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What’s that song? Let Google help you find out! In December, we made the Sound Search widget for Google Play available in the Play store ( And here's a cool tip for music fans who are using the latest version of the Google Search app for Android:

You can now tap the microphone button in the search box on your homescreen. Within moments you'll see a music button appear telling you that Google hears the music too. Just tap the button to launch a music search and discover the name of the song and artist, and instantly buy the track on Google Play. 

Sound Search is currently available to users in the United States with the latest version of the Google Search app, for devices running Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, and above. 
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E Walk
That is cool. I will definitely be using this everyday
So why is music search limited to usa? google music is also available in germany
Timothy Owen
"Sound Search is currently available to users in the United States".... This and a tonne of other cool Google features and services! :_(
how does this limitation to US make any sense? It's not like we have to buy the track from the Google Play after listening... Soundhound and Shazam have no problems...
Can't Google Search just realize that it is a song without pressing the button? It would be a nice future feature! there a way to integrate those searches into the history that is available through the Sound Search widget? I just did a couple of searches via this method, and they came back very quickly, but didn't show up in that history.
Je Saist
A lot of this comes down to licensing. Google may likely only have a license from the RIAA to store and analyse sound samples from tracks licensed for release in the US. 

Until Google's lawyers hammer out licensing deals with the recording industry associations across the world it would likely be a criminal act to sample and then compare a music track to one stored or known to Google's search service.

Cross country legal restrictions are a large part of why many Google applications, as well as contests from vendors like +Sony only occur in the US. Negotiating trade restrictions, licensing, and even laws surrounding sweepstakes and/or gambling requires a team of lawyers and time. 
Phillip Han
I think it'll be faster for me to move to the US rather than waiting for your services to come to Canada.. :/
In Australia we don't even have Google Music. 
It'd be nice if you could hum the song and have Search recognize it a la Soundhound, but I'm not complaining. 
Only available in the United States... Google's available around the world..? 
Oh, good. Google hears that music too. But can it hear those voices in my head?
I just use sound hound and doreso in China because it unsupported China.
Sounds like Sony Track I.D, been used for many years ago.
Can anyone tell me why Google is locking Canada out of such great apps like Voice and Music? Both would be fantastic (especially for myself who actually uses voice calls very little. VOIP would be great!
Listen, I'd probably never use this feature if I had access to it, but I want to know why I don't have access to it. Please, Google, just release a quick, simple statement explaining why this is only available in the US. Please.
USA and 4.1 only. That makes about 3 people that can use this. Thanks google!!
Australia sometime this _ (fill in the blank).
Goodbye Shazam when this makes it overseas.
For those wondering why the region/country restrictions, +Je Saist posted the most likely logical reason. Ran into that very problem on an art site that ran contests with sponsors that required region restrictions.
I tried doing this anyway when a song came on and I didn't have the "Whats this song?" widget on my homescreen.  So this seems like an intuitive implementation.  Nice.
wow, i was listening to Ellie Goulding when i saw this post. You knew what i was listening too BEFORE i searched for it.  
USA USA USA! Sucks for you guys that can't use features like this just because u live in another country :-(
+Je Saist that's all well and good mentioning about licensing, however the UK has had Google Music officially since November 2012, and we still do not have Sound Search facilities.

This is clearly nothing to do with licensing.
Yeah surely its cool but not avaliable in australia !
That's why I hate Google. Services restricted to geographical regions
+Prasad Bansode I think maybe you need to look to the region or the country to see the cause of the restriction. It's easier and cheaper for Google to not restrict anything, but when lawyers, courts, churches, and others say "No" Google is obliged to comply.  Besides, saying that you "hate" something because you cant have it .. is kind of juvenile.
memang google hebattt... nanti aku cari lagu kesukaanku tinggal nyanyiin lagu itu ketemu deh lagu yang dimaksud..
google needs  "internationalize" their services more, and make them available on more languages, they have very good services but  limited too much and do not get me wrong I love google and its services but is the truth :/
One suggestion: it would work faster if the music button were there initially from the start. But it's cooler this way :) Like the phone is listening in and wants to know the song too :)
Get the EU off of Google's back and they may be able to serve Europe better. The EU is already after Google, if they broadened there services they may come after them harder.
Wish it will work in our country. 
nice, but +Shazam finds the song in you youtube for you... much better.
Please come to other countries......
Hey there's no resistance to Google services in Nigeria. In fact, I'm pretty sure we don't have laws against piracy or monopoly. Lol... Although we're still using 3G data but we'll live.
Yeah, I'm getting tired of all these "Oh, look, new Google services / updates..... provided you live in the US. Other places? If you are lucky, in the coming years. Otherwise you are better off going to a competitor."
+Nagy Balázs András :: please read my post way earlier in the thread.  Before slamming Google you need to first check with your local or national legislator. They Probably are the Barrier to using the Service you want.  
This makes me wonder, when will we be able to buy music from Google Play in Canada?
This is so much better... Everything at one place... So cool.
+Je Saist Apple worked out a deal years ago with them concerning music.. and there are also other things where the barrier to entry is too low or nonexistent, so it cannot be blamed. Like selling Nexus devices (we have to pay TWICE the price of a Nexus 4 here thanks to that!), or ebooks for that matter.
So much anger for something that's free. Here in India we don't even get Nexus devices in retail. The Sound Search widget also doesn't work.

Of course, there are.. ahem... workarounds. That's why I love Android.
Guys for those of you who don't live in the us and want to get the features just change the location in settings.
I use flyte store in India .. Very good very reliable ... Google doesn't service these things here.
Why oh why won't Google release stuff to Malaysia?! It's so frustrating to see so many great features and yet have no access to them.. :(
+Julian Ooi I share your paind Julian, I live in South East Asia also and I cannot access many of googles offerings not to mention general apps from the play store. Not hard to work out why though.
so Apple can have itunes pretty much all over the world but Google music is in buggerall places?  Don't give me that legislator bullshit excuse.  I really want to buy music but they make it hard when my friends can use itunes  to buy their music but there is nowhere on android i can buy mine.  
Rafi X
I have to use Shazam cause: 1. I'm not live in US, 2. I don't have Android since few months.
Google Now is pretty much useless anywhere but in the United States. 
Here in the UK I have no problem using Sound Search; it works well... But for some reason I can't use it if it's integrated into voice search. Madness.
Don't even work in Australia 
It's a great idea, and a good start. I tested it, and found it to work sometimes only - mostly with new songs. It is by far not as good, quick, sensitive and convenient as SoundTracking (free Android app).
It's great for the users that don't have a 4s
Ray K
We need It in europe too... 
ran yan
Undoubtedly a nice feature, but Soundhound or many other apps are not crippled on a regional basis like this and work well. Wake me up when those limitations have been dealt with.
Limitation does not bother me at all...Soundhound is a great app for the same purpose...
If I wanted a Windows Phone I would go and buy one, going to wait for the gs4
Hey Google, we have music is Australia as well you know, sounds better as well!
Meg L
Why does Android only care about its users in the US?
Music Search is only available in the US. :-(
The limitation of all the cool stuff to US users makes no sense. Why is everyone outside the US a second class Android user?
Suppose we will have to wait years in the UK or Europe to get this +Google 
Could just start with "Warning: US only", as there's very little need to get excited about features which won't be available until next year or later for the majority of users.
Alternatively, why not implement something else instead that all customers can enjoy? Just my 50..
When will UK users be able to experience this?
Why only USA?? Why??
"Why always me" cit.
I hope Google will open this to the whole world also. I hate regional app locks almost more than anything in Android.

There is really no sane reason why to keep it only as a USA release.
Sound Search widget shouldn't need any legal issues to be sorted out like the Play Music service does, right?

I don't think Soundhound or Shazam had to do a regional release, they just released the app for the whole world to use from the start and have had no problems as far as I remember.

I'm using Shazam for now, but if Google would open this for the whole world, I'd switch instantly.

(As soon as I would have Nexus 4 of course as you can't use this on ICS phone)
Next Europe with more Google Now Options???
All companies are making their services available all over the world. Apple provide almost all of their services everywhere, same thing with Microsoft, except Google.

This is getting REALLY annoying, Google. This is probably going to be the reason why I left Android and got an Windows phone. I can buy all the music I want on Windows phones, I can buy almost all the apps from their store. All costumers are treated equally.
That is THE major issue with Android platform.

Google does often these amazing new apps and widgets and often only restricts those to US.

Sometimes I do wish they wouldn't announce anything new until they have secured all the rights and fixed all issues so that the unveiling would happen globally instead of regionally only in USA.

I'm really happy that we finally got Navigation to Finland last year and also last autumn Play Music app became available officially here even though the Music purchase service isn't yet available, so it means there is something good happening in the background.

Google is giving too much edge to it's competitors with the regional releases instead of pushing for global release.

EDIT: It's was the same with the Nexus 4 release also. Even now there are still only a handful of Nexus Play stores open in the net for some selected countries where the phones can be bought with really great prices. Otherwise we have only some few brick & mortar stores who rip customers off by asking for 2x the normal price either by their own greed or LG's greed. The phone would sell so so much more if the release would've been done globally and more effectively. This is one thing that Apple has done better with their phones and products.

I still find amazing that Nexus 7 release was handled really professionally and with high profile as even brick & mortar stores sold it with the same price as Nexus Play stores from the start and also in many more countries than N4.
Why only u.s.?
When will fall the borders on the internet?
not that i care that much for this feature. but this is one of the things that i hate about google... ( and i quite like google :'O ).
If they release something it is in the us. yea yea it is easier and costs less money.. i know. But the rest of the world wants to feel like first class too.
play store here? only apps... thanks google for caring outside the us too
+Ben Beckford Did you know that if you go to Google's support page for Google Play, on the bottom click on Help, under Contact Us click on Android apps, then Suggest a feature. There you should be able to suggest the Google Now feature.
For anyone else reading this post, this applies to you too. There is already a suggestion for ebooks outside the US and UK, it would be good if you considered going there to click on the suggest it button so maybe Google will get the word to expand ebooks.
+Unai Yécora Until you're in a pub or something and you just want to search something else, but Google keeps telling you the name of the song playing on the jukebox. Pressing a button for the rare times you want to find out a song is pretty handy. 
+Melissa Peterson I get that, but why should users outside the US have to suggest that Google release international versions of their apps? Especially in English speaking countries, such as England.

I understand that sometimes it's not always strictly because of languages, but Google could at least save themselves some criticism by being more upfront and open about why certain releases take a while to make it over US borders.
+Ben Beckford What I'm going to say will probably be true if Google were based in any other country. I'm sure they release in the US first, because they are based here so it makes sense to release a product in the base country and then expand if it does well. There are probably other factors too, but this is one that should seem obvious. If you really think about it, using apple as an example; I doubt they just made their products available worldwide when they launched ios. They too probably only released in the US first and then expanded from there.
+Melissa Peterson The game has changed substantially since then though.  I know there are reasons for a gradual roll-out, however if you're going to announce something to a global audience, you need to either have a publicised release schedule in place, or make it generally available.
+Melissa Peterson I don't think Google is holding back on this tiny addition to the Google search app because they want to see if it does well.

And regardless of the reasons why, if Google just informed us of their reasoning they would get a much easier ride when they release US first, as it really does leave international users feeling left out and like second class citizens.

All of this said, It really is strange how many times Google release only in the US and miss out English speaking countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
Ains W
I have the sound search widget working and Im in the UK. Just unfroze it with Titanium Backup and voila
The difference is the highly annoying international licensing barriers.

If I had to guess, I would say that this works off've the same technology that enabled Google Play Music to 'match your library' without uploading your whole mp3 collection, which doesn't work in the UK either.
Gee... Another thing only available in the US! Thanks a lot Google! THANKS FOR NOTHING!
great!  it's just missing  the option to purchase music from other venues besides google play
+Andrew Bates I didn't know that and I've just spent about a week uploading my entire music collection without any evidence of anything being matched; so it's easy to believe otherwise.
"Here's a new service; no, you can't use it". very helpful.
I just wish the history would sync with the sound search widget history.

I noticed this on my Galaxy Nexus about two days its gone. Where did it go?
+Anthony Torres    Maybe the music wasn't loud enough. I just tried and it works for me.
Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody..not U.S. only
When will Android 4.2.2 be in the Galaxy SIII?
US only.. WHY? You sell music in europe too, why can't you listen to it? 
In Canada we have phones, internet, and music. Why is this a US only feature?
good, but not in other country...
Cool!!!  First search nailed it faster than Sound Hound does!
Action not supported in your country. WTF Google, stop localizing the internet plz. :/ The songs over here in Europe don't really differ from the ones in the US!
Is it better than Shazam? I think Shazam rocks.
Not work in Cambodia ..... 
Not in Canada. Apparently we're just completely fucking allergic to music up here. Although both Shazam and SoundHound work perfectly. This service isn't even playing music! Wtf!? 
plz give me best link fore download plz tnx
Krish M
Ian using Sony Xperia neo l I want to update jellybean how to update kindly help me
Wen is it gonna be available for India
Not available in France yet :'(
is this working only in us?
This is annoying me to no end. It keeps popping up without me having done anything, and when I disable it in the settings, it's reenabled seconds later. Please let me shoot this app and never see it again! 
I live in Canada and downloaded it from aptiode appstore and works flawlessly!! :-)
So it's like TrackID. But which one's best? 
Action not supported in your country :-( 
That's literally cool! But why don't they extend it to other parts of the globe. Anyway, Google, keep rocking!! :-)
When is it coming to the Netherlands? 
Software Android 4.1.2 Sony Xperia Miro
there is other people in the rest of the world!
Wish this worked. So buggy on my DNA it's almost unusable.
"Action not supported in your country". Well thank you.
Making this unavailable to ICS phones is one of the reasons I'm losing my love affair with Android and Google.  I know it isn't a hardware or software issue since hacking it to work is almost brainless, and it runs just fine on 4.0 mid-tier phones.  

Yet, Google decided to deny ICS phones while providing it to iOS.

Google's lack of loyalty to us, their customers, is astonishing.  I have no anticipation of buying another Android...  I didn't have a problem with fragmentation or not getting certain apps because my phone couldn't support it.  But, being locked out for no reason with no explanation?  
I have that it on my galaxy tablet its so cool and really works
Fucking unbelievable. Still only available in the us I presume? Google needs to f*****g release features based on language used not country it's so f*****g retarded
Or, imagine this, based on each country's copyright laws.  
I live in the UK I had the icon and it was fine.
Now I don't.
Fucking joke.
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