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Need a fresh new font that also looks great on high-resolution mobile screens? Download Roboto, our typeface built for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, from the Android Design site:
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Love that font! I'm using for my status bar clock
You guys should use Comic Sans!
thanks a lot, gonna try to put them onto my holo skinned gnome 3
I want it! Can it be used on my Blog?
Will it be made available as a Google Web Font?
+Markus Sugarhill Actually I use it on Hnome Shell. Some places are buggy, but still looks great on Android and on the desktop.

Roboto is just great, modern font.
Markus download and use tweak tool, it's simplier;)
This would make a difference for the elderly and the people that have a problem with sight.
+Matt Byrne Because it is the stock ICS font "...our typeface built for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich..."
nope, that one is to thin. but the medium or condensed look good. i gonna try out the medium for a few hours, thenn ill decide +Jaroslav Jelinek
I wish that zero had the slash through it, but still looks nice.
Too bad there isn't a monospaced variant of Roboto.
+Matthew Sholtz i think they had some major problems with nexus s and nexus s 4g. some people i know got the update ota, others not (speaking for the nexus s). the stopped the rollout some time. i dont know why. and i know it is still not ok. but i really hope they are just trying to fix problems....
Hans J
How would I go about installing this on my Droid Charge?
I used Roboto today for a greeting poster. My boss commented on the font that it looks very nice :-)
I keep forgetting this is still new to people. I've been on 4.0 since the first aosp rom dropped.
Been using it for a few months now. I wish Google Docs supported it.
I havent looked up to see if someone else mentioned it, but there's a hidden message here. Glasses, Self Driving, Music ,Summer, heating up? should be a good year :D
The (brief) text file that comes with it allows use for apps. No mention of web and it's not on google webfonts.
Request: A Unicode version of Roboto (one that at least fills the CJK code pages).
If only we could all get an ice cream sandwich
Oh, duh! Thought this was a rip-off. Thanks everyone.

[edit - another duh. i deleted my original question, which assumed the font was 3rd party. thanks again, for the comments and for Roboto itself]
Does the phone need to be rooted to switch to this font? If not what's easiest way on galaxy nexus?
Can I simply download from my Android phone and have it work? Please allow me too!!!
:-) I actually just downloaded it like 4 hours ago to make a prototype for an upcoming app look just a little nicer...
Loving it!
If i have the app rom toolbox u can have any font u have ever dreamed of
i kind of like the roboto fonts
My favorite new font, it looks great on all kind of media from paper to high res screens <3
Really‽ No Interrobang‽ That's disappointing...
Are these allowed for web use?
Yep, great font. Been using it on my Evo 3D for a few months now.
Why are you not supporting Gingerbread users? Did you just abandon us?
Why not add it to Google Web Fonts?
Temple Run will be out in a couple of weeks.
Choco cooky font just makes me smile MORE when i use my Android! Standard fonts are cool for business. But for personal it needs FLARE!
Android is stupid,The new Android is coming and still most of people couldn't upgrade their mobile to Android ice cream
+Yousef Nooh If Android is so stupid you're more than welcome to take your ass on to iOS.
Works great on my nexus s running ics 4.0.3
can u guys pls. give me a direction on how to install went straight to my astro file and don't know where to go from i move it somewhere?
+Brian Agustin Yeah, you do. I am unaware of a way to change the system font without having root access.
Some phones you can. Most Samsung phones allow you to change the font, and all you have to do is install an .apk (there are plenty to be found out there) containing the Roboto fonts. I had one installed on my Galaxy S, but I don't need to on my Galaxy Nexus.
+Renze de Ruiter The app I use, Font Changer, requires .ttf files, so if I find any fonts I happen to like I can snag the .ttf and throw it in.
Got it! Using it on Windoze now! I love this font! This and the Ubuntu font are my two go-to fonts!
I am liking my sgs more with cm9 now than when I bought in 2010. One of the reasons is this beautiful font. It is very legible in small font size.
I'll try it right away on my Nexus S, oh snap, still no ICS for Nexus S... Luckily Google keeps my updated about the progress. Thank you Google!
who should be asked to fix one problem with that font?
When do you introduce support for Indian languages?
i 'm waiting the samsung galaxy s3
+Michael Cooke +Mischa Frank The fact that its some sort of four-headed hydra or a frankenfont makes me like thus font a little more. If you two could find an article comparing it to some sort of ninja zombie then it would be my font for life. :D
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii android
Condensed is my favorite.
Font changer, available on the market, does require root. I don't know of any other way to do it without root, as it requires access to system files.
Roboto looks great on my computer.
Still no support for romanian language...
Obviously, a very high resolution (> 200 ppi) is needed to enjoy this font. Tried it on my PC screen @100dpi and it looks plain ugly (i.e badly hinted) under 20pt size :|
Roboto is fantastic for english.. But for foreign languages, we need a Unicode version of it. Maybe this is one new feature that google may need to work on especially since Android(and all the nexus devices) is going global!
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