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Today we added 13 new languages to Voice Search for #Android users —bringing the total to 42 languages and accents in 46 countries. Now 100 million new speakers can use Voice Search, with the addition of: 

Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, European Portuguese, Finnish, Galician, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak and Swedish

Learn more at the Official Android Blog:
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Suat S
Germany wants Google Now now :D
Great work guys! 100 million people!
Funny enough, according to Wikipedia, there are "1,300 languages with 100,000 speakers or more" certainly have your work cut out for you :P
will it be a silent update? or will we be notified? 
Super konecne je tam aj slovencina :) dakujem Google
Super konecne je tam aj slovencina :) dakujem Google
+Alan Nudi yeah because all those tribes in rural/jungle country can sure use this feature.
Still waiting for the german version...
And when will Google Now voice search and knowledge Graph work in other languages?
Google Now isn't voice search. It's the thing that pops up little cards when it thinks you need information, not what happens when you tap the microphone to Google something.
Serbian and Bulgarian give me hope that maybe we'll have Macedonian in the next 5 years, because they're so similar damn it.
Finally galego!!!! 
Is Jelly Bean ever coming to the +Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Nexus? This is ridiculous. I will likely never be buying from Verizon ever again and will change providers as soon as I am able to afford to do so.
+Suat Secmen Germany already has Google Now. What we need is a propper version of voice search with knowledge graph support and spoken answers.
+Josip Klišmanić Pokušaj da izabereš srpski. Sasvim lepo prepoznaje kad izgovorim "Prljavo Kazalište" :) (Google prikazuje latinične rezultate iako je pri izboru srpskog jezika navedeno Cyrilic)
European Portuguese? Really? Well have to wait a little more then. I don't want to change my accent
Isn't European Portuguese simply... Portuguese?!?
+Rui Paiva  It is, but pronunciation for example between Portugal and Brazil is very different, even some words and expressions have different meaning, I doubt this is going to work ok. 
+Zé Teixeira was it? I remember I could search on Google Maps with no problem but on Google Search itself it never gave me the option to use voice, only when I changed my language to english. Guess I just need to try again.
Finaly european portuguese
would love to have 'hindi' for India !
Serbian? Fucking really? Jebati srpski. Govna.
Good news thx. But the World needs the knowledge Graph to use it like US can use it
hopefully the knowledge graph follows soon. voice search is something i'm using seldom when in public space. 
A big big thanks for Hungarian!!!
for clarification, because some appear to still not know it: Voice Search, Now and Knowledge Graph are three completely different services. 

Google Voice Search ist the service you need for spoken input and output. 

Google Now is a service that pops up cards based on your current location and the daytime. It provides information in Information Cards about the weather, calendar and the traffic situation. 

Google Knowledge Graph is the semantic understanding of words and sentences, rather than only keyword matching. The Knowledge Graph therefore can provide exactly the data you want to know in an Information Card, rather than just a list of links. 

I guess the confusion between Now and Knowledge Graph is because the cards look the same and the services are working very closely together on Jelly Bean. 
Thank you for the Finnish Voice Search. And also for activating our Google Navigation!
Why isn't the Samsung Galaxy Nexus listed as a supported phone!? 
+Marcel Soika Yes but their list of 6 phones and one tablet are all specific to certain carriers. Mine is a Verizon version so wallet isn't supported yet.  No hurry though really. I use the Starbucks app in store and can now use Pay with Square at Starbucks and many other small local stores.
Please, when do you add a quick switch to a second language for voice searching? We know that the best info is in english language not in our languages :(
I know Greek is a difficult language, but I would like to know if there are any plans to support it.
In the Google Play store it still says that the Voice Search app is of version 2.1.4 and was last updated on 21st June 2011! :-o When can we actually have the new version?
No traditional Chinese, so bad!!!!!
P Ma
Thx Google. I♥…
Ed Dich
Good job, but as long as you allow the manufacturers to castrate the roms there'll be little use of it. Samsung doesn't include even the full unicode fonts with their roms, and only a handful of input layouts, wtf!?
Google now in italiano...why we are always Back rather than other countries :(
Finally Serbian! Great news. Коначно и на Српском
People use finnish in world still? I tought russians overtook that country in WW2.
So, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and even Icelandic, but NO Danish?????
Never be without one. Your guide in the universe, ANDROID! Mine is a SKYROCKET.
Dünyada Türkce konuşanların sayısı 42. Sıraya giremeyecek kadar az mı? 
guys suggest me a good android phone around 15000INR..
How will this update happen in ICS devices for example? I have not noticed Finnish yet in the Voice Search language options.

EDIT: I noticed it updated in my tablet and works well in my first tests! :-) I don't know why it didn't update yet in my mobile phone, but I'll keep checking on that.

Thanks again Google for a job well done!
+Beto Aguirre You find me a "rural/jungle" tribe with more than 100,000 people, and I'll show you a group of tribesmen who want voice search :-)
Really guys...u made Serbian and not Croatian. Those languages are extremely similar
Is it only for jellybean?
thanks for adding Serbian! works great on JB! :)
Yet it still doesn't understand a single word of spoken swedish even if it pretends it does. I completely, utterly useless. I tried more than 100 searches and commands in both swedish and English and it didn't get a single one right. Yeah 100% fail rate.
Toby A
"100 million new speakers" It's not that theses speakers are new, nor their ability to speak, but it's their ability to use Voice Search (you've got the wrong adjective - it should be "additional")
Когда будет нормальная поддержка русского языка ?
waiting for russian language support
Thank you, finally swedish input, now we just need voice commands
Well this is werid, since Slovak support has been added, but my device can't install the Voice search app (This item cannot be installed in your device's country. )
What the hell?
When will android have support on Portuguese-BR voice search? 
How about updating the Nexus devices without interference from manufacturers and operators?
Arabic please^^
Why there is no google task native app for android? It would be very good if u add it, because many people like me uses it. So for now i must install a third party app for a sevice that is natively yours.
I am looking forward for it in Danish. I need to try it in danish
Did you check with Apple to see if that was allowed? :)
Now also works on my phone. This is great! :-)
ура это теперь он и русский в полне поддерживает но вот я не знаю на какую версию андроид 2.3   4.0? Скажите пожалуйста!!!
за ранее спасибо
why not greek?????
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, I bought the nexus at Saudi Arabia and I didn't get even the 4.1 Jelly Bean update. When will we get it at Saudi Arabia. I bought the Nexus specifically to get the update, really soooo frustrating. :S :S
Hello, my name is carlos and recently bought the samsung google nexus with IOS Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, I wonder whether it will come out a uptade for installing Android 4.1, and Jelly Bean will be in Portuguese. I wonder if the update will be automatically detected by the mobile phone or if I will have to download the official Android and then install?
The Google's Android seem to be taking people for ride, they are never releasing updates to the handsets, as they announce updates during their annual conferences, it may be just for the sake of  announcement or it my be just to show that Android is also developing like Apple (though I am not an apple fan).

Let us realize what percentage of Ice Cream Sand-witch updates are rolled out since the announcement, now Jelly bean is announce hardly they are rolled out, people are just waiting lot of hope to see the updates grace their beautiful handsets.

Perhaps it is hurting but it is truth, If I am wrong please correct me.
Sony will not release the new Android jelly bean for us. can you release it yourself dear Google?! ;-)
Hmm, Google Now works for me (Switzerland - German), for example some basic commands, such as: Weather or Public Transport, and so on. 
When can we get Google Now for the Galaxy III?
I hate the fact the google search now only searches the internet instead of the whole phone like it did on almost every other android I've owned.
I will get in the line asking for support for Danish. We are completely surrounded by countries that has Google Voice Search - and still we are left out.

Would be nice to see some kind of roadmap from Google on these things ... 
shouldn't google now show all those cool cards and talk back to me? Generally just shows me boring and slow searchs. European Portuguese here!
please improve the existing language ex. german first!
I am sure the are working on Danish. I think it is relesed around christmas.
Croatian laungage?!? pls add it !!
When is the Danish Google now voice search thing you coming out right now I'm using the voice search thing is awesome but I would love to have it Danish 
Why not Greeks ? is this so difficult? Is Voice SDK available ? 
Maybe the oldest language and certainly the most challenging, Greek, spoken from over 15.000.000 around the world are not considered at any app google develops. It is very very disappointing !!!!!!

I guess that we danes - gets Danish as a christmas gift - right google?
Danish language please, we are many Danish Android users. 
Can someone from Google give us an answer on whether Greek is also going to be added (and when) or if there is a way someone could help develop it through SDK?
Manos K
When will Greek be ready? 
Come on Google give us more languages! 
Come on! Swedish, Norwegian and no Danish? Bullshit.
Could someone at Google give a pointer to whether danish will be added any time soon, or maybe someone else has a link to a source of information on this topic somwhere?
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