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We mentioned something was coming... Ninjas are back and eager to get their own Galaxy Nexus!

Ninja Unboxing 3: your chance to play the game and fend off bad ninjas to unlock the awesome power of Galaxy Nexus!

Check out previous Nexus Ninja Unboxing vids too:
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I don't get it. I want a refund.
How could you think teasing something this dull would be a good idea?
umm wow, i am speechless. what a surprise.
Seriously, click the link before judging. Awesome!
We need a -1 button for this :/
I don't have time to play- I am busy deleting apps from my Droid because I need more space on my phone.
This is awesome!!!! Nice surprise
oh, so nothing important or big like Google Music for the UK? This is not news…
Now I have become disappointment, destroyer of hope. =/
This is so disappointing. Jumps out of the window
This is so lame. You build up speculation for this??? No one is going to take your announcements seriously anymore
I don't want to live on this planet any more.
Tom Scott
Not to be a jerk, because I love the ninjas, but teasing a commercial is kind of lame. Maybe you should spring something awesome on us so that it's more of a "gotcha!" instead? :-)
Meh. Nexus = cool. Ninjas = cool. The total is less than the sum of the parts.
don't know what you're talking about. this is awesome!
Booo.... I was secretly hoping for Galaxy Nexus on Sprint.
at least I got 4.0.3 on my Nexus S
Oh wow, a video. That's so much better than something an android consumer could actually use.
OK, this must be a joke, and the real surprise is coming later. Seriously, Google should know better than to consider THIS a surprise to pre-announce.
On top of the transformer prime disappointment you add this? Today is just not a good day for me.
I could not sleep all night guessing what the surprise was.. Now I'm disappointed... at least where is the Google+ update for android that supposed to bring Hangout to Messenger..
Veit G.
Just another common trash game. Sorry.
I expected +Android to be a source of actual meaningful news. Unfollowing.
I used to like lame surprises .. then i got an arrow to the knee.
This is like the boy crying wolf. If you want people to pay attention when you say surprise coming, don't make it so blah.
What did you expect? Free Galaxy Nexus for everybody? ;-) Be more thankful!
Really Android ... Wow that was so exciting so worth the wait
Worst surprise of all time.
This has almost ruined our Christmas x-( only a ICS OTA to our Nexus S can save it now x-(
Wait ... THIS is the Monday surprise?
I'm going to report abuse on this post, for making us so excited. This is worse than SPAM
Whosoever thought Majel is coming, it's due after new year!
ROFL This was more like a April Fools stunt. Wrong season guys.
As much of a fan as I am of all of Google products especially +Android , this "surprise" is a huge disappointment. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I'm hoping there's a follow up. If not, then this is the worst marketing stunt you guys ever pulled! It should be categorized as a cool interactive feature for Youtube and not so much for Android.
Funny! But I expected something else / more.
Thank you, I needed more ninjas in my life. Finished the 8-bit version, downloading the app now. Excited.
Oh man stop whining, they made a awesome surprise you get a game on youtube and can download it for free...
Everything I want to say has already been said above. "Stunt", "lame", "won't take +Android seriously in future", ":("
I must be holding my Nexus S wrong.. I haven't received my ICS update yet.. maybe the ninjas stole the source code as well :/
If only I knew how to do more than move and punch. x and arrow keys.
Loving all the angry comments here =)
I find it hilarious that everyone thought this was going to be big. It seems no one pays attention to the Android devs on here. :| It was already stated by +Dan Morrill that they are finished working on Android until 2012.

If you're going to have a phone, maybe you should follow the posts of those who helped create it so you know what's happening. :P
Y'all forgot to enter: Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A. Do that and it reveals the Ninjas disemboweling themselves!
boo Jay
I agree with most comments, +Android.

Way to pull an Apple.
The Nexus is only 8-bit... noooooooo
Sorry Google, but this was a epic fail! The next time "something nice is coming on Monday" would be maybe more accurate!
this is the worst supprise ever
lol.. there i was thinking new update to g+ or something on my phone
"Game completed... but you still have not found the Galaxy Nexus. Install the app from the market to continue". Meh, I'll just stick with the GN I already have right in front of me :) Good luck everyone!
I think it goes to show how many significant announcements and updates have been going on at Google... Any mention of a surprise is expected to be huge.
This is awesome, but dont hype it that much. I'm very disappointed tbh...
That's all it was.. What a disappointment! :(
lol, did you think that you get a Android Phone? :P
Fire the media team that put this post into 'production'. +Google needs a serious leash on managing expectations - it hurts the image of +Android/ +Google+. There is a general tone of over-promising and under-delivering when it comes to most things Google.

Here's a list of things I was expecting as a surprise:

1. ICS for all flavors of Nexus S
2. Stripped down ICS for Nexus One (instead of waiting for someone else [CyanogenMod] to do Google's dirty work)
3. New Google+ app with all the new features
4. Updated workdwide SMS on Google Voice (This team is not even on G+ Ha!)
5. Unified Android SMS Messenger app, +Gmail Google Talk, G+ Talk, +Google+ Hangouts and Google Voice (SMS/VM) app. But I know this is too much to ask for. Android fragmentation is unfortunately a mirror of the various Google Teams and their efforts.
As much as I like ninjas, I have to say this is not the surprise I expected.
+Ersen Kilincsoy yes, Google released a completely new Android version...which is ONLY available on the newest phones that most of us must wait multiple months on our two year contracts just to be able to get. Exciting stuff.
I think this was a great surprise. Those of you waiting for an ICS announcement have no one but yourselves to blame.
Bah, stop whining, guys. At least it wasn't US only, it's what you wanted, right?
The post saying you had a surprise was your most +1d post ever. I hope whoever's idea that was feels horrible as we are all left disappointed. It should have been a new app or feature at least, not a dumb commercial.
was hoping more of announcing the Galaxy Nexus on ATT/Tmobile/Sprint.... Thanks for dissapointing
I'm surprised how lame this surprise is. I'm surprised how "unfortunately YouTube has closed" when I touch one of this post links. Surprise? Yes. Nice surprise? No...
+Android Is this going to be an app in the future? I would play this forever. :D
I expected something different, the release of a Android powered death star, to rule the world...
yea. a bit disappointed here.
Damnit google, getting us all excited over a commercial :(
A guess we should just be glad they didn't manage to work out how to make a US only flash game. Too bad installing the app at the end didn't work for me due to the usual Android Market suckage.
Would have loved to hear that the phone was available on other carriers but the game is cute anyways. :)
Who needs Majel, This is so much more awesome. I LOVE NINJAS
I beat those stupid ninjas, muhahahaha (Berzerk Studio, i love your games)
+Ryuuie Ryuu - There's a link to the app when you finish the game. Possibly elsewhere on the page.
Awesome gift, but you're going to get me fired :p
P.S. - LOL @ the whiners wanting a free phone
Think I'll play Rick Astley in the background while watching this for full effect ¬_¬
Dammit guys! Anyone saying this is 'disappointing' clearly just lacks the skills needed to get to the actual surprise! This is amazing! Thanks +Android! smartphone is going to be an iphone! you made me!!!
wow.. HAHA.. your are so funny! /irony off

Thats crap guys! We wanted something awesome like Majel.. Waiting for somthing like ninja unboxing is wasting time...

Can't belive it.. such a waste of time for such a crap...
A little bit of a let down, +1 for 8 bit version of game though!
Awesome game works well on my galaxy nexus...
What is primary main objective?
+Android I think you overestimated the skills / intelligence of your followers... ;)

Awesome surprise though, best one yet!
What's really funny is every single person complaining won't really do anything but sulk for an hour and then whenever ICS hits their phone, they'll praise +Android and Google again. :P

Seriously guys, grow up. :| It's a fun game, use it to help you pass the time until Christmas where you'll get fun gifts or at least get some time to relax with family or friends. It's not the end of the world.
A surprise would have been an offial OTA for my Nexus S 4G. Sorry, but this was not surprising. Cool, but not surprising.
What do you say? Buy GALAXY NEXUS now or should wait to the next GALAXY S3 with ICE or maybe HTC with ICE???
Cool but I must say I was expecting something else..
Cool distraction. Not worthy of "something really cool is coming on Monday".
This was cool, I'm happy with it. I was not expecting anything big. This was a great break from work. Keep it up Google and Android!
seriously? I think its time for me to delete this circle from my connection
OMG when is the NS4G OTA coming????
I guess the problem is with so many rumours that we set our expectations too high. My apologies, +Android
Nooooooooooo :(((( ......where is the ICS for my Galaxy S2???????????????
Really this is it!, right where's the nearest apple store?...... Only kidding I still love you Android even if your surprises are crap.
Fitting that "A Christmas Story" movie is featured in the Market. I feel like little Ralphy when his excitement turned to crud.
I liked it :) really like how you guys come up with these youtube pages :)
I guess I can delete +Android from my circle when I get my iPhone this Christmas. buh-bye
As an original Nexus One owner, I was actually really happy to see the return of the unboxing ninjas.

I can't believe some of the stupid posts in this thread. Someone actually stated that they are buying an iPhone because of this. morons.
J. Riesen
Sweet. Way to be a bunch of ungrateful assholes, guys. This kind of reaction is why most companies don't even try to have fun anymore; they don't want to step on some fucking baby's toes. Don't like it? Bye. You won't be missed. YOU are why we can't have nice things.
Especially when the 'community' are a bunch of entitled whiners...
Cantbeven watch on an android ! Had to open my pc to be able to see it
You guys complaining are seriously spoiled whiners.

Thanks android team for keeping things fun and lighthearted!
This should come with an NSFW tag... NSFW because you will not get work done!
Wow people grow up. They were trying to have fun and all you can do is cry it wasn't what you wanted/expected. Seriously Google doesn't owe you anything. Its like a kid on Christmas getting everything but one item on their list and whining they didn't get more.
This surprise is lame. I +1'd it just to be able to -1 it afterwards. That bad..
Do young ppl not appreciate 8bit games?
"Boo hoo, this wasn't exactly what I was personally expecting it would be for some reason! They let me down! This is worse than my family dying! I hate you +Android, you're not my real dad!"

FFS grow up kids.
Deploying surprise in 5... 4--

Time out for a second. That wasn't supposed to happen. Do you see the thing that fell out of me? What is that? It's not the surprise. I've never seen it before. Nevermind. It's a mystery I'll solve later.

When you're as big as Android, you shouldn't take words like "surprise" so lightly. You've disappointed a lot of people today.
+J. Riesen, if they had just posted the video, they would have gotten compliments and positive comments. It's the teasing of the surprise that led to this backlash, and an indicator of the high hopes Google has inspired in their customers with the leaps and bounds Android has made.
I beat level 2 on my atrix, need to try on galaxy tab...while not at work to focus my ninja skills

+Android I appreciate the surprise!
who ever came up with this surprise idea should be fired, its bad pr
you gotta be shittin' me... WTF google!
ये आज-कल के नौजवान, उफ़!
Rami S.
Disappointed. was looking forward to ICS on my Nexus S 4g. this is torture.
would never have guessed!
full points for actually "surprising" me :)
Thanks for this brilliant game. My score is 69500. Btw where do I get this amazing 8bit soundtrack. Can't stop listening.
Zen Xu
This is weird. Not april fools day.
I got to use the New nexus and it is night and day. Fantastic. And Bravo on the new keyboard guys.
Wow, I hope from this reaction they will know to avoid doing this in the future. If you are going to announce that a "surprise" is coming, make sure it is more than an unboxing video. Incredibly disappointing.
This is just ridiculous. Google people expect a lot from u when u make such announcements related to surprises. :-(
Fun game, but the Nexus power thing feels a little hollow given that I'm still waiting for Samsung to deliver my Galaxy Nexus phones.
My Apps are 4.0 Compliant and Paying Huge! Thanks Google.
It only was a letdown because you expected something other than what you got. It was still a "surprise" just not a OMG surprise
sweet a game i cant even download natively and play.
I've finished it. Where's my Galaxy Nexus? :D
what a wasted 30 seconds - clearly no one actually played this with the keyboard - or do they have hands 18inches wide? -1
+Tom Scott Not a rational explanation. It's still people crying over expectations they themselves made about something. Nothing was promised. The word "surprise" connotes nothing aside from the fact that it's a surprise. They could have sent a plastic android to someone's house to fart in their face, and it would still fulfill the factual requirements of the word.
Ala D
AWESOME, I miss the 8 bit days
+J. Riesen man that would be awesome... Open my door and there on the stoop is a little plastic farting android.
+J. Riesen "fulfilling the factual requirement of the word" is what horrible businesses do. Realizing the power of the words they use, and the reasonable and rational expectations that they create, is what great businesses do. This was not up to Google's standard of care in this regard, and is thus disappointing.
i think more people want ice cream sandwich for the nexus s 4g than that stupid game :(

This is worse than when my cousin got school supplies for christmas :(
The only surprise is how weak your "surprises" are, Android. -1!
This could be used for a negative example of social media marketing..raise expectations and then disappoint people.. #fail
it is very cool once you leave your +android watch it on your +chromebook!!!... very cool...
Should of been 4.0 for all 2011 phones
How would posting an update to ICS for a particular handset be a surprise that would make everyone here happy? Come on, did you really think they would announce a surprise to everyone just to roll-out an update for some? I agree that I was hoping for something more, but still... think a little before you get your hopes up next time.
The OTA for NS4G would have been better....
+Vance McAlister And this is your justification for hundreds of whining, entitled comments? Weak. Google's given its community more than pretty much any other, and usually the only response they get is crying as if they owe people something. They do all they can to make things fun and enjoyable, and this is the response they get. I'll repeat. Nothing was promised. I thought it was quite fun, myself. Someone worked hard to make it, and I'm sure they're just loving the overwhelming Christmas shittiness they've gotten in return for their efforts.
I thought that was pretty damn cool, brightened up my Monday evening :)
61850 on Nexus Power! but the game glitched out on the third boss and i couldn't move anymore WTF
There is not enough liquor and counselling in the world for the trauma that Google has caused to me today.

Why did you even make it look like it could be something huge?

It's was cool and all that, but definitely not worth the hype.
Really, this is it? I haven't felt this underwhelmed since I learned that Santa doesn't exist...
yup was hoping 2 get some awesome free app or something!
ICS is running great on my NS4G, by the way. Have better Wimax reception too. If you can't wait on Sprint, well, go find it; it's out there. I'd expect Nexus owners to be more proactive.
WoW! ICS for my Nexus S!!! This is the real surprise!!!
Epic browser and Android game!
Ouch, that hurt :-/

/edit Actually, I take that back. I bet I got more points than you: 58,175
AHAHAHAH Goggle played us ALL!!!!!!
This is almost as disappointing as completing all details necessary for Google's "Send a call to Santa" - to discover (in the very final step) that it can only be used with telephone numbers in the US or Canada!! Come on Google...stay off the rum!!
+Todd Tarbox yeah I do really think they'd announce ICS for a particular handset to everyone that only some would get.. they did it a few days ago for the GSM Nexus S. (Which I own an i9020a) maybe you should read a little before you post uninformed. See I understand Google release Android updates for the Nexus line... People need to understand Google WONT be the one to release ICS for the GS2, or and Sense, M.A.P, touchwiz, or any shunned phone. The MANUFACTURER DOES THAT. Google already gave them the code. It's Samsung, HTC, LG, Moto that will release it for the GS2, RAZR, Vivid, etc... people with those type phones should be bugging their manufacturer.. we of the Nexus inheritance will continue bugging daddy for our update.. no hard feelings ;)
That's it... some ninja game... wow... alright. I'm still expecting ICS for the Xoom dudes.
seems that most of the ppl waiting for the suprise where looking forward to something way bigger then what is announced ... they seem disapointed :D
Its pretty fun actually and looks great on the galaxy nexus' screen, controls are kinda hard though, nonetheless its an awesome retro throwback!
Haha that's it? I was half expecting something like an Android update which anyone from 2.? and up could flash on their phone, leaving the manufacturers UI's in the dust...shame
This is the "surprise"!?!? Bet you all are a blast to hang out with at a club on Saturday night..........
hmmm i cant install app on market... not compatible with my android.. aaaaaaaaa
You must be kidding me.
Announcing the phone on other networks in the US is what we are expecting.
True test of a fanboy is rationalizing disappointment...
ICS for Nexus S is the real surprise I think...or at least, what is happening to me
Bah. How do you follow 10¢ apps with this??
garbage this was the big SURPRISE!!?? WOW EPIC F#@KING FAIL I'm thru with this time to delete I don't want to follow Android no more on G+ or twitter & I suggest everyone who disappointed in this so called big SURPRISE do the same they show no love then you shouldn't show them no love time to UN FOLLOW!!
If you brick a Nexus while rooting it, you probably should never have bought one.
Why on earth would I want an 8-bit game on this state-of-the-art computing platform I hold in the palm of my hand?
Guy's, you could of hinted that it would be a SMALL surprise! I guess the game is fun, but still -_-
Meh! Think +Android and Google should abandon these crazy Ninja stuff and other colorful but pointless videos and start making ads that focus on the functionality of phone / OS - like the simple iOS ads that drive home the point of simplicity and usability of iDevices. I like these unboxing videos but its only for the phandroids and techies!
Oh, lighten up. It's fun.
I love Google as much as the next guy but being that there is a lot of news Google could release about Android on their official Google+ page a lot of us were expecting significant and amazing news. The word choice hyping this up was poor.
Stop excusing a bad pr move and stop acting like we expected free Galaxy Nexi
Under-delivers relative to promise made.
People complaining about the game must be getting a bunch of low scores :p
Unplus the post that announced the "surprise"

Currently at +2861. I wonder if we can get it to 0? lol

Update: now at +3096. BAD trolls!...your doing it wrong!
This was the big surprise we all waited for? Derp derp...
I was surprised that was the surprise. Net result = surprised, disappointed, but surprised.
Don't listen to all the whiners. This was a great flashback to my days playing double dragon. Loved it +Android Keep it up
+J. Riesen You´re right about the fact that nothing was promised and it´s actually quite cool and made me laugh, but I´m also disappointed. The designers have done a great job, no doubt about that. The only mistake they made was to rouse wrong expectations.
They should have pointed something out to prevent wild theories about the surprise.
Feeling a bit sad for the creative guys...
Doesn't suck, it's pretty awesome actually. I guess we were just expecting for something different.
why do soooo many people think companies on the internet OWE them something
That post is now at +3096. BAD trolls!...your doing it wrong!
Note to troll in charge of posting on behalf of the Android team: Next time, no stupid "Stay Tuned" type of announcements. You will only get the ire of countless loyal Android supporters when they find out that you have again managed to underwhelm us.
You'd think Google would learn. I worked in the tech industry many years ago and if someone pitched this to me, they would have been left in no doubt as to their future. Doesn't Google have anyone who knows how to do marketing? Hell, I'll come and consult a couple of days a month if it would stop this.
Dear Android,
Instead of wasting my time with this Ninja video (Really???), could you fix the pinch to zoom on my Nexus One? Or upgrade it to ICS? Or get the Galaxy Nexus on At&t?
OH... And one more thing.... ... ..... ("ninja's... seriously?.. ughh..") - nevermind.. we got nothing..
+Juan Collins I'm a Windows Phone user since day 1, but your comment is way too optimistic.
i don't have Nexus Power, but I have the LG Android 505 and its great, cheap, easy to use, and all the apps. I need on it. Try it you'll love it. 4 $160 and $10 for sim card and $45 mth. for all the text, talk, & 100 mb. of data/mth. at chatter. can't get better.
It's cool, but I was hoping for something like an optimized version of ICS that gives the Verizon Galaxy Nexus 14-16 hours of battery life. Right now I'm only getting 6-8 hours of battery life.
I agree.. what was this? This was no surprise worth sharing
Please do not call something like this a surprise next time. Do not set wrong expectations to your followers..
I may not get it all, but this announcement sounds like crying wolfs, next time put your post but no need to announce a surprise .... By the way I have my Galaxy Nexus for more than a week now and I am still exited about it as the first day a get it ....
best trolling ever! I am giving a + for this
+Scott Holm They have half off the extended batteries on the verizon website. They show up as 49.99 but in the cart they're 24.99. They're only a slight amount bigger than the regular battery.
No wonder Google+ is tanking in the social network realm
I am on my second Nexus and I have to say that if Google doesn't step up its customer service it is going to be my last.
I love Ninjas! Even surprise Nexus ones! Thanks Google. :)
Good idea, poor execution. What a let-down.
So funny at the amount of ppl that google just trolled!! +10000
Hahahaha I am with sorta feel the same as everyone else. I didn't feel like it was a worth while surprise. But not to sound ungrateful thank you android for everything you have given us this year. You are truly AWESOME!
CDMA nexus S icecream update please.
Soooo....I still can't buy it at a regular price if I don't use Verizon?
problem to watch on my honeycomb device, so now I have to turn on the laptop ... hmmm, where is it? oh, found it, comments after I saw it :
This little game really was a cool bit of interactive advertising. I think it would have been better received if it hadn't been announced beforehand as a "surprise." I myself am hoping for a US version of the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus but I don't hate +Android or anything because I didn't get what I wanted from this surprise.
-1. Was looking forward to something like Majel.
:-( too bad, i was really expecting great news from +Android ...
are you kidding?????? You announced this like it was actually gonna be is really pissing me off lately!!! first they ignore 80% of NS users and only release ICS OTA for t-mo, then this??? Google, you're treading on thin ice with me right now!!!! GIVE ME MY NS4G ICS OTA!!!!!!!!
not disappointed cuz I played it on my galaxy nexus. ;)
Google has been doing nothing but good things lately. Can't wait to see whats in store for 2012!
Well if u have a nexus s u got 4.0.3 that is enough for me.
I LIKE 8-bit (ZX-Spectrum) Nice Video!
No, if you have a GMS Nexus S you got 4.0.3. I got a CDMA nexus S which means no ice cream yet :(
has anybody been able to 'find the nexus' ... played it a dozen times, and keeps saying 'still haven't found it'
wow, the 8 bit bring back me to my childhood :) love it like the interactive doodles :))))
Let's see, this morning my Nexus One rebooted itself, then got stuck on the loading screen, then trying to do a Restore got the exclamation point error, so i had to do a hard reset and lost a lot of data. Overall the restore was as easy as one can expect such a thing to be, except that while trying to restore all my apps i found that the developers of Better Keyboard have been removed from the Market by Google for stupid reasons and Google refuses to listen to any appeals. I'm glad that's not the same surprise that everyone else got!
The surprise is a commercial? Are you kidding me?
Shakira's interview was much better .... what is next !!??... human centipede project !!!?? -1
Was this a cunning decoy surprise? Just received a notification for the Nexus S ICS update! :)
When playing the web version I thought: "I want this for my phone"... ;-) Anyway, more levels! Make this into a complete game yay! :D
C'mon! This is your surprise? Lame! the big surprise?!? The only thing surprising about this is how dull it it...Happy Holidays! Lol.
Fun game. Reminds me of Double Dragon
I feel like Ralphie in the Christmas story when his decoder ring revealed an ovaltine ad. Google usually makes surprises worthwhile but this comes up short.
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