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Dude, there's my phone! Android Device Manager is now available at It’s a new service that makes it easy to locate a misplaced device.
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Rob M.
adb backup, some point.
Finally! I look forward to features that will be added. Thank you Google!
+Android it just shows up my nexus 4 and not my n7 any idea why?
hmm there is my Nexus 1, but where do i switch to my nexus 4?
Jisses, ett klick och jag är inne på sidan som markerar var min mobil är. Tummen upp :)
work half on my SGS II, nevermind, allready have the same thing (and more) with samsung account... ;)
I don't get it. I visited the site to test if it can locate my phone. I visited the site from my nexus 7... it just tells me where my nexus 7 is...
Seems only to be for Google Apps business and education users right now.
this app would be useful if it told me where in the house I missplaced it. 20 meters does not help much lol
Can I only use this service on my phone?  What about my N7?  I don't see how to find my N7.
How can I switch between two or more devices?
Here is what I get when I visit that page:

"Google Apps Device Policy is only available for Google Apps Business and Education customers. Please log in with your Google Apps account to access this page."

I am logged in with my Google Apps account.

I makes me so very sad that I get less functionality than if I had a e-mail address.
I wonder if there's a problem with rooted devices.  I have all location services on, but it can't find my device or send a notification.  Then again, could be my work proxy...will try at home...
It knows I have a phone, but doesn't locate, ring, or anything else. Totally useless right now.
Excellent. One question, where do you go to manage the list of devices? There are a few in here I no longer own.
It is not working with Google Apps free accounts. Says it is only available to Business and Education customers...
working good here on non gapps account
Well, it says I don't have devices, and want me to buy one from play store...
Me Be
When will you be making emojis for +Android phones?
It's not an app because you're supposed to use it when you LOOSE your Android device! 
Not off to a good start... I can ring my phone but just can´t locate it and there´s not any option to lock it. I thought that locking the device remotely was advertised as a feature not long ago.  
mmm, can't locate the device. Not a great start!
Works good for my nexus 4 and 10. Had to accept wi-fi and gps localization first. Had to wait a few minutes after clicking on the button for my nexus 4 to start to ring
Works with my free Google Apps and with my Gmail Account
About time Google implemented this for their regular users. I guess I'll use this in conjunction with Lookout. I love how Lookout will take a picture and email it to me when there has been 3 fail attempts to unlock my phone. 
Both my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 are shown but the N7 does not ring while in silent mode. Shouldn't it ring regardless the volume settings?
Would be pretty cool....if it actually found either of my devices...
I own a Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Nexus. I have it installed and activated on both devices, but the device manager only shows my Nexus 7. What could be wrong?
Doesn't work at all :( can't find the location of any device, none does ring and says last time used 02.august though I've opened the page with my device... 
I can remotely ring my phone but can't use the maps to locate it (yet).
You have to enable it in settings / security / device administrators. Works great. 
+Gerald Hines - there are two things that you need to check - (1) in "settings", "security", "device administrators" - be sure to allow "Android Device Manager".   (2) Ensure that in your "APPS" drawer, find "Google Settings", "Android Device Manager" and make sure that at least "Remotely locate this device" is checked.  Check "Allow remote factory reset" if you want to be able to wipe the device remotely if you lose it.  Once I had everything checked, it found me within seconds.

OH - and you also need to make sure (of course) that your location settings are set to report your location or all this is moot.
I just tried this. It found both my phone and Nexus 7 on the map very nicely. And ringing the Nexus 7 worked perfectly. It has a truly annoying ring, by the way. I should be able to find it anywhere in my house with that sound.
Some one theft my tablet from home in this no sim card how I can found it with imi code who is actuly use it at that time there is which softwere police is use
Awesome! At first I couldn't get it to contact my Archos 101 G9 but it suddenly started working.
Tells me I can't have it 'cause I'm a Google Apps user.
Works fine for both my phone and my tablet, but it has old devices in there that don't exist anymore (namely, my current phone on an old ROM that has since been wiped). It's no big deal, but I'd like to try to remove it from the list of options, if possible.
Big step forward adding this feature. Microsoft has had it since WP7 launched, and iOS 7 has it. Glad to see we aren't lagging. ;)

Also, great idea on pushing this via the Play store over an OS update.
Works fine on n4 but I don't have device manager yet on my n7 in Google settings 
Will there be an app as well so I can look at my tablet from my phone and vice versa?
Yay windows phones have had that for a least 2 years good job android, can also lock, send messages to the lock screen and delete everything on windows....
How can I remove an old device? It shows one that I no longer have (and that I had wiped prior to getting rid of it).
Found my Droid 3 - would not ring when in silent mode. Kinda defeats the purpose of forcing it to ring when lost and silent...
It's not working to ring my new HTC one google play edition(android 4.3) and HTC Sensation(Android 4.0.3) in Taiwan!!!
Setup behavior in Google Settings app. The device lock is under the erase device capability. 
I prefer 3CX Mobile Device Manager. It can do more, and if your device If rooted, you can remote control it from your computer.
Get-out,you've hacked in my priv,phone and i'm going to country's police
and i'll send the message to electronic's zone in Shengen,right now.
Nice downside to, for instance, the INCREDIBLY overbearing power saving Samsung put into the Note 8.0, unless you lift the cover it just flat out wont be online, ever...
Doesn't work at all on my nexus 4, but pretends to.
Apparently won't work for me because I use the old school free gapps service, not business or education
Mine can't find the location at all, says my phone was last used 2 Aug.  But it's on the desk in front of me, finds its own location in Maps (though I normally don't waste battery keeping GPS live).  Not as useful as I thought, though ringing it could be.
+Dylan Yaga I had to refresh my page after sending the notification and it started ringing.  Works every time now.
Tells me there are no active devices...
Works perfectly in the UK. Just used it to locate my phone in the kitchen :-)

Good work Google
Seriously Google? You're going to exclude the Google Apps users in the free tier from this service but allow vanilla gmail accounts?
Need to have the tracker on the play store site. 
i have a rooted i9000 on 4.2.2 , and my phone is not on the page of the devices on gplay. what's wrong? thnx
Why does this work for  Google Apps users in the free tier?

Come on google whats up with that
If one of your devices does not appear in device manager, then go to Settings>Apps>ALL and disable Google Play services. This uninstalls the updates and reverts to factory version. Then open up Play Store and do the update from there.

It worked for me. My Galaxy Nexus is now visible.
I just get an error saying:

"Google Apps Device Policy is only available for Google Apps Business and Education customers. Please log in with your Google Apps account to access this page."

I'm using a standard non-business free Google Apps account at the moment. Guess it doesn't support GApps accounts yet unless you're paid? I'm also in Canada, could be why too.
+Rev. Nicole Lendman When it rings your phone you can locate it within your household. Your expectation that Google has the blueprints and layout of your residence is ridiculous and stupid. 
JR Mora
Doesn't work...its unable to locate my nexus 7. I have everything enabled for device manger under the Google settings app. Does this have to be done from a computer? I'm trying to do it straight from my nexus 7.

Nothing work! not location (even with wifi and gps enabled), not call, nothing. on GN. France
The app appears in the device adminiatrators is enabled..but can't enable it from google settings..therefore, it does not appear on the website so i can't track it. What can i do to make it functional?
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गिरती हुई दीवार का हमदर्द हूँ लेकिन
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हमदर्दी-ए-एहबाब से डरता हूँ मुज़फ्फर
मैं जख्म तो रखता हूँ, नुमाईश नहीं करता
Perfect for NSA to find you at all times. Anyway i like it if my phone gets stolen.
Awesome! Locating my devices works just fine, but making them ring is a bit more flakey. It worked once but took more than one minute to finally make my Nexus 4 ring, and it's now been more than 3 minutes without any ringing since the second attempt.
Sweet...thanks for the notification & service!
+Scott Wallace No, it's not. . I'm neither and I have it. Make sure you've activated it in Device Administrators in Security settings. 
"Google Apps Device Policy is only available for Google Apps Business and Education customers. Please log in with your Google Apps account to access this page."

As a grandfathered-in apps customer, I'm very disappointed. Please add support for free apps accounts. 
Nice touch Google. I like the option of having the selected device ring for 5minutes at max volume, in case I lose it in the woods. And if I don't find my lost phone/device I can wipe the data. That's good security...and FREE
+Manuel Altherr did you have to do anything to get this to work with your Apps account?  I'm seeing the same error everyone else is "...only available for Google Apps Business and Education customers."
Doesn't want to locate my nexus 7 or my nexus 4, and it won't activate the ring option... Ill be sticking to lookout for now 
Location not so accurate but it rang my phone in the first try. 
Chef C
Unable to locate my XT557
Aint working, showing no devices in Android device manager.
Nothing work here in france with my N4
+Brian J. Geraghty Yep.  Saw it.  It's already on both of my devices.  However, something similar has already existed on paid Google Apps accounts.  Been using it for a few years.
This is great! I've been looking for a way to give Google more information about myself.
+Manuel Altherr How have you achieved to enable this feature with your Google Apps free account? As others said (and I can confirm), you've to own a Google Apps for Business or Education (or Non-profit organization) see
You should have had this error message instead: "Google Apps Device Policy is only available for Google Apps Business and Education customers. Please log in with your Google Apps account to access this page." 
Btw, it's a pity Google hasn't enabled this feature for free accounts while it is freely available for the non-GApps accounts.
Here's to future features: remote power on. Also to the manufacturers it's time for non removable batteries. 
+William Gathoye Check my previous commment, you need Google Play Services app updated. It's for all accounts.
DROID razr hd, works perfectly, Google rocks. 
This isn't working on my Nexus 4 in the UK. Just can't connect to my phone to locate it?  Cerberus doesn't struggle why does Google?
works great on my Verizon galaxy nexus.
Nothing to update?  I've been on 4.3 Android all week, I've tried logging out of my account and signing in again, all location services are ON.  It just doesn't work yet? +Pereira Braga 
If it just updated, you need o wait a while.
No important updates today, few regular non google apps. Google Play Services hasn't updated today.
I just updated nightly cm on my galaxy s3. I have all the option box checked, but when I load up the intrawebs it says I don't have an active android device
It goes as:
Location unavailable
Last used August 2, 2013

But it is right on my hands, with G Services installed and all the permissions checked. It also does say that the device was rung. But it wasn't. 

LG - L9
Android 4.0.4
São Paulo - Brazil
lets see what it can do :D
+Pereira Braga I have google play services 3.2.25 on my Nexus 4 and it does not work with my free google apps account.  I don't think it's as simple as just getting the proper play services updated for this to work for us.
Sucks I'm totally unable to use it as a grandfathered google apps free customer.  weak.
It showed me last location were i was 4 hours ago, but said it was reported minute ago. So not very reliable.
+Marty Ballard It works on my first gen Nexus 7. Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and enable Android Device Manager.
Mine shows devices I no longer have. 
Too bad there isn't the feature to lock your smartphone (usual lock you got + PIN code for example)... that would have been something between the ring and the complete erase feature... Sometimes, you just need something in the middle...
Won't locate my Nexus 7 or my HTC One X, both of which are next to me here in the UK. Latest version of Google Play Services on each, both switched on with wifi enabled. Hope it's just a glitch. 
this "service" is next to useless if it only works via wifi! 
Not working on my N4. No location, no ring. :(
What do you do if you don't see Android Device Manager in Google Settings?
My device shows but just says "Location unavailable" everything is enabled. Anyone who can help?
I´ve tried to use it but it doesn´t worked.
I hope Google can fix Google Apps Free issues. Clearly, the problem are that Google apps have access to device policies, and Google use the same platform. So They detect our account like Google Apps and try to use Device Polices instead the new Device Manager.
I would love to see this feature rolling out to Google Apps free customers too! 
+Joe Lake That's because they haven't "timed out" in Google Play. You can hide them there, and they shouldn't show up in the Device Manager.. :)
It isn't detecting my device. I went thru the steps to access android device manager in google settings in my nexus 4. The option doesn't appear.
That could not have been easier. Awesome.
Curious, are any of those not seeing their devices  also people who forced the 4.3 update? 
+Drew DeNardo
I have been using my Google apps account since about 6 months after I got my first Android phone 3 years ago.  Works fine.
Not showing all my devices... my old phone, Nexus 7, and REALLY old OG Droid show, but not my S3.

Tried suggestion of disabling Play services then re-installing updates... but the options to Force Stop or Uninstall updates is grayed out in my application manger.
As for me, i logged in and it can't locate neither of my devices (N4 & N7).

All localization apps work... Except this one...
I have my Nexus 7 (first gen), but no sign of my Galaxy Nexus (while I activated the option on the device).

Anyway this is a great new feature.
Works great for me!  I'm on 4.1.2.  I'm not a business acct user, I have a free account only. I have activated location services on my phone, and have my phone listed in my Google account profile.  I did need to activate the 'Erase Device' feature first before it would 'ring' my phone.  Otherwise, it found my location and rang me.  I don't want to try the Erase feature.
+Android i don't think the device manager should allow me to wipe a device without entering my password again for additional security. That seems too easy to abuse. Anyone that can get access to one of the computers, tablets or phones on which I'm logged in can wipe my other devices. 
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Can it find a lost Factory image...? Or perhaps a lost JBQ?
Works fine on my HTC One, I just think there should be a "re-enter password" before erasing the phone. just in case someone else is playing with a trusted computer (like a kid)
(I got to the red Erase button and stopped there...)
+Alexander Leonhartsberger I strongly agree with that!
It should at least ask for my Google account password...

Works fine here on CM10.1 on SGS2 ...haven't tested remote wipe yet :)
Nice but only my Nexus 7 shows up and not my HTC One GPe
Don't work in Germany
jay R works now..
I've test to call my phone (Nexus 4) but nothing happen.
doesn't ring if you have your phone on silent
Not working for me. Picks up my device, but doesn't locate it or ring it. :/
In case anybody is wondering you can remove old devices from the play store settings 
Location not working on my SIII or new Nexus 7. It does both devices but won't give me a location.
REALLY neat idea.. but can't find my Galaxy S3 which is sitting right next to me. Says "Location unavailable
Last used August 2, 2013"
Hey, very good but needs some improvments which I'm sure will be coming very soon.
A little suggestion I wanted to share:
this device manager is more about security as I understand, so as security "trick", what about adding "sms friend" or something like this.

let me explain what I mean, for example if the phone was stolen and sim card changed, you can add some friends phone number, so when you press "sms friend" in device manager, short message comes to friend's phone with new sim card number, so you can ring back.

greate solution for me, what you think?
Quick question: Is Android Device Manager will work with Google Apps (free) account?
Not working on my Galaxy S3. Is it one of those half backed apps from Google once again?
Is there any settings on phone you have to select first?
It says- "No active Devices" on my Nexus 4 chrome browser. Funny.
Won't replace my avast anti theft, but is nice to see google working on this. +Radikal Edward , maybe you already know, but avast does exactly what you said (and automatically) ... The best thing is that you can locate your phone even if it is not connected to the Internet. 
+Fer Bonve can you make it ring? Can you get the location using maps or any other app on the phone? 
+Android Please make a kill switch for remote wipe in case we've found our phones and wanted to restore from a back up.  I tested and it worked as expected.  But whenever I booted up the phone from a back up, it would wipe again.  

I temporarily disabled the feature so it wouldn't wipe anymore.  But it would be nice to have a way to address it.
Testando vamos ver se e o q promete...
Doesn't work on my HTC One. All necessary options are checked.
Ram Ng
Can't find my nexus 10
Works great on my SIII, doesn't recognize my N7 (grouper). One win/one lose.
Guessing Nexus 7 (original) won't show up even once activated?
Been trying all day. Too bad it doesn't work on Samsung s3 or my Nexis 10" tablet. Can't find ring or notify. And yes, I enabled device admin and settings and location. After 10+ hours I give up. I thought it might be overload.... Btw It should ring or notify even if I choose to disable location, as they don't depend on knowing where it is. Lock would be good.
galaxy s4 for greece no work unable to find
galaxy 2 I9100G  not work when i click ring button
Meh...all permissions are turned on. Google Maps can find me. G+ can find me. Hell...Facebook can find me, but the Device Manager doesn't know where I am.
It doesn't work in China.Nothing happened when I check the buttons
I'm thinking if you agree to these terms it may very well mean government's / law enforcement simply have access to your movements? Just a thought? It's tempting to click agree as it's a great service. 
+Manuel Altherr That's good news, because my non-business/non-education google apps isn't working at all.
+Radikal Edward Ummm. Can't "ring" a SIM Card number - since it's 15 digits and a PHONE Number is only 10 (not including country code)
Wouldn't the "Erase Device" be a bad thing in a way... You loose your phone, you click Erase Device (in case someone finds it and you don't want your Screenshots from SnapChat found) - But if you Erase Device, you'll no longer be able to "Locate Device" since the device will no longer be connected to Google Service.

So that means you can no longer track down the a-hole with your phone so you can beat the crap out of him...
Location is shop spot on ... But it found my old phone, the nexus s 4g and not my Galaxy s4 which I upgraded to lay week. 
I'm using Android 2.2(micromax. a60) and it's work nicely. :)
Doesn't work. Says that it can't find the location. And the commands say "successful" but they are not. Sticking with Cerberus.
works perfectly...
really useful service...
Doesn't work, it cant find the devices locations or my rooted Galaxy Nexus CM10.1, my Nexus10 4.3 stock, or any of my other devices that are powered on with the setting checked in google settings for it and gps on. Any suggestions or just wait till all the bugs get sorted out?
Guessing it's wait and see because neither my N7 or GNex work.
My mistake it did find my Galaxy S4, all I had to do was click on the drop down box and there it was with the Device name ... 
People. If you want to locate multiple device, make sure those devices sign in with the same Google account. And when trying to detect, make sure that you use that specific account. Thus you will have the drop down to chose. 
For folks not seeing up-to-date location information, I did notice that under Settings>Security>Device Administrators that 'Android Device Manager' was listed but not checked. Once checked, it could locate (and ring) my device. 
Rob M.
Just did an adb backup of my new N7 (it won the "lottery" because it's the newest, with the least junk and personal accumulated stuff). Successfully erased it/factory reset, including photos, etc... It powers down,and then indicates that it's "erasing....".
This is when Latitude would be useful. It could keep track of where and when you device moved, and how long it stayed in each place.
The only thing that this is missing is the ability to lock your device.  I love the ability to do find and ring without any third party apps, however if I need to find my phone it would be nice to know that someone else can't get into it if it was unlocked.
Perhaps I can use this as the new Latitude
Tried using the new Android device manager tonight, sadly it doesn't work on my LG Optimus G with CM 10.1 or my stock Nexus 7 (2013) I went on the support page and did the prescribed fixes, still nothing just says "location unavailable" I'm assuming that the page is getting slammed with requests right now as the service just went live. Plus I'm not expecting my phone with CM 10.1 to work cause it's an unofficial build but the fact that the new Nexus 7 doesn't work is disappointing, oh well I have Cerberus for my devices until Google sorts this out. 
Rob M.
+Evan Jenkins I didn't test wiping on my N4 (unofficial CM10.2), but ringing works. I was able to wipe my N7 (stock image). Location just seems to be hit/miss for some people right now.
that's great and all, but when will it be available to the rest of the world? still not available in asia
N4 shows up. Xoom doesn't. Both are rooted. Galazy Nexus that I no longer own shows up - anyway to remove from the device manager?
What is the Google App for Device Manager? Is it available in Play?
Since my stupid HTC Evo3d battery drains inside an hour with the GPS on, this is of limited use to me.
Seems to work for some, but not for others O_o
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Android Device Manager has given me me great peace of mind.  You guys rock!  Thank you!
Works great found both our phones Thanks
Remote wipe test success.
Lo l l lqvlab. B mmnmwpnwpnwn w
"If your device is offline, Management Android devices can not make it ring or erase the data will not be available until a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi. Select Clear data from device in advance and the data on the device will be deleted when the device is back online.

Device Manager does not work for Android devices switched off."

other apps allow you to activate the gps though if off!!! 
google ultimately disappoints me
I keep getting "No active devices" even though my device shows up in the Play Store...
If you see the "no active devices" message, go into settings, uncheck "remote reset", go into settings>apps>google services and clear data.  Re-check remote reset, and reboot the phone.  Should take care of it.
This is fantastic. I can't tell you how many times my wifes phone has gone missing with the phone set to silent!
Devicemanager shows my GN and my Nexus 10, both are Online. But: Location is not shown and ringing the Bell does not work on both devices.
It's not working very well on my Galaxy Nexus: locating only works if wifi is disabled and GPS is enabled (should be also working with cell-location only imho). So in rooms where it gets no GPS lock it can't be located.
Ring works, haven't tried wiping yet.
Quite useless, not working in flight mode, not ringing without a data connection enabled. And I guess it doesn't survive a factory reset.
It's just another lure for dumb people to enable constant location tracking for the NSA database! ;-(
Nothing learned from the past?
working only on 1 for 3 Devices 
So I got it to show in Google Settings finally and tried the whole Clear Data thing to get my phone to display. That was hours ago. I still see "No active devices" on the web page. What gives?
Xin Jia
Tried... even tried the clear data thing.... failed to get this to work... web cannot locate my devices, or make it cry.
Scary.... Works impressingly well.
Does not work for me. Neither on my N4, nor on my N7, both Stock Vanilla JB 4.3 and Google Location Services turned on.

Tried it 8 times in a row. Error is reproducable.
No luck on either Nexus 7 or HTC One V, can't locate or ring either of them
Hi there, just wanted to know if ADM finds location by GPS and/or AGPS? Thanks!
Works on my Galaxy S2... Are there limits to how much you can use the tool? The ringing, specifically?
Device shows up but can't be located and cant ring, triple checked everything.  It says location not available
Working well here (in the UK). Thanks!
works in ireland super about time
Location unavailable with my N4 and tablet Sony T S... Awesome, it sucks :) Ps: I'm writing from the N4 so it has Internet access and position data on... 
Works great with both my S2 and my Nexus 7
Works for me.. Nexus 4 and galtab 2 in indonesia
Features missing: 
sms commands;
SIM log;
lock phone if new SIM inserted;
ring phone and take picture after n login attempts;
When i followed link it shows message "no active devices"  though i have Galaxy Nexus running 4.3
Now lets get some sweet AOSP nexus 7 action! :)
Love the concept I see by devices listed but does not show me location and when I click to ring a device nothing happens
A lot of people are having issues.  Is there some troubleshooting guide somewhere?
Well... It works! (Using Custom ROM - CM10.1 nightly)

When my first phone was stolen, I went immediately to Samsung web page to locate my phone, BUT it is absolutely useless, if Samsung locating app is not installed (and this is firt thing to do with stolen phone!)
Samsung did not helped me in any way, except saying sorry and offering me to buy a new phone. Since that day I understood that those extra apps are useful only if they are installed!

This service is built into system, therefore it is much harder to get rid of it. Only thing is now - you have to manually accept this service on the phone. - Should be done without manual agreement, otherwise stolen phone will not be located, unless the other person is stupid enough to activate it.

First I couldn't locate or ring my phone.
Then I clicked "Send notification to your phone"
Accepted it from phone and voila - phone is located and also rung.

Nevertheless, I have my my Stolen S2, which i can't locate, but location button is showing African region.
I hope that current owner will accept and I will be able to locate the phone as well.
Have you seen "find my Iphone"? :) it works perfect and you know what, it came out 3 years ago.... you do really work fast android! . 
I hope they start adding the same services as AndroidLost, cause that would be super 
Not even close! It pings the last known IP which is from a data center for my employer 2.5 hours to the north of where I and my phone currently are. Cerberus is always off by a 1/4 of a mile or so but at least shows as being as the same town I am currently in.

Hopefully this gets fixed to be useful!
Need to have cc on tube because we the deaf can't understand what they talk about their news thank you
+Android Any idea why it's able to locate my Galaxy Tab in 2 seconds, but gives me a "Location unavailable" for my HTC Rezound? Both have "Remotely locate this device" checked in Google Settings.
+Android And what if I'm not using Google Play Services? This app is very big and my Smart memory is too small...
Пожалуйста поменяй свой девайс на более крутой и все твои проблемы решаться. 
You say that your device has enough memory. So get a new date. Wat and the solution to your problems.
Sweeeeet. It took a minute to start ringing, but it worked!
Doesn't work for me on my Galaxy S4. Went thru instructions. Tried on wifi and 4G. And of course because it is a google product it is impossible to even let anyone know that it isn't working. Android Device Manager gets a minus one :-P
Really cool. Working fine on my Nexus 4...hoping for even more features.
Still trying to put it to work... Have a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 10.
Am stickibg with my "lookout" app worth every penny
This is great for me because. I have a bad habit of sitting phone down and forgetting where. Works perfectly.

بفضل هذا اليوم رزقنا الله بحفيده جميله تتربى في عز والديها هاشم و انيسه. والحمدلله على السلامه. قبل 5 دقائق.
ربنا يجعلها طلت فرح علي والديها
what if I have more than 1 device?
Where can I see my second phone?
+Alison Li if you have multiple device you can select which one to see and you can will find on the map. It is the same for Google Play. The only thing is that you can't delete a device, but just hide it.
The web page should at least, like on the Google settings web page, ask to reenter my account password. Anyone with access to an open laptop or not locked device, would be able to cause a lot of damage this way.
I'm having the same problem that many other Google Apps users are having. Some very, very few Apps users say they have it working, which is strange.
I'm sure it will be awesome when it finally works.  Currently (1) it doesn't reliably find my devices, (2) Erase Device is greyed out, it doesn't reliably ring my devices.  Success rate for finding or ringing a device is about 50%.
Also: When it does "ring" my Razr Maxx just makes a short (and not very loud) "boop" tone.  My N7 rings loudly, when it does ring. 
I trying and the result My HOX location unavailable.Currently my location at Indonesia. Please help shall we Turn On GPS
Nexus 4 works but my Nexus 10 doesn't. Shows on site but can't ring it.
I've had it both locate and ring my HTC Desire HD and Nexus 10 without any issues.
John M
THIS PROGRAM NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO REMOTELY TURN ON THE GPS. Right now its worthless unless its turned on.
This is great. Thank you, Android.
Unfortunately it doesn't turn the phone's GPS on like Samsung's Find My Mobile does. There's an app that gives your phone a fighting chance to turn on it's GPS called "GPS Nag Me"
It's a bit hard to turn it on after it's lost!
Scott Wallace it works for me and I'm in neither one of those users.
Nice. I was waiting for it long time
The only let down is that apple beat you to it :(
However I was wondering when you would roll it out, and it is kind of better than apple's.
Not working.  Can't add devices.
I'm hesitant to click 'Erase' just for the sake of trying it out, but I think it should ask me to re-enter my password as another security feature.
If my personal computer is left on anyone can access it, accidentally or not, end erase my phone. 
It is not that I don't trust my family but sometimes kids don't really know what they are doing. 
Just like I need to re-type password for account settings, I should do it for erasing my phone...
Can this app allow for remote lock in the near future? Seek droid and the like have this awesome feature handy
Remote lock option would be great. Already have this option on my Lumia920. 
I think you suck for getting rid of Latitude!  All good things must come to an end.. Google is human after all.  too bad.
It still says no devices available when I go to the website. I have enabled all the settings on the phone
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It doesn't work at all with my phone..!
Ah its not working with gingerbread os...why ?
Bugs with this.  First, adding new phones sometimes doesn't work and requires some deleting of data and restarts to find new devices.  Next, it doesn't turn on the GPS!  I always leave it off so apps like Facebook don't constantly turn it on every time you use them.  Next, if you have your phone in silent mode, it won't turn that off either so it won't ring.  What's the point of telling your phone/tablet to ring if it doesn't put it in the right mode first?  Basically, this is a total fail.  Can be a challenge to add your phone, and even then it doesn't put your phone in the correct mode so you can find your phone!  FAIL.
I just use it today find my phone. It was on the couch under a magazine.
You should be able to display info type address or number so they can see it and call, or lock so they can only press the handset to call the owner of the phone.
It does not work with internet data connectivity (wi fi/ mobile data). However, if the phone is stolen the SIM (required for data connectivity) will be thrown on the street first. Can the phone be searched by it's IMEI number instead? Also can the phone be locked  and will it only allow phone to the owner?
It would really be nice if the phone threw up a "low battery" flare so this service was at least potentially useful when the battery was dead.

Like if it hits 5%, throw up a low battery message and then if the phone can't be contacted, it would be where it was last seen with low battery.
A DeviceManager is nice but is there a way to get in direct contact with Android technical support in case of a high priority Android bug?
It's really missing a "lock phone" feature to make the phone unuseable for everyone, untill it's unlocked on the site again. A factory reset is not enough if the phone gets stolen/lost.
Google you should make an app where we can view and buy the devices section from the play store!!!!!
Anyone can help me?
Last week I tried and it was working for my Xperia Z 4.2 JB.
Yesterday, I tried again without success.
My phone does not appear on the device manager nor on the play store web site.
I can normally download apps from my phone, but not on the website.
I can use all google products on my mobile, but it's not listed on device manager, google play website settings and google dashboard.
Not very reliable. Most of the time: Location not found. Even when the phones are online. Hopefully this issue will be solved soon. 
I wondered why some people make something happen,
would like to see android device manager linked in Google profile :-)
Ok so I guess this worked except now I Can't use my phoneAT ALL! I HAVE FACTORY RESET NO WHAT?!?
i miss " wheres my droid" it was pinpoint in the location.. i mean like to the room in my house!!! that accurate!!! this is so dumb...only thing i will give it. it did ring my phone when asked it to
why is the "last used" date in android device manager always incorrect?  Mine shows March 28 and I use it every day. 
Lyze G
Does the 'enable lock and erase' work if the phone is off? 
+Melissa Avalos No it will not.  The phone must have power and at minimum, wi-fi signal to use those functions. 
The site knows when my tablet was last seen (4 days ago) but doesn't tell me where the last ping came from. 

Google maps location history knows everywhere my phone and my tablet were on the day I misplaced the tablet, but doesn't differentiate. 

I need either a little more information from ADM (exact time last seen, or location last reported) or a little more information from Maps (tag device). 
Mine says no active devices even after following the directions for adding phone to my Google account. Any advice? 
Lost my Samsung S6 Active in nyc subway on December 30, 2015 on my way back home. Since then been back on my old IPhone 5S. But still hopeful on finding my phone. I've deactivated the number and blacklisted the imei number. Please help me find my phone if anyone was on the A train from Euclid Avenue Station to 168th Street. I believe that the phone was not secure on my belt and it got loose. I've tried Find my Phone, Find my Andriod, and Android device manager and none worked. I think I did not put on the location on. Anyway this all I've done besides pester MTA lost and found almost every day for the past month 
mine is NOT working, not only is my phone unfindable but I'm ADM locked out of my alternate phone because it wont accept any of the possible passwords. I don't seem to have many options other than wiping the whole thing, which DM cant seem to do either. I guess it's back to the store and then I'm going to have to request this last month not even be billed bc I never even got to use it. my tablet should be in my room but ADM wont CONTACT the DEVICE for whatever reason. sigh
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