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The rollout of Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, begins today, starting with Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ devices.

Jelly Bean makes everything feel fast, fluid, and smooth. Notifications are expandable and actionable, widgets are magical and the keyboard is smarter and more accurate: 

Jelly Bean also features a redesigned search experience, with a new user interface and faster Voice Search. You can type your query or simply ask Google a question. Google can speak back to you, delivering a precise answer if it knows one, in addition to a list of search results. 

Google Now is also part of the updated Google app, getting you just the right information at just the right time. Google Now tells you today’s weather before you start your day, how much traffic to expect before you leave for work, or your favorite team's score as they’re playing. There’s no digging required: cards appear at the moment you need them most.

If you’ve got a Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ device, you will receive a prompt alerting you to the update over the next several days. Up next for Jelly Bean: all Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Motorola Xoom and of course, Nexus 7, which will ship with Jelly Bean later this month.
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I'm pretty sure word "magical" is copyrighted by Apple.
Already been running it, but stoked to see it be official! Can't believe ALL Galaxy Nexus phones will be getting this so quickly.
I'm checking for updates on my #Xoom  wifi every day! Bring on the Jelly Bean!
Can't wait to get this all up in my Nexus! 
Kevin Wu
+Michael Pearce let's see how fast VZ can push this out.. my guess will be towards year's end... just flashed 4.1 on Saturday and never gonna look back... bye-bye VZ, just feed me 4G and leave me alone...!
I picked up my galaxy nexus last weekend. Perfect timing!
Anxiously awaiting my dessert here in Canada!
Hope Bell Canada gets its act together.  Can't wait to try out Google Now and Voice Search!
here goes .... hammering the "Check for updates" button ... grrrr
Let's hope the Nexus One is next in the rollout list. Ha Ha, as if that's ever going to happen.
Kevin Wu
Loving Google Now; it's now my "Home Screen" first thing I see after unlocking the phone...

If it can't tell me what I need, then I dive into the phone...

#JellyBean  is like the Cake, while #GoogleNow  is the icing and Cherry on Top...!

Sooo very sweet Google Forever...!
I'm excited to see what this does for performance on the Nexus S
google now esta disponible para el ICS? Gracias! 
I hope google is bringing "google now" to nexus s as well n not suck like apple by not giving siri to iph4 :P
$10 still says verizon Gnexus gets the shaft.
Now I just wanna know when my Nexus 7 is shipping. I hope Staples doesn't have it before my Play preorder ships
Unless you're with Bell Canada where you can't even get ICS until "August"… maybe, curse the salesperson who talked me into a Samsung instead of the Nexus.
the only thing I hate about my beloved Android OS is that if Google now is a Android feature why can't we all have it. 
I can't wait for this on my Nexus S 4G now!
i can't sleep because of you !
this new featuring is amazing !
Have the Motorola droid x2 now..getting the Nexus when I get home from working on the road
SIRI, are u ok? Don't try searching, just breath! LOL
+Kevin Wu how did you set Now as your home screen? Or are you just "unlocking" it "up"?
My only question after having Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Nexus:  How many times to do I have to search for the Tampa Bay Rays before Google Now figures out I care about it and would like it to start popping cards?  Yes, I don't have a history of searching for them, but I want to start following them, so I've been searching and searching and searching, with the idea that maybe, just maybe, Google Now will throw me some in-game cards.....still haven't seen it :(
+Allan Cascante Sandoval  Just put it in manually. Mine's been in since the developer preview was available weeks back. Absolutely beautiful on my galaxy nexus :)
My Nexus S 4G can't wait!
Would love to know if/when any one running a JRN84D device received this update...
Guys, this is the thing I love of Android and Google, here are a lot of people from different places at the world....talking, sharing..............FREEDOM!
+Josh Stine if Ure rooted like mine.. it is no longer a Verizon wireless phone.. VZ just gives us 4G, true freedom..
+Thomas Tenkely Google Now is an App that I leave open.. I usually just leave it running, when the screen locks.. it updates cards automatically..

Between G Now and the new notification bar.. widgets.. and voice search.. who needs the "phone".. I wonder how i-loosers live life..?
+Kevin Wu I've been running Jellybean for about a couple weeks and have been getting some really good use out of Google Now. I guess I misunderstood you when you said you "set it as your homescreen". Because that's crazy talk. 
Please make Check For Updates a hardware button on the next Google phone
Yesterday my Samsung Galaxy S III with Android 4.0 arrived. Today, I begin waiting for the upgrade to Android 4.1.
Sweet! The Galaxy Tab my fiancee gave me for Christmas is officially two OSs out-of-date. Timely updates are for suckers!
Unfortunately my Galaxy Nexus is of the Verizon variety. So who knows when ill see my Jelly Bean upgrade???
actually now that I am on Jelly Bean, i hope Google adds more "sample cards" to Google Now!
Great! so Google really did make ice cream sandwich even better with jellybean; I can't wait to try out Google Now and Project Butter on my Nexus S 4G. Thank you, Google. Btw, Google music is fantastic! ^_^
Hope that sony will update soon to 4.1 i have 4.04 runnin on my experia neo for this moment
I want to JB on my Nexus already, come on update!
Will Galaxy S2 get the Jelly Bean update?
Did you even google around before you asked?
Can't wait for a fully functional version for my Nexus S! :-)
I cant wait for it on my Galaxy S3. Hope it doesn't take long.
Wish my Galaxy S2 (Sprint) would get ICS.
Check now. Check now. Check now.

I've successfully worn out a software button.
This is pretty neat, but also somewhat creepy. What if I don't want Google to know me so intimately?  (brings back memories of "the Googling" youtube series)
Excellent! I'm sure HTC will announce any day now when the Thunderbolt will be getting this update.
"Google Now is always one step ahead... of Apple"
Dang...just got my Galaxy 3 today. Hopefully Samsung rolls 4.1 out ASAP
+Kwasi Joseph ... I wouldn't hold your breath for Samsung to update the S3 to JB any time soon. 
+Greg Richards yea plus I've got the VZW g3 with a locked bootloader(VZW=crooks) I'll be lucky if I get jelly bean in the next 12 months :(
+Kenneth Whetstone that's up to Acer, Google is only updating its devices not others

+Michael Hartzheim what about them? That's up to the carrier cause once the update is ready Google submits it but they have to approve it also I'm assuming you mean the CDMA Nexus variant

+John McClure that's not up to Google to update.
Wow :O  this feture may be the one that turns me to android,  looks awesome :)
+Kenneth Whetstone its a GED (Google Experience device) also all devices sold on Google Play as well as the WiFi only Motorola Xoom are updated by Google. Google doesn't manufacture there own hardware yet they have their own brand of devices designed to push for innovation, showcases new software design against current hardware etc....

Do I really needs to explain this further?
How about sending some Jellybean love to the Transformer Prime?
Although I'll be looking to upgrade my Samsung GS2 to what will probably be called the Galaxy S4, I'll be very tempted by any phone manufacturer that can offer theses updates within days of Google releasing them. I'd love a pure Jelly Bean experience on my phone. free of manufacturer + carrier customisations!
Ok...I won't be using my Nexus on a major network but the network that I do use,uses Verizon network..will I still get JB?or do I have to get it using other methods?
Is there support for GSM Xooms? I don't think they're planning on releasing an ICS OTA update, much more Jelly Bean.
Hope it comes fast to Sprint Galaxy Nexus, can't wait.................. any one know if google now works in spanish?
Google is actually producing the hardware in Nexus Q
Isaac, based on what G said during its I/O, new languages will be added.
Given that here in Canada our HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus devices are still on Android 4.0.1 (yakjuux build), will we ever see Jelly Bean?
Samsung Tab 10.1??????? Any updates for it ever again?????
any chance i can download it and install it manually(ur official release, without unlock the bootloader, and without rooting the device) cant wait :)
If VZW lags on updating the Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE there's going to be a giant sucking sound as people inhale and scream "WHAT?!!!!" Ha!
Great! Now get Verizon to bring it to the Galaxy S3 so we all can enjoy it.
Hi Android, los nexus de Mexico no se actualizan a la par, de los demás nexus cuando se actualizaran??? a jelly bean
I've currently got the unofficial version and love it and everything about it.

Google now rocks!
Cant wait for the Nexus S update and my Nexus 7 tablet to ship.
scary futuristic stuff. I mean, Google will know when and how Im going out of my house and where am I at all times? scary... but looks awesome and i would like to have it. :p
Too bad most of us wont see it for at least a year :-(
My DROID bionic is still on gingerbread.
hopefully it hits rogers (canada) tonight before i go to bed
Can Someone please tell me if a fido gnex is hspa+?????
Is this a global release?  My Nexus is waiting patiently.
"Patience is a virtue that causes no shame."
million dollars says I won't have ics buy the time they release the OS after jelly bean... I have the skyrocket by AT&T
+Aditya Sikand well it's either hspa+ or lte and i'm pretty sure we canadians only have the hspa+ version directly from our providers.. I could be wrong though 
Please release it for the Nexus S as well. Pretty please!
Judging from past experience, we can probably expect the following:

It seems that only takju devices are getting updated right now. Yakju will probably start soon. As for the other non direct builds, you may have to wait a little while as Samsung must update you (it shouldn't take too long maybe 1 or 2 weeks) for those on sprint, your update will come after the hspa roll out is well underway so I would give it 3 weeks. Verizon users are pretty much screwed (blame your carrier) because judging from history, carrier testing will take a while. For those of you in Canada, I don't know why but your carriers hate you so just change your build to a takju (for instructions search XDA) and you will start getting the updates (including the ones you did not get).
It's 12:41am... So should I go to sleep or should I wait for the update?
I have the fucking verizon one. Please hurry jelly bean.
+Jeff Campanozzi all the more reason to root ... have been flawlessly on JB since first announcement / leak at IO
My two years are almost up and then I will go pure google now that the nexus 7 is on the way .
Jelly bean? How about ICS for my Rezound? Damn you Verizon!!!!!
Will those of us with parallel-imported yakjuzs Galaxy Nexus phones get this in a timely manner, or will we be left lagging months behind as usual? (I had to get a parallel-import, as the Galaxy Nexus is not being sold in New Zealand for some reason.)
Are all Galaxy Nexus devices the HSPA+ or were the earliest versions less than HSPA+?
Good news, i hope it start fast allways for 3g areas :-)
Cuando actualizará samsug los dispositivos GT-I9100G?
Let's drop that Verizon update eh?
i had a galaxy nexus but then i have a galaxy s3... When will we have Jelly Bean too ?!
+Google, still waiting for Nexus 7 to ship to experience some Jellybean goodness.
Yea!  Now where the heck is my OTA?
+William RODRIGUEZ Contact Samsung directly for S3. Its not a Nexus device Samsung actually builds the ROM after Google releases the code on AOSP Repository.
Going through the comments it seems that Google+ is a Sausage Fest! I think I saw one female comment!
What a our Australia our galaxy nexus are still on 4.0.1 !  So what's the go Google..Nexus by name only ??? From the comments around , there's not many concrete answers coming back from you guys as to why either .
+Mariano Gori You can't jump onto one post by one user about one topic and conclude that the participants are a representative gender sample of an entire platform.
The lag with Australian updates might be your mobile providers and not Google per se.
Can't wait for the update for Nexus S!!!!!!!! Is it worth the trouble to root and update that ways or should I wait for the stock OTA update?
Can someone clearly this up for me?
HSPA+ er Nexus with Build Yakju, Takju or Toro?
+Suvash Thapa Since you are on the Nexus S you should wait a little longer for the stock update. Because anyway once that rolls out even if it gets delayed to come to your phone you can be assured that it'll pop out as a rom. Which would be the rom I would choose. 
I'm a little curious on how this will work on wifi only devices.  Siri tends to require a lot of connecting to the Internet to work.  I'm a little skeptical of all these new "smart" search services.

Please stop assuming that the world is always connected to the Internet 24/7.

Hope "Google now" isn't going down this road of assume always online.
Is the international GSM version of the GN within the same update bunch as the HSPA+ version? Or do we need to be a bit more patient?
huh. I have waited patiently for a JB announcement. But could not wait for my GNex to receive the OTA. If only I get a trip to US?
Read it carefully they said "over the next few days"
Something about that overly polished sales pitch reminds me of something a certain black turtleneck wearing asshole would say. Otherwise it's nice to see Google is still polishing and innovating. I'm glad they're starting to look into automation. Tasker, Locale, and On[x] are good but limited in their scope and integration. I'd love to see how far googs can take it
How does Google ota updates pick which phone gets it first does it go by serial number or what?
I wish my Galaxy Nexus would get updates straight from Google. I'm still waiting for Telstra in Australia to update my GNex from 4.0.1 to 4.0.4.
you can switch to Google Build and u will get it!
When Nexus S will receive the Jelly Bean update?
Did any one got Jelly Bean update on Nexus S
+Ravi Varma The roll out will be done in steps so not to overload the servers. Expect it to come within the next 24 hours.
I don't need the OTA, I want the factory Image! NAO! ^^
Woohoo Jelly Bean! Stumbled on great news but what brought me here was whether or not the low volume on the Nexus HSPA+ would be fixed with this update... I know there's a 3rd party workaround but I don't need to hear "there's an app for that!"... let's leave that for that "other" guy. +Google ya heard?
Hope to see update for nexus s soon :)
+Aman Sharma 
hungary = a country in eastern eurpoe
hungry = experiencing a desire or need for food
I hop we can upgrade galaxy s2 too !!!!!
Many people are saying to get the update I have to clear "Google Services Framework" data under Apps. I already cleared it on my Galaxy Nexus. Still it says my system is up to date. What's going on? BTW, Anyone know what happens when I clear "Google Services Framework" data?
Samsung s3 will be rolling out 4.1 in Q4.
Ffs. Cant wait that long
Now, when you own Motorola Mobility mayby you colud make Razr upgrade faster? It`s
Motorola flagship and doesn`t have even ICS in Europe!:/
come on... yakjuyakjuyakjuyakjuyakjuyakjuyakju...
+Ayan Sarkar that worked with previous update (to 4.0.4), I don't think it's confirmed to work with this one. Anyway, +Nexus, does Europe receive this OTA as well, or do we have to wait?
+Jean Austin Rodriguez Does it have the word "Nexus" in it's name? If not, maybe next year. As long as the manufacturers don't get hold of the source code until the point at which it's released publically, you're always going to be that far behind. Of course, having the word Nexus in your phone's name (like my Google Nexus One) doesn't help if they don't like your phone anymore. I wouldn't even expect the Note 2 (due in 2-3 months time) to have JB on it.
let me guess, AU vodafone galaxy nexus users can not get it in next 3 months 
I have a nexus that I got from the play store 2 moths of right now I still haven't gotten the you know when I will get it guys?
I'd like to have a time frame so I'm not checking every 5 minutes like a crazy person...
Did you know that the Nexus 7 Taiwan can buy it?
I'm still waiting, don't make me root my G Nexus Google!
When will this be coming to the HTC Amaze 4g from T - mobile????
Still waiting :( i have a nexus from the play store... been checking like a mad man. When can i expect it? Has anyone gotten it yet?
Guys, it will take weeks before you get the OTA. Don't press the button again and again. You don't know that announcing the rollout is a PR trick ? :) 
Eul Cam
Clicking you YouTube link on my (gingerbread) Android phone, still takes me to the browser, instead ok sending an intent to the YouTube app... :-(
Does this mean the Nexus 7 will be getting ready to ship?
Jelly Bean on my CMDA GNex is very smooth. :)
This should, in theory, also be available for the iPhone, but when?
Flashed 4.1.1 last night. It's amazing.
Sweet, so probably only another 6 months until it's on my "non-nexus" phone
I've got Verizon and own a Nexus. Nothing yet :(
"Your system is currently up to date." Lies!

They need to change that to "You have the latest system, that I know of."
Google really need to get on the manufacturers fat ¤£&% and make them update their devices. The time it's taken for ICS to be released is silly and except Nexus users, who's excited about JB? Not many because it'll take a year or so for it to be released to the general public stuck on those crappy 2 year contracts.
I have the Driod RAZR will I be able to get this update?
Have a damn Sprint Galaxy Nexus... please get Jellybean to us soon :)
Hammering the check for update button here I want my jellybean
This sounds more ubiquitous every time I hear it. It can really help us in our everyday tasks.
Still no update... I'm starting to think it's not actually rolling out... No one on any blog or forum that I know of can say that they have gotten the ota. Flashing is not an option for me. When is this ACTUALLY rolling out?
Need it for Nexus S ... very slow on ICS 4.0.4 :(
Toujours rien en France sur un GN en Rom Factory 4.0.4. Je perds patience... :o)
Switched to yakju from yakjuxw.Still no OTA here in India.
flash player not working and jelly bean 
please help
Can't wait for the update to reach my GSM Galaxy Nexus. Gonna be checking for the update everyday. 

Next up 

Eagerly awaiting delivery of my Nexus 7 this month. It's a good time to be an android user :-) 
Yeah!!!! Now I can't stop to keep clicking on my "update check".
Cant wait for it. But i still consider that the German rollout is going to disappoint me because of a long delay :(
Please Goggle Android prove me better!
I wish my S2 would get the update. Oh well ....
can't wait for my nexus s
Google's roll-out hits the the "old" HSPA+ Gnexus first. Gnex from the Playstore should follow directly behind that.
this update miss some features like chrome Google wallet and automatic change the widgets in launcher also photo deleting by slide it 
I imported my unlocked Galaxy Nexus from UAE (Saudi Arabia). As it's not available in India. It's on yakjujp! and running 4.0.2 (Build - icl53f.i9250jpla1). Am I going to get the update?
whether galaxy s ii can update the official Jelly Bean?
No OTA for Yakju built in India. Carrier is Vodafone. Any update?
My Galaxy Nexus here in Canada (yakjuux) is still on 4.0.1. Carrier is Bell Mobility. I guess Google's promise of "With the best Google mobile services and fastest updates directly from Google" is false.
yakjuux ? O man ! Switch to yakju or you will wait for months.
Nexus's post above said: "If you’ve got a Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ device, you will receive a prompt alerting you to the update over the next several days."
I am pretty sure that my Galaxy Nexus is HSPA+...
Are you saying that Google is lying?
Hey +Android, I have a UK Galaxy Nexus (so HSPA+, obviously). When can I expect the update? Have been hitting "check for updates about 10 million times per day of late.........
Has anyone else in the UK had the update yet? Is it rolling out here yet, or just in the US?
Can't wait to get it on my Evo lte!
Real quick question. Why is there no avrcp 1.3 support in JB? Come on!!!
I have a Play Store GNex, no update yet. Don't bother trying the Framework clear data trick. Doesn't work. 
what about European YAKJUXW galaxy nexus? when can we expect update?
No update in UK Samsung said the are behind with it
I'm just sad that Verizon got the LTE GNex first as the flagship google phone, and yet the HSPA+ version gets first dibs on JB. I know that there's extra stuff that google has to go through with Verizon, but you would think that would of been figured out when google decided to choose Verizon originally, especially since it's a vanilla build that Verizon doesn't need to modify

#cryingoverspiltmilk  :/
C'est bon pour moi (en cours de DL vers 4.1.1) Houraaaaa...
J'ai killé le "Google service framework", en Français ça donne: "Framework des services Google". Il faut aller dans Paramètres> Applications> Toutes> Framework des services Google, vous "forcez l'arret" et vous "effacez les données". Ensuite vous re-checker vos mise à jours système et enjoy :o). J'ai du le faire 5-6 fois avant que ça fonctionne.
Please type that JB is will be available yesterday for nexus s PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Well still nothing here in the United kingdom "several days" later
Got it! My god, this is the best update yet. My Samsung Nexus is crazy smooth. Big thumbs up!
+Android Is it possible to get more voice actions? ("set alarm in..." and such). I have a HTC Sensation and when I moved over to AOSP (CM9) those voice commands were gone. 
Still waiting for my OTA on my unlocked GN running on AT&T :(
Thanks for starting the rollout in Germany so soon.
Just received the update here in the UK! Butter makes a surprisingly big difference to the overall feel. I'm very pleased so far
Guys,if u get update plz try to post ur build(yakju or non yakju) along with country name.
Did any one get OTA for Jelly Bean in US or UK?
Just received mine, (U.S.) My build is Takju/GNex from +Google Play  I've, been playing around with JB on my Nexus 7 for a while now, love the smoothness and +Google Now  just rawks!
Can't wait to get mine. No alert yet.
ok, i got it. there is one way to get it. clear AND stop your google framework. don't believe me, google it. It works.
when will release for nexus s ? can't wait
Yajku, U.S. just got mine!
Yes come on nexus s, I want it before my nexus 7 turns up
So after such a long wait, my download wasn't successful (guess some mismatch in radio). So unlock bootloader and manual update it is.
Got a new Nexus and waiting for my three month old to upgrade!
my galaxy nexus wont read my sim...its on 4.0.4...what do i do?
Got it already since last night, that was quick!
I'm from the UK and I updated to jelly bean this morning. I've been playing with Google now and lots of things are different on my version compared to the version I have seen in videos! It won't turn on/off wifi Bluetooth etc and the voice sounds very robotic like, nothing like again the voice being displayed in the demos...what's going on???
where is my 4.1,I am from HongKong.
m from india were is ours Jelly bean atleast u dont lauch phones here do provide the ota updates
Any ETA for full voice-commands support with non-English lenguajes in Google Now?
My phone was 4.0.2 yakjuxxxxxxxx before (I can't remember that xxxxxxxxxxxxxx). I upgraded it to 4.0.4 yakju flashing the factory ROM from google's page. Does it matter for OTA ? Maybe I won't get OTA at all and will have to flash it thru a wire when stock ROM is published ?
Why we don't have update for the switzerland ?
I forced the update a couple of hours ago and got the notification after a couple of tries. very fluid, hope that google now will work here in italy in a short time like on the google i/o and the many american youtube videos
Why google now do not work in Italy? The only problem is that you have to speak English.
I cleared the cache for a few times. Then I got the notification ! My phone is Yakju 4.0.4 Poland.
Still downloading. It says 144.9MB. You must be on WIFI.
Hi Google....My Nexus got updated last nigth and it has deleted my manufacturer camera app? Please advise as to how I can get this back ?
Other than that...I LOVE JELLY BEAN!! Its a much bigger improvement than I expected...very polished and smooth. GOOD JOB GOOGLE!!
I got my 4.1!!!!!!
Hmmm... It's not a revolution. Works a little bit smoother. There is a useful widget shortcut to customized setting, like WIFI. I like it. But it's not a total makeover.
+Daniel Walesiak have you tried the voice search?   I can't wait -- as currently I am unable to find places that deliver Tomato soup on Rainy days, like my iPhone counterparts can... :(
I like it, had to unroot to get it...
I would love to have Jelly Bean, but my Canadian "regionalized" Galaxy Nexus doesn't even have 4.0.4 yet.  I can get zero answers as to whether Google or Samsung is responsible for updating the non-yakju phones.  I've been a Google/Android booster for years, and this is making me pretty upset.
Anyone who still waiting to OTA update (Galaxy Nexus), follow this steps:
Settings --> Apps --> All --> Google Services Framework --> Clear data
I got mine yesterday. Yeah!! it is super fast.. woow!
got mine in Trinidad....did the clear data and update and it worked...same for a friend of mine...just had to do it a few times :)
got mine,Google now just loves my Scottish accent,its an adventure as to what it turns up.
Doh!   I had a failed download, and tried the Settings -> Apps --> All --> Google Services Framework --> Clear data   - now it says no updates available!!   I'll be waiting a few more days I guess GRRRRRR
Hello?  I'm on the yakjuux firmware and still have nothing.  As a matter of fact, I've had nothing since 4.0.1.  Someone is lying.
4.1 update reporting in from the great white north.
Got my update a few hours ago. Feels almost like having a new phone again. :)
It doesn't feel like a new phone at all. Some new features come, right.  I don't say I don't like JB. I liked ICS so I like JB too. But it's not a revolution.
Ben Lim
Any1 with yakjuxw get their update? Seeing how my gnex yakjuxw just got 4.0.4 update last week, I guess I have to wait till November to get 4.1 for my yakjuxw variant gnex :(
Still waiting my update!!!!! I'm from Jordan "middle east".
All the updates just for Europe, if anyone from middle east and got the update just send us, I tried to clear framework data 1000000 its not working
Wooohooo.  So it looks like the GSF trick works. But for me I had to add one important step - force stop the Google Services Framework service just after clearing the data.  Did it twice and blamo! There an update waiting for me. 
+Andy Rubin +Nexus I bought my Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ from Saudi Arabia. And it's on yakjujp. When am I going to get an update? I want an answer right now!!! This is preposterous!!!
hope this will work in italy soon, like on the live demo
When will there be full German language support?? 
+Eddie Webb thank you sooooo much.... worked for me too
But i had Tor try 3times... guess i was pretty close Tor giving up: D
Cuando mi vida podrá estar tan organizada? 
May I inquire as to the wisdom of not every Galaxy Nexus getting 4.1? I may be both technically incompetent and impatient, but I fail to see the superb advantages inherent in differentiating between yakju, yakjuwx or takju or whatnot. K would greatly appreciate an explenation of the logic behind said way of doing things. Root/flashing is not an answer, I shouldn't have to do that.
I have a Galaxy Nexus Yakjujp American who is in the Android 4.0.2 and so far not received OTA update for Android Jelly Bean. Anyone out there experiencing the same thing okay? Any predictions for data update?
I updated to 4.1, and I'm wondering why Now doesn't show the image results, etc, as nicely as it does in the online videos. (No pictures beside wiki results).
We want to know when going out to upgrade to version 4.0.2 Yakjujp Galaxy Nexus?
I am a big fan of google products, but this delay and complication to update the various versions of the Yakju are really disappointing. I opted to buy the Galaxy Nexus not to have more problems with updates, but apparently I still have the same problem and take to receive my updates. The Galaxy Nexus Yakjujp never received the Android 4.0.4 and 4.0.2 runs today :/
I have a problem with NFC.I cannot sent and receive files(photos) and video.Are any improvements of NFC in Jelly Bean?
Pan Ng
Everyone paid the same for a nexus phone. Why discriminate customers outside of US?
Why are Canadian customers (and I'm guessing all others outside the US) getting shafted with updates? =\
My Nexus S is waiting.. someone tell me when?
Ben Lim
Flash my yakjuxw to yakju and got the jb right away. Country: Brunei
I've been wating for almost a week I'm impatient! :D
Hope to see the notification soon, it's going to be amazing
@Google: Great, that GSM versions are receiving the update. Can you push Verizon to hurry up and push the OTA update to CDMA versions? 
Better yet, take over the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus completely and make this a true Nexus device!
+Alan Nguyen Root is the answer sir. I'm not sure why anyone would have a Nexus and NOT root it.
@ Google, VPN connection dosn't work as with ICS 4.0.2 :-( please fix the bug, Shanghai / China
Hi! Got an OTA update for JellyBean on my Galaxy Nexus. It stop installing saying Assert failed: apply_patch_check(...) and then Error in /tmp/sideload/ (Status 7). Any help is welcome.
Got it but... Google Now seems not as good as from some videos I found on the Internet... any kind of guideline to use it?
What's the ETA on GSM Nexus S?
shit i still havent seen an update for my nexus s at all still runnin glitchy ass 2.3.6 
+Manuel Romero You need to root, there are some great 4.1 roms out there on XDA, but I'm still not getting buttery smooth responses. I'm hoping it's the rom and not the hardware, I'm really waiting until the fall to purchase a new nexus device.
+Nexus  Hopefully we can get official Jelly Bean OTA on Nexus S after Galaxy Nexus got 1 week...
I've been waiting for the OTA for a week now, and the update notification still doesn't show on my Galaxy Nexus.
Got my update (UK) last night, although google now doesn't seem to work though multiple calendars ? still working way though....
+Android +Nexus I think it's time for Nexus S to taste Jelly beans... Please roll out the OTA soon :(
When is it getting rolled out in South Korea?
Could we pretty please have Google announce something without someone saying "but when do I get it?" every 30 seconds?
For Nexus S in Roumanie its still not available
+android I have an android tablet and a phone that are practically the same, just the tablet is nice because of the larger screen has nobody thought of making a 10" touchscreen+battery+bluetooth that is basically just a dumb terminal for connecting to my phone? It would be sooo much easier and due to far less components it would be a damn sight lighter than a fully fitted out tablet! Even better if they could make a 7" one too as that would be very nice to pair with a phone whilst on the move!
Finally got Android in Germany on my Nexus S... and i´m disappointed :( really nothing of the "big" new changes is available on my Nexus S, such as offline voice and the whole voice commands stuff and Google now... nothing of the shown stuff in the Video above works in Germany...  Project butter?... the Nexus S even got slower. The makeover of the music player... srsly the colours???? looks like someone made it with paint and i was about to puke. The one or other thing is working fine and looks good. But after all i was devastated and now i hope this is going to get fixed soon! :( sry for my bad grammar
After the initial slowness, my Nexus S is running smoothly now. However, the default Android keyboard doesn't seem to have changed at all. I thought it was supposed to have text prediction like +SwiftKey ?

Edit: the predictions have started appearing now. Will have to see how it compares to SwiftKey.
Have my Nexus 7--very nice.  But I can't find the app for Google Now.  It seems to have disappeared.  How to find or get it back as I would really like to use it?
Is there somewhere we can post to give feedback on "Google Now"?
Jelly bean would be soo much better if Google added tasks as a system app.
Google made dreams come true with the new Jelly bean, and help turning table upside down on everyone (Microsoft, Apple, etc). But i wish (just wish) we receive weekly updates from Google (at least we the Nexus owners) fixing holes and addressing user complaints,
( like the volume  level on Jelly bean nexus  really sucks)
 and provide more customizations. Now everyone is waiting for AOKP and CM to deliver these tweaks. Why not Google ? Do we need to wait 6 months to receive a new update.
Aun en espera del update desde venezuela galaxy nexus ics 4.0.4 build jakjuwx :(
...where is my Jelly Bean for Galaxy Nexus in Canada on Rogers/Fido? .......................... someone's lying
Got it! Nice that I didn't have to wait 8 months like I did for the ICS update. Have to say though really pissed about the power button barely working any more. That may just get me buying an HTC device or heaven forbid an iPhone....
I also got the Jelly Bean update tonight on 25 July in Bucharest, Roumanie. Telephone google Nexus S made by Samsung. Works very smooth after it was installed. Improvement is obvious. Good job!
when are candians getting jelly bean for their galaxy nexus
When are danes such as myself getting Jelly Bean for their Galaxy Nexus? Have been checking for updates since mid july and no luck yet :(
When will Google Now remember my favorite NFL teams and not just return web results?
+Haskell Gray  I posted about this yesterday after several searches online didn't turn up any answers. I have been looking for NFL circles to ask others to try it. Now the preseason games are underway I have been asking about the Bills, but only get links to their site etc. It's te same with UK soccer teams too. +Joshua Sutton Has tried them, I have tried the Scottish teams Looks like it may only be MLB ?
in turkey i'm already using ics on my nexus.when  will i update my device to jb 4.1?
Im from turkey nexus smartphone is a 4.1 jelly bean update you device the phone? ?
when will the update arrive to the yakjuxw builds?? you trust samsung for this updates you got to put pressure on them... or sell them as a samsung phone and not google.. 
i sugest you to change it by you self ;) not wait for them ;) change it to yakju ;) so easy and simple just take 10min ;)
Almost 2 months on and still waiting for this on my Rogers Galaxy Nexus...
if the jellybean is anything like the kyocera hydro run because that phone bites ass
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