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We discovered a bug in the Android 4.2 update, which makes it impossible to enter December events in optional fields of the People app (this bug did not affect Calendar). Rest assured, this will be fixed soon so that those of you with December birthdays and anniversaries won't be forgotten by your friends and family.
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I feared I'd forget Christmas, so I reinstalled 4.1.
Oh. This means the update will be rolled out before December!
Hopefully it isn´t because of 12/21/12 ;-)
Thanks for the update on this - it is always better to acknowledge and update customers rather than stay silent. ;)
A quick response is all we can ask for.
Oh damn, if that is not fixed soon, how am I supposed to create the Doomsday event this December!! :P
google is beta, not without flaws but it was sympatic if you would have a better pr and public information
At least an official statement! :)
Majdi Jarrar
Nexus 7 is slower ever since i upgraded to 4.2. Plus there are many bugs with the new RTL support (in Arabic to be more specific), where can i report these issues ?
"Rest assured, this will be fixed soon so that those of you with December birthdays and anniversaries won't be forgotten by your friends and family."
Is that an #ETA ?
Google is never wrong, December has ceased to exist.
Good thing my relatively new Straight Talk Galaxy Precedent is "up-to-date" at Android 2.2.2, so I don't have to worry about this bug. :)
Yay, no more coal in our Android stocking!
Mistakes happen. But it is good to get an official Information.
Well that's great. Now can we have some kind of timeline on the 4.2 yakju rollout? 
A classic off by one bug if I've ever seen it.
This comes late. Please don't forget the performance issues on nexus 7.
How can be fixed in my Asus Transformer?
Time lost/stolen. This could be a Doctor Who episode. 
I think this is Google's way of entering "the War on Christmas"! 
+Erika Lindberg & whom might concern  i was tired to wait, yesterday flashed takju 4.1.2 image with nexus toolkit (fast and easy) got the 4.2 OTA half minute later :D photosphere biatchezzzz! 

my birthday is in december btw -_____-

ps. sorry for my crappy english
Thank you - hopefully you will get this rolled out before my December bithday.
some new cool features with some new bloody cool bugs, and I go back to 4.1.2
+Mark Greaves I think you need to ask +Netflix that question, as well as to the location of the native GNU/Linux client. 
lol lol ool so not lol
Reason number one why I bought an apple. 
"Automatic date and time" via network sets the wrong time (~3-10 minutes off) after a few hours in standby on the Nexus 10/JB 4.2. Ticking atomatic off and on doesn't fix this. Far more annoying than the December bug. :(
There seem to be a lot of bugs in 4.2.
Wow, talk about a built-in deadline.  Best of luck, guys.
Meh,December kinda sux anyways.. besides the fact i'm going to Vegas of course :)- i guess it doesn't suck really lol.. nvm flies away
What are you doing to fix the broken bluetooth support on the Nexus 7? IMO, that's a bigger issue.
What about the yakju Galaxy Nexus? Will you ever release a 4.2 update for it?
i gave up waiting for the release on yakju and convert my to takju
Hopefully this update will also address the random reboots on my Nexus 10 as well.
Nice to know, but the December bug isn't nearly as bad as all of the random restarts and freezes also in 4.2
What about all the other bugs which are reported depending on Android 4.2?
For example bugs on the Nexus 7 running Android 4.2 like bluetooth-problems, battery drain and so on?
Any idea what causes the bluetooth issue I've been having since the update? The sound cuts out left and right on my Nexus 7... It worked perfectly before the update and it works perfectly on my Galaxy Nexus...
there is a joke some where in this that android must hate Christmas as much as the Grinch, or me for that matter. But both of them are GREEN!
I want Nokia mobiles with Android ?
Dear Google. I think we (users) discovered this first :]
does this mean the end of the world is Nov 30 instead of December 21? Are we using the Mayan or Google calendar?
Oh man, JC is gonna be PISSED!
This does not compute....
It's funny. In polish version I have December. ;-) 
I still don't update to 4.2.I'm waiting to fix bugs.I have 4.1.1 now and its working good.(My phone is Samsung Galaxy NEXUS)
Good to see Google customer service in action. If that's the case.
We're using the earth calander. Whats android?
It's no wonder why +Google and +Android don't post more or provide more direct lines of communication. Look how you people are behaving! They GIVE OUT Android FOR FREE! Get over yourselves and show some appreciation for what you DO have. Android beats out everything out there by leaps and bounds on its worst day and if you don't like how it works you can download the code and fix it yourself.

Stop your whining people.
im having a hard time monetizing what gives
mind if I don't hold my breath, I've been waiting for months for someone to fix the Google Music app.
Can we get group emailing capability for the Gmail app?
It's a feature not a bug.
Hope you'll fix it before December :D 
Google, Android is not beta anymore. Your support is horrible, it's shame. Forums of your products are full of bugs with no answers! December-bug is not only ONE bug in system. And there are many non-Nexus devices, and you not update them.
Dear +Android there are a lot of bug unsolved from Android 4:
- Google Talk app from tablet in landscape view closes the keyboard after I click the send button.
- Bluetooth voice dial accept only English command also if the smartphone uses another language and tell me to spoke in my language.
- Bluetooth tethering disconnects after 1-2 minutes...

Please solves also other problems and don't forget that Android users aren't only Americans and that spoke also other languages (for Bluetooth voice dial but also for Google Now...). 
Nice to hear google is looking into fixing all those bugs besides the December bug 
Would you also mind fixing the many other borked features that 4.2 brought us?
4.2? Whats that? <looking knowledgeably clueless> My #HTC  One S is still searching for it.  
Google better get their act together or their lead will start to diminish
I haven't had any of those bugs either. Dec bug squashed by devs already. Running mmuzzy 4.2, all is good!
Wow. Must mute now. You people make me sick. "Android is no beta anymore"... as if you knew a thing about Android. If you did, you wouldn't be here whining, you'd be recompiling code to fix it for yourself. Google provides more innovation that pretty much anyone on the planet. They give you BLEEDING edge technology. Bugs are a fact of life. I'm out of here.
Who is "we"? I think it was discovered by some hapless user in the wild first.
hey i have just created a account ad wondered if anyone woulbe kind enough to tell me how to email somebody on youtube
Anyone has a fix for the Android 4.2 battery drain? 
I would respect the straight forwardness if my goddam S III was able to get even just android 4.1 like I was promised when I bought the damn thing 2 months ago.  The delay in allowing previous customers to upgrade is pissing me off.
dear Android user, if your device is stuck on any version <4.1.2 and the device release date is <18mos from today, in the words of Herman Cain "Blame yourself"
Hey, at least you won't head down any non-existent roads or crash into a river that wasn't marked... Ahem...
Noel Yu
Right now??  Good morning!  All internet filled with jokes about it!

+Scott Coon  with Apple happen only maps...
my birthday is at the end of November ... I hope to get my Nexus 4 in time
Although it's nice google has admitted the problem. I've known about it for about a week. So it has taken a while. 
+Jose Hernandez My carrier is Verizon, which to my knowledge has not yet released the update?  Am I missing something?  I would happily admit I'm wrong if that's the case...
It's rather funny to see so many people complaining here that they didn't get 4.2, yet. The original message was that you would actually not want to get 4.2, it's buggy!
I just assumed that Apple must have had the patent on 'December'...
BTW the calender fail doesn't keep you from seeing December only adding new events in December, the issue truly isn't that epic.
If you are having issues with Bluetooth, try force stopping the 5 services in settings>apps> "bluetooth share" then clearing the data which completely resets the radio. this worked for me
others discovered that bug earlier *G*
I think im gonna hold off on updates for now. I love xmas. Cant have xmas without december 
I might consider that fact that you chose not to update my Nexus S phone from 4.1.2 to 4.2 a blessing? :~)
Liberal War On Christmas sinks to new lows ;)
mobile gods are punishing android for not changing the name from jellybean!!!!
Android is pretty buggy...
Sorry for ask dear Android, i think this question its already anwser ins some topics above, but i can't read all of them. Android, do you think when the bug its fixed in december, the yakju devices can be update to 4.2?
iOS 6.0.1 works great on my iPhone! Good luck androiders! 
Well, Google makes yet another blunder lol. WAKE UP will you. 
And 4.2 OTA update for Nexus 'yakju' would be nice too :)
Thank god my friend wont have to wait another year for his 18th birthday!
Kun Li
How about the Bluetooth bug?
+Ty Foreman Actually the 4.1 release has not come out for Verizon yet, thanks anyway buddy
K Viper
You didnt discover shit. Your community did. 
+Christopher Mylant For a phone that costs 1/3 of an iPhone, I suppose I can put up with a minor hiccup. Besides, now I have an alibi if I forget my wife's birthday in December. :)
+Android +Google it took you a bit too long to acknowledge this glaring mistake that has been floating around for a few days. But I am glad you have finally said something about it and we hope the solution comes VERY soon, before December!
The 4.2 update is not working good on my nexus 7. I thought that talented people with an imagination to torture end-users worked only for MICROSOFT (latest skype for android uodate, which locks the orientation, kinda serves an example).. Now is see that google has them too... The product looks to be untested and rushed... Why do that?

The gall. You idiots reply 3 days later to acknowledge the problem and then fail to actually mention an ETA for as glaring a fail at this? You probably feel better with your post than the morons running the +Nexus feed here.
No wonder your software takes forever to get through carrier testing.
Now, December babies will truly know which "friends" remember their birthdays. :-p
Good thing they caught this in November.. 
At last 4.2 on my yakju nexus.... 
So, Galaxy S3 owners should not be sad because of not getting 4.2 till date. 
I want update to my SIII i747, when???
+Android I love 4.2 on my Nexus 4 but it's a different story on my Nexus 7. I can handle a lot of little bugs and battery life, I have lots of charges, but the sluggishness is a different story. It's incredibly slow. Too show!!!
can you call it 'Android 4.2.1 Mince Pie' for Christmas? :D
Replace the "We discovered a bug" with "It was brought to our attention that a bug".  You should have "discovered" such a serious bug, well before you released anything... And this comes from an Android fan and user.
maybe cuz end of the world is near....
I'd like to see the fix for this bug !!
months->add("december") ?
Gesture typing does not work in Swedish, when pressing the return button in the photo editing tool it saves the picture instead of going back etc etc. Come on Google, its not only tech freaks buying Nexus devices nowadays but normal consumers like me. I want a product that works without these bugs! 
+Brian Ruepp You bought an Apple to have a purple camera? And listen you're holding wrong? Or 'do not take pictures of light sources' ? Congratz
The first time I read about the December bug in Android 4.2, I thought it confirmed that the world is going to end. :-) Does this post mean that we can relax, because the end has been postponed? ;-)
+Ryan Bryant Do you have, by any chance, less than 4 GB free space on your N7? If so, that's why it's slow, just another bug... 
We need the patch of camera rotation lag on Galaxy Nexus, too!
I don't know if you're aware, but there's a bug with the Nexus 7 where sometimes scrolling doesn't follow through. Like when you're on the home screen, and try to swipe to the next page, it goes as far as your finger and snaps back, and if your scrolling something it scrolls as far as your finger goes, and doesn't continue with your momentum. These effects are quite random, and are very annoying. Please fix' and reply. 
How about fixing the bug that caused my nexus 7 to become slow after 4.2
I have discovered this earlier and tweeted it!
My birthday is on 12/21. 
How can I update my HTC One S to Android 4.2??
This update should be 4.2.3. 4.2.1 could be confused with with 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 with 4.2.
Couldn't one enter the information on a web browser? Why not offer this work around?
Google fix the Mayan calendar ... hip hip ... 
+Jonas Bernhardsson  It is easier said than done. It is almost impossible to create bug free software. That's where users like you come in. You find a bug, you go ahead and report it and the bug gets fixed. I understand your frustration, but we have to have a bit of an understanding and patience. 
Don't forget about all the other bugs! This release is ridden with lags and bugs.
Great now remember when my birthday is!
Thanks! Keep up the great work.
I will not let my Nexus 7 16gb update to 4.2 as the update well and truly screwed up my partners 8gb N7. I will always wait in future to see what happens to others. 
hey people send me requests
Wow thanks for telling us. It's almost impossible to notice :)
Yup... That's why I always let everyone else test updates before I install them, whether it's an Android update or an app update.
How about all the other performance bugs
I've been affected by the random reboots, brightness problems and battery issues. 
Come on apple fanboys. It's time for you to retaliate for all the apple maps jokes. Lets see some nerd wars! 
But it's just a month. No big deal.
+Christian Barnes YES !! That's it, I suffer from this bug and I hate it the most on my N7:
screenshots :

Recent apps button makes home screen and app launcher blink when you press that button again to close recents.

There are many other bugs introduced, i'm fed up with repeating myself, as if the Android team was listenning.

oh and +Michael-Rainabba Richardson , we should stop whinning because it's given for free ? wth are you telling. So gullible.

This is how it gets better anyway.
Its not a bug its in preperation for the end of the world on the 21st of Decemeber.  
I would pay to watch an apple fanboy and an android fanboy slap fight. 
No time for Bugfixes we need the nexus 4 devices ;)
apple maps and android bugs, Im thinking apocolypse  
How that went to release? Interesting no apple fanboys celebrating it as the android droids do when they get something similar in IOS.
Has it took you this long to find it? Just go on The Verge next time.. 
turning notifications off is in process ...........……………………………………………………
*succeed *
As a December baby, I'm offended.  Granted I didn't notice until i read it in the news, but now that I know, I'm hurt deeply because birthdays are so important to adults.
Oh, it's not a big deal, since I haven't gotten my update yet~
+Bogdan Sandu I have right at 7 GB of free space. I started noticing a big difference in porformence the day after I received my 4.2 update. Wasn't on my N7 much that day because that's the same day I received my N4. 
I can test the fix for you. All I need is a Nexus 4.

In the spirit of openness could we have a blog post explaining what happened?
Seems like an absolutely ridiculous mistake to make. Doesn't fill me with confidence to be honest. 
+Sinead Woods When you go "edit" then scroll down. Press "add another field". "Event" and look for Dec. Bingo!! It's not even there :)
Maybe it's like the Mayan colander only Android ends November 30 2012 
My nexus 7 now reboots at random after upgrading to 4.2. How soon is the update? Also can the colour calibration/saturation be fixed. It will be really good if colours can be more vibrant, and representative of real life.
When are we getting jelly bean for the HTC one x 
JUST LIKE THEY FIXED ALL THE PREVIOUS BUGS? Android bugs never really go away.
Nathan this is a phone not a camera
Glad I didnt update.

Good things comes to those who wait.
+Emma Lopez 
I am not talking about a phone, I am talking about Android 4.2 on my tablet. So what's your point?
Don't waste your time with trivial stuff like this ... make moar Nexus 4's!
This is relates to the end of the world on December 21st, isn't it? I knew it...
10 days to December, when we will have the update?
So how will this play out to OTA deployments? I am still waiting on my Samsung  Galaxy Nexus GSM to get the original 4.2 update! +Android +Nexus 
Lol.... I hope we could avoid December, instead why not change all calendar of world and save fortune ;-)
What about the other bugs in 4.2? Will the update correct those as well?
I think such a bug isn't something to shame on-everybody sometimes makes mistakes. But such mistakes then should be fixed as soon as possible. I totally agree with +Greg Clarke and fine it good that acknowledges this bug and tries to fix it- not like Microsoft.
Plenty of bugs in 4.2 , what happened to project butter?!! Worst update for some time +Android 
Never used the People app...Never will.
How was there no test in place for this? Come on Google!
While I appreciate you Nexus folks identifying the bugs for the rest of us who will get this ROM eventually, I always wonder why you complain?  You are using a development phone with essentially a development ROM and all of you are essentially beta testers.  It's what you get with those devices.
Yea we actually get updates, other phones can't say that
You know, people used to remember birthdays and important stuff before everyone had smartphones...
No problem Android cause ...
Wait a sec my birthday is in the December What do I have to do !!!???
+Jimmy Brancho Yeah, and people used to boil water in bags and heat bricks to put under their bed before we had central heating. We don't need heated homes! Making our lives easier and more convenient sucks. ;)
I'm happy to sacrifice December for the 4.2 update. Oh, wait, no, I'm getting another Nexus for Xmas :D
Alex W
Please do not fix it. I'd save lots of money if there's no December this year.
I don't know what to think about this error, is it funny? Or really worrying? How bad could something be in order to affect the Gregorian calendar? What's next? One hour less in the clock?
Please, fix the camera rotation lag either! I don't care about gallery navigation bar. But the camera rotation is really annoying!
Two bad decisions in a row: First, full screen rotation on the camera. Second, close the bug report:
You should hear the users, otherwise your going to became Apple :(
Is it possible to go back to the earlier Android version? i.e. uninstall 4,2? I bought my N7 two days ago and i had used the N7 for just a couple of hrs before the 4.2 was installed. Do i do a factory data reset?
There is quite a bit of lag with 4.2 on my Galaxy Nexus. This includes camera rotation.
how about the bolding on the Month for the dates?
Jesus wants His birthday back, and He's pissed.
I have samsung galaxy s3 and i have jelly bean 4.1.1 and its cool
Hi android team u don't have to do new things android 4.1.1 was excellent and I am really disappointment about 4.2

I am using nexus 7 & galaxy nexus
Damn that sucks...hopefully that is the only bug...then not too bad. Why did they need to do an update to begin with?! 
Looking forward to the updates that removes the bug
Would that mean I can set a reminder to when my nexus phone be available? ;P
Luis NY
Also I'm experiencing a MUCH SLOWER system since the update... I'm using the Nexus 7 8gb (5gb free)
Good......I'll take December off.
I wish this was the worst problem, I've had a constant boot looping on the n7 since the update, only fast booting the full image on fixed it. Annoying.
The random restarts are far worse than the December thing. My N7 is almost unusable and the restarts don't seem to be triggered by anything. Wish I had held off on 4.2 
And here I was assuming you removed it because Apple was going to sue you for using their "invention".
There's also a bug in the recent apps UI. When you close one or more apps by swiping them away, changing to landscape and back, the closed apps reappear. Tapping them doesn't do anything. Closing the recent apps and opening it again fixes it. Have you guys from +Android experienced this bug? I can reproduce it in my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7
Now let's fix the other 4.2 major bugs. 
Fair enough! But what all other tones of bugs?? Man this whole 4.2 is such a big fiasco! I myself convinced some of my mates to go for the nexus 7 just couple of days ago... Can't show my face there anymore :-( 
Thanks for the prompt actions n please fix the rest too. Android, u r awesome, m sure in future we will took no notice of any bugs anymore, be coz it will be cured before customer realize it. 
Question: does giving out 1s do anything to promote comments, because +André Barges brought up a well known bug report list, and I think it would only do good to bring attention to it.
Now how about all the random crashes in 4.1 that occur in my GNex LTE? 
I have only experienced the date picker bug and the one I described earlier. Otherwise everything works like a charm! 4.2 is a big improvement in my book :-) 
Hopefully this is means my international gsm nexus will get the update like my n7
How do you know if your phone is yakju or takju? 
That plus other bugs in a rushed update and another botched launch. Google, I love you, but you have some growing up to do. 
You should just throw People up on the Google Play Store and update it that way problem solved lol. Make all the GApps on the Play Store separately updateable.
Have the htc, and ever since I update the o.s. it works like crap....

Well congrats for discovering this bug, we wouldn't have known.
apple remembered Christmas!!!!! BUY AN IPHONE
What I meant to day was I was never born. No problem here. Maybe you guys and girls could help me out. Lost a button hole......Cant seem to find it......
I love each most of the updates but I just know the lock screen widgets will now unlock in my pocket :-) 
Not a big deal....go to playstore and dwnld a another calndr.....
i wouldnt think of it as fuel its just another reason why apples superior and an apple head is better then a brain washed robot
+Jonathan Erickson Apple's superior eh? According to Apple's map, the end of my street ends up in the Pacific Ocean. Definitely superior.
everything about it is bad with some exceptions i have no side taking though
It significantly slowed the system down. Your beta testers and QAs who worked on this update should go. Seriously!
i think its not superior its awesomely superior in every way even in awesomeness
"We discovered a bug in the Android 4.2 update" No you didn't. Everyone else did!
Samsung ppff.. Please see that Android 4.2 has been released and update my SGS3 .. thank you !
Rest assured, it's only affect 1% of users. Most of users still use Gingerbread.
Give me a break. You (Android/Google) did not "discover" the bug. Users discovered it and Android blogs have been discussing the bug since last week. Don't get me wrong, I'm an avid Android user but claiming you discovered the bug is completely false. 

Also, the fact that you failed to discover the bug before releasing the 4.2 update to begin with is an entirely different issue.
And you forget 1 million other bugs... lags in your Chrome browser.... and when Switzerland is getting all your products (music, movies, books, Nexus etc) ???
Mine is in December... I'll skip one... :-) 
we dont need to or hardly do because its perfect and a fanboy roots for the good people not brain washed people
Thanks for the update +Android but this doesn't change the fact that my nexus 7 has noticeably slowed down and buggy after the update to 4.2. Will this fix sort out those problems to? :-) 
Where's the s3 4.2 update for verizon?
+Android how about the bug with activesync!?

After the update I have all users complaining of very hot phones, dead batteries and blowing past their data allocations. Only way to fix it is to delete the Corporate account and recreate it.

You need to fix that and make sure it doesn't happen in the future! It happened with 4.1.2 with sync not working anymore to 4.2 causing expensive issues like data overruns!!

Maybe you should fix that whole email app.
+Android kindly improve 4.2 .. It seems there are a lot of bugs and performance optimization issues. It lags, drops frame rates, utilize high resources.
i like it android but i think of windows phone is god too
Can't open google search with my android
I would venture to say that there are more bugs than just "forgetting" to drop December in...
You want quick updates get a nexus... If not talk to Samsung and HTC they are the one who insist on using sense and touchwiz
no worrier android we re in ur support u doin gr8 job keep it up
Do not forget the doomday 2012/12/25!
Do not forget the doomsday 2012/12/25!
Can you include Miracast for the Galaxy Nexus as well as the Nexus 7 and 10 in that update
Why did this to my nexus7 ?
My Norton stop working
It was a downdate not update
Tablet becomes slow too slow-(
I found another issue: google text-to-speech isn't responding which cause some apps fail to invoke input method.
This didn't affect my Android 4.0x but thanks for the fix.
Im root my phone to 4.1.1 so faster...I love android
Hello end of the world people! There is no more time left...Google broke the final seal...
Yep, no more ancient aliens on!
WiFi and bluetooth disconnection issue is far more serious than this one. Please fix that one as well.
Thanks for acknowledging the bug. Hoping the fix will be out soon.
Thanks for accepting your mistakes Google, another reason I respect you.
Just so you are aware and to prepare for the future, there are 28 days in February but 29 in a leap year 
I'm telling you iPhone and I OS is a much better OS in terms of fluidity and stability. I'm writing this on my nexus 7 and as much as I love the device with its awesome cool features I feel like there's something here that's left unfinished. Take chrome for android as am example. It's such a bad browser. It lags and stutters like crazy and iOS has solved that ordure for quite a while. I think nexus and android are devices that somewhat resembles that of an experiment. IOS may not have as much features as android but with the features it has it can do a arguably better than android. I'm not saying android is bad I'm just saying iOS Is much more polished while Android is somewhat experimental
Does this mean I'm now immortal & will live forever since I'll have no more birthdays?
How about releasing 4.1 to everybody before getting our dicks in a knot over 4.2?
Haha that's great sarcasm in their post dealing with those criticizing. Love it.
What about Bluetooth I'm having problem with it y nexus 7 & I'm not the only one either just Google it
Thank you, even though it does not effect me.
They were trying to save us from the Mayans.
Please fix the kernel wake lock bug that is plaguing the Nexus 4! Msm_hsic_host is causing a ridiculous amount of kernel wake locks and is the source of significant battery drain.
It seems that Google knows something that we don't. Next YEAR Is An 11 Month Year! LOL 
+Philip Barton if it was apple I would agree. Apple wouldn't even announce and when enough people brought it up Apple would probably blame the user. 
There are so many bugs that need to be fixed...and Please can you add an edit option on the quick setting so we can add or remove options 
Seems like the 4.2 is released for public test.

Please report bugs to our customer services. LOL
Awesome this will be my lullaby for forgetting that I have important stuff in my job to do. Its Google fault, same for my family's birthdays, looks like I will save some money in gifts. Thanks Google take your time don't rush.
With 4.2 I have noticed loss when using Bluetooth for music and then Wi-Fi. Player cuts out depending on data load on
You guys do know that Google is part of the AOSP group that hunts for bugs and add features, so technically "we discovered" is the correct statement. I would love if half of the people posting here would do a quick fact check before mouthing off to the wrong person. Now, Google, would you like to employ a few more people to do QA only testing on code before final compile? I got lots of free time!
Hey, guys! Please give Andrioid a break. They make amazing phones. It's just a little bug! They said they would fix it! I'm happy that there are so many amazing phones, tablets, and more from andrioid. We shouldn't be complaining about one little bug when they go through all of this to make our phones. Thank you so much, Android!
Fix the ghost touching on all androids below 4.0 The touch screens act weird when you charge them. My Nexus 7 reacts well when charging though, which is good.
Oh, don't forget about Google Play Services, its been eating away my battery while my N7 is on standby.
I will not update till Jelly Besan 4.2 works perfectly... so far 4.1.2 es awesome on my Nexus
Please just give android a break. They make amazing phones and tablets. My parents have amazing Android phones, and they work perfectly with an amazing program and many cool features. It's not even December yet, and they will be fixing it soon. They will probably fix it by December. Why are we scolding them for one bug, when really we should be thanking them for our amazing phones and tablets? Thank you, Android!
Maybe Google knows something we don't. I am the Mayans think we're done, why cant Google
Paul Us
another bugs maybe
after connecting to wifi for a long time, (8hr - 9hr) my network service going to offline, so i must restart my phone, and it back to normal again... it's already happen to me in 2 days... (change to airplane and back to normal and turn off - on mobile data won't work, i must reboot to fix it)
And android 4.2 has a lot to be improved,  such as camera,album. This apps, I think  in some aspects,are worse than 4.1.2 ,although they have many new features.
There are more bugs than that google....
Ping He
If this was iOS, Timmy/Stevie would tell us we were using it wrong or December is a bottleneck to future and we as a human race will get rid of it eventually 
Anyone else having issues with Bluetooth connectivity on galaxy nexus takju after updating to 4.2. My Bluetooth keeps turning off after the update.
Android finds a bug and says they're sorry and will fix it. Apple just pretends there's nothing wrong and eventually says you're holding it wrong.
Though, there are many bugs I've reported that haven't been addressed. Some of them really slowing down and hurting the user experience. :/
Oh no!! I can't schedule my plans for Christmas!!! :) good thing there's an update!! Lol! 
All I want is to have my speed back on the Nexus 7. Never mind the people app, I rarely enter birthdays on that app anyway. Those random reboots and slow screen rotations are also bothering me.
Will this be another OTA update or just a new People app in Google Play? Hope you could fix other reported bugs too.
I haven't got any OTA update to 4.2 with my samsung galaxy nexus international version. Also I have bug  with my calendar on 4.1.2 jellybean. Hope you could fix this reported bugs.
MY landlord ask me what bug crowled up my butt may be is that one. I will coll her back and tell her that is the 4.2
Guess 4.2 isn't the perfect android yet :-(
What can we do shall I update or cancel the update. 
Glad you found the bug. For one second I was worried that the Mayans were right...
This has been known for a week now, and only NOW you guys acknowledge it?
+Anthony Morris  How long does it take for you to acknowledge a problem when you create one? One week seems pretty reasonable.
The December bug is the least of my worries.  The random reboots, instability, and slow charging is a bit more serious. can we update.
...and if you want to use Bluetooth on a Galaxy Nexus, you're screwed, too. Seriously, Google?
I wonder if anyone at Google will bother to update their loyal customers on the other huge list of bugs which IMO impacts millions of devices! Just say something.... This situation is simply unacceptable! I own two nexus 7 tablets which are literally useless since more than two weeks! My minimal expectations form such a mega company are to at least aknowledge the problem(s) and to suggest some ETA for a fix. I don't mind if that's going to take another couple of weeks but at least we know that someone is working on this. Really hope you'll wake up and stop treat your most devoted android "advocates" as bunch of idiots... 
When will there be an update to this 4.2 update as frankley I'm banging my head on the wall every time I use my nexus 7 now. With this list of bugs and the slow down, the need for reboots from what was once a speedy and close to perfect device has made me think twice about going to a iPad mini and I thought I would never say that. 
Here we are in March 2013 and still no fix for Bluetooth on my Nexus 7! I'm amazed that Google is getting away with this.
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