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An update to +Google Maps is now available on Google Play:
Today we released the latest version of Google Maps for Android. With this version, those of you in the U.S. will be able to find +Google Offers from nearby businesses—everything from restaurants, to salons to city tours —right from your Maps app. We’ve also added indoor walking directions in the U.S. and Japan, and 360-degree interior photos of businesses. Read more on the Lat Long Blog:

Download the app from +Google Play:
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This will help Google Offers take off I believe..
Yay. More new features that most of us can't use. Woohoo.
Simply fantastic. Shame to be avaiable only in US. How I always say: +Google need to expand your service faster. Some people live outside US and stay avid to news.
Who complains about new features? Luddites.
Meanwhile in Non-US Land, a new version of Maps in which North is South, East is West and every street is called 'whatever street'.
+Owen Swart Way to complain about innovation, remind Google to deploy to you LAST since you have the least appreciation for their efforts. Better yet Sparky, How about you build half of what Google has provided and then you might have some foundation to speak from, otherwise, really?
+Thaddeus Pecorak The hilarious part is actually +Google intends to release it when it has been deemed bug-free for most conditions and devices. And we are so mad at you guys in the US who get to debug first :P Pointing out 'you missed a spot' to the world's biggest internet giant is actually fun :D
I've always said the only thing Maps is lacking is more spam.
So +Thaddeus Pecorak you'd prefer the US to be last to get any features which are rolled out globally? You'd vote for that if you could, yes?

By the same logic, Europeans should be happy they often have to wait weeks or months for Hollywood movies to appear in their countries, rather than having simultaneous global releases. That way we get to hear all the bad reviews first which might save us from wasting our money on a lame movie.
This would work so well with Google wallet.
I love the new implementation... way to go GOOGLE!
Sweet, now let me easily place temporary bookmarks of my car's location. And give us directions inside international airports globally. ;) I might use the shorter layovers if I know where to go, hah.
Yeah, text to speech in navigation using 3rd-party applications is still broken. Please fix it.
Been calling for this as of 18 months ago.
I loved Google Maps when I was living in the US, but now I'm in Argentina and OpenStreetMaps are SO much better.

I remember sending mapping corrections in the US: my suggestions would be considered, sometimes even included. The company from whom Google licences the maps here has a terrible system for suggestions and nothing ever gets corrected, at least not in my area. And Google is sitting on the user made Map Maker maps, which although are not as good as OpenStreetMaps are vastly superior to the current Inav/Geosistemas maps.
+Victor Espinoza I'm confused, Google is a us company, doesnt it make more sense for them to develop these types of things in the country they are located? I wouldn't expect a foreign company to offer me exactly what they can in their own country.
If I see any Ad/Offer in my GoogleMaps here in Germany, I will remove this App from my Phone!
Yeah... I love feature. Plus is helpful. Good implementarion Google.
+Nicky Schomann Start Uninstalling now. I hear your kind likes iProducts. Go get one. Google Offers are an OPT-IN offer, and probably not offered in your Country. Yo, +Google THIS is why you need COUNTRY FILTERING. All this yammering would be muted if you filtered Content by Country. It would also cure the China Spammers ruining Obama and The White House comments.
+Jeferri Lang You're wrong! I don't like iProducts, so I bought some Android-Products. But I don't like Ads or Offers in Google Maps, not in the US, not in Germany, anywhere...
If you dont like it..simply turn it off. Problem solved....
There is no such thing like ads in far as i know. You are free to either use the new feature..or not.
+Kostyantyn Ukrayinets - Google has always been a huge ad company. How else do you think you can get GMail, Google+, Maps, Android, Drive, YouTube and much more for no cost to you?
could not find this one "We’ve also added indoor walking directions in the U.S. and Japan, and 360-degree interior photos of businesses.", where could that be ?
You guys need to make ics into an integrated ai
wow its nice re:)
What a pity I live in the arse end of the planet, namely Africa. We never get the same benefits as Europe and the USA etc. (i.e. 1st world countries). SUCKS big time!
Wish you country could be more like ours, too.:( USA
wow how Africa is always left behind ='[ my love for Android slowly deteriorates.
Well... Perhaps It is useful in US, but I got totally broken toolbar on top of the screen instead useful features. I cannot use toolbar search field to input text anymore being in landscape on 7inch tablet..:(
I'm confused - a recent update to navigation on my htc fixed it so that the map turns with you (like a standard satnav), the way it used to be. But I just got a motorola and got the new maps update and navigation looks like a regular map again. Can it not be kept consistent?
+Google Maps I hope you know the largest population in the world is China and India, soo WHY U NO GIVE US THESE FEATURES !!!!!!!!!!!!
Google you do realise that a lot of users live outside the US. I praise you all the time but am getting a bit annoyed by the US only announcements.
It's good that they do products launch experiment in US only.
i even can't use the google navigation(without rooting the phone) till now on my gnex just because i'm in indonesia.?! common
+Rigel Glen you're right... since I'm not in the US I'll have to wait too. zZzZzZ
But generally I doubt that the new feature is so cracking good that it will be launched in other countries soon.
who is this "huawei" :D
На android 2.1 карты уже давно не обновлялись, видимо уже и не будет обновлений.
Awesome! Excited to check this out on my Android =)
My update does not say street names. Very aggravating if you are in a new area of town and have to keep looking at the phone when it says "turn left" and I don't know the name.
Yeah a new maps version and I still can't update Google Maps. The error message just says Package file was not signed correctly. Uninstall the previous copy of the app and try again. Funny, uninstall maps? That seems just possible with a rooted phone.
My Phone: Galaxi Nexus, Android 4.0.4
Mik Sta
Honestly Google,What is going on with ICS. Nobody wants to see 1000 updates for other crap on different devices. Get the OS uniform across the devices and make sure the manufacturers follow suit.Otherwise your market will stop, I know im not getting another device until 4.x is out and everywhere. 3.2 is looking very old on my overspec hardware i purchased in anticipation of a rollout over 6 months ago. Rubbish.
I'm stuck with ICS 4.0.2.
+Android Check the Nexus ID connected to my Google+ account and please let me upgrade the phone.
The problem is the model of the phone...
If you haven't got 4.0.4 yet your on a model of the nexus that Samsung updates and not Google...
I'm stuck on 4.0.2 aswell
How came when I update my sensation to ics today, I didn't get to see all the new functions ics promised. For ex, the new lock screen, it's still the same one with the ring. I don't see the option of switching to the new one. Also, read that the calling screen would be different also with the new option of sending text right away instead of answering the call but I don't see that either. The call screen is also same as before.
+Christina Lam because your phone is skinned by HTC they modify stock ICS to add in the features of Sense. So when they build skins they don't necessarily look like Vanilla (stock) Android
Can I discover an ICS update for Verizon Galaxy Nexus near me? lol
Is Google Calendar available on the iPhone app store? (I don't own an iPhone, so I can't look)
Only in the US? How about the rest of us?
Please, please, please... Fix the broken TTS. 'Continue Straight' and 'Turn Right' don't get it done. It's a big step backward.
Great improvements, but please bring back the street names in the voice during #GoogleNavigation.
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