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Introducing the first apps for Android Wear!

Now you can order dinner, take a note, send a message, check your flight, or even learn a language right on your Android Wear device. Check out some examples in the album below, or head to Google Play see the full selection of apps now available for Android Wear (with many more to come!):

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Ordered my G Watch, now I wait.......
+Alejandro Rodriguez Mann Thanks. Yeah I generally do the same, but I figured I'd give this a shot. I drove back from IO to Denver, which is a 20 hour trip, and it would have been useful.
Wendy W
I like that Level Money has been updated to include my bank! I'm going to try that one out!
Need mpre fitness apps out there..especially the ones that do no require you phone to be around!
I'm sure fitness related functionality is underway. .. but is surprising that it isn't already available
Every sec n my head if I should preorder the lg g or wait for the moto 360?
I'm happy seeing this, bright future from all of it's potential
It'll monitor your physical activities while your order pizza over internet and have it delivered to your house so your mum can bring it into your bedroom.
O'C mi
i like that fetcher          :D
I dont want such pizza s because i am veg
Ugly and busy. The card style does not work on such a small screen. Very ugly. Looks like a toy. 
I don't understand.... Can I respond a call on smartwatch? And talk by smartwatch? 
I can image this will be very useful on the road.
Designwise id say mweh, not of this age. Also id like to see wearables as an extension of my phone. Id like o see l all my notifications (whatsapp and more) on my wrist, typing a textmessage with it, calling and so on. Too much of a hipster thing in its current state, but as a first step its not too bad i guess.
Hopefully the moto360 will combine design and functionality (and customizability) perfectly, we can only wait.
+Rick Zevering u will see all ur notifications on these smart watches as well send messages but only through voice commands. Typing on that tiny screen would be a huge hassle! You can also make calls with it.
+Rick Zevering then why bother having the phone? If android wear were to replicate everything your phone does, it'd be a hassle. It IS an extension of your phone, in the best and least obtrusive way
+Dain Laguna thanks for your reply. I see it more as a hud for google now, rather than an actual controller for your phone. +Dain Laguna thanks for the explaination. I cant wait to see what the app developers make for it to make it (even?) more useful.

By the way guys dont see me as a hater. I do see the potential! Its just that in its current state i find it a pizza ordering wrist device which is quite the opposite of what I think would be useful. Hopefully the developers will make apps for it to serve everyones needs. : ) the technology is certainly there to make it cool.
Great android wear is going to control humans 
+Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz neat idea! I read the reviews about sound...can you Bluetooth the watch to the car radio and then get sound or does the watch only pair to phones?
$19.61 for a pizza, some wings, and a 2-liter? Yikes.
Now all I need is my gear live
Thank YOU, I Wish You The VERY BEST, I like the idea, very good, My Best, Mike, Thank You, 
Where are all the hapi memries all the laughter and the tears we share together 
I think they meant chicken wings not buffalo wings. We don't call them buffalo wings in Buffalo.
Amiga y amgo muy buenas tarde atodos

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