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Last summer, we launched Chromecast, the easiest way to cast shows, movies and photos from the web to your TV. Today, we're excited to give you a first look at Android TV.

Android TV brings together a world of content and games, recommendations and voice search so you can spend less time browsing and more time enjoying your favorites. Tailored content from your apps shows up in your home screen. If you have a genre in mind, just say 'show me action movies' for options. Console-style games shine on your HDTV with a gamepad and, of course, Google Cast comes built in.

TV wouldn't be the same without great content. Google Play and YouTube serve up blockbuster flicks, timeless classics and viral videos. Netflix, Showtime Anytime, Plex, TED, Watch Travel Channel and PBS Kids offer endless movies, shows and documentaries. And TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Songza and Vevo bring streaming radio and music videos to your living room.

Keep an eye out for devices from Sony, TP Vision, Sharp, Asus, Razer and more starting this fall and into 2015. Visit to learn more and sign up for future announcements.
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I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally doubt it.
Lol, still can't decide whether to call it "Google Cast" or "Chromecast" apparently.
+Android ... Love that we are getting photos Chromecast . will it support auto highlights or only images added to an album?
Is this an upgrade to my Chromecast or a new product?
Google, we need to stream local media inside the home LAN....
Can I use my existing TV for this? Or do I have to buy an Android TV? Is there an add-on, or can the set-box be used?
How Does this device work with my directv box? That is where I get confused. Do they work together? Or do I have to run on separate HDMI ports. If they don't work together then what is the point?
I haven't had cable for years. I have a Chromecast in 1 room, and a Roku in another. I refuse to purchase another TV. Will Chromecast be compatible with this via an app on a phone/tablet, or, are we gonna be forced to buy new TVs to get this?
I bought a Chromecast a few hours ago! :-(
Wish I could just plugin my Android phone to my TV using usb and enjoy AndroidTV. Will this be possible?
+Rick Zevering would only work over HDMI, and yeah probably, although not officially by Google. There might be people managing to boot Android TV on a phone. I guess the better alternative would be buying a little set top box that costs a very little amount of money though, these will surely exist soon.
Probably won't make it to Singapore. Netflix isn't here too. Chromecast is parallel imported and sold at a higher price but it's useless here unless you VPN. Nexus 5 too parallel imported and sold more expensive. Stuck with limited and old models for Chromebooks.

You have to be in the US for the best Google experience. 
+Vincent Costa I think you need to run separate hdmi ports, with the google tv you have to do that 
+Gustavo Salazar Vazquez I don't have a smart TV but if it's baked into the TV like the new Sony's they announced, will it then overlay your cable signal? 
+Vincent Costa I want to know more about this too. What do you say +Android? Will the Android TV boxes and TVs have HDMI passthrough to work with cable boxes and the like?
+Android Can Google TV be used with a webcam for Hangouts and other video chat apps? If it has HDMI passthrough and can use a webcam, I would have all of my family members get one.
And the difference between Google TV and Android TV?  1) How I access the show?  Big Wup.  2) Two possibly new sources of content?  Showtime Anytime and Watch Travel Channel are the only two sources listed not already on Google TV?

The reason Google TV failed?  It's the content, stupid.  What's missing from this announcement?  It's the content, stupid.

Where's Hulu.  Where's Amazon?  Where's HBO Go?

And the new sources out there?  Where's TabloTV?  Where's

Where's the stuff my brother can play on his Roku that I can't get on my Google TVs?
I am hoping my okd tv breaks..oops so I can repkace it with an internet ready device.. I have a westinghouse 50+internet reafy in the bedroom now my living room needs an upgrade.. whats the difference betwern internet ready and android tv ?
+Wilberto Ortiz Internet ready TVs are now called smart TVs. They all have some type of operating system on them that allows them to connect to the Internet and run apps like Netflix. The difference between other smart TVs and Android TV is going to be the connectivity of your other Android devices with your TV. It will connect to your Google account so many apps you have on your phone or tablet will run on your TV. There is also the potential to have other Google account features as well like checking your email or doing a Hangouts conversation on it. It will also be ready for gaming that works with Google Play Games service so you can connect and play games with friends on any other Android device. It will have Google Cast in it as well like the Chromecast does so friends and family can share their content on it from their own devices without having to sign into their Google account on the TV itself. There are more advantages than that as well, like Google's voice search and such.

However, I would rather get one of the Android TV boxes than an Android TV or smart TV. They are much easier and less expensive to replace every few years as the hardware gets better.
Kind of signing in to windows 8 pc, and sync it with a windiwd tablet ? ,
got it..
+Charles Keisler No, it's not built for that. It will be getting new features though. One is being able to use your own pictures as the wallpaper that slowly changes on the default screen. Another is the ability for people to share stuff to it without having to connect to your wifi network first. Instead of giving out your wifi password, you can use a pin number to give them access. The third update will be the ability to mirror your tablet or phone screen through it. 
android stick for tv can make it an android tv. much cheaper option with full android functionality
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