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Check out the unveiling of the Android KitKat statue. 

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I don't understand why people complain so much!! Woo hoo! Go Android!
That's G+ for ya. Getting excited for more fragmentation. Lol. 
Alright, now give us the next nexus phone please. Been holding out on upgrading... 
Break me off a piece of that Android release!
You might think to improve android, no advertisement imo. 
+Omar Carrington even iOS is fragmented ... It's just more noticeable because Google won't give you a watered down version of their os just to show good numbers
One step closer to the Nexus 5... 
+Giacomo Pegorer it's advertisement for both parties and it (as far as we know so far) won't effect the quality of the OS in any way.
@people complaining about fragmentation: Nexus 4  is 200$ contractless.
Go get it :)
The only bad part is those bloody awful American KitKat adverts. They are just wrong.
+Jacob Rigby interesting it says nexus but as you can see the nexus 4 is in the frame next to it! Curious 
Anyone complaining about's 2013. Get with us. That complaint is dying out. 
At 0:38 Those dont look like the current Nexus 4s. They almost look like Nexus 7s, but they also dont appear to much smaller ! New Nexus 4 to be released with KitKat ? 

EDIT: The women seems to be using a current N4. In retrospect. This also gives you a size comparison
+Kjetil Rydland that's damn near one if the best written articles I've read in the kast year. Thabks for sharing that. 
Why kitkat...they sold out by putting another brand on an operating system.Seriously, wtf, Google does not need money. 
I think I seen a Nexus phone at 0.38. Had to watch it to make sure it wasn't a N7.
+Omar Carrington They have already started to fix that so called problem. Anyone using Android 2.2 or higher already has it. Google Play Services(aka Google Settings)says, Hi. 
+Jacob Rigby Can't stop thinking about an Oppo Nexus phablet, based on the new N1 form factor this one could even match! 
+Elias Lugo found the something as well! Definitely seems bigger than the Nexus 4 right next to it, and I kind of see LG and its logo on it!
I can't get that damn kit kat jingle out of my head 😲
Is it Kit Kat instead of Key Lime Pie?
+Connor Shea yeah, I know but I would prefer to have a less fragmented OS and a better platform for develop unless a troll advertisement:) mine it's just a provocation:)
+Alexis Amihalachioaie no money was exchanged. They picked kitkat because one of the main Google engineers iirc loves Kitkat. So it's an Ode to him.
+Frank Thorley they purposely used Key lime internally to protect the true name. Brilliant if you ask me. :)
Stop the vid at 0:38. That's the NEW NEXUS 5! That guy is taking a picture with it!
Will the new nexus 7 be updated to android 4.4
4.* go on Google let's continue to 4.9
Bring it on !!! 
+Booker Farr it says on the Verge article and I quote, "There's no exchange of money involved..."
Odd... didn't see that many employees wearing Glass.
That dude is gonna melt like Frosty in the California sun. Kit-Kat, the Android 4.4 was a happy, jolly fellow..."
+Booker Farr The sunlight won't let you see the logo if you stop the video. Watch it without stopping it and the reflection will show you the whole logo.
Actually it does say nexus, that sure as hell isn't gonna be as cheap as the current N4. that thing looks awesome... 
why is it private?!

edit: this is either a massive fluke or marketing genius.
Its probably private because of the new nexus phone :P
made it private because they realized they accidentally released the nexus much for secrecy haha 
it's private because they accidentally showed the nexus 5 about 38 seconds in to the video.damn shame really.
They probably did that on purpose. Like a controlled leak
I believe they did on purpose to create hype.  =)
Please +Android add saturation and color temp. controls to stock android. The nexus 7 could use it.
Thanks for the sneak peek Google! Now I really can't wait for the Nexus 5! 
Google removed video as it seems they may or may not have leaked the new Nexus 5
There was a prototype Nexus in the shot. They've done so well to keep everything a secret so guess this was knee jerk. But what a great day for Android fans!
this video is private, is this because the new nexus 5 is in this video¿?¿?¿?
Don't complain to Android about fragmentation tell your cellular provider and manufactures. They are the ones come up with all these different skins and the phone company refuses to upgrade them.
Is it really a coincidence that the same frame captures three Googlers holding the three latest Nexus phones - guy at the back has the Galaxy Nexus, the girl has the Nexus 4 and the guy in the front has a supposed Nexus 5!! A plant or a goof up? Google pulling the video within minutes says something for sure. 
"This video is private." WTF?

Oh now I get it. Either Google's trolling , or shithead in the brown shirt just outed the next Nexus4. Either way, pretty lame. Great $FAIL at your little celebration, guys. 
yeah This video is private. -- android broke youtube!
If this is a prototype, I want the REAL NEXUS 5 to have a glass back, that stippled pattern from the nexus 4, and that earpiece at the edge, I really liked the design of the nexus 4. And please keep it 4.7"!!!!!! +Android!!!!
looks like 5 or 5 plus to me
why 4.4? why not 5!!! So hope it is huge update
Aw man I missed the video before it got pulled. Oh well I'm still happy that my favorite mobile OS now has the name of my favorite candy in it :)
it really looks like a smaller nexus 7... better be an awesome camera!
Nexus 5 was accidentally in the video that's why Google removed the video 
So the next version will be KitKat instead of Key Lime Pie?
Fragmentation is because of manufacturer not Google... Get a nexus and u won't feel fragmented 
Everyone so sure it will be a Nexus 5? I hope it'll stay a Nexus 4
I love that Google is taking on Apples software cat legacy with cute yummy cats... Go Google with your freedom over big cat bit brother Apple. 
Go Andoird. Boo branded advertisement that creates false impression of selling out without an actual payment for this. (kit kat is already capitalizing on this) key lime pie is a great dessert and would have been a great release name. now the door is opened to branded version names that MIGHT actual feature $$ changing hands for little more than lowbrow endorsements. 
I think it's cool as hell they went with KitKat. Very unique. 
^^ It's been blocked by Google... assuming because of the "Nexus" phone
someone showed a unknown Nexus phone during the video I guess that's why they make the video private ;)
Stop complaining about a new version of android being more fragmentation. Android is fragmented because device manufacturers customize android so much and don't release updates over time. This is progress not fragmentation. If this is fragmentation and its so bad maybe we should just fix the fragmentation issue right now and everyone downgrade to Donut.
Without Androids fragmentation where would Apple be today. My guess is even less innovative than it already is. Apple aficionados should be thanking Google for pushing the envelope. 
This just in. Apple Kopy Kat 5s.0 coming September 10th
And here's me thinking they would be going straight to Key Lime pie 5.0
Kit kat and android make an awesome statement since android has broken the rotten Apple reign as the mobile consumers top choice. The Android takeover has commenced..... 
This sucks i have a nexus device and still 4.2
Apparently Google took it down after they realized that someone taking a picture of the statue had the unreleased Nexus 5... whoops!
lmao i was waiting all the time for it to "buffer" #Fail   
What happen I can't see the video.

Haha they licked the Nexus 5 and now its private xD 
Ohh! So its not Key Lime Pie. It's KitKat.! Excited already to have this in my Nexus⁴. :D
Alex K
Video set to private o.O
Make android phone shaped kit kat bars lol.
Alex K
+Eduardo Martinez  +Benjamen Meiers 
Its set to private because they Likely needed to edit out the part with the second gen nexus 4 or "Nexus 5"  as some call it that they let slip in the video of the KitKat statue.
+Ande Thomas What is fragmentation people are talking about? And why are they worried?
Spotted the new Nexus!
It says the video is private when I try to access it through mobile 
Awesome! Can't wait for this to roll out!
Its private cause Google "accidently" leaked the nexus 5 xD
The funny thing is that I was eating a Kit Kat when I saw the news on Engadget. Nice video.
So, now that we have Kit-Kat out of the way, which "tech" (read: rumor) site will be first to predict "Lemon Drop" or "Lemon Meringue Pie"?
And for those complaining about fragmentation, get on the Nexus or GPE program, or stay home with your eye and hand tracking gimmicks... 
The video was removed because they forgot to cut out the clip of the guy taking a picture with the LG Nexus 5
Awesome work with Android kitkat.
How many new feature include with this new update?
Sorry Google, you just ruined my day. You sold your product nickname to an evil company which destroys actively rainforrest to produce cheap palmoil for their candybars.
+Rainer Schuppe You do realize the minerals that go into the production of your phone are extracted just as "dirty" right?

Before complaining about a candybar, throw out your phone and get a sustainable one. They probably don't run Android though.
Nexus 5 with LTE made by LG and you've got a winner, Google. Make it happen next month!
+Rainer Schuppe First off, Nestle didn't actively destroy rain forest. They bought palm oil from a company that did. Second of all, they no longer deal with that company. And third: that company accounted for a meager 1.25% of Nestle's palm oil usage.

Check your facts before you spout uninformed nonsense.
The name is cool but even if no money changed hands it promotes Nestlé, Google has a motto of don't be evil, Nestlé are widely recognised as being a pretty evil company.

I love android but don't really want to be associated with Nestlé at all. Also it gives the impression that Google sold out on the name, which they would be perfectly entitled to do but I think it cheapens the brand a little.

There is potential for some good cross marketing I guess, I can just imagine the ad now, someone sitting getting frustrated with their iPhone followed by "take a break, have an android phone". 
V. Z. M, (g. ,.. ,,,.n. mm.., ,k. 
fragmentation doesn't exists any more, all core features are moved to an app called google play services. android version is mainly drivers and hardware controllers.
it's private because the nexus 5 is accidently shown in it... 
There are copy's of the video on YouTube.
"This video is private."
Is Android KitKat private too?
They made it private because they accidentally caught what is supposedly the new Nexus device being used by a developer
"This video is private.

Sorry about that."
Hola a todos, es un grato placer el conoceros, espero podamos intercambiar interesantes opiniones y comentarios
Google essentially stole the headlines of Nokia and Microsoft merger by announcing the new Android version without releasing it.
The video is private. Maybe they deleted it because it featured nexus 5?
Damn, all of this Kitkat talk about Android is making god-awful hungry.
Android will probably soon Coca-Cola, then a Big Mac, then use the name of all the famous brands))))
Boooooo on your choice for "K" dessert.  It was supposed to be Key Lime Pie.  What happened?  I know you normally sell advertising in every way you can possibly conceive, but even the version-name?
Why don't you re-brand it "Android ... brought to you by Coca-Cola"?
Why cannot we see this video :-( it says it's private
Not a good choice of name - an affiliation with Nestlé - an irresponsible and evil company. So much for "Don't be evil...". (Edit: Good point about the non-dessert names)
+Ray Last A kitkat isn't a "dessert" but a jelly bean is? And a donut is? 

I'm not a huge fan of the affiliation either, but it looks like no money exchanged hands and the affiliation ends with the name and some giveaways. Sometimes in this day and age, I think we get a little too caught up in political implications when it's honestly just a lighthearted cute nickname a company gives to it's software updates.
Is donut a dessert? NO
is honeycomb a dessert? NO
Are jellybeans desserts? NO
is kitkat a dessert? NO

They are not just desserts
They are called
It is private because you can clearly see a new Nexus in the video, that might be Nexus 5 :)
+Google obviously edited the video before they posted it. With editing, comes a lot of focus on particular frames. The person/people who edited this obviously took into account the 'leakage' of the supposedly 'Nexus 5'. So my guess is:
1. They did it intentionally to toy with android fanatics overly obsessive minds with leaks and what not.
2. They WERE actually leaking it to see if anyone would notice and if they did, pull the video to make some people go crazy.
3. Or....Just trolling because apparently that's what Google's good at.
Ho Po
Hi Android,

Today I have contacted Samsung Portugal to ask them why doesn't my Samsung Galaxy Nexus update to the latest version (this case 4.3). I still have 4.1.2 and one of the greatest reason to buy this phone was to be a Nexus... Android Lifetime updates.

Samsung adviced me to contact you via your google plus profile. I hope you can explain why it takes too much time to update to 4.2.2 and 4.3.

Thank you.

Why did Google set it as private??? 
WTF. Ridiculous name made in ridiculous cooperation with food company. Release info made public 2 months earlier than usual, ahead of official unveiling. Now the new LG G2 based Nexus 5 is seen in public in official Google video, which has been pulled shortly after. I'm appaled. Slightly.
Apparently (according to Engadget) the video showed Google staffers using an unreleased Nexus, so it was taken down.
you've spent more money and time on this stupid friggin statue - than you have making sure all your devices have timely updates.
Good for Android. Can't wait to taste some 4.4 Kit Kat features.
Can't see the video...too disappointing. Why post videos we can't see
It's funny because it's probably your service provider or phone manufacturer that's preventing an update. Moral of the story: Get a Nexus if timely updates are a high priority.
@Lorenze I think the issue is something else. Yesterday when I attempted to watch it on my Nexus 4 connected through at least 2 different (competing) providers, it came up as "private". Today on my Chromebook, using yet a 3rd provider, all I get is the little animated "loading" icon.
I saw that new Nexus on the video ^-^
The nexus 5 needs 3gb of ram and a better display not forgetting the battery life make it better than the note 3!
On behalf of all android users of Venezuela asked Google to porfavor to to buy applications with our local currency
Why? Why would you make this video private dear sirs? 
Wait so they are serious? What happened to key lime pie
Kit Kat is already branded and easier to market and gives publicity to both companies. 
oh Boy a private video
Pointless . was looking forward to see this
This makes a great litmus test: I have just blocked+ignored everybody who asked "lol why private" after the question was answered the first time.
"This video is private"?
+Alex Harmon For real. I got a HTC One X Plus in December. I have gotten NO Android updates from AT&T and it is September. AT&T says the update to Jelly Bean 4.2 is not in the foreseeable future. Kit Kat? I'll never see it, not on this phone. 
The video is Private. Why post it?????
i saw the nexus 5
the indian guy was holding it 
haha google messed upagain
PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH THE STOCK SMS/MMS APP (aka make it like imessage or BBM or hell just put hangouts in it.....ANYTHING)
maybe it just my opinion but shouldnt you simplify future android versions , like for example: Aos4.4  or GA4.4 (google Android 4.4) its just my opinion, it makes impressible simpler and stronger name
Evan C.
I see a nexus 5!
Geo braward transitasional center ponpano beach F L

it says that the video is private !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
We got to minus 5 from 10 to get 5 and why 5? 
It's private because it showed a google employee taking a picture of the statue with the next nexus phone, possibly called the nexus 5
you need to prepare good news if will be named that name
Hey, +Android, I have a question. Today, I got the chance to test out the new nexus 7, and I'm gonna be getting one soon. But, i have a question about your movie studio application for android. I didn't see it in the app finder, and it was nowhere to be seen. Can you please optimize this app for the new nexus 7 because I'm a Youtuber and would like to yay that software because I can't afford iMacs and professional video editing software. So please optimize it!!!! 

m opp pop ll.) L '
Mk ok lk0po ppl) lol l

You forgot to make it public/unlisted if you put it on google+.
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I've gotten this before. It's still flagged as "private".

I don't know why it's "private", I just know that it is and I'm getting a little annoyed with people sharing a video with me that I can't watch...
its private dikheads why post when the only thing we can see is jack SHIT
what its private i really want to watch it >_>
Hey KitKat ^-^ 
I must go to cinema to see this film ?
Or You'll be still sitting on tree ? :D
this video is private...:(!
Maybe we can get Hershey themed icons!
this video has been pulled because it showed a shot of someone using a nexus 5
aov built ohk poo o I'll
Features we do expect for android 4.4: sharable WIFI DIRECT and a workable DLNA, because, honestly, Google Play apps sucks
I hate Android, but I love Android. I just wish I could afford an iPhone 5s though.
Really its too cool for share all application have later improved but still
work on!!!!!!!!!!!
That phone u see in the video is the nexus 4 that comes along with kitkat;) 
Hello +android

Can u please confirm do u have any official fan page on fb ?
dear android i love the phone. the battery not so much. morning your with me afternoon your your dead
I WANT GOOGLE BABEL & I WANT IT NOW!!!!! +Android but all jokes aside I'm sick of using 3rd party apps such as whatsapp & in a few days BBM to truly connect with my friends & fam #googlebabel or whatever u name it would be the largest messaging platform on earth due to androids global market share PLEASE I'M BEGGING FOR SOMETHING TO KILL THE EVIL iMessage
help me!...I from Ecuador...especific from Guayaquil. My email is

Yesterday (17-sep-2013) in my samsung S3 was updated with last version of the androind systems.

after the updating my cell was inhibited by more than 10 times a day, and the one solutions is forced off.

I need to solve this problem.... sorry my english is not veery good. But I hope someone can help me.

Repeat my email is or my number cell is (593) 982630232.

Google should add one more feature in it that no OS have on this planet. Like we create folders and give name to it how about giving names to the pages and when the user clicks the dots (number of pages) list appears with the name like games, productivity, personal and when the user clicks on it he is directly directed to that page
What special feature in them?
Hi Android KitKad dev Team, please supplement the very necessary funtions for Stock messaging app. Such as constantly show the character counter in sms editor, change color of conversation bubbles and some other features like 3rd party app. It would be awesome stock sms app other wise it's crap and useless like most of stock sms app on Nexus device now.
Pls note this and do it
My Note 2 needs this!!! Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar
Wtf, the video is private
Did you guys purposefully leak the Nexus 5 in this video? ;)
Can we get sms intergrated into the hangout app
I hope you have good ideas for the " Lag " on KitKat !
Just looked at review of note 10.1 2014, I really hope multi window and pop out video comes to stock android at some point in the future. I so want to get rid of my pc but need better multitasking before I can do that. Yes I can get it on the Note but then I get all Samsung's bloatware. Come on, give it to us...
Nexus 5 was leaked by Google employee
+Luca Fedeler Google has made it private because an employee was making a video with an unreleased device that had the Nexus and LG logo on the back, it was the NEXUS 5! 
Will galaxy grand duos get 4.4 or need to get satisfied with 4.2.2.
that is not really good. wherever we touch Google now comes up left right home button and also we cant have additional home screen if original or first home screen is empty 
in my opinion have not work well at least on home screen and Google now  
Why waste space on this web page if the video is privide and I can't view.  Total waste of web page space. ---JErry
when is android kit kat coming out for htc one
Hi! Yesterday I updated my Android system to KitKat and it caused a problem with my tablet. I followed the instructions that appeared on the screen of my tablet and everything was going well but after the installation and automatic restart of the system, when I typed my password to decrypt the data, it started decrypting but never ended. No button was pressed, as was demanded to avoid problems, and more than 15 hours later the tablet turned off by lack of battery. Now it does not turn on anymore! I rigorously followed the indicated procedure. What is happening? Thank you!
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