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Starting today, Samsung GS4 and HTC One Google Play edition devices are getting an update to Android 4.4! Learn more about Android 4.4, KitKat:
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TZig Adam
It's been getting lonely with us Moto X and Nexus(5,7,10,4) users having KitKat. It's nice to have more phones join the club.
Haven't had this update on my nexus 4 or 7 gen2. Hurry up!
Got the OTA update for my Nexus 4 just now. Looking forward to checking out the new stuff!
+TZig Adam not this moto x user. Thanks to +Sprint my moto x is still waiting for kit Kat. And even better is that they haven't even mentioned that they will release it for Sprint. Gotta love it!
And i keep waiting receive the update for my nexus 7 😒😒😒
My Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 just got upgraded :-)
Sam Sabin
Only Google play editions? How bout normal s4s?
Don't listen to them. They said 4.4 started rolling out for the Nexus 10 two weeks ago and I just now got it.
Cuando llegará al nexus 4 en T-mobile Usa???
Aw snap! We can I download it manually?! I had to root. :/
I think it's odd that people bitched and whined about nexus otas being"slow" but think this, which took LONGER is somehow fast.
Will C.
+Chris Caldwell Well the thing is that they tell us they started rolling the updates out and two weeks later we still don't see it. That's slow.
Aww how cute. Yall can join us Moto X and Nexus users 
Better than best....
Why dropped the support of Galaxy Nexus?!
Lmao... I had the update on my nexus 4 T-Mobile but it wouldn't install and then it just disappeared... 
Why can't more newer phones be updated faster? I mean most apple phones get the update and say just put out the list of devices which will get the update? This is one downfall of android and how long it takes for dates to the OS.
Still waiting on my Nexus4... What gives? 
Meanwhile at at&t: let's make them wait more for 4.3, ooohh and let's lock the bootloader tighter so they can't flash any updates by themselves! 
Still haven't received mine for my nexus 7 (Philippines). :(
Trying to wait patiently for Note 2 update! Hopeing the projected date of april is wrong, wanting it sooner! Haha
What bout at&t galaxy s4
Im stuck on the mf3 upgrade cant put a rom on it..... fucking sucks 
+Juliano Casagrande every well known Android related blog or news site is offering the *.apk and as far as I know there are no issues.
The only cosmetic thing that I noticed is that the notification bar and navigation bar are not transparent on the lockscreen as they are on N5 but apparently that has nothing to do with the launcher
+Johnny Clayton apparently you don't know how rollouts work

+Sam Sabinthe normal S4 goes through Carriers and has nothing to do with Google as they only update the devices they manage.

+Will Clayton there was an issue and it got halted to be patch while some device did get updated they ended up getting a follow up updates also it takes a while to update all devices over the air.
Have 2 Nexus 10's & told 4.4 was out 2+ weeks ago, but still no update showing on either unit...what happened, any news I missed ?
Already in my Nexus 4 but... We are not getting the new launcher!!!! And they took away the color change from on/off data icons in the notifications bar! Why Google? 😵
Bring back the two pane layout in the Settings app, please.
+Graham Miao because the TI OMAP processor and chip set in the GNex is outdated and not supported with drivers by TI anymore. Not Google's fault.
Good grief, how many devices are going to get it before my Nexus 4? Why do I have a Nexus again?

I hate to sound entitled, and truthfully having KitKat isn't going to change my world, but that is supposed to be the point of having a Nexus after all. It's absolutely ridiculous that a Samsung and an HTC are getting this update before my Google phone.

Can't wait to get it on my GS4! ... does it matter if mine's not Google Play edition?
This means that htc one owners will benefit from this ?
GEL is awesome! (With the "Ok, Google" command from home screen fully working)
Running it on my S3 AND it is still touchwiz based!
Which countries got the update first? :(
How about some love for the Galaxy Nexus?
When i will get this update for my galaxy s4 international version? 
Google should just offer GEL as an installable app on Goggle Play, like they've done with the Keyboard and other components that change behavior.
I got a nexus 5 but my nexus 7 hasn't gotten the update nor my sons 4... Come on what is the hold up? 
Is any update for Motorola Razr Maxx XT910 (Titanium Edition) 
Would love this on my Casio Commando 4g.
Really if you roll it out like you do for Nexus should get to them by Christmas say what you want about Apple but Google has a very sloppy way of representing your own brand. I am beginning to lose faith. 
It is so cool that I would eat it because kit kat is my favorite!

Come'on GS3. Make me happy happy happy happy.
Steven, you'll probably have to wait for your phone company to add all their bloat and release their version OTA. Check it by going to apps > settings > about > check for updates
My Nexus 4 got OTA update a few days ago. I was one of the last to get 4.3 though. Be patient, guys. It will come. 
very good thats very tasty yumyum
My Nexus 4 just got it! But I didnt get the transparent home buttons
+Priyanka Bamboriya Please tell me, what does the S3 has to do with a GPE phone? Anyways, Samsung comfirmed that Kitkat is coming to the S3, in a couple of months (lol)! 
Me Be
This is good news.
I got the update two days ago on my Nexus 7 and I'm really disappointed: all the features presented along with the Nexus 5 are not available in the version that Nexus 7 has.
+Android great! but when do you create real innovations like:

1) real backup phone / apps
2) Miracast as the main wireless streamer (Chromecast is a limited money waste)
3) IR blaster in every phone
4) permission manager in a much better way to be safe from data stealing apps like Facebook
5) complex home automation management
6) much better camera GUI (switching to HDR, flash and back is very difficult, why? Do you really use a Nexus camera? I use a lot - just 2 small icons with HDR and flash switches would increase speed of our experience in 1000%. Why can we not save our photos on external SD? 16GB internal is a joke from Google)
7) 32GB as the minimum!

4.4. brings nothing visible for common users
I still wait for Kit Kat on my Nexus4  ...
Waiting for this
I got 4.4 on my nexus 7 nothing to special about it dont know what every one is waiting for.
When is the nexus 4 getting the new kit Kat luncher 
The neww launcher is built into latest version of google search. You just need the Nexus 5 launcher apk to Activate its functionality
+Josh Follmann you do realize your N4 is getting it as a rolling update since last Wednesday(when they restarted the rollout that began the previous week), right. Speed up the process with the"Google service frameworks"trick if you want, otherwise stop your whining.
+Leann Chan I coverted my 4.3 to a GPE version. It was easy and worked perfektly. I'm sure this will be also possible when the rom is released.
+Yovani Carrillo no other services, besides N5 so far, are getting GEL directly, but you can side load it. The only thing I like is the ability to choose how many home screens, otherwise it's lame, especially with Google now being a home screen(what's the point of three loading through the button pulling, now).
when will you give update for nexus 7 2012 mobile ?
When will Kit Kat update come to GS3??
Nexus 4 has already received 4.4 kitkat update 
I have got 4.4 yesterday evening. Greetings from Poland!
What about HTC one brand edition ?
I got the update. But no transparent bar. (nexus 4)
HTC one unlocked international variant is likely to get kitkat update in January 2014
+Jay Weisenberger LOLOLOLOL
My transformer is just laying there dead.
All I want is jelly bean on that : (
Is that too much to ask????
My Nexus 7 2012 wifi still didn't get the OTA 4.4 update... are updates for my model still being pushed through?  :/
Every Nexus, 2012 and forward, is getting the update for 4.4 still, on rolling basis, so it should come to you within the next week it two, if you're not patient you have the other methods to use.
+Domenic khoury depends on the phone, and possibly carrier. If you have a nexus or gpe device, it is coming to you right now on rolling basis.
My nexus 4 is still not updated and you start the rollout for NON NEXUS devices?????!!!!
No camera love for galaxy note 2 yet.
+Andrew Oliver if you want many, if not all, the UI benefits that the N5 has, you can grab the APK for GEL most anywhere and sideload.
My T-Mobile Nexus 4 received the update a couple day ago. So far, so good!
Google threw all! That slipped our Google Nexus 4 except deceit do not dare to call! Have you ever heard that Apple updated their device, but previous models trimmed functional or deprived of their visual appearance, which, incidentally, was claimed as a business card of the new OS.
Such a bad deed from google, I did not expect.
Failure to update Galaxy Nexus can be understood and forgiven, but this desecration of users, as an attempt to get them to buy a new device, depriving most anticipated experience of using the new launcher - it's very bad!
And here is my verdict - if these are not good developers are not plugged into my 4.4 launcher in Nexus 5 (without the need to put strange ports), I turn back iPhone!
All of the above I have already sent a message to these greedy swindlers from Google and encourage everyone to do it!
+Andrew Oliver you have to wait till its pushed to you or you can do it manually. Do any of you even know what your complaining about?
Dear fellow Nexus 4 users: stop whining like little children and just sideload the update. If you think you are "technical" enough to care about the features that an Android update gives you, you should be technical enough to run a few simple adb commands.
Does anyone know if the Motorola atrix HD will get this update or can I do it manually
Need more Nexus 7 LTE updates :( Getting really anxious to start playing around with it! 
Dear Google people of +Android , please offer the opcoming top-class phones alltogether with vanilla Android experience via Google Play. And include europe.
What's going on with KitKat for Nexus 7 LTE? Anytime this year? 
I got my nexus 7 updated snd I don't see the difference
+Christopher Takakura well I dont think you will find it jellybean is very smooth and if your nexus 7 2012 is running laggy now I dont think KitKat will help
+Jonathan Rivera +Jais Vemmer +kiran kolhapure and anyone else concerned about their 2012+ Nexus's update, please, refer to +Chrono Tata's previous post a couple up and replace "Nexus 4" with your respective device, or use the stupidly easy "Google service framework" trick to get your device up to 4.4.
Jesus, impertinent people.... Worse than kids
When will my IBM Simon get the update? We're all waiting!
Got 4.4 on my Nexus 7 1st gen, and I don't see hardly any change at all so a waste of time really 
To all the people complaining about it not being on Nexus 4 yet, it has been pushing out to nexus 4 devices for days now, mine updated last week. If you don't see it go into apps and clear the app data for the Google services framework and then manually check again, this usually forces the update to register right away. 
Doug _
dear Android what about nexus 7 3g version ? 
Why didn't Nexus 4 get Google Experience Launcher??😩😱
What about the Galaxy S3 phones in the UK we are still waiting for 4.3 Jelly Bean. A complete travesty. Samsung, thought this phone was the best - Now. What can I say. EE user I might add snd so frustrated. 
Probably a no to the S2 and S3 guys :(
I think Google should roll out a OTA update for Nexus 5 to fix the camera, wifi and other bugs.....
I have Android 4.3 on a Nexus S, and seriously, you don't want that :) (gonna downgrade soon). So I doubt 4.4 will be released on older models. New and current low-end devices is something else then old high/midrange models.
This Phone cant be better. It do ecacktly what I want, But could be better in English. 
Good morning chicas y chicos a ley de dos días para el día de acción de gracias 
and the non Google play edition S4??
...and my N7 2012 Wifi+3G still nothing. I bought Nexus because of receiving fast updates. :(
Waiting patiently for my Droid Maxx. :)
I know a lot of people are complaining but I think this roll out has been pretty well inclusive of a lot of devices fairly quickly. Hard to support so many devices with different hardware specs. Not like there are 3 different versions of one phone cough cough iPhone.
Checked this morning before I went to work and the update is available for T-mobile S4. Hoping S3 update is available for my wife. We'll see if the wait was worth it. 
+Josh Follmann no, the point of a Nexus is a pure Google experience and a solid device for developers. Timely updates are just a bonus. On that note, the stock images have been available for over a week for those that can not wait for the OTA and the source has been available for even longer for the custom roms to get started with.

Only got the nexus 4 update after clearing Google services framework
+Joram Teusink resetting the framework doesn't do any lasting damage and does not require a phone reset - at most changing the device ID will mean you may have to log back into some apps if notifications stop appearing.... to be honest if changing the device ID is such an issue without doing a factory reset you would think that it would not be an option in, I've done it multiple times and never had any issues. The google apps will hook up with the new device ID as should others.

To be honest no service should be using your device ID as identity for you, very bad practice indeed!
+Michelle Hendrick If you brought it from the Google Play website it is. If you brought it anywhere else or got it through a carrier, it isn't. If yours is Verizon then you'll have to wait for Samsung to make it available and then Verizon to release it. That could be a very long wait.
Or you can wait for CyanogenMod...
How about S4 Mini? I got it because I wanted something "pocket-size" (NOT handbag-size) and not because I wanted to skimp on features (though price was a factor, of course!)
+Roman Kasal I'd guess that's why it went from .3 to .4 and not to a 5.0 . Android was pretty much a mess on the underlying code and they need to get their shit together before building a castle over it, or it'd fall into ruins. 

If you compare to iOS and WM, they are much more mature OS wise in terms of stabilty and performance thanks to the almost none fragmentation. 
+Adrien Cardoso  I hope youre right and everything will be added in the 5th version

but iOS or WP are far behind, you can not compare them with Android, they are tight and limited without choice...Android is greatly universal and universality with its difficulties and complexity backed by a powerful company always wins
+Roman Kasal  I guess that not everything, but with the version jump we should get more exciting features. 

Yes, the beauty of Android is its openness to tweakabilty.  Although iOS with Jailbreak also have a very good userbase, but all the new flagships take a good while to be jailbroken, so I guess that we're ahead on this.
Although with companies as Samsung bringing Knox and all might bring darker times. 
Just hope that developer phones and Google Play Editions keep coming.
Chris S
+Jonathan Mayo it can do lasting damage that does require reset. My N4 quit showing up in the desktop browser version of Google Play Store. This was back when 4.3 came out. I flashed the factory image of 4.4 when it released (a full phone reset) and that's the only thing that fixed it. Not even hours on the phone with Google support could repair the damage. They could only recommend a factory reset. I chose to wait until 4.4 to do that, thinking back then, "android 5.0 will be out soon."

Anyway, this was semipermanent damage fixed only by reset.
GS4 upgraded. However. . Just with 4.3 version! 😞
How about the HTC One X?  Will that model get KitKat as well?
When will available for galaxy tab 3?
Chris S
Nexus users should have already either flashed the factory image or adb sideloaded the OTA from the Google source.

The truth is, 4.4 is already out for those and was even before the Moto X. People were just too lazy to get it. You don't even have to unlock your bootloader to adb sideload AFAIK.

If you can't be bothered to help yourself with adb, then tough luck. You can wait for the OTA to really come to your phone. But do you believe that Google has some responsibility to not let any other device in the world to receive an update until every single N4 in the world is updated? Seriously?

Quit stretching the truth, the N4 and all other Nexi had 4.4 available before other devices. Just because you're waiting for an automatic update instead of doing 10 minutes of work yourself does NOT mean that 4.4 was not out for your Nexus. 
i got kitkat for my nexus4 on friday. hurray.
where is my update for my nexus 7.........
What is the point of owning a nexus anymore? What did it cost for Samsung to buy you out, Google? 
Only just the update ony nexus 4 and 7 (2013) Google you are pissing customers off with the slow updates. 
My Nexus 4 was updated a couple of days ago, Nexus 7 2012 was updated overnight. Nexus 7 seems a lot snappier now. 
시바 갤넥4.3 무시하냐
Oh yeeeee, so for all stock users .... expect it winter 2016, if ever, ...... such a joke!
Where the heck is my update on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7?????
+Kote Khutsishvili Um... they're easily findable. Unless you have a serious reason to wait for the OTA, you can upgrade both of those devices in less than an hour, and that includes time for downloading. The factory images have been out for weeks, and the OTA URLs (which are tremendously easy to sideload) have been passed around on just about all of the Android blogs, plus XDA.
+Paul Leonard Thanks for response. Is that normal way to upgrade? I mean if I get another upgrade like 4.4.2 should I do the same over and over again? Or will I be able to update automatically in the future?
lin Ryn
When Xperia Tablet Z? 
+lin Ryn Google doesn't update any other phone other than the ones they sell on Google Play
When will the sony  release the 4.4
And when I will get my update to google nexus 4?
+Zhenia Gontar already updated. go settings-applications-find google services framework and clear data. then check for update again.
Will samsung ace 3 get a software update? ?????
what about Motorola Droid RAZR M? no love? :(
+Zhenia Gontar its a staged rollout and its done randomly so when do you think you will get it?

+Vladislav Chapyuk that does more harm then good and isn't advice so please do some research before recommending something to others as you will get it when your device is ready because its already in the que.

+Leandro Vale wrong post. Google updates devices they sell on the play store so your bound by your carrier and or manufacturer

+Rona Elhawary same goes for you 
GS3 in Sweden. Haven't even gotten the 4.3 update yet due too some script error or something. 
I got the update today - now anything is grey ... or just "decolored". And I think they reduced the number of emoticons for hangouts.
I think it is very cool and I will buy a phone on this operating system

I'm still waiting for my update for my nexus7 2013 from Houston 
I've had it on my 2012 Nexus 7 for a few days. I honestly don't see what the big deal is. They changed some very minor aesthetic things and split Google Drive into two apps, and that's about it. It didn't even improve the speed of my tablet; if anything it's worse with Kitkat.
And what about the GOOGLE Nexus 4 ???? 
When is Kit Kat rolling out to the US carrier GS4
Google done a great rubish as not launching 4.4 on Galaxy nexus. Its so disappointing and Google will lose its so many satisfied customers after doing this. It's galaxy nexus customers feeling so bad as Google done a step-mom act to them. Is galaxy nexus is out of nexus community although they are satisfied from
А samsung galaxy s 3 где android 4.4 для него? Будет?
Unfortunately, the Google play editions are only in the USA. So here in the UK there are the normal manufacturer versions. These have skins and added features, so for Samsung and HTC to give the update, you may have to wait a while :(
How to update samsung galaxy s2 to kit kat 
Just got 4.3 today... so where is 4.4 ???? -- Fido Galaxy S4. My Nexus 7 was updated to 4.4 couple of days ago
What about HTC desire
I want my update for my Nexus 7 2013. :(
My Nexus 7 got the update last night.
I have the g4 play edition and still haven't received it (11/26/13)!
Wait.. Didn't the 4.3 update just come out last week on the s4? 
My nexus 4 don't recieve the upgrade 
I thought Nexus products were supposed to receive updates first? Why are HTC GS4 etc receiving updates before Nexus owners?
can i update my huawei g510 jellybean 4.1 to 4.2 or 4.4..?
I brought Galaxy nexus +HSPA directly from Google in last year ( 8/2012), so, its not even two years old, I guess still warranty, 
But, scary thing, Google hasn't listed this model for KitKat update.
Juuuust got my update for N7 (2013) 😁😁😁🙌🙌🙌
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+Subba Reddy M actually you got it right before the Nexus 4 was released but it's been available for a while. Kitkat will not be available officially 
I really don't see any change on my GS4
Th upgrades dpend on wot zone u in , sony wil upgrade 4.3 in dec 2013 4.4 in jan 2014
+muhammad azam 4.4 has already rolled out for GPE GS4 right now. I just update my GPE GS4. Nothing surprised.
+Keith W if you haven't gotten your #Nexus4 update yet to manually check go to settings>apps>all > Google services framework> clear data and force stop. After all that reboot device, once restarted the update should appear in the about phone. Cheers.
For those of you who didn't get the nexus KitKat updates follows these steps to have it push to your specific nexus device.

an alternative method. Go to Settings > Apps (or Applications) and select show All. Then find Google Services Framework and click the Clear Data button. Then click the Force Stop button.

Note that this might not work on the first try.
Why, Google , why u do this to me? Why I got just a half of Kit Kat update ? Why? Last time I have get a half of 4.3 and now half of 4.4! Why? Why I need a Nexus device if u do problems like this every time?
Everyone just do the framework trick. I know they said don't do it but I'm positive it's only not recommended for phones. Do it on tablets because they don't have service. I did it to my Nexus 7 2013 yesterday because I got tired of waiting and it works flawlessly.
I got it yesterday on my nexus 7. I love the child logins with complete control
This info is incorrect. The S4 got the 4.3 update.
Can i install it on my lg l3 e425?
My Nexus 7 works fine with this and all of my apps work. Thanks for releasing this.
My N4 jus got the update today!
Android 4.4 kitkat update version on nexus 4 handsets is quite disappointing. Why they can't get the translucent navigation and notification bar like it's on nexus 5?
Got mine on Nexus 7. Was hoping for a completely touch less OK Google from the home screen as far as I can tell you have to hit the mic. Also disappointed no more flash support at all
So, instead of the 4.3 update for my GS4, ill get 4.4? I'm still waiting for the 4.3 (T-Mobile said something about bugs delaying the release???) update. I'm confused :-I
HELP!!! Stuck on boot screen during 4.4 update for my N4!!!!!
+Dave Wright only the Google Play Edition (unlocked) versions are getting Android 4.4; the T-Mobile S4 started getting 4.3 today and eventually this week you'll receive it
Finally received kitkat 4.4 for nexus 4, interesting changes. Nice phone app. and safety points.
But notification bar needs to have different colors like 4.3 to show network present or lost. Also originations emojis different than actual .
For wallpaper function actual screen is off-center compared to 'set wallpaper' window. Needs improvement. 
Hurry up on the update please on the galaxy s4
Where can i download the firmware update for galaxy 4
Finally got it on my Nexus 4 (France). 4.4 is great ! I hope you will also push the Google Experience launcher so the update is complete !!!
4.4 apdate phone life superhit
Will the 4.4 be available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ? 
# Duds
Come 4.4 for my one + ?
What about my nexus 7. 3g:'( 
How to update android 4.0.1 (hi tech amaze s 200) on latest verson kitkat
Plese sujest me I am a android user I was want to update kitkat verson
Hab Po
I have (noticed) 2 problems since 4.4 upgrade : first, the  new interface is half complete and only works for the notif' bar, not for the launcher nor on the homesreen. Second, frequently my wifi doesn't work and i can't reactivate it without rebooting my Nexus 4. Really annoying ! Thx.
In South Africa we are still waiting for 4.3 update
I wish Samsung galaxy nexus gets the Android 4.4 kitkat
My Nexus 4 is updated to kitkat, and when I am running, using endomondo application, GPS lost signal every time, and my track is very inacurate.... so bad !
My Nexus 7 device become very slow after the upgrade to 4.4 version, is there any solution?
Upgraded my N7 2013 LTE last night, now I can use the mobile hotspot...the feature I use the most...finally!
My nexus 7 loose the battery very soon after the KitKat update. Is there any solutions?
Is it happening in India aswell ?
Im still waiting for my gs3 4.3 update on Verizon.
Very good update for nexus7 2013 thank you google
Bob C
What does Google Play edition mean? 
When is it gona be aveilable for other devices like galaxy phones?
In the At&t s4 doesn't arrive! 
Mine just updated to 4.3!  Got all excited only to find it's the same as I already had!
I got mine in Venezuela. Ok, but on a NEXUS 7 I am not too blown away, yet...
Will be available to Asus Fonepad (ME371MG)???
I wonder how they are distributing the update. Is it by continet, prefix, or ???
I hope they aren't as buggy as the nexus 4 update. 
I'm using the Nexus 7 2013 on KRT16S and having MAJOR touchscreen issues. Pressing two fingers on the screen or more and there's random ghost taps and it jumps and jerks around... Just putting this out there. Hope there's a fix soon. Anywere official I can post my problems?
nexus 4  after coming  kitkat  its giving only 13 hour battery very bad in  nexus 4  wht i should do  .....  if  i reset again 4.3 it will come  or google  will send  other update to  incers  battery ..............
4.4 Kit Kat broke my IR Blaster on my Galaxy S4
Got the OTA update just now for my Nexus 4 . Let's see how sweet is KitKat!!!!
i'm using my samsung galaxy note II, nad i was wondering about, when are 4.4 KitKat ready to download?
I still haven't received the update for my s4
I have N7 (2013) with Kitkat. I restart my device 3 times today already. it's not stable.  It freeze from time to time, and the responds for the touch screen is very lag many times.  4.3 is better ....... don't update to Kitkat.  I don't know if others user got the same problem.
+Leslie L this 4.4 update is for the Google Play edition only. I have a GS4 and was excited to hear it may get 4.4, but no. I'm still waiting for 4.3, which should be out this week. 
Is the regular HTC ONE getting an update?
I just got the update for 4.3 for my s4..lets see how long the 4.4 takes
When does the upgrade becomes available to México?
Pleeeeeeez somebody tell me about Samsung galaxy s3. When is it going to update .I'm from india
What about the Galaxy S4 GT_I9500?? 4.3 was stopped so I want 4.4
+Sridhar Srinivasan Do you charge you device through your car or zip or any other transformer?. If yes then stop doing that and buy new charger and only plug it through multiplug (spike guard). Same tbing happened to me and i got yhe solution from Youtube. Cheers.
please don't update to kit kat it has still so many bugs.
If i have 4.1 can i update it to 4.4 o.o ?
Some many choclate names . For me hunger coming.
Google messed up the update for all phones other than Nexus 5. Look at Nexus 4, 7 (1&2), 10 compared to Nexus 5. It's like a two class society. That's not what I paid for when I bought Nexus devices.
kitkat android when entering Indonesia?
What about the kit kat update for the note 3 with us cellular. 
Says at bottom currently only available for the Nexus 5... So when is it ready for the GS4?
I am getting issues with New Kitkat contact system. where can i update/discuss to get the  solution
wen wil it cum out on Samsung galaxy young GT-S6310
coco z
I hope you have kept the auto saving copies of photos when you edit them. the gallery is not so good for me... I want that auto "saving copy" back, like right now.
I haven't been able to take a single non-blurry photo of my 2 year old since I got my Nexus 5. PLEASE update the camera ASAP. Right now this phone is useless for me.
my galaxy has no connectivity to wifi anymore and so many other annoying things . hope you guys have an uninstall prepared i really don't like this ........
Email app now sucks on nexus 4. 
Yeah, the meanwhile my s4 is still with 4.2.2 , i miss my iphone 4s...
What about Galaxy S4 LTE? when the device will get an update?
The 4.3 for s4 have emjois the s3 4.3 doesn't idk why
Будет ли обновление ANDROID 4.4 Kit Kat на Lg Optimus G? И если будет, то как скоро?
My phone is nexus i9250.. I wish i could update kit kat on my device... 
This is great! I now have the update, but it broke email with Exchange. Now on my Nexus 7 2013, Nexus 10, and now my S4 GPE email isn't working. I have to remove the account and re-add it in order for email to work. And then it's just for a day if that. When will this be fixed? I need it ASAP! =)
+Keith W trust me dude you don't want to update it, my nexus 4 is crashing, freezing, serious lag I no longer want to use it, nor can I depend on it for calls. 
Normally a very happy Android users, but Kit Kat update has totally bricked my Nexus 4. Can't receive calls, don't get any voicemail or txt notifications, search no longer functions, home button doesn't work, to name just a few of the issues. It's total garbage, and no direct response from Google on this. Spent the entire week of thanksgiving without a functioning phone. Really poor customer/user experience. +TechCrunch +Android Authority 
What about Samsung 18552 update
How about HTC Desire 600 C
another yummy os in d market!!
Bagus,tanggal berapa Upgrade Android 4.4 Kitkat Samsung Galaxy S4 HTC one ?
I'm waiting
+Faisal Aloumi thats because it depends what mobile carrier not all gs4 with different carrier sometimes it came little bit late for the update and sometime have slow updates
So I updated my GS4, but only got the 4.3 still jeally bean... when will it be for it?
i cannot believe that google is not going to update galaxy nexus to android 4.4 
moonlanding  grösste amerikanisch  hoax alles gegen phisik-regeln
When is it coming out on galaxy S3? 
When do i get android 4.4 on my s4 gt i9505? - Norway
Iam sad my mobile is galaxy s3
are we ever going to get a flash player update for kitkat, kinda bummed out about not being able to watch videos
How can I get updates. Android 4.4 Kitkat With my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100
When will I get a update that I can get 4.3 jelly bean for my samsung galaxy not 8.0 5110 wifi .
next version name all are decide is Lollipop , but i think after the Lollipop will be Macaroon right?
Will some one please make a 4.4.4 Google Play Edition ROM for s4 i9500... Please... 
Update to Samsung galaxy s2 os for android 4.4, kitkat
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