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Google Currents is now available worldwide with a new translation feature and background syncing, letting you browse fresh content in your preferred language with improved battery and storage performance. Learn more in our blog post and download the app for devices running Android 2.2 and up on Google Play today:
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Well i already have it instailled on my droid in #India thanks to #TOR
Excellent - I really enjoy Currents.
Awesome...I can now ditch my APK-installed version ;-)
Ah... but did they fix the annoying synchronization problems??? Guess I'll just have to give it another try and see.
The new version is incredibly fast; loaded all my sources in seconds!
+1 for Worldwide
-1 for Restrictions
Next up: Google Voice, Google Play Books, Google Play movies and Google Wallet?
Perfect. I have been waiting for this a long time. Will check it with my Galaxy Nexus.
Downloading now :)

I've been waiting for this for a while. Any idea when +Google Earth and Play Music are going international? They're still not available in "my country"
Great news, I hope this will also soon be the case for Google Music.
Let me say it with the kings' words:
It's about time...
I got it!!!! It's very usefull!!!!!!!!!!!!
Google Current is pretty damn cool! Keep it up Andy!
Google Currents would be a lot more usable if it didn't show you just a few lines of most of the articles and make you click through to the site in the browser.
When I used this application, sync times were terrible and really hindered the usefulness of the application. Its a beautiful application and I enjoy its paradigm. I just need something which sync's the articles more quickly.

Has this been addressed?
Tried it before and I think it's very nice, but I won't switch from Google Reader until it can mark items as read in my Reader feed.
hope all your wishes are fulfilled soon fellow #Googlers ....this is #ourweb and there should be no discrimination based on country and region. Hope to get rid of the #apks soon and get official apps for all the now #US only +Google apps.
Anyone Know if Currents will mark new Google Reader articles as 'read'? Last time I tried it out, it didn't seem to...
Battery consumption and sync times are my biggest gripes with the current version, almost to the point of uninstalling the app. Hopefully this update makes great strides in these areas.
just downloading,, thank u!!
integrate with google+ would be fine, maybe with this i forget google reader
Did you guys address the battery drain issue? It used to be a hog in my A500
Yeeeeeee-ha!!!!! I have been waiting ages. Downloaded an APK but didn't work well and made my G-Nex crash so thanks so much for this. Would say this has made my day but the changes to G+ did that!!!! If you could bring Google Music to the UK soon, you'd make my week!
Been one of my go to apps for the last week. pro app is pro.
Great. I hope for the rest apps
Why does the 3-dot overflow menu appear on Android 4.0? Bit strange.
Yeah Google please next is music and book for thailand please
以前是在应用汇上下载 的,现在Play上也可以下了!!!!
ooooh now available for devices in Brazil
Dark background option would be great for reading on the plan.
can't share articles to google+ app! WHY?
Awful app
Why ignore Android design guidelines, make it look awful & is very unintuitive to use?
Images are very low res and look dreadful on tablet
Good stuff, I use Currents daily
If you want any hope of competing with Flipboard add Twitter support, otherwise I use that thing once a month.
Finally! I've been waiting for this :-)
yet another app I can't install on my Nexus One due to low storage space...
Its definitely faster. Let's see how big its cache becomes before I give a final decision.
This app is beautifully designed, a definite contender for Pulse which I've been using up until now.
At last being using the apk for quite a while and the sync was so slow I had to go back using Pulse reader
I dig Currents, but it needs some more work. When I decide to read a Trending article and it has not been synced, I get a popup saying Wait to be synced, but I see that it is still syncing something in my library. And if I have a large library, it'll sync everything first. I need syncing specific articles on demand. Also, the front page does not seem to update the pictures in the slideshow. But it's a great app and I love the clean interface.
Wish Google would follow their own app design guidelines.
I think they wanted this app unique so that it can compete with the other reader apps. I mean look at pulse, it just makes you want to use it.
Okay, now tell me that chrome is available, at least for gingerbread. Come on +Google, you can do it!
Nahh it is still slow on ICS and its design does not fit into any android version, what are those buttons below the news? Please follow your own guidelines...
Did not feel very intuitive to use. But perhaps that'll change if I use it more.
Why doesn't it work with Reddit :(
I doubt this is ever going to catch on. Publishers have to produce yet another kind of feed if they want their content to look good. RSS feeds in Google Currents is no better than any other RSS reader, and since it doesn't have proper Google Reader integration, it's just another crappy reader app.
The speed increase is amazing! I was skeptical but now... I actually think it may be even faster than Pulse O.O
I liked it before, when I sideloaded it, and now I like it even better ;-D
The initial syncing takes forever when you have a lot of subscriptions, on wifi it takes a good 20 minutes to load about 10-15 subscriptions on my Asus Transformer. Background syncing would be great.
Like it, especially the way its picked up a local selection for me and not just US generic stuff.
+Hans Vraga no it doesn't, this was a major thing about Pulse news reader (same thing as Currents pretty much) that I didn't like at all.
What I don't like about currents is the UI. There are way to much options, it's confusing and not every source I have puts a pretty pictures on each news.
Just re-installed this app's definitely worth downloading now.
I like it and now I can share the articles on Google+!
I've allready downloaded and I'm enjoying very much! I think it just needs 2 things; more sources (I'm from Portugal, and there is no local source at this point), and sync with google reader (I think it would be better when you read a article from your Google Reader in Currents, that article would be marked as read).

Now I'm waiting for Google Music to be international to!
yay, international availability..
Nice update thus far. I haven't played with it a lot. But, it's usable now! Before the update the syncing took forever so I barely even used it.
Now Bring google music and google voice to the international community as well.
Love currents! Logo not so much..
When is a Nexus branded tablet comming out, I want this on that :)
As Jared Friesen said: Bring Google Music and Google voice to the international community please.
Still waiting for my 4.0.4 and i have the flagship galaxy nexus, come on google
The font seems a little bit small in someplaces on a galaxy note, but otherwise it's great!
You can make the fonts bigger in settings. For my HTC HD I had to make them bigger to actually have the design fit to my screen.
It still uses the Android 2 spinner style on Android 4 devices, and doesn't seem to be hardware accelerated either. The page swipes stutter a lot more than in accelerated apps :(
but not for all devices shame ... even the 3rd party developers are sharing apps but google seems to have forgotten its own.. low end devices like samsung mini is not supported for many google apps.
i love all google apps! currents is awesome, saves me time surfing the web. on another note i was wondering if google will ever sell the gsm galaxy nexus in the US? i was just robbed as i was leaving a friends house in his parking lot at gunpoint tuesday night , they took my galaxy nexus and $200. im grateful to be alive and uninjured for the most part.(they pistol whipped me crushing one of my wisdom tooth) but the crazy thing about it is im mostly upset they took my G-Nex i paid $600+ for. I Literally loved that phone. so that brings me back to my question Is google planning on selling the gsm version in the US anytime soon? is there a way to track my G-Nex? i already suspended my t-mobile line i had the phone on. thanks
me and my friends called the police but theyre not gonna do anything. they made us feel like criminals.
No doubt it looks great on a tablet, but I will stick to Google Reader on my Smartphone
I'd use Currents exclusively if it had one more feature: Invert colours. While the white background/theme is very nice, a darker (or black with white text?) theme would help save battery (especially on the AMOLED on my S2)
Cool. make all other contents like music and books available worldwide as well.
The sucky part is it sucks up data, I get 2GB and with background data on it is gone in less than 48 hours, we need to find a way to #solve the heavy background data we get
Awesome. Work perfect on tablet and phone. I love it
Thanks for the worldwide release! For us with limited bandwidths, a pure text option or maybe an option to download images only when specified would be most helpful.
I want to add RSS using an URL because I'm unable to find it using the Search-thiny.. Could someone help me out?
Why would you want a widget for Google currents?
The app saves and eats my phone memory...Should save data on cache so that i can clear it...uninstalled till then
Why android 4 is not yet available for Sony and Samsung models???? thats complete stupid!!!!!
@+Farhan Afnan Iskandar nexus you mean manufacturing by samsung, what I mean is how is possible samsung and sony launch in the market new mobiles, just two example note and touch, and still with old OS???? thats the most stupid commercial strategy I saw...i'm waiting to buy a new mobile almost 3 months just because i want android 4, the promise that you can buy them and after you will get the update is not enough. Dont stay surprise by Apple be the first!!! damn!
Can't wait to try it out!I hope Google won't disappoint me..
Yep i support widget.. awesome app but needs a awesome widget.. which shows live updates
I have updated my currents app to the latest version.It is enhanced properly and works really fast with nearly the same memory footprint as the last version. Meantime, more options are exposed to me so it can run in a non-fullscreen mode. I love this app:)
But Google chrome is not support galaxy y smartphone why give me necessary reason for why?
beautiful, another new android design, but beautiful
(from an android developer).
Beautifull, but with no sources for me (Brazil) and no possiblities to assign my preferreds feeds.
Its really cool app but it shows same news multiple times.. this bug need to b fixed....
I have Galaxy Y s5360 running Android 2.3.6 but Play Store says my device is incompatible for Google Currents even though it requires Android 2.2 and above. Any help +Android ?
Great app for my TF700 but really really needs a widget. ANy plans to release an update that includes a Widget?
Why is there still no web/chrome version?   With Reader going away, we need a web version please.
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