice Cream Sandwich
Joe S
Where are the black jelly beans? ...a bunch of racism right there. LOL.
jelly beans in a allen that looks good
yummm-o!!  BABY WANTS CANDY!!! lmao
The most of us .... think  Oh I like jelly beans!!!  
Still waiting for ICS let alone jellybean
Running it now on my Galaxy Nexus!
Bina Y.
its so cute! (:
I just got ics on my RAZR I want jellybean tho
Running JellyBean as I type this.. I'm restoring my apps with TiBu.. looks and feels great so far..
i dont know u people but how do u get a screen saver pic
Twf...i haven't got ice cream yet and candy....
It's slowing my LG and I liked the old g+ it was more colorful
I hope you guys are giving out jelly bean jars for schwag.
These aren't jelly beans... They're Jelly Bellys! What are you playing at...
+Miguel Mayol visit http://www.xda.com forum, go to your phone model section and you'll find answers. there are few scripts for sd ext partition lika a2sd, mount2sd etc, you can also find them under android software & hacking section of xda forum. also you can try link2sd app
I still don't have update for my galaxy note, you're teasing us with the heir of ICS...
I was going to recommend my partner get an android phone, but when I learned how inconsistent updates to the operating system are, I decided against it. The latest release of the Jell Bean I/O is a perfect example.  I just recently bought a droid Charge and it seems very unlikely that android 4.0 will ever be available on in, let alone andriod 4.1. Maybe I'm being unreasonable, but if I am going to be locked into a two year contract with the same phone hardware, I at least want the operating system to always be up to date. 
After the 4.04 update to my last two verizon gnexs has lost consistent touch responsiveness. It will be probably 6 months after the hspa variant gets jelly bean and my last two replacements have also had bad displays. I wish I would have waited till the play store started selling the phone for $400 with timely updates direct from Google. This nightmare has me doubting Android as a whole and I've sworn by them for years. I just want a device that is supported for at least two years considering that that's the standard length of a contract in the America where Google is based out of. There should be device control of any nexus variant once the carrier signs up to carry the phone. I hate apple but at least they have that right.
so is jelly bean just for the tablet or will the download be going to the galaxy nexus as well?
colorful !!nice jellybean
Jelly Goodness for my GNexus...  
Thank you Google..
haa yo quiero un adroid con ducesitos ♥
can this jelly bean update ota coming non takju and yakju devices ........i m stuck on 4.0.2 .....will i have 4.1 ota ...please tell me reply
its perfect i love android phones and jellybeans
i prefer ice cream sandwich cause i have flash player and with jelly bean it will not be the same
Why keep us in the dark about device updates? Any update in the forms of road map, ETAs etc for devices not belonging to the nexus family would be really nice 
Joined G+ just to keep up with CyanogenMod & Android development. Jelly Bean is so sweet can't wait to test drive it.
Hopefully Samsung will hurry up and release JB soon on the international I9300, it seems to be a much more incremental update than the Gingerbread > HoneyComb > ICS jumps.
Android sucks any more. It's too confusing and the notifications are horrible. What happened to the text app showing that u have a text??????
+Anthony So Apple absolutely sucks and if iPhone is so good than shouldn't you be on Pig sorry Ping instead of G+?
Can't wait to get this. Looks great. Anyone know if the new Google Now feature has a shortcut to access it within any app? I miss the old long-press on the 'search' button function that brought up the voice capability regardless if you were on the home screen or not. 
It has been said that Android's notification system is its major strength against iPhone. And now it's even better! :D
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Will all the galaxy nexus devices get the update at the same time?
there are many ginger bread user.please release a version that supports for all the ginger bread users. I am using LG Optimus One P500. It does not support ICS(Ice cream sandwitch) version. Please release new version.
So is Jelly Bean finally going to let us use our Gigantiphones in landscape mode on the home screen (like a tablet) finally?
why can't i have android in my corby 2? can't you make it available for corby 2 users?
I love EVERYTHING about Jelly Bean EXCEPT the inaccuracies of voice dialer over Bluetooth. It makes me sad. :-'(
Can you download Jelly Bean if you don't have a Network connection at the moment?
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