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What better way to celebrate National Photo Month than with a new release of Google Camera?

The latest version makes it even easier to take quick photos with new features such as the ability to set a timer, take a snap while shooting video, capture landscape scenes with your left-hand and choose between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. We also added two new SLR-like creative picture modes to Panorama: wide angle and fisheye.

If you haven’t already, download Google Camera on the Play store ( #NationalPhotoMonth #GoogleCamera
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Could we maybe get HDR support too? My S4 supports it so why not? Also the TouchWiz camera can take pictures at 13mp at a 16:9 ratio, but I can't in your app
I tried this app. It works, but there are hundreds of better ones out there that are also free. 
Pratim SC
+Blendi Krasniqi yes its rumoured. But it looks like they will introduce a new brand that would follow the same openness and principles of Nexus. I can't even dream of buying anything other than Nexus.
jl sc
wow, a few more innovations like this and you'll almost be up to where my samsung stock phone camera was a year ago
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I don't understand why the sphere photos are not properly recognised as such by the built-in gallery app on my Note3? Sphere photos are going to be a liability if different standards are used... BTW - please kick the Picasa team into supporting them... +Android
A better way would be to make it available for v4.3 :/
Cross compatibility with Samsung devices? lol

Samsung wants you to use everything Samsung. They'd actually prefer you forget their Galaxy devices are even running Android.
+Blendi Krasniqi +Pratim SC Project Silver. It combines the Google Play Edition and the Nexus Program. The only thing I'm worried about is the price of these new phones. 
+Android+Google UK+Google Can you please update the google camera application with jellybean support? I mean, there is still a large percentage of android phones running android jellybean! 
Help. What does "capture landscape scenes with your left-hand" mean?
It seem the update is already on my phone (Nexus 5) according to the GooglePlay page...
But it's not on the "recent updates" list of my device...
I will download it when I can download it.
What version is the update? I don't have fisheye option on my nexus 5 and it says I have the latest version.
KitKat only still, right? ;-;
Does anyone read the permissions before installing these things? Just curious.. There is a startling number of seemly un-camera related permissions granted to this app.. :)
I don't see the new options. According to the Play Store, I have the latest update.
+Becky Watkins Need beta invite maybe? Or could be a staged roll out. Play store has a option for that also available to all Devs, which is nice. When the killer update drops, you don't want to blow up your cloud back end. :)
+Zachary Kew-Denniss try snap camera hdr best camera app if found on my.z1 I get hdr at 21mp video 100fps at 1080x1920 plys a heap of other goodies including unlimited presets
Got the update: how do I access the fisheye and wide angle modes?
+Stephen Hind : Go into Panorama mode and hit the three dots to reveal all the options. The right-most option is fish-eye. Second from the right is wide-angle. Have fun! :)
You are great! thank you! :) I'll wait for the upgrade!
+Damo Conti If this $2 camera app can make my phone shoot faster than a super high end Red Epic for $18K money's (Which maxes out at 54fps), then Marginz Software can have my money sir.. I will be checking this out. :)
Hey +Android how about a burst image mode for the Nexus 5? I miss that feature from my Padfone.
Permissions are easily controlled within appops +Erich Toven I never let permissions stop me from installing an app; I just install and revoke the permissions I don't like
Great, it's a shame that it's only available on devices with kitkat :(
Why don't you use tap to click instead of a button? It's awful..
+Perry Hallmark Just to let you all know the new key features are embedded in the panorama section itself. It took me a while to realize it :D
jl sc
+Aaron Rickle why would you want to sstep backward ? The samsung is light years ahead of this. 
+Damo Conti I just grabbed it.. It's a great camera app! Lots of features. But had it set to 100 FPS and codec is reporting 30 FPS.. Sigh.. That part appears to be lies.. Or maybe I'm not doing something right? I had a project I was eager to try this with.. Any suggestions? 
I had a Samsung once, never again! so much useless bloatware, and poor build quality. 
+Ali Mohammed you need to select panorama first, then in options (the three dots icon) choose the circle icon that brings you to the fisheyes feature 
+Scott Thomson CyanogenMod is the answer to that. Once I rooted a Note2 and flashed it, that was a close as I could be to the core Android experience... I still moved to a Nexus4 though... 
Its not available for my nexus 5 yet either. This often happens though, maybe tomorrow.
Update from Aptoide Market if not appear on Play Store, Googleeee for Aptoide apk. 
Nice update! would like to see the HDR mode come to Samsung galaxy s4 
Google really does listen to its users! I requested the option to set a timer and here it is 👍
Time lapse video is still missing.
Come on, make it available on 4.0
alx jsf
B.E.A. utiful
What camera/phone was this taken with? Please bring an HDR mode so I don't have to keep using Samsungs
I wonder, does it support zero shutter lag on devices that come with said features in their stock camera? What if you are using a stock ROM on said devices?
They need to add the feature from Motorola that takes a burst of photos if you press and hold down on the screen 
What does the "capture landscapes scenes with your left hand" mean?
Please help to update for Galaxy Grand II of Google Camera or Photosphere. 
+AAron Metcalfe Of course, many apps won't work at all without their full permission list being granted. 
This is why I got a nexus 5... :) always compatible 
Great update, but we need time lapse video back :)
My RAZR MAXX doesn't have KitKat update 😞 Verizon is failing me...
Wu Tong
+Pratim SC I hope Google keeps the affordable price!!!! 
& they said the Nexus camera was bad , how bitch how
+Gibran A. Higuera because of the Snapdragon 800, you can find it on other phones with slow-motion video capture. So I know it's possible :)
+Jonas Falck deepens on the device. When I ran a custom ROM and this was a system app I had it, but on my stock ROM where I just downloaded it I don't have HDR anymore.
When is KitKat 4.4.3 going to be released??
+Android don't give latest Android to Samsung, lg and Sony. Let's they will give kitkat everybody. Even for 2 years old smartphone like galaxy s2 You made kitkat to everybody!
Can't understand why can't i update... My current version is 2.1.043 and I do know that it's not the latest version... Come on, I'm a nexus 5 user!
I would download this and take a look, but OH SNAP... that's right, you dropped support for Galaxy Nexus owners because you were too damn cheap to go through the Verizon Testing Process for new software. 

Thanks again for abandoning us Galaxy Nexus owners barely 18 months from release date.
I still want a fix for the sd card problem on the s4 
I really want to port this for Jellybean, but I'm at a loss with code :(

It still won't hurt to try though.
Nice update, but can we have burst mode in the next release please.
I downloaded this onto my Moto X. So this is a totally separate camera app from my stock KitKat camera app? Why do I need an Android camera AND a Google camera?
Shady S
Ahh! Now Google became more consumer oriented rather than developers'
I don't get how to get the fisheye lens from Google Camera! Anyone?
Hmm... that remind me to STALKER Call Of Pripyat
How about releasing it for 4.3 for those of us whose carriers are painfully slow with the KitKat update?...
What'll be took for Nexus 4, Nexus 4's Camera is not as good as Nexus 5.
You must get this for lower versions of android. With all G+ photo tricks, this could be really useful ..
+Android I'm really disappointed by this update. It won't fix the problem I reported (by the app feedback option) just after the Google Camera app went public.The problem I complain on is, that while in photosphere mode, pressing 'retake picture' button in 5 on 10 cases results in discarding the photo. So after 25 carefully taken shots, you realise that need to retake the last one, and you are scared to death that pressing the button will screw your whole work. It is unacceptable. Guys please, fix it.
That fish eye is awesome! So easy.
Oh maybe add support for jelly bean so the rest of us that dont buy a new phone just because its kitkat and not jellybean thanks.
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Requests for app:

HDR on more devices
Sdcard save location
Slo-mo recording
Burst mode
Immersive mode (the camera app has black bars going around it)
Less obtrusive camera button

Thumbs up so Google can see 🙌

Dear +Android i deeply hate you for not supporting the Galaxy Nexus anymore :-/
Damn I wanna go on vacation to the states again, to visit some national parks, when I see those pictures.
Okay Google speak now ok speak to take pictures take to pictures later whats up man how are you hello what's up top 20 rap battles okay Google speak now okay speak take a picture take a picture whats up man how are you hello what's up top of that up but those pictures from google
After the update to Android 4.4.3 does not work to take pictures of spherical !
I like this one.
To be my wall papet
How do use fisheye with the camara.
+Ali M. You swipe towards the right, whilst in the camera app, and head over to the Panorama menu! Then tap the menu option that appears at the bottom right region of the viewfinder on your screen =]
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