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#AndroidTip: In Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, we've added several new icons to make using your Android device faster and easier. If you ever wonder what an icon means, you can long-press the icon and the name of it will appear. For instance, when viewing a message in the Gmail app, long-press on the sealed envelope. The icon will appear against a blue background and the description 'Mark unread' will show on the screen. You can use this trick in other Google apps, such as Calendar, Talk, and Maps in Android 4.0. Learn more in the Android 4.0 Help Center:
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thats sweet! Now if only the Galaxy Nexus will release in the States on T-Mobile...
Wow, new icons to make it faster? i hope 2.3 also gets new icons then...
I would like to at least have 2.3.5 on my Samsung infuse
+Maarten Ligthart Might help to mention what country. It's already available on most Nexus S models I believe?
Does that work in any app that uses the action bar?
its specifically says google apps in the post
Gino B.
That would be great if I could freakin' get 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) updated on my Pure Google Nexus S 4G! What a huge let down from +Google +Android & +Sprint for keeping us all in the dark with no word on the OTA update. You guys suck. This is my 1st Nexus phone, and they're supposed to get updates 1st and right away. It's been nothing but a complete joke.
Every time I try to copy-and-paste, I find myself wondering which icon is select all / copy / cut / paste. That's no matter how many times I've long-pressed those icons to find out what they mean. They're just not intuitive enough.
+Matt Phillips that is probably caused by the crappy #Driod overlay that motorola put on a perfectly good OS.
just tested it. i'm impressed
Personally, the fewer times I need to use this feature, the better the app and its resources are designed. 
This is awesome. Just this morning I was trying to figure out what one of the icons meant in the Email app. Extremely useful for newcomers from iPhone or any other platform. Thanks
+Cristian Spandonide they only nexus s in us with ics is the T-Mobile version. Us nexus s 4g owners along with the at&t owners have been left in the dark.
Any idea when ICS is available for Galaxy S 2?
Really cool ! But why did you remove the search feature on the standard POP/IMAP email app ?
+Samuel Hursti call Samsung at 1888 987 4357 and ask them Google and android doesn't handle the updates for phones such as yours with touchpiss.
Everyone besides those on a Nexus device knows that Google doesn't update their phone - the carrier does, right? For those people, your time would be more productively spent asking your carrier for updates.
+Android, has ICS been officially released for Samsung Galaxy S2? If so, how do you get it?
So how do I find out what the icons mean in the "Power Control" widget? I have figured out 3 of the 5...
Sure glad I bought a nexus s 4g thinking it would be updated with the lastest android. Damn was I wrong !! Still no update and its almost 30 days since OTA for GSM models
wow... I never knew this. awesome.
I wish it culd be available for everyone... and at the same price!... but it´s not simple to be in the third world... congrats #google
+Nikolas Honnef Those tips are programmed in to many of the core Google apps. Other app designers can include that kind of thing too -- feel free to ping your favorite Android developers and let them know you're interested.
+Android - thanks for this tip!! I had wondered where "mark unread" went!
Hey +Android - here's another comment for you to ignore: any chance of getting ICS on my "pure google" Nexus S 4G anytime soon?
Nexus S ATT I9020 OTA PLS 
It took roughly 60+ days from when the Nexus S with gingerbread release (Dec 2010) for the Nexus One to get the gingerbread update on Feb 23 2011. I know I couldn't potentially wait that long so I rooted my Nexus S 4g and have been running ICS since before thanksgiving. Calm down, I am sure you unrooted owners will still get your OTA update before most non nexus phones.
where can I find useful information to use this feature? (as developer)
When am I getting ics anyways
I don't like that. Long press used to mean "give me more options for what I am holding my finger on". Now it is limited to just "explain what's under my finger". A lot of habits to change and a lot of app interfaces to redesign.
Awesome but can't use since don't have the 4.0 update on my Nexus S 4G still. Waiting ... waiting ...
if you can live with the battery drain (like i am), then ICS on the nexus S is fantastic...except for viber not working :(
Kitt GS
I like what happens when I touch and hold the +1 button in the mobile app. :-)
What happened to ICS update for the Nexus S for the UK? A friend of mine got his Nexus S updated and they paused it the day afterwards before I got the update..and nothing since. Any estimated ETA to when it might roll out again?
It's sad that Samsung Galaxy 551 won't get ICS :(
How about video chat and send pictures in Google talk
+larry grumbles Good point. I have never though about that. :) Off course it's the manufacturer who make the updates. Stupid me. :)
Sure would be nice of Virgin Mobile would get off their ass and update my Optimus V.
Root your phone Saayed.... Don't ever switch to iOS, that's a horrible decision.
Some text under the icon would be more user-friendly... they have to do these sort of features because android is getting much more difficult to use/understand because of all this new non-intuitive design that is coming in the new version.
We do not all want to live in a poster design world..
Please release this for Xoom.
ice cream sandwiches - your just makin me hungry
HTC Evo: ICS update? What's goin' on?? This last year has been rough Android. If the new iOS and Iphone 5 deliver then I may be switchin'. No threats, just honesty.
Its the device manufacturers that push the update not Google. Put the blame on them not google.
+Bobby Gabriel the original HTC EVO 4G will not be getting ICS. This isn't google's fault, its HTC's. The HTC EVO 3D will be receiving the ICS update.
ICS is working great on my EVO 4G. Thanks to developers like jaredthegreat, preludedrew, and kushdeck, I don't have to wait for Sprint or even a Cyanogenmod build for ICS goodness ;)
Wow, that's a shame HTC. Where'd you see that info.?
Murat A
Since we're talking about tips, how do you fix red eyes in ICS? When I select the function, it says "Tap to remove red eyes" I tapped everywhere in the picture with no result! Do I tap on the eyes or just anywhere? Also, even though eyes I was trying to fix were glowing, they were not red, could that be the reason?
Bora U
I really want Android for x86 too. It would be amazing to use it at school.
Same thing happened to me with the red eye. Tapped everywhere with no luck.
WHERE IS THE UPDATE FOR MY NESUS S 4G??? Google sucks for not giving us a final date on the update. I hate Apple, but at least they care about what US, the consumers think!!! Maybe time to switch???
I'm still waiting for my "flagship" Xoom I Wifi update...

+William Geronco it's as much Samsung's problem as Google's. Programming isn't easy... one line of code can fuck up an entire update and brick your phone.
+William Geronco seriously? Apple has made such headway because they don't care about what the consumer wants. They build something they think the consumer wants and then pushes them towards it. If you want Android 4.0.3 then root and ROM or buy a new phone. Don't complain. It takes a lot to update such a complex system. Be patient and nice.
There's a lot of android hate out there. I don't understand why people have to be so angry, they just wanted to share a feature with you. Everybody has to be so negative. Sounds like some folks bought phones that were "cool" instead of the phone that's actually for them. Consumer research, its the key here folks.
You Android "fans" are just a bunch of whiny people.
1) Ever heard about "rollout"? Nexus S is getting OTA during a period that can last for weeks avoiding server collapse.
2) Stop asking OTA for your phones if they are not of Nexus family. you probably might argue to Samsung or HTC or whatsoever. Same problems on MIUI forums too. STFU!
3) You cry if your phone don't get the update immediately? Go cry to mommy. I waited three days for OTA, without results. Flashed original OTA found on XDA with original recovery, just putted into sdcard and flashed the update. 5 minutes on XDA, 0 minutes breaking the balls on Google+.
I noticed that the other day - maybe you should include that in the "Welcome to ICS" tour?

Also, please fix the random reboot on Nexus S with Android 4.0.
I would love to enjoy these features on my Sensation 4G, but you still haven't released (an official) #IceCreamSandwich yet, for my device. #GetOnTheBallGoogle (thank god for XDA)
+Kirt Klass In order: WLAN on/off, Bluetooth on/off, GPS on/off, account sync on/off, screen brightness lowest/medium/high/automatic.
+Gary Calpo , UGH!!!! Sometimes, I really hate that I upgraded to an EVO 3D. The EVO brand is so dead since Galaxy S and iPhone came in, and the EVO device that has any real support is the original EVO 4G. Even when Cyanogenmod 9 comes out, I bet it will be a month before it comes over to EVO 3D.
+Android +Sprint wtf why are you so mum with the 4.0 update for #NexusS4G Over a month and still nothing this is crazy the community has a right to be pissed off at you!!
I would like to try it out but the thing is the Galaxy Nexus is not out for TMOBILE USA yet. hint hint
If you don't like the UI there's others to choose from. There's other hardware and OS choices as well.
Just loving ICS on my Transformer Prime! This is a nice little feature! And i agree you +Greg Sanders theyre just trying to share and educate, not prompt rage!
LOL @ "at least apple cares" that's why they bricked every iPhone 3g when they released iOS4 and didn't do anything about it for months because they were too busy fixing reception issues with the new model. Guess what would have helped there? Actually testing... but no the iSheep would complain about having to wait more than a day for anything. You know, they're important folks... so important no one misses them as they stand in line 20 hours to get their yuppie plumage preened.
can you get this on sidekick 4g?
Handy to know. But sad that this isn't documented somewhere for users who don't follow you on google plus
Not brilliant for us lefties. Didn't see the label at first as my hand obscured it from view.
+Android +Google +Sprint we want to hear some good news about when will the nexus s 4g get ics update we are so tired of waiting get your head straight and just tell us when will we get the update
Would be a helpful tip if my Google reference device nexus s 4g had the 4.0x update ;-)
I want my nexus s (AT&T) to have the 4.0x update.

Great! I love you, Galaxy Nexus ^^
Ha ha ha ha! My unlocked Nexus S got the OTA when it was 1st released!
I believe that icon + label is much better than icon + label after 5sec tap.
I don't know why you taunt us Nexus S 4G users that haven't had the the ota yet
Cool idea. Great feature! :-) 
But why does one find such information just here by chance? What about a simple help screen that explains that? I would never expect such "Help" after a long-press.

1. CONTACTS SYNC BETWEEN GMAIL & ANDROID: I love my new Gallaxy Nexus on ICS. I've found that Contacts on my Nexus does some really powerful stuff: pulling in info such as Photos, Stutus Updates, Contact Info from other apps such as Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc... However! While this is fantastic, the contacts app on my Android doesn't send this data back to Gmail contacts to keep my PC and Android synced. I end up with different photos on Gmail and Android etc. Can you guys please fix this?!

2. GMAIL CONTACTS LIST LAYOUT SHOULD MATCH ANDROID - ie. photo next to the name details.
As much as this is extremely useful, it makes absolutely no sense UX-wise and really just confuses users. According to the recent design-spec, long-press is reserved for "content selection".

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that the Android team has begun to create a universal interface document. It will go a long way towards Android unification. However, I don't understand how developers such as myself can be expected to follow a consistent Android UX design when we can't be sure such a design is even correct.

If long-press should be different for buttons, then it needs to be clarified in the design document that button long-presses are for "hints", and not the previous "more options".
Still waiting for that ICS for Nexus S 4g...
#Kirt Klass from left to right, its wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, sync, then brightness
Would love to try it... if you ever update my Nexus S4G
Would be a great tip cept my Nexus S is still up to date at 2.3.6.... its been a month since the announcement of updates.
Tzvika Gee, I'd rather have the official OS when it releases OTA.
+ Dave perkins you should consider unlocking your boot loader. If you're worried about how hard it is I'd say its easier than you think.
Wow...Never realized it till now. Thanks!
+Samuel Hursti Never!! Buwahaha! Get a G-Nex!
I'm kidding. I'm sure Samsung will send out the soon as the GS III is released.
Vamsi P
When is Galaxy Nexus coming to AT&T waiting for it badly.
If google waits till the nexus is released on sprint before giving my nexus s the update they can kiss mine....+Android get with the damn program if the ROM community can do it why can't you?
It would be great if at least you sent out the ICS for ALL the Nexus S... Then and only then you could post those nice features for us to see... It's really disappointing when you release the news that ICS is out for the Nexus S and after a month my phone still has the 2.3.6!
+Filipe Bento Or at least Google could communicate about the process of updating. Customers can be patient as long as they don't have the impression to have been forgotten.

There was a study once saying that increasing the frequency of messages informing about the status and the reason of delay in in train stations increased the customer satisfaction, even if there was the same amount of delay.
+Android what is the meaning of the blue signal bars on the ICS? Internet connection in general or just connection to Google servers?
Great. cannot wait for ICS to come to the Asus Eee Pad Transformernext month
Great tip!!!!! NOT for my nexus s 2.3.6!!! It's really disappointing... No more droid for me...
can't believe that after A MONTH since the official release of ICS, I still haven't the update on my phone! what the hell am I buying a GE phone to?
I need ICS in my Galaxy S2!
I would like to actually get the upgrade to ICS before being bombarded with tips and tricks on how to use it and how great it is!! Push Out the upgrades already!! Then show me how to use it!!
I used to have a cool phone, but ICS on Nexus S took an arrow to the knee. Now it is a laggy brick
Still don't care.. sorry but when your device can't have it.. don't care.. if your device can run it but don't have it.. don't care.

This is why Win based phones will win the battle between Apple and Google in the long run. ICS been out for a while now and will maybe be on only new devices within the next 3-6 months!! To long, to much fragmentation among the vendors.
shame most of it is unavailable to unbranded phones...and to certain countries.
Been rocking ICS on my HTC Incredible for a couple weeks now. I can't believe I hadn't noticed this. I was just using the "press it and see what it does" approach. Great tip.
Great tip. I have been using ICS for a while now on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I was also using the press it and see what happens approach. I will now be using this and letting others know about it.
Wouldn't know. Not officially out for the nexus s4g . Still
I hope to eventually get to experience ICS myself, on my Nexus S 4g. Anybody heard anything about it yet?
When my nexus s fina feel ics sweetness?
Nexus S4G customers still waiting for there 4.0 update its been a month since T-Mobile got there's I know you guys are working on the OS bug eating battery let's get this going its going to look bad for Google & Sprint if another phone other than a Nexus S4G gets 4.0 before us!!
Cant frigging wait for my nexus to get here this weekend. Gonna unlock and root as soon as i get that bad boy activated!!!!
Everyone should not by the nexus if you already have nexus s/s 4g to make a statement to +Android and google..just a thought hit them were it hurts the pocket book...just root and ROM
Dear Andy,

Please win. That is all.
Battery life on my nexus s after the ics updates is good. About the same as before. But I think that the SO might be using much cpu. If that would be fixed we would get even better battery life.
This is one of the reasons I'm studying: so I will always have enough money to buy the latest, coolest Android smartphone!!!
HTC Desire S ... waiting for update >.<
Some Nexus S devices received the OTA for ICS. But the i9020A (maybe the i9023 as well) Nexus S devices haven't yet, due to a serious battery drain issue and radio complications. Be patient, it's on it's way.. To bad stock Android kernels suck! ;) +1 to the XDA Forums.
Got ICS on my Xoom this morning! Awesome work
when will google resume ics update for nexus s?
when are you guys updating the nexus s i9020a ? I really whant ICS on my phone!!!
Ang Li
good job my nexus s stops at the logo and cannot get into the os after it upgraded to ics. Great job you killed your smartphone by yourself. There is only a logo and the phone doesn't response to any button or button combination.
I do not know whether ginger bird can be updated to ics or not?? if yes than tell me how??
I think alot of people would like to know when ics is coming to the nexus s i9020A version don't keep it a secret tell us!
and a lot of people want ice cream 4 their Galaxy S
+Android ...hey guyz!! Sorry for pestering...but just wondering if The GT-P1000 Will get any OS updates via Kies?? My service provider MTN does not seem to be doing anything...ive got the 3G + Wifi Version....
And also just wondering....coz I know the service provider is supposed to be the primary Update source...what if ur Device just happens to NOT be associated with a provider?? Like you bought it at an Electronics shop Like GAME in SA??
Still waiting for ICS on my Nexus S, here in France on SFR network
+Benevolence Kaunda Then basically, you're screwed. You can't buy on-plan phones here without a Chinese ID. Being British, I don't have one...guess what...No updates, no way to get old apps, basically, it's a F*** You from Android for asking....They want you to go through the phone companies and pay through your backside.
Can you make the secondary E-mail program usable with extra large text from settings->display->text size-> extra large. in the email program (not the gmail email program) with extra large text enabled the subject txt overlaps the txt from the body of the email. would love a fix. side note it works fine for my gmail( with the gmail app) account but my work account i can't read. other then that love galaxy nexus.
Gino B.
Over 225 replied comments to this post from +Android and not one response. Even on your own +Google +Android page, you can't even give us one little minor detail as to what the hell is going on with the OTA ICS update. WOW!
like dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddX
Love ICS for the most part. Just hope the lag introduced by the 4.0.2 update on my Galaxy Nexus smooths out on 4.0.3.
I sure hope that my S2 is going to get the suave looking 4.0 and also TEMPLE RUN ahaha
Do u folks have any plan about releasing proxy authentication feature for work purposes in Android? It is really sad that something so simple, and yet, so important is not there to use...

And why the limited proxy navigation is only available for navigation purposes? What if i would like to receive e-mail in my corporate company? Or would like to use webex? And so many other apks...
So if it takes Google this long to update their own Google Nexus S 4G, how do they ever plan to keep up with iOS? This may be my first and last Android phone.
The Galaxy nexus still has a lot of bugs that Samsung/Google are working on so expect a delay in all android devices getting ICS. I returned mine and I'm still using my Evo 3d on Sprint till the Gnex gets a proper update.
when will ics update come for Nexus was halted by google month back :-(
Still waiting... Android team please speak up...
embarrassing...You guys made a great phone(Nexus S) and a great system(ICS),but why didn't you combine them together?(I mean i9020A and nexus s 4G)
Can Nexus S owners at least get an update on our over-a-month-delayed ICS release? Is it going well, still broken, given up on? Anything? I have yet to root the phone, but I'm seriously considering it now.
how do we report ics bugs?
+Android - at leat give us some approximate idea that when will ics update come for nexus s
When will ICS come to AT&T Nexus S?????
Yes, still waiting for ICS on Nexus S i9023...
It's not fair for who chose a Google Experience phone!
i use ics with galaxy nexus it is cool soft ui ..and so on
The (lack of) roll out to i9020a has been surprisingly disappointing. Like many other owners of this device, impatience caused me to source out other means of getting ics onto my phone. However, the majority of owners are still waiting with the clock ticking to almost a month and a half already since other nexus s phones got the ota update. I understand why at&t, rogers, telus and bell customers are displeased. A promise came with the purchase of the nexus phone but it is not being upheld.
Why is Android talking about the ICS when half of the Nexus S users doesn't even have this update. I got my ICS update the 16th of december. When I installed it, my Nexus S just crashed. After two weeks of reparation I'm still waiting for the new update. Haze Google said anything about the new date for the ISC update?
Gino B.
Not a word. Complete Bullshit!
+Android My Galaxy Nexus is still running Android 4.0.1 ICS. When will I get an Update OTA? I keep manually checking and it says it's updated.
When will "the coming month" be arrived for my I9023
Rumor has it that Nexus S i9020a and i9023 will not be receiving ICS 4.0 update. Similar to the 2.3.6 rollout that pasted over some Nexus S devices. Is there any validity to this statement?
Ang Li
My nexus s has already collapsed due to the upgrade to ICS. I ordered an iphone 4s now.
Seems like after ICS 4 my device has become lot slower. Dont even know whom to report of this error. Couldnot find a e-mail ID to communicate.
+sidhu chava Check if some app is bugging and hogging the CPU, it should show up on battery stats as well if it's misbehaving. If all else fails, factory reset and try again.

There really isn't a global hotline for Google Android to call or e-mail. Hundreds of forums around the world serve this purpose mostly. Like etc.
In the next update could you add something like a 'Sound Profile' or just a 'mute clock' that turns off your call / SMS / alert sounds (or optionally sets them to vibrate) at night. Its really bugging me having to change it each morning/night.
Google botched the release of Ice Cream Sandwich by granting Verizon an exclusive launch of the Galaxy Nexus.

Now only a select group of people are saying "Android 4.0 is a must have" everyone else just feels bitter and shafted. And carriers are not in a race to offer Android 4.0 phones.

The Nexus phones should never be exclusive launches.

Great job Google. We are all just waiting for Jelly Bean now.
It would be nice if we Nexus S 4G owners would receive our update already. Its been almost 3 months since its release and still no OTA update. What gives Google? Send us our update!!!!!
+Android ICS for Nexus S 4G already??????????? This is not good for you guys, you have a lot of Google fans that are starting to lose their patience and sooner or later we will go to the "Dark Side" if you don't do something about it. Sort it out already!
I'm waiting the Update for my Galaxy Nexus 4.0.2 GSM.. many devices presented to MWC get Android 4.0.3. I think i'll sell my android phone to buy other if nothing will change
4 months now since you lied to your customers about the ICS release to Nexus S 4g. It's getting absolutely pathetic now. Even sadder, you won't comment.
Im extremely annoyed with Sprint, Google and Samsung. How is it Sprint and Samsung have no idea about what's going on with their phones. Google is being ridiculous. All we really want is some assurance. People are paitient when they at least get some sort of update on a product they own. Im so over android but I guess I will suffer because I cannot see myself going to an iphone. smh this is crazy!
Install Cm9 and enjoy! I do it on my 2 years old HTC Legend ;)
You upgrade via Kies Air.  Download and install it on your PC or Mac(available from Samsung).  After installation, open it up, connect your phone.  It will do a sync and then let you know that there's new firmware available for it.
How to use copy paste samsung in gtp 1000
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