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Hope you are having a great weekend! Stay tuned for a surprise from +Android on Monday...
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The Galaxy Nexus S Prime 5G with Android 6.4 Kugel and a 3.4Ghz octo-core Exynos processor?
ICS and a surprise all in one weekend. I can't wait!
Mar Cel
If its 4.0 on the LG Thrive, I'm there! (Oddly AT&T won't put 2.3 on the Thrive, even though LG has released a copy)
+Android I'm in the UK. Can I also be excited? or is this a US only surprise?
A Centralized Download Manager for ALL Android Phones for Updates < ---
Literally: ice cream sandwiches for everyone. Edit: just figured out Google's surprise: they killed Kim Jong Il!
Dan Reidy
Free Phones for EVERYONE! \o/
Everybody who has +Android in their Circles get's a free Nexus Prime!
+Devon Blugh Love how you called it Nexus Prime, such a great name. Why did they ditch it?
actually tht would be 44 this is 45
+Kay Urban Wish I knew. Nexus Prime is easier on the tongue than Galaxy Nexus, IMO.
Dar Mehta
Google buys Apple!?
Android on a x86 pc ? sweet dream !
wow, that is interesting, but only thing that surprises me is chrome on android, most awaiting app ever, when do you do that?
Don't they already have a port of Android in the iPhone?
How about an announcement on the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus for other US carriers?
How about a week of free apps for christmas???
New ultrabook with Android + Chrome??? That would be nice!!!
Whatever it is, it's only available in US
Oh a surprise what can it be?
A little question when come the update for Gmail of 4.0 in the market?
A plan that lets you change your Nexus phone for the newest one, every year.

Or at least give us discount in the change! =D
I predict the unveiling of Majel, Googles 'proper' answer to Siri.
Probably going to be Majel :)

Hopefully Google has plans on helping Motorolla out in getting ICS to the Atrix 4G, but I don't think that will happen today :(
Scott M
yay surprises:)
ICS for the NS4G. That's what I'm talking about.
I think I know what the surprise would be on Monday...Google is going to officially rename Monday to Droiday!
Hope it some bug fixes for the Galaxy Nexus / ICS 4 - Much needed :=)
Am so addicted to this android thing, but don't own one. Hmm.......!!!
I hope there's an announcement to push #ICS on to the Nexus S 4G on +Sprint as well as all the Galaxy S2 phones!!!
Ryan B
You're announcing Jelly Bean?
It is bound to be USA only........lets see & hope!
+Android you will return me my android in phone app for ICS? ;-) This new face instead of Android is really scare ;-) I would like also to have androids back in GTalk ;-)
Stop the fragmentation. I have Gingerbread and a Honeycomb device yet I can't upgrade. It's such a tease
So announcing surprises now are we? Has it really come to that? What happened to the good ol days where surprises were unexpected. I remember back in 1867.....aahhh who am I kidding....Can't wait! But whatever it is, it better not be USonly or some other thing I can't use.
ICS on ZTE Crescent. :D <3 u google ;)
+Baron Crandall yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!! i have a i9023, maybe your u.s.a version is different... but according to me, ics is great, faster, easier, really fantastic! :D
U mean Tuesday for half of the world -__- Well, whatever it is, please be worldwide and not just US. Now my guess is a competition for a Galaxy Nexus. If I'm right, can I get ICS on my Nexus S YET?
Opening Google services like Google Music to non-US markets as well? Automatic updates independent from manufacturer & model to ICS?
Im shure its Majel (please change the name for let say mmm... *ANDROID*) but am sooo hoping for chrome on android, (but im shure it wont be)
We're well into Monday here in Australia now. Bring on the s'prise!
Either Google buys TMO USA or the US GSM Nexus gets released. Otherwise, meh.
I wouldn't mind a free Galaxy Nexus myself, but I guess whatever else you have in store is similarly amazing! But really, my SGS just broke :(
Another sale of apps on market until Xmas?
Jody Read
Google Music for the world
Everyone - it won't be anything about a phone that isn't a Nexus, they aren't in charge of that.
+Telmo Rafael Riofrio Tigse That could be possible. Canadian Carrier +TELUS has already officially announced that their version of the SII will receive an update to 4.0 in 2012 (though that could be December 31st 2012)
I hope this Surprise will benefit ALL Android Devices!
Google / Android has nothing to do with updates to SGS 2 or what ever phone so skip those thoughts :=) I guess a tablet release with ICS.
Lets hope that its not only for the US ......
Nexus One has too low internal memory - it's HTC fault. Actually I think it's hard to update this model guys. It's possible to use SD card memory - but this memory is slow and this is the first reason for no official updates anymore.
Not an interview with shakira or lady gaga ..... Please
something to do with transformer prime maybe
I hope it IS an interview with Shakira or Lady Gaga.
This is a prime example of a nice surprise..

Get it? Get it?
ICS on my BlackBerry Bold 9700?

Just kidding, I have ICS on my Nexus S. Wise recent purchase, thank you G-folk!
a new update for the Nexus S that adds facelock, camera zoom, camera effects and fixes the strange behaviour of the autodim display that in my nexus remains too high!
Hopefully worldwide availability of the galaxy nexus
Ooooo... I love surprises this time of year!
Lets hope its ICS for the SGS2
OMG! I don't think you understand, I LOVE SURPRISES!
It may be a ICS update for the Xoom. Just a thought ;)
Lower price on the Galaxy Nexus? More carriers?
A guessing and maybe a suggestion: Android is opening snack bars all over the world with their desserts on the menu ;) That would be fun and nice and a great advertising. You can use that. Do it. I will not patent that. lol. Make sure though you open one in my city: Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil as soon as possible. :P
ICS for the Xoom, bitte! :)

That's all I ask
anyone going to start a hangout on this, seems like a hot topic of convo? is 'on air' feature rolled out yet so i could watch :D
Option to run either pure vanilla android , or whatever manufacturer skin you want to.
Is it the g+ update that allows mobile hangouts?!
i hope it's ice cream sandwich for Nexus 4g owners ;-)
Ice Cream Sandwich for all ?
- ha ha har har...
Installed ICS for my Nexus S. Had a great weekend. ;-)
Just to add to the non-USA "noise" it would be nice if you let us peeps in the rest of the world have some of the fun. Although I should not complain as I have ics on my nexus S :)
I LOVE #IceCreamSandwich !!!!!!!!!!!! Upgraded from OG Droid to the Galaxy Nexus, its awesome.
I want ICS for my Moto Photon
I'd like icecream sandwich for my galaxy s2
They didnt post this on their twitter so im guessing its some specific to google +
I hope ICS is coming for SGS2 in sweden!
It's Monday here in Australia, What is the surprise???
Remember its the "World" Wide Web so if doing anouncements PUT THE CORRECT TIME ZONE please.
+Sophia Zu Majel is the Android equivelent to Siri. It's named after Majel Roddenberry best known as both the wife of Gene Rodenberry but also as the voice on the Star Trek computer
oooh.. that would be awesome Star Trek TTS!!!
I love surprises... rolling out 4.0.3 to my at&t Nexus s would be a good enough Christmas present though!!
ICS 4.0 for tablets.
Everyone with an older Android device gets a free Galaxy Nexus! You're getting one, you're getting one and you're getting one! :D
ICS for all smartphones guys! Ahahaha thumbs up for android! Best OS in the world!!
Google buys Apple and kills iOS and all iDevices run ICS by default. THAT would be a surprise.
Google is banning use of Carrier IQ and similar spyware with the Android platform?
That I win the internet and get all Google products in advance :D ?
I've received 4.0.3 on my nexus s. i'm a happy person!
hope it is little toy "andy" figurine for xmas! Love to get one of those
Google Wallet for all? YEAH YEAH.
The unveiling of the rival to Siri I've been reading about? Majel?
ICS for Nexus S 4G, I mean come on Google. NS4G is one of your flagship phones and you are giving the update to the GSM NS.
ICS for the Motorola Xoom please.....
All the drivers to make an iPad into an Android tablet. That would be funny
Google Wallet available in the Market for Galaxy Nexus phones?
Just make it for the UK also this time
anther US only feature ? can't wait :(
I nominate "Jalebi" to be the next release. Please make it the next +Android release. It is my favorite dessert.
NEW wireless carrier by GOOGLE!? With UNLIMITED LTE!?
oh, dont remind me about NICE ... weekend i have because it was amazing
Lauro N
Android 4.0 for SGS II???
Computer, tell me what Google is planning
All I want for Christmas from Android and G+ is the ability to share pics and albums from my Photos account. :) Oh...and that they should fix spelling correction in landscape in Honeycomb.
Hrm, already have 4.0 on my SGS1, what more could I want?
Will you be letting me buy GTAIII on the market despite it "not being compatible"? (just shut up and take my money)
Google deciding to cease development on Android and moving to Windows for their next smartphone.
All android devices with Carrier IQ will be remotely accessed and self destruct ~5:55 AM

...Merry Christmas!
C'mon, what's going on then? Hope it's something app related and not just the Sprint release of the Galaxy Nexus!
Ray A
Android rules! thats all i got to say. iphone is old school already! keep pushing Android!
Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile, I want it even though i just got ICS on my Nexus S
At 12:01 AM Google will start a limited beta release of their formerly secret advanced AI programming for android, code-named Skynet. Nothing is expected to go wrong.
No that is Apple!! Wrong company! lol
A rollout of ICS 4.0.3 worldwide for the Galaxy Nexus please! Also Google Music, Books, Movies, Wallet worldwide!! And something similar to Siri but with a better naming than Majel
Google's answer to siri and free nexus for everyone on +Android ! That would be awesome
GOOGLE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GETTING ICS ON YOUR PHONE. This announcement with not be Android 4 on [_ Insert your device here _]
Please let it be that us nexus s 4g owner are getting ics. Nexus one owners Google has already stated that the nexus one will NOT get ics . really the big surprise was a nexus tablet? Dont forget about us nexus s 4g owners android. How about a timeline for our updates.
Can't wait! My guess is something with Project Majel.
nothing happened, did I miss anthg???
+Radek Kryger Man, your right. We got monday, nothing happend? I still have not got an ice cream sandwich, ha ha har har har :D
Mobile initiated Google+ video chat for the 99%? (I'm not a celebrity you see...)
Sevan B
Is the surprise the actual release of Asus Transformer Prime with ICS?
Google will delete all Justin Bieber youtube videos :-)
+Bogdan - that would be perfect!!
+Devon Blugh you mean Galaxy Nexus?? Lol.
ICS for all??? Galaxy S at least would be nice.... with access to 911.... lol.
Galaxy nexus for T-Mobile
Free worldwide data connections for all (ad-supported, of course)!?!
Majel would be a great surprise but I doubt it :/
Let's home it includes the release of the ICS OTA update for AT&T Nexus S (i9020A)
I'm hoping it's Google Music going live in more countries (UK!) it's out of beta now...
Hopefully it is an os upgrade for those phones to run on the latest android os.
one galaxy nexus for all person in the world?
Android keep up the good work I can't wait to get my galaxy nexus ics
Nick K
still waiting, i hope the news will come during the next 7 hours :)
Maybe my video chat will finally work Monday
Galaxy nexus on every us carrier?
Or Google wallet for all nfc phones.!
going sleep, please wake me up if anything nice will be announced :)
Hopefully ICS for the other GSM Nexus S.... (i9020a).... and a surprise for the NS4G users would be nice ;)
Shaul E
Android will be able to make coffee?
Can't think of a surprise better than Majel!
+Android why aren't you able to share directly to google talk in that huge menu of programs to share with? Also, why doesn't auto correct work on the G+ app?
If it was Majel, then I can't be excited more.
I am hoping for the Google Transporter app. Instant transportation to anywhere I need to go would be awesome!
i can not wait anymore.......................... bring it now..........
Google Wallet on Verizon and in Europe!!
Im hoping for majel.

"computer, mass distribute yourself to all android phones"
Majel that actually understands Australian accents...
very excited !! :D maybe the Siri Killer app ???
for me already 50min into monday, hurry up plz! (:
Guys it's only like what Sunday 5pm or so in California where Google's based so we have at least 7 more hours and that's assuming they announce right when the clock strikes 12
damn they really got our attention posted 2 hours ago and already have 399 comments on it
Anyone else get the sinking feeling that it's not going to live up to the hype it appears to be gathering?
1. Google wallet for everyone

2. ICS update for my Xoom?

3. Update to make voice actions worth using?

4. A faster Android Market?
I hope that this surprise has something to do with project majel.
Is Nook Color kinda part Android?
Not jailbroken, I mean.
If you don't roll out the i9020a OTA this year, I assure you I will paint you pink!!!
401th comment!!

Still Not got an ice cream sandwich for breakfast :)
Android you made my weekend. Now running ICS on my Nexus S after installing the official OTA update tonight! :)
Free phone service for current android users that can go give them a hug!
Andoid dropped Virtual Machine
I want my Koodo google nexus s OS update to ICS >"<
Every Nexus S user will get a Christmas gift.A new GN.
what what??? :) next OS "jelly beans"
I'm guessing it has something to do with the rumored Siri-like Voice Actions update (codenamed Majel). That would be really cool and make the Nexus seriously the best smartphone ever.
Almost half of the Monday is gone here in Australia. However, whatever it is, I am prepared for disappointment.
That phones will receive updates for 18 months after they come out
its not going to be huge guys calm down look forward to that update to G+ or some other Google services expanding out to other countries other than that I don't see an update for other devices this week or a new Siri killer.

+Android you gotta take it easy using keywords like that hehe
+Abhinava Srivastava more than likely a galaxy nexus feature but it could be hardware since I don't think the sensor on the Nexus S is all that great so hardware for 2 Alex
ICS for Nexus One? (Ah, I wish...)
I agree with +Anthony Garrett. +Dan Morrill already said that they're done with Android-based stuff for 2011. Whatever it is will be something in 2012 for Android OR something like an app update.
NS4G ICS ota!!!!!!! NS4G ICS ota!!!!!! NS4G ICS ota!!!!!!
All eager.. But plz plz +Android ... Global surprises please.. No "US Only" goodies ! :-P
Oh my GOD, just make it ICS for all phones (or at least Galaxy S II ;) ), and I'm going to FREAK out! :D
Aggiornamento per il mio g nexus comprato al day one in italia? :)
Its not Google's fault if its US only at launch it takes time to expand
I can't wait to know, now I have the official #ICS on my #NexusS.
It will be the new Asus tablet transformer prime?
it's already Monday morning... guess this surprise is US only again...
+Sophia Zu If SGSII gets ICS before NS4G I will literally go and punch Google in the face. The entire Google.
Google+ hangout feature comes to android ????????????
You're gonna mandate that in order to get access to Google Apps, manufacturer skins are forbidden? That'd be awesome. :P
I have a feeling it's gonna be US only -.-
david h
It most likely should be the transformer prime with ics and 1.5 ghz quad core processor because Asus officially said that it will be released on Dec 19
Google buys T-Mobile, and mejel either for ics or in jellybean & if you want updates on time buy a nexus its the only way other than rooting ..
Hoping for something worldwide too. Chrome for Android? Maybe just a G+ update, don't think it will be Majel.
I hope it is something better than siri so iphone users will shut up!
chrome for android
google acquisition of motorola completes(but that's not android news for now but it will benefit it in future for sure)........
or or or....
can't think of anything else more interesting! :-)
Galaxy Nexus all carriers? Ics for xoom?
Gary Ng
Please let the surprise be something for everyone including ppl from other countries =)
Apps for everybody lol!!
Probably going to be Majel :)

Hopefully Google has plans on helping Motorolla out in getting ICS to the Atrix 4G, but I don't think that will happen today :(
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