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Big thanks to everyone who voted Galaxy Nexus 'Most Popular Android Device' on +Lifehacker
Looking for a decent Android phone? Sure, we know the market will be completely different within a few months (or even weeks) but we wanted to know which Android devices you thought were the best righ...
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Hey I didn't not I could vote but I am NOT surprised. I am in love with mine!!
Congrats +Android, next time lets not keep it a carrier exclusive m'kay ;)
Ha! I was unaware of that when I got mine. Only complaints I have with mine is it could reallybuseba slide out keyboard and a beefier battery.
Though it would be hard to flash a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Samsung Build to Yakju, but took longer to write this messenger, than flashing it.

My next phone is gonna be a Google Phone +Android 
I've been very pleased with my Unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus. I wish I waited until you sold it directly, but worth it none the less.
It's an awesome phone if you don't use the camera!
If it is the most popular... whay can't I find oficial accesories? I can buy car dock for the Note, for example, or cases for almost any galaxy device in any store but I cannot buy a car dock that works properly for the GN and if I want a case I have to go to check on internet...
I don't see why you have to thank us.. The truth is the truth...

Also, not 'Most Popular Android Device'
It should be 'Most Popular Phone Device Thing' instead...
Now if my cdma actually got the updates... it shouldn't even be called a nexus imo
Waiting till tomorrow's SIII announcement. It better be really-really great, otherwise I'm going for unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus! The biggest problem for me is the lack of mSD card slot!
I'd have voted, but frankly, I'm pretty "meh" over the whole "wait for Verizon to release updates" thing. Seriously, Google, don't cave to carriers or OEMs on future devices.
Joseph, its carried by Sprint now as well. I've had mine since launch and nothing but troubles. its been confirmed its not my personal phone but the software. It has left a bitter taste in my mouth and I don't see myself purchasing another Samsung phone. sorry, but I really want to love the phone, but can't. If it would stay connected to a network, that being wifi, 4g or 3g, that would be an improvement right there.
I'd like an update too, since that's primarily why I went with a Nexus device. There's always a catch with Verizon though. And I won't flash to get updates, either.
+Danny Kriegbaum Laursen I read yesterday that you can only flash it if you've already flashed (wiped) your phone and have it rooted. I had my phone rooted for a while, didn't see the point. Android 4 has everything I would have otherwise rooted my devices for (and I had rooted my Nexus One, Nexus S, and a handful of other phones)
+Paul Johnson it SUCKS. Plain and simple, the sensor is crap. I couldn't stand mine anymore, sold it and got a SGSII with custom rom.
MP has nothing to do with Camera quality. Biggest misconception when it comes to cameras.
+Denys Dmytriyenko i thought I'd miss the mSD card in the Nexus S, but keep in mind that with a single partition, the device is MUCH faster now. You can still transfer files several other ways (wifi, upload to google drive/dropbox/etc).
Now if only my GSM unlocked galaxy nexus could get updated pass 4.0.2 which seems like an impossible dream at this point so guess I'm stuck having a "fake" nexus stuck without support from anybody smfh
+Ian Douglas thanks for the encouragement! :) My problem is not transfer, but storage. 16GB internal storage is NOT ENOUGH! Well, I guess I'll be bringing my Transformer Prime with me all the time with 32GB internal + 32GB mSD on the tablet + 32GB SD on the keyboard :)
IMO one of the perks of MTP over SD card is you can hook it up to PC, drag n drop files and still fully functional, doesn't disable apps that are installed to SD until you eject
Ah, and being able to quickly swap those cards is another benefit. With internal storage it's quite hard to swap data... :)
And btw, yes, galaxy nexus best phone on the earth right now. Not to do with specs. Just to do with awesome!
+Denys Dmytriyenko I miss the microSD too. I've actually gotta delete music/files sometimes lately. Thinking of just using my old Droid X as my mp3 player but I really don't want to carry two phones around.
I am fully satisfied with my Nexus. A perfect smartphone. // Ich bin mit meinem Nexus voll zufrieden. Ein perfektes Smartphone.
HTC Sensation is what I currently have. Nice phone, but it's getting old. Plus T-Mo is dragging their feet delivering ICS...
As long as it's not the "fake" Verizon version, what a load of poop that is!
Don't be offended guys, but when it comes to UX and general quality, HTC does it better than Samsung...
Sony Xperia s is amazing. Only disadvantage is that it automatically exports the fantastic pictures it is capable of taking as a tiny jpg. Otherwise it totally rocks and the generally listed disadvantages in reviews are nonsense or at least irrelevant to me.
You're welcome. Just make sure the phone get's all the updates.
+Android I love my Galaxy Nexus, it's just awesome. It's my second Google Phone after #NexusOne.
The GSM version of the phone works way better and more reliably than my old Moto Backflip did.
Great phone! I'll never forget when I blew everybody mind at my local McDonald's with my first paypass purchase. Good times.
+Danny Kriegbaum Laursen yep paid $750 when it first came out to get this thing imported and am STILL behind because I guess I wasnt blessed to be able to have the "official official" yakju nexus but instead end up with the yakjuzs one but hey after you get the person's money guess there's really no reason to care about what good for them anymore
I like galaxy nexus camera better than my sprint galaxy 2 its focuses and takes pics so much faster than my sg2 sprint version.if u crack flasher this phone is heaven for u guys .running aokp milestone 5
+Paul Johnson Yes, there is great stuff available. However, I stick with the "Vanilla" Android experience.
Random I think any android is good!!
Nexus is great device. I am owner of Galaxy S2 and its good phone too, but I will always dream about Nexus :-)
Just bought the Nexus and I love it. It's nearly perfect for me.
The only think I dislike about the GN is the location of the power button. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY AND PURE, PUT IT ON THE TOP EDGE OF THE DEVICE. Thank you.
I love mine, but next one needs expandable memory via micro SD card and at least 8mp camera. Feel free to tweak the rest of the innards to make it faster still.
+Ryan Bissell Really? I couldn't hack that. Far too far to reach! Also, when headfirst in your pocket it gets powered on accidentally.
I bought this device for the so promissed "fast updates", but mine is still at 4.0.1. I'm with Vidéotron (Montréal, Québec).
+Nick Hunter I don't like it on the side where it is, because I invariably hit the volume rocker with my fingers-- taking it out of vibrate mode--, while trying to thumb the power button. And, my index finger can still reach the top left corner. As to your second point: that has never been a problem for me.
+WE didn't make it popular +Android (you) made it popular. I've been glad with mines for the past, now that im on 4.0.4 (VZW) im glad to see the bugs ironed out and better performance.
Hands down best phone i have ever owned. I love the fact it isn't over complicated and is android in it's purest form. So functional and easy to use
I love my Nexus. Wish I had never bought that POS Rezound. Now the Rezound is an expensive paperweight.
Wasn't my fav, but hey, to each their own I guess.
I just bought the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Google Play, it will be waiting for me when I get home. Can't wait.
Love my galaxy nexus!
Just got mine. Updated right away, which is a nice change from not having any updates on my T-Mo GS2 for the 6 months I had it.
Odd. The most complaints I've seen in app reviews is lack of Nexus support, or bugs on the Nexus.
Correction: Android apps; reviews are across all categories.
GS2 is better IMHO, bigger srceen?, slicker look
Love Google ... Hate Samsung. I think I can't buy it unless you will make a phone from SONY. ;-)
Best phone out period. Tried the one s today , nice but the gnex still runs laps around it. Not gonna lie the slow motion capture with the camera on the one s makes me want it on the merits of that feature alone. Everything looks better in slow mo!
GNex was worth the wait. Very happy with ICS UI. Now, if the updates can come sooner...
I have Nexus S since Jan 2011. Had Nokia N900 before and miss 32GB storage + microSD which I had in it. I through about getting GNexus but only 16GB without any option for more is what holds me from it. And all those HTC One X reviews which shows that it crushes GNex in any random benchmark.

I also worry about level of support. Nexus S got ICS first from +CyanogenMod then from Google...

And yes - SGS2 (which is much older then GNex) feels more feature packed. Will next Nexus phone be slower version of already released one?
When people complain about apps that lack Nexus support, they are likely actually complaining about a lack of ICS support.
Galaxy nexus is the future of phones . It really feels like a 2012 os
Some of you people need to do some research on why Google decided not to go with a SD slot.
Mine shows up on Friday! (fingers crossed)
+Android My cousin is having issues with a GN verizon lte phone, specifically around ghost calls for PRL updates, can you give me some advice about this?
It's the best phone indeed... I'm just mad that I paid 250 upon it's first release...
Love my Galaxy Nexus. Best phone I ever owned!! Yes even better then an iPhone!!
Just got a Gnex last week, amazing phone. Best I have ever owned or seen!
It is an awesome device! I think I'm sticking with just Nexus devices from now on...
thts cool I really like mine :)
A bit disappointed this nexus wasn't provide pron bono like my last one (although thanks again for that!), but well worth every penny!
Easily the best phone i have ever owned. Stock Android 4.0 is absolutely the way to go with regards to stability.
The best phone everrrr!!!!!!
Thank you Google for the best Android phone to date. Great speed, amazingly good screen and very reliable operative system. We have provided all new employees at Momondo with one!
I just got my Nexus today and I already think it's the best Android phone I've ever seen.
For those who call the Verizon version a fake nexus. I'd rather have a Gnex with two verizon apps then a 16gb hspa model or a Sprint version on that horrible network. Pulling 31 mbps is a beautiful thing and verizon has just started rolling out the 4.04 update to select markets for those who don't want to root. VZW may be slow with updates but their lte is amazing.
Now if I could only get a spare screen assembly for less than $300.. :(
+Daniel Cook The phone uses MTP and can connect like a regular digital camera as well. MTP works great in Windows but doesn't work in Linux (major drawback for me), and there's a third party app for Mac. To get around that, I just transfer everything through Dropbox, which is as fast as wifi transfer if your Dropbox is set up to use local LAN syncing.
+Denys Dmytriyenko +Jeremy DeBose Well, storage is never an issue for me... my photos sync to picasa, my music syncs to Google Play, and I'm rarely without wifi. I run an rsync client on the phone to copy everything to a backup at home once a week then I remove most of the photos anyway. I don't use my phone for long-term storage. Used to, but don't see the need any more.
can you make #verizonwireless suck less and push 4.04 already
Host mode was removed in 4.0.2 and hasn't returned yet and I'm happy with my Gnex and hardware or the optimization of said chips isn't really producing better productivity apps just games so I'll wait around a few years for better batteries/CPU and screen tech which doesn't use as much power.

MTP is good except the plug and play aspect, can't do anything until its copied locally or temporarily which kinda sucks not to mention a wide amount of other electronics don't support it like PS3 or stereos
If I had been buying a few months ago it would have been a nexus but I was buying a week ago just after the HTC One X was released no competition really!
i couldnt vote, i too young...DX
This is indeed a great phone. Best phone i ever owned, But i said the same about my 'old' Nexus S ;-)
+Mark Koszler I had an HTC before my Galaxy Nexus. After a year when it magically reboots itself at random and HTC doesn't want to deal with it, we'll see if you still feel the same way. I still feel the Nexus is the best overall phone. I've long since learned processor speed means jack when the OEM loads enough bloatware to stop an elephant. There's a reason HTC's profits were down Q1 by 70%.

Iphone > > > > galaxy nexus (hard to say that with a straight face)
Now how about bringing those pin docks to the states????
TBH my Galaxy Nexus experience would be much better if the phone was not shutting down randomly. Any fixes yet?
edgar q
GSM Galaxy Nexus FTW. I think I flash a new or updated ROM at least once a week, not to mention kernels. It feeds my inner geek.
← must have about 3 upgrades from AT&T... all my phones have been Nexus devices.... and I'll continue to purchase them.
I just bought one on Google Play! It arrives tomorrow. I cannot wait!
I love it! But, I think next time around, I won't get the version on Verizon, since it seems a little more locked down than I would like a Nexus device should be. If my contract was up tomorrow, I would definitely get the GSM version on Google Play and buy a SIM card on T-Mobile or AT&T.
No problem pal. I love it, even though I don't have one ^^ Just keep doing what you have been doing, my Android.
No problem . I love it, even though I dont have one >< Just keep doing what you have been doing, my phone give me that phone
I love it! But, I think next time around, I won't get the version on Verizon, since it seems a little more locked down than I would like a Nexus device should be. If my contract was up tomorrow, I would definitely get the internet and google talk
and buy a SIM card on lime and CCT chip i am good....../
Blah blah blah blah blah. . . Blah. 
Of course it is. You use it to dangle ICS over everyone's head, pretending that it's so hard to update it on other high-end phones.
Love my GSM Galaxy Nexus...the next Nexus will be more awesome/amazing :)
LuciO M
iPhone for life.
I got talked into buying a Samsung Charge... what a piece of junk (Verizon)
+LuckyLi IHaveThem you're actually wrong about that because LTE does just that. I'm all for GSM because it combined with HSPA is the best for battery and speed but know what you're talking about before trying to make a point sir.
This phone can be used on all 4 major US carriers!
+LuckyLi IHaveThem Actually the phone can make calls with CDMA while online with LTE, and wifi works just fine outside the US. A lot of people in the EU rely on wifi for a signal anyway and calls can be made over wifi.

Those of us who are on Verizon don't have to go to Europe to get a signal in the first place.
I still use a nexus s……
My first ever smartphone and I felt like a boss using it :) thanks Android!
Love my Gnex, but very sad that the "nexus" brand is now nothing more than marketing talk. The updates are not speedy, there are several different versions not only ue to operator requirements. But also manufacturer requiremtents (yakju/non-yakju builds). Android is great, ICS is awesome. It's just a pity that the nexus brand has become an empty shell. Next time I'll just buy whichever phone has the best specs.

P.S. Lets go back to the time when HTC made Nexus phones. Samsung seems to be more involved in it's own Galaxy S phones than in the Nexus brand.
+LuckyLi IHaveThem case not closed stop jumping to assumptions. Decide if your talking in general or US so when you lose you don't switch, since your mistaken I'll enlighten you by saying they make world phone which have both CDMA and GSM capabilities also they already have a 3G phone in testing which allows data over voice.

Once again I could careless I use GSM with my Gnex just saying your wrong and being one track minded
I'm sad that I got the galaxy nexus at verizon in December. If I could, I would buy the nexus from Google play and get a some cheap pay-as-you-go plan.

But I still love my nexus. Stock is great, but AOKP rom has some nice features. (and updates are quicker :P) 
What phone has gotten updates quicker than the Nexus? Its true its become a but of a mess though
Great phone. I love the fast shutter and fast re-take when taking photos - if you have little kids, speed matters, and the shots look great.
I knew it right from it's announcement and I am glad I got one. The best thing I love about this phone is - no hardware buttons and no brand titles and logos. It looks stunningly beautiful and OMG !!! the zero lag shutter speed is just amazing.

The only complaint I have and most of the Galaxy nexus owners have is it's unexpected power off cycles.
I'm using Galaxy Nexus now. It's really an excellent device! I like it!
iPhone is 4 noobs, Droid is 4 cool ppl.
Yes +Carl McAteer -however I would not say I was in love but that we are having a hot steamy affair.
can i ask some question?
more powerfull galaxy nexus or galaxy nexus II???
i need all you're answer
Keep releasing Nexus variants that are compatible with all US carriers, and you've got a Nexus customer for life.
I love my Galaxy Nexus, but we need a bigger battery!
I've been really happy with mine. Great device!
You're a monster.

Just updated my #GalaxyNexus to Android 4.04 ( #takju )
+Setsuna F Seiei They are about equal when it comes to raw power, but the Galaxy Nexus is faster sometimes. Also the Galaxy Nexus is better if you are going to keep your phone for a while. The GS2 will become old news by tomorrow when the Galaxy S3 is announced. But the Galaxy Nexus and its Pure Google, and direct support from Google it would last longer software wise. The Nexus also has NFC for Google Wallet.
Glad you guys started selling phones again. Awesome price. Got all 3. Thanks Google!
Have had my galaxy nexus since december. Two major disappointments, first, the camera is really substandard. It seems to aim at being mediocre for phones 2-3 years old. Secondly, my phone came with yakjuxw, and I still have not received 4.0.4. So, I agree with a previous commenter that the nexus brand now is really watered down, to the point of being close to meaningless. I LOVE the screen though, this was the major reason I bought it.
The lack of micro-SD storage is still ok I guess (if there was a 32GB GSM version) but please please please let the next Nexus have a latest-gen CPU & GPU and non-Pentile screen...
anyone don't use that give me!!! ok??
Just got one from the Play store. Love everything about it except for the poor battery life. This is my third Android phone and it's got the shortest life of all of them.
Galaxy Nexus running "aokp m5"..... Buttermilk!
+LuckyLi IHaveThem what in the world are you talking about? No one is fighting here furthermore when did I call you a name? I was just correcting you so acknowledge and move on.

If you haven't learned this yet then I'm happy to share the following message:

No one knows it all

P.S. I've stated that I have a GSM Nexus not carrier branded, in fact its the international one, which gets updated via Google and before you say anything else, I'm not starting a fight just trying to get you to see your error. System images are also available so if I wanted I could flash the images of the phone your getting and it would be the exact same since the only difference seems to be Google Wallet
+LuckyLi IHaveThem, Uploading music To Google Play can only be done via Music Manager from a computer, not from a SDcard, ie mobile device.
I love my phone, I just wish it would freaking update!
Phone is great. For the next nexus please include expandable storage, top quality camera and keep up the option to purchase an extended battery.
I can not understand.

The Galaxy S2 has a higher performance CPU and a better camera so the battery is okay but not as langelebig by a new battery which I had put myself (12,95 €) that now holds about 2.5 hours longer.

At times a Custom Rom (Hydrog3n) holds even without the phone nutztung over night (each 6 hours) only a consumption of 5%.

I'm very satisfied. A buddy and I personally like Nexus has not.

But okay, magazines opinion: D
The best Android Phone I ever had!
Started from the myTouch, then Samsung Vibrant, and now The Galaxy NEXUS!
+Charlie Helmijr It's still far better than non-nexus phones getting updates. People are complaining about 4.0.4 when most other phones still have gingerbread. HTC is junk now. Look at their dip in profits. They make phones that look good on paper, but don't last 2 years before they quit working, and HTC says they don't know anything about issues that hundreds of people have reported.

Yes there are phones with higher specs, but the lack of bloat goes a long way towards system performance. Of course you need quad cores when you run junk like HTC sense. The Rezound has dual cores but is slower than the GNex even with a faster clock speed. With battery life stuck in 2003 efficiency is better than brute specs.
my dads iphone brock and he got a samsung galaxy note he likes it more then any iphone
+Alvaro Romero People complain about lack of micro-SD card support because 1) It's traditionally been a differentiating feature for Android and 2) 16GB is simply not enough for all the media that we carry around (only the LTE version of the GNex has been released with 32GB - no love for the GSM version; also, not everyone can afford to stream data from the cloud when they need it).
+Marcus Lee One thing I will say that kinda sucks about having no removable flash is the lack of a mass-storage mode. I have the 32GB LTE GNex and there is no mass-storage mode ala iPhone. Here's the technical explanation by Android engineer Dan Morrill:

It isn't physically possible to support UMS on devices that don't have a dedicated partition for storage (like a removable SD card, or a separate partition like Nexus S.) This is because UMS is a block-level protocol that gives the host PC direct access to the physical blocks on the storage, so that Android cannot have it mounted at the same time.

It's a problem we'll have to learn to live with because a lot of the superphones of today are moving to onboard storage only. There are performance benefits so it's not purely to make people shell out more money for more storage.
+Manny Brum I don't doubt that there will be performance benefits (by the way, do you know if anyone's analysed the amount of benefit?) but I still think consumers should be given a choice whether to use the external storage or not. I reckon a good number of people won't mind taking a hit in performance just to be able to carry around their favourite bits of media.
+Marcus Lee Well, with different performance classes of SD cards, I can see how manufacturers don't want clueless consumers to blame slow read/write speeds on the phone, when most people use class 2 flash media because it's cheap. On my old phone, most of my SD card was music and apps. I have all the music in the cloud with Google Play Music now, so I don't really use storage much anymore. The apps were there because of a silly HTC incredible memory leak that HTC denied existed that would cause out of memory errors and reboots unless a reset was done frequently. I can say, however, the read/write speeds are far superior on onboard flash than on a class 2 memory card. A lot of people blame the phone when they download an incompatible app, so I can see why the flagship phones that represent a company's best work would do this.
+Manny Brum Well then, I think the solution would be for manufacturers to offer their phones in different memory configurations, and let the consumer choose which one suits their needs best.

Unfortunately I think Google and Samsung dropped the ball in this respect with the GNex. Hopefully the next iteration of the phone will not have this issue.
+Android +Andy Rubin why no release of Galaxy Nexus in India and disappointing million of people who are eagerly waiting for it?
Lolz, Mobilink has already launched Galaxy Nexus in Pakistan for a very attractive price :P

Keep up the good work fellows ^_^
Running SII on ICS now. Not sure about call drop outs but have NO problem with it here in Australia (nor wife or anything else). Gave staff if 7 where I work and 5 have SII (updated fm Blackberry and Iph devices). Will be getting Samsung again no problems
and yet +Google i must point out that you did not care enough about the Indian users to launch this 'most popular' device here. You have any idea how adept people are at using +Android over here?

Anyways, your priorities need to be updated so as not to hurt the sentiments of a very large group of technologically 'un'challenged people.
+Reeve Luiz Agree with you.. when I heard that Galaxy Nexus wont be launched in India, it hurt... +Google India should take this matter seriously and launch the phone on its own in India
Was loving phone until updated with Android System Update 4.0,4. It is terrible. Starting with fluro blue font. Incompatible with some services. Want to roll back.
Even with the shotty battery life, my Galaxy Nexus is hands down the best phone I have ever owned. Blows the competition out of the water.
best mobil :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Let's see...I had to spend $40 extra to get a decent sized battery, the camera is crap, the power button and headphone jack are in the stupidest place possible, screen has visible machining marks on it from the manufacturing process, I'm still on 4.0.2 (with all of its inherent bugs and daily reboots) thanks to Verizon, I can't hear it ring because the speaker sucks, and the accessories are a joke. What's not to love?
Hey +Thomas Howard in all fairness, 4.0.4 is finally getting sent out, apparently. Knowing my luck with Verizon updates(including GB on my X), it'll probably be the bugged version.

I seriously do love this phone, but there is no reason it should ever be considered a flagship "Nexus" device when it's buggy and on Verizon, which won't allow updates to fix bugs.
+Thomas Howard fist of all its dumbest* not "stupidest" haha irony. Second the camera doesn't suck, its a damn cell phone not a high end cannon. Third the reason why you had to buy a "decent sized" battery is because the screen is so big and the hardware is so beefy that it drains the battery really quick. If you want to cry about every little thing that doesn't matter go by a damn iPhone lawl
I love my Galaxy Nexus but I really wish the car dock was available.
Great phone but seriously...updates are inconsistent depending on build type which is ridiculous. Also the camera is sub par... come on Google... do you really want me to get an iPhone or winphone??
Sad that Samsung is never going to launch it in India. Presumably, it will eat up SII and Note's share. Bad Samsung, very bad.
Das Handy isch doch eins von den besten. Es isch voll gut
+ROHIT SHUKLA completely agree with you.
But frankly speaking even if they did launch it, it'll end up as a failure. it will be heavily underrated in india, where everyone looks for features.
For example, if samsung were to release it here, It would come at around 30000 INR, people would say they can pay a tad more and get xperia s which boasts a 12mp cam. but not many people here would know that the Gnexus running stock ics would perform better and be smoother than the xperia s.
They could have launched it before Jan, and they missed the spot.

Thats what happened to nexus s. Came here, was overlooked because the competition had 'Features' and was sent back
+Kristopher Pinette They should have included a decent battery with the phone instead of making us shell out more money for one. The extended battery doesn't really make the phone any thicker. And if you're going to point out that it's a phone and not a camera, the same thing could be said for the OS itself I suppose. I mean, it's supposed to be a phone, right? Not a computer.
The phone is far too big. Xperia ST15i is more phone-like
About Galaxy Nexsus:
can you please cancel the limit of the buy website only to USA?and why you not accept an Israeli international credit card?(i want to buy the Nexsus Galaxy and ship it to an adress in USA)
If only the GalNex LTE would get a freaking update to ICS 4.05
When is the update supposed to come out???
4.0.4 update for mine (bought in UK) arrived last week. Successful install.
I have one, it's awesome! And I don't think it's necessary a 8MP cam for a mobile phone since we don't have a good 3G network in Brazil...
Picked up the unlocked GSM from the Play store. Best phone I've owned to date :)
Galaxy Nexus is also Pentile. You can't tell though.
where all is it being sold unlocked/???
When will worldwide selling via play , begin ?
I'm curious why the nexus s was available at carriers unlocked but the galaxy nexus is not?
Please better QC on the next Nexus. The purple grays on a lot of GN is insane.
Hey, Is there someone can help me? My galaxy Nexus has android 4.04 but, its not recognized as usb device when it is connected to my pc. What can I do to solve this?
Pure Google Experience!
Enjoy by people around the world :D
Love It :)
Not 'pure' on Verizon, still love it though.
Unfortunately mine started rebooting itself uncontrollably the day after I received it. I called support immediately. That was 3 days ago and they still have no ETA for me regarding the replacement. Meantime I have no backup phone. I guess customer support is still a problem with Nexus devices :(
Nexus has nothing on GSII running ICS. I have both phones and yes the Nexus screen is nice but it's not a deal breaker with its tiny storage and last-gen camera. The Pure Google experience is a little overrated. Anyways, the GS3 is coming out in couple weeks with an HD screen and shutter lag free camera, so point in getting a Nexus if you didn't already do it.
Please correct the GT-i9020 ics4.0.4 Color temperature yellowish
Pure google experience + +AOKP ROM ... what else more do you need?
If you are on Verizon, the Galaxy Nexus is FAR from being a pure Google device. This Nexus isn't a Nexus; it's a joke. 6 months, not update in site. I wish I could take this over hyped piece of crap back! Google, Samsung & VZW are making sure I buy an iPhone next time I can update.
hopeless galaxy nexus...5mp da world of 8MP.. you are not sure about update.. in next will say..they wont be updating galxy nexus.. because of some limitation.. then why to buy..just 'coz pure android.. HTC sense is much more better... nexus camera app is awful...thanks to HTC and samsung they use there own camera app.. they dont have built in file manager.. can not sync you facebook contacts..go for HTC or samsung mobile rather than google mobile..they still need to learn what people want in app is more like a cartoon improvement in GUI..from 2.3 to 4.. u dont have doc editor..while samsung and HTC are providing it for free... mu suggestion.. DONT SPEND MONEY ON GALAXY NEXUS..go for any other handset of HTC or samsung...
Thanks JACK LOPEZ, do you speak spanish?...well, I checked my settings and USB debugging was already unckecked...please, another idea?
So popular that O2 have stopped selling it in the uk. guess it takes away from all the rubbish phones they are trying to get rid of.
Love the phone but reception in my area is cut by 50% when going from HTC to Samsung. Very frustrating! Update update update!
+Android Since Samsung ain't releasing galaxy nexus in India .. have u brought through other means .. although fed up with frequent reboot, network drop .. otherwise damn good phone
.. loved it like anything
When will my Galaxy Nexus get 4.0.4 thought it was out at the end of March?, Also why such a poor battery life had to buy a second one to get through the day.
+Simon Blakeway you must be on yakjuxw rom, which is maintained by Samsung. You need to flash yakju build over ur phone in order to receive lwtest build. Like I did.
Best phone I have ever owned - hands down!
I have it... please, fix sudden turn off bug!
Still missing the radio fixes for the Verizon GalNex
Love mine. Couldn't see myself with another phone....besides my GSII.
To those complaining about the don't need 80 mega pixels to take nice photos.!
I loved my Galaxy Nexus, until it started turning itself off and now I can't turn it back on?
Update problem of Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250 disappointed me a lot. When I bought this phone I thought that it will be just like on iPhone - when update is released - I will receive update. But after couple months - I still have 4.0.2!!!
Where is official statement?!?! Google?!?! Or maybe some GT-I9250 are not supported?!?!?
I'd agree with Daniel, I bought this phone on the rogers network (canada) and I'm still on 4.0.1....where is the update? Where can I find out? I called both rogers and samsung and they both said the other was responsible for the update
Still waiting for 4.0.4 for my Nexus, When are we all going to get it. I'm on maguro device/ yakjuxw product. How about a reply Android 
oh i thought its niggaberry, yeah samsung is a hit. i love it.
I love my nexus! I can't believe people still thing s2 is better! And the camera is excellent, easily good enough for real world use and so quick to use. That's what matters, not the megapixel count (within reason ofc)
Had the galaxy s3 in my hand along side my Nexus comparing in our local 3 store (UK) yesterday. Surprised that I walked out of the store with the Nexus still in hand!
Still waiting for the 4.0.4 update for my nexus here in the UK
Who ever keeps saying that a nexus on YAKJUXW gets there update from Samsung are wrong. Spoke to Samsung they don't do updates for nexus range due to it being a google phone. So it must be that the No 1 android phone isn't that good anyway. Why should I have to update it myself when it should of been done months ago. Load of crap that's what I think
Still waiting on the 4.0.4 update for the Galaxy Nexus in Canada (yakjuux), are we ever going to get it?

Samsung Mobile Canada says it's up to Google to provide the update and so far most people in the US already have it.  Still stuck on 4.0.1 here.

This is not the Nexus experience that I expected (love the phone otherwise though).

Of the 7.1% of Android users on ICS, 6.7% are on 4.0.3 or better and 0.4% are on 4.0.1 or 4.0.2

I would appreciate an answer as to why we still don't have the fixes included in 4.0.4 when the phone has been available here for over FIVE MONTHS?
Same story here...unlocked, carrier free GSM, unfortunately with yakjuxw firmware so still stuck on 4.0.2....
Very disappointed with this yakju / non-yakju fraud and absolutely no response from Google about this.
My phone is good except it is only 2 months old, but it goes into sleep mode and the power button doesn't work, it won't turn back on. The only fix is to take out the battery, plug it into the PC, then disconnect and put the battery back in. This is a pretty bad fault as you can't use your phone again until you get back to your PC/cable.
Still waiting for 4.0.4, no reply from Amdroid . If this is the ultimate experience then its absolute crap. Wonder if I could cancel my contract due to the fact that they haven't stuck to what they promised? Breach of contract maybe
As I still don't have 4.0.4 does this meen I will never get to see 4.1 on my nexus 
I can't beleive with all those bad comments, why Samsung Canada is not moving. What is so difficult in taking the info google sent you and push the update to your phone
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