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If there’s one thing we know about Android fans, it’s that you’re hungry for apps. So hungry, in fact, that Android Market has reached 10 billion downloads worldwide! What’s even more exciting is the pace: you’re chowing down over one billion apps every month, and that speed is only growing.

We wanted to celebrate and share this milestone with you, the people who made it possible. So what better way than by offering you more of the apps you love? We partnered with some of the top Android developers to make a bunch of great apps available at an amazing price. Starting today, and continuing for the next 10 days, we’ll have a new set of awesome apps available for only 10 cents each. Today’s apps are:

Asphalt 6 HD:
Color & Draw For Kids:
Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro:
Fieldrunners HD:
Great Little War Game:
Paper Camera:
Sketchbook Mobile:

Check in tomorrow to see what new apps our developer partners are making available on Android Market - for only a dime. And in the meantime, let us know what your favorite apps are in the comments!
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Fiedlrunners HD is really addictive!
congrats for providing ten billion rocking experiences ... very cool... way to go!
It's like Christmas!
Very very cool

I wish you guys had carrier billing in more countries though... I prefer to buy apps that way
Superb, any chance of this becoming a regular thing?
Sick exponential growth.

Once resources have been exhausted to sustain this growth, will Android come to the desktop?

Can't wait to code Android on Android.

Way to go Android team, it's been a fun ride coding and seeing the platform evolve so exquisitely this last year. I'm so glad I bet on your platform and not others, it was a no brainer you'd win the majority of the market, I just didn't think it'd happen exponentially.
Like half of those were from me, each time I installed a new ROM. All hail Titanium Backup!
We are happy to see Android Community growing without stopping !! That's show that Android is very succesful, and a quality product for customers.. Thank You Google for having developed a wonderful OpenSource !! We comfort you !!
I don't contest the five key numbers in this graph, but did the growth in between really create such a perfect exponential graph?
Fei Cai
Keep climbing!
Amazing... $0.10 deal is awesome. Love to see more apps in this offer. 
great deal, but not available in my country
Awesome :D Though it's 10p in the UK as well, which is over 15 cents in the US! What is this?!
(I kid, I kid..)
Can't wait to get my Nexus and help contributing to the stats again :=)
not surprising ... an expected one
wicked deals! I've been waiting to buy some of those apps, and at 10cents, there's no question :)
logon k
time to see some orientation in potential Android for desktop pcs?
Joel G
Just bought Minecraft, oh god.
unfortunately we don't have access to android market in Iran.
All the more reason to leave my blackberry behind....
Whoa!...Up, up and away... ;-)
Good job Android team and Google!! Yay! I LOVE my Droid X2!!
Wow. I use Endomondo, and had been holding off on the Pro version.
$.10?! Insane! :))
Awesome!! Looking forward to the next set of 10 cent apps.
Too bad I don't have a Galaxy Nexus in the USA to actually use these apps on. My current phone can't handle most of them.
Yes Android has dominated the market recently ! AWESOME !! Keep it up !!
Awesome, I've been looking for a reason to get a few more games! Great chance to give them a shot!
You guys are just great. I jumped into Android head rest and haven't looked back. I have three devices currently running on Android and I only jumped shipped from blackberry five months ago.
i love android.. its the best mobile OS so far
looking for Quality and Stable application... instead of
number of applications
irish d
want to buy a tower defense game called jelly defense for $2.99 soon. my friend's addicted to it. cheers to android market!
saweeeeeet. Already bought most of these but glad to have a few new additions =) Paper camera is pretty cool
Now we need to sort out airplay compatibility; or something equally as good and ubiquituos.
nice.. but we cant buy any app in my country...nice very nice...
Wow....................itz getting bigger and better...............
Thank you google! 50 cents spent already, waiting for tomorrow's apps.
Awesome!! I bought all the apps today and I'm waiting for tomorrow ones!!
i know its my fault. i almost max out everything in my droid in less than 2 months. m checking the specs of all droid phones out there 2 make sure the next 1 will last at least a yr. any suggestion?
There is one important thing to see : How many paid apps sold through market :P
The best thing a company can see.....true exponential growth.
i had some of them, but got the new 4 apps
#hungryapps Long live Android overlords!
Oh goodies! Can't wait for tomorrows batch! :)
Great deal, but almost all of them were Amazon's Free App of the Day at some point so I've already got them all.
Still a big deal for us that cant get apps from Amazon :)
+Android Cool, this looks like math. = e(n*x), so excited, whats next?
So happy milestone of downloads Android :)
+Paul Chinn I try not to take advantage of Amazon's free app deal as Amazon doesn't pay the developers for those "sales" (I initially was under the impression that Amazon would pay for the free downloads.. )
It won't let me have Paper Camera :( As others have mentioned, these were once Amazon freebies and I already have Paper Camera... just never installed/used it lol
Thanks for the 10 cent apps for 10 billion promo! :)
Just got Minecraft for 0,13 €. Thanks Google! =)
wanna impress me drop the galaxy nexus
As +Farran Lee pointed out, I also got charged 10 pence not 10 cents! I've even got my $ card linked to my google account, any way I can pay the $ values instead? I've probably been hit by a currency conversion fee now too.

I've a feeling this comment will just get lost in the sea of thanks! :-)
2011 has been a great year for android.
Great initiative +Android. I'll buy all the apps offered in the next days. Thanks!
+Sean Lumly, +Android Market gift cards would also be a great way to get people to pay for more apps, especially around the holidays.
exponential growth like a boss
Of course, my phone has so little memory that I'm always installing what I had to uninstall in order to make so space.
Ooooh 10 cents each... and a £1.50 international transaction fee on each? When am i going to be able to use paypal to pay for apps?
Way to go Green Robo.....!!!
i.m looking for a special woman to spin my life with,i.m a evangelist also,and i love to preach god words every where i go,
My favorite app would be Google Wallet on G-NEXUS! Surprised Verizon didn't make you cut out Google Voice or put Bing on it either.
Ezio, what does this have to do with the story? Spam?
Watching my free memory disappear, lol :–)
Everything great, but I still can't install Android Market on branded tablet without losing warranty
Statistics can be bent any way you like it. I cant stand apple, yet im forced to work with it, but i think that chart would be smaller than apple's. It's not the amount of apps you got - its the quality. Im looking forward to coding some great stuff for android, if they could only lose that crap java api and go C++/object pascal native. Jez.. java, lego...
Most used apps widgetlocker and thumb keyboard. Both got from amazon for free or a buck. I will gladly pay 10cents for both so i can get updates. I think amazon is two updates behind on widgetlocker. Hope to see those within next ten days on there.
I believe the count but 6 billion doesn't seem the double of 3 billion on the graphical representation.
I can't wait till Android app downloads surpass ios. That will be a joyous occasion.
10 cent apps are available GLOBALLYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!
dez/2012 10 billion in one month! Go android! :)
Awesome but you still need to persuade the developers to develop great apps for Android because apps on iOS are way more fun and way more professional.
u high boyie? ios is a hipster shit spin.
Tim KH
this is so cool!
That includes my download through emulator.......sad on goog..
The colouring one I bought for my son, doesn't look good on your flagship phone the galaxy nexus, the things are tiny, too small for him to colour in, fancy google promoting something that's so bad on your current main device!
Yeah...almost all of them were free on Amazon at one point. Why buy them now for a dime and support the devs when I can have them for free (totally kidding by the way)?
All hail, this is great news :) Please include PowerAMP unlocker too :)
Do you know how many of those apps require a root permission and how many users have downloaded the apps that require root permission?
This is cool and all but while I am waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to arrive so I can move to Android from BlackBerry I am not able to partake as I don't have a phone registered.

Why can't I buy something associated to my google account and then download it to my phone when I get my Galaxy Nexus?
Chris S
10 cent apps !
Now that's a nice J curve.
Sucks that Asphalt 6 HD isn't compatible with the Asus Transformer. That game would look great on the transformer.
I was using Endomondo before and now have Endomondo Pro for .10
Sweet. Asphalt 6 looks great on my Samsung Galaxy S II. (Make sure you're around WL for the 500MB download though)
i can't install any of them on my gtab 10 :(
+Android the 10c was so cheap my bank got suspicious and thought it was a fraudulent transaction!
+Android also, you guys have a currency bug. I first started using Android Market when I was in the UK. Now I'm in Australia, and despite using an Austn card, I was charged £0.10 per transaction - their was also some funky goings on with Market saying I was being charged AU$0.10 when I wasn't. How to change?
anyone knows if telcel will allow you to buy apps using them something like tmobil or other phone company's...
+Paul Kang I've discovered that you can install Market apps if you use AirDroid. It's a bit less convenient but you still get most of the apps.
Thats so unfair. Im buying an android phone next month and I cant even buy the apps to get ready sad face
Getting my first Android phone tomorrow (Samsung Galaxy Nexus). Any tips/ideas on the first few things I should do - settings/apps etc ?
Being in the UK, I will be paying a £1 international transaction fee where any of these games developers are in the US.

Now that Android market often shows prices in the local currency, its difficult to even tell when I would be charged this fee on a purchase.

This has been brought up in the forums with no response:

Google can't be held responsible for bank fees but perhaps they could set up local payment endpoints in each region so that people in the UK made payments to the UK.

I hear that Apple and Microsoft seem to be able to do this....

+Android Any feedback on this?
I have never bought an app until today
+Android Paid app access in Bermuda would nice so that we could participate. My Google Checkout works for sites and in app purchases but not for the Android Market purchases. Seems kind of silly to me. By the way, Apple has paid app access in Bermuda (I think it was in their last country update), um just sayin'.
Guys, I'm flashing my galaxy s at least 2 times per week...
Then I'm starting to down ALL of my 20- 30 apps again.
Wow that is just awesome. Hoe the appstore would do that, haha.
I would love to see this in a side-by-side comparison to the apple market. Excellent job Google. Keep going!
+Paul Bellamy I can avoid the charge by using my credit card which doesn't charge international fees. Just have to remember to pay it off each month.

Also, I expect different credit card companies vary on this, so you would need to check your terms and conditions.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<WHATSAPP for 10 Cents PLS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I want an app that lets you go on google+ that looks like its on a pc wen its really on ur phone.
thank you, but my credit card is actually empty :( lol
they're closing the gap with apple's apps. I'm sure they will surpass them sooner or later
Thanks guys! Keep up the great work! <3 Android
Just bought all apps, seriously, for 1 $. If you buy all the apps you help support the developers who deserve it, even if the app is of no use to you, it's a way of helping the platform.
As a app developer I find the pay rates so poor in the android market that I don't bother wasting my time hitting the compile button for a android release.
I would buy wolf ram alpha if it was ten cents.
I picked the right moment to get an Android phone. :) Thanks. I was just debating buying Swiftkey x.... today you made it free. Awesome.
^Almost free ... typing too quickly for my brain

Thanks for the incredible sale. Nexus S + ICS = win
Gyl Sky
... How many are hello world apps. I think it is time to focus on quality instead of quantity
Thanks a lot! We all know Apple would never do this in a million years.
Why can't you give them away like Amazon does every day??
I don't need too many boring apps.When you search"fart" in market you'll get 1000+ apps.No...
Oh, why don't you tell me earlier?
Wendy W
I just wish my phone was able to hold more apps. Would be nice if @Verizon would stop filling up the memory with bloatware.
I want to buy them,but I can't them,because you don't allow us to buy it in China.
Android Rocks!!! Thank you participating devs and Google.
"feels like were running at an incredible rate harry!"
That would be great news if my HTC Hero had more room for apps - very disappointed with how few it takes.
Meh, Apple already did this a LONG time ago. Android is garbage.
Would love quickoffice, adw launcher tomorrow for 10¢
where is my Galaxy Nexus.just put it into retail harry
I'd love to buy Poweramp if offered for $0.10 It's by far the best mp3 player that I've tried. As well, Gem Miner is a great way to kill some time!
Emma J
i like apple and koodo not android
Yes, Android is AWESOME! As for Ice Cream Sandwich, loving it! :-)
i don't have a data plan on my phone haha!
+Android Thank you so much for this :D Just bought eight of them. Apps I hope to see next in the promo:
Camera 360 Ultimate
Magic Hour
Documents to Go
Widget Locker
Camera Zoom FX
Wolfram Alpha
I'd like to see a highly rated app that could duplicate MS Word and Excel
Wow amazing. I would like an APP for anyone that can help please email me quotes
damn lol, i contributed with 70 something apps downloaded or more i forgot
Cool man but question is can you knock-down Apple Products!
I'm not a droid guy - but just destroy the apple store!!!
Android now has more than 50 Percent market share - Thanks to Google
I love Android.. I don't understand why the hell some people use I Phones while Androids are on the scene.. Its way too affordable, way too user friendly, and way too nice... Don't u guys think.??
<behind the scene>- Apple sucks..
Am buying all of em even though my present mobile doesnt support Asphalt 6 HD.... but who gives anything for Rs5 nowadays.... android is unbeatable.. AMAZON, learn a few tricks from ANDRO guys...
Awesome. Just bought Paper Camera for .10 cents. :)
Add me to the list of people that won't have a phone/tablet in time for this deal, but still want to buy them :(
Ok... I bought Minecraft and SwiftKey X (still can't believe I got the best keyboard ever for 10c XD)!
Good job to every android users! Keep it up.
We were hungry for that Ice Cream Sandwich too. LOL!
I bought 1 app, now the market says that my VISA is no longer valid. If I try to buy app not from this list it is ok.
Google always the best. love u google ;)
Any stats for iPhone users re: Apps?
There are already more than 10 millions apps.
Can you enable app buying when we don't have any device activated? Mine is in the mail, and I really want to buy these apps at these prices. I even tried registering an SDK emulator as my device...
I think apple is now in trouble! jajajaja Just keep it up!
Required Quality control..:-\
Bought 7 of those. All top quality.... Can't wait until tomorrow's offerings.
Guys this thing is crazy. I bought most of the apps. Thanks
When will 4.0 update be available in India? :)
Since the moment I first saw an advert for the HTC Desire on Android, and learned how it updates ITSELF I had to have it!! The only downside was no bejeweled blitz compatible for facebook. Please please peerrlease can it be next? O:)
Oh come on! I just bought SwiftKey X keyboard a few days ago! :-\
Poweramp is a must have for Android Devices. Also consider Camscanner or ADW launcher or launcher pro for the next give away.
This is super. Hopefully it'll keep growing.
we can down load all the patches from your apps but what garentee do we have that the software uddates are safe.
Awesome price only i'm still saving for an android fone
i hope ics (android 4) will be ported soon for sgs2 as well.
Asphalt 6 is missing on my device (in Germany). There are only nine apps to download---two of them I really like! Thanks.
Impressive numbers; but I expected more.
If you have a bigger market share; yet less downloads per month than other mobile platforms; yes you are growing but I want to see bigger numbers before I develop a paid app for the Android Market.
Shows good promise so should keep it up!
I'd like to just see bigger numbers. Growth of 1.6 to 2.5 billion a month with above 8% in the paid sector to attract me to develop professional apps for Android.
OK we are well into day 2 why haven't the apps changed?

Also is there any way to download an unsupported apply? I want it for my next phone.
Cool.... I'm proud to be an android user...
proud to be an android developer....
@Emma Janzen then please feel free to delete your google+ account and use whatever Apple offer you.
10p for some good apps?
My first ever Android Market purchase! :P
Fucking Apple great..............................superb android
Mike He
I'm using an android phone...though I've never downloaded any app from the market...
That is a super fast growth and great numbers - CONGRATS to that and the 10*10Cent offer to get so much new credit card data this week... I would like to see these figures too! :)
well android phone is like better than iphone 4s...
Xu Xuan
like android,symbol of freedom
..want u want, can just search on android market in a second fast and easy!
Let's tag this and follow relevant updates with #AndroidMarket10DayPromo :)
I've already shared 10 more apps link with that tag.
This is awesome! I was planning on trying out Great Little War Game before, good thing I didn't. Now I get to buy it for 10 cents. :)
+Android Why it is not possible to buy apps over (gift) coupon like Apple is doing for its App-Store?

In Germany no one likes credit card payments!!!
wait, why are there only 5 bars from july - dec...? they are missing a month.
Hao Ren

I'm Malaysian, i search the market and the price is still the same?? when the promotion starts? Go there and like his status. My friend is using social media as a unique way to spread Christmas cheer. Check it out!

Update: If he gets over 300 likes, every like becomes worth a dollar for someone in need, rather than a quarter! Help a family have a great Christmas!
I just want to point out that aside from a very few 1 or 2 apps since I got my G1, I have never spent money in the Market... Thanks to this, I just bought six apps in 20 minutes. Whoever's Idea this was - THANK YOU. I think I'm going to enjoy some of these new apps later, I had some fun messing with one earlier and it was totaly worth the 10 cents :D Keep em comin'! Hell, I might have to start spending more money if I enjoy premium apps this much :P
Thanks Android! Got my app in the Android Market.
Cool picked the right time to buy minecraft 10¢ seems cheap enough!!!! 
There is something wrong - I bought Endomodo and SoundHound for 10 cents, paid for it, but I didn't downloaded it on my phone because I wantad to wait for tommorow, when I can connect via WiFi. Now I got mail that both orders were cancelled - and both apps cost regular price, instead of 10 cents. Why can't I have them for 10 cents, if I ordered them and paid for them already?
Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Iphone 5....Vegeta what does the scouter say about SGS3 power level, its over 9000!
Damn!!! I had no time to buy this soft yesterday, and now it's too late. There's another programs today. And those programs that was yesterday now with full price cost. :'((( GOOGLE PLEASE MAKE SMTH!
I hope they will make +1 more day, after 10-th day, when we can buy any programs from this 10 days in next 24 hours for a very low price!...
Got myself DoubleTwist AirSync and ReadItLater People today! 
This is very... very... very amazing!!! Parabens a Google!!
and also android's market largest in the world
Caspita questo grafico vale più di mille parole!
Time to develop for Android rather than iPhone.
Loads of developer for android apps, but in fact, most of them said that they only earned 25% of revenue on their apps compared to their iOS version apps.
when great work meets then miracle happens
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