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#Android: Making even the most difficult of grocery store choices easy. #OKGoogle 
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+Antoine Kanaan not if the EU has something to say about it. They stopped Microsoft and they can stop Google as well. 
The beginning of the Matrix program has begun. The Second Renaissance
Is this a future feature, or is my N5 not setup properly?
I want to update my device (Nexus 5) from android 4.4.2 to 4.4.3
I am on a Google Nexus 5 fully up to date and do not see the secondary nav bar.  Must be an app or browser add on.
I can't manage to do this o-o
From Chrome Search results, go to "More", select "Search Tools" and if the the subject of your search was recipe related, you'll see the ingredients dropdown.
+Ben Robison
you need to enable it on the google now configuration screen, or google it for your phone model
Still no android 4.4.3 for my nexus 5.

Wait, you have to click More -> Search Tools to see this. Not confusing at all -___-
Why is everyone having a hard time with this? Search for a recipe with Google, tap on 'Search Tools', tap on ingredients. 

Notice that the image shows Google Chrome not Google Now. 
Go in to the Chrome browser, and type Lasagna into the Omnibox (search area).  When results show up, click More on the top right, and Seach Tools.  Then the ingredient search shows up.

I'm going to post an illustrated step by step guide.
I went brought up search tools and still no ingredients menu. Just the same old time and result filters.
funny...when you change search tools to search for lasagna with less than 300 calories, no
Wow! It really works, and not just in the States. I tried it with coconut balls, and it worked (but who would put potatoes in them?). Do use Chrome for it, though - the Search app doesn't support search tools for some reason...
Rolf B
Nope, that didn't work
This isn't the same picture that you guys posted on Twitter. The phone is different in your Twitter post, a phone I've never seen before... 
For those who are still struggling: it most probably doesn't work with the local domain. Search with and not, say, (like anyone would use that :)) and then it'll work (but only in English).
I won't let Google control me, ill get an iPhone, oh wait, they use mind control also,dam
Could anyone explain how filtering recipes based on ingredients will let Google control my life? Sorry, I don't get the joke.
Holy crap! When did this become available?

Also you have to be in the chrome browser , search for a food, then slide at the top bar to more,click "ingredients".

You guys are an awesome team. It get better and better day by day. Love android 
+Android is this a app or a Google search update? I don't see the same thing when I search "lasagna".
Ah, only works from chrome browser. Doesn't work from the OK google screen
Hey whats up devona in house anything going on good
+Antoine Kanaan If a company knows a lot about you and your daily stuff. That could be a bad thing, or a good thing. It's good if the company have all data encrypted and stored at one secure place. That's for sure better than having it spread out across the internet in hands of all different kind of people, and Google is a company that knows the best encryption methods and definitely have the economy to keep their users data safe
You have to use

Doesn't seem that good to me though... If you lack a couple of ingredients (that you probably don't need) it decides you cannot cook anything and hides all of the results. Not very good if you're into blagging it a bit in the kitchen.
+Antoine Kanaan not only control but tell us how to think. IMHO they have paid trolls that puck a certain subject and get a bunch of followers and make g+ relevant this way. 
+Charles Eye ha thanks dude. I was having a hell of a time finding that...didn't even know the search tools existed.
+Chris Steeves Maybe you also have to check the search settings. Though it should be set to show English results. To be honest, if what I've suggested doesn't work, I'm not sure how to do it :(
Go to Google chrome search it then hit more then choose search tools and it will bring up those options

Also.......dingos ate my baby due to the government controlled solar flares that are used to make my brain into popcorn when I wear my tinfoil hat. 
Not getting this ability on my phone
This N5 display is pure white, the one I had was yellow. I asked for another one, still the same, so after fourth N5 I bought G2, which is now at the store because display just died... :)
So i just got my new Nexus 5 and its... neon orange/red.  Not complaining... it just hurt my eyes when i opened the box.  Wasn't ready for that..  "Bright Red" does not equal neon.
Is this another US only feature or a future update? 
I think this is a U.S. Only feature. 
This does not do what most people are assuming it does.  It is not listing the ingredients of the food you searched specifically; it is listing SOME ingredients based on your search to conduct another search.  confusing implementation
+Bojan Bojovic On XDA there have been many reports that the yellowness fades over time. My N5's display looked great from day 1, but others have mentioned the yellow tint and its eventual disappearance.
how can i do that? (im from argentina)
Only for Nexus 5... Nexus 4....nothing?
Wendy W
How do you get it to make a grocery list?
+Android who is your chef.. Cappers and spinach and... ? What kind of Lasagne are you preparing? Please respect the Lasagne. ..Italian guy
I think its a Google search update... Cuz my Nexus 5 doesn't do it either...
+Antoine Kanaan
Google is already a big part of our lives. Imagine a world without Google and its services. A world without Google (the search engine), without Android and without Google+. I Can't imagine a world without this great company anymore. 
+Antoine Kanaan if you think that is controlling your live you don't have to use it, that simple 
They should make a floating widget like this for keep.
Off topic, but that is a creepy looking hand.
Mozzarella?? Pine nuts?? Are you kidding me?? O.o
How do I activate that on my MotoX kitkat phone?
Google now is adding so much! Great and loving it. 
To be able to export the list to Google Keep would be welcome :3
I checked...but it seems this feature in not available in India...ingredients option is not available
sy Z
Chrome 35.0.1916.138 Android 4.4.3 on Nexus 5: no ingredients in Germany.
Looking forward to making sushi..:D
Google making things easy for the chosen ones. Google now is still useless outside US even if voice recognition support is long there
Can itmake the list drive irs self driving car to buy food cook and serve it.thwn clean after .Until then I will not be able to be happy with it. 
Why are there so many questions and not a single answer? How do we do this?
do like the picture and search "lasagna" in the browser not on google now. Once you have the results, click on the the "More" menu and you should see "Search Tools" on the bottom, then the "Ingredients" tab will show up.
Because this is how Google's support works. Lot of questions but not many answers. 
i love android software its bravooo!!
What is the point? Where do the items go that I check? To a list somewhere? 
Nails's white outline steals attention to the screen
Make "Ok Google" in Italian, please :'(
Your much for the oras and but inganeration anywei frod and roach and soap and price

+Eric Souza thanks for the info on how to do this. Seems like my grocery shopping should be more fun!
hey!!! that's not the phone they've shown on twitter... something' s fishy....
Si estuviese en Español facilitaría muchísimo las cosas a los que no dominamos la lengua inglesa. Por favor traducción ya.
I really like this phone. The Nexus 5! I really can't wait to get my hands on it!
I don't get those options when searching recipes. How do I get what's shown here?
Battery still same as before update 4.4.3
Nothing different
Still draining
+google may be looking like the one that is controlling thing but do you really want to be doing things with out it agen it makes things easier and is like having your own assist with you all the time.
Yeah that's a little while talk I have to go shopping
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