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Congratulations to our partner HTC on the launch of their highly anticipated HTC One (M8). With its high quality metal unibody, this is a premium Android smartphone that sports great design.

The HTC One (M8), Google Play edition, will be available for sale on Google Play soon:
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Hahaha ripoff. I'll stick with my N5.
Roy Lynch
Cold day in hell when I pay that much for a phone
699...might as well get the standard M8 and and put cyanogenmod on it......I will stick to my Note 3. 
I would love to have one of those.
When are the rest of the World going to Get.... Google UK..
I love the phone, but no way in hell I'm dropping $700 on it when there are phones like the Nexus 5, Moto X, and soon to be released OnePlus One for half the price.
699 is to much thats crazy
+Scott Wilson I don't see value in any phone that costs that much Wait 6 months get it for half that
Make it a sony z2 and I'm in
I am very much waiting for the OnePlus and if it is going to live up to all the hype. We also have the Moto X follow-up in a few months before the next Nexus.
"We're sorry, there was an error. Please try again later."
Don't post links for a world wide audience if only a fraction can view the content...
Just get the regular M8. The GPE software will be out there if you want it.
They got to be kidding on that price! Screw that, I'll keep my Note 3.
I used to like the idea of Google play edition flagship phones but now I tend to think the people who these appeal to would just be comfortable installing a ROM themselves.
Please make it available in India.
I wonder how the dual camera will work with the Google Play edition. A separate camera app maybe? Because if it's not used at all then it's a huge waste of hardware.
Waiting for Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition. Blue, please.
It's great. When it get to Nigeria? We appreciate good things too.
Has no one ever looked at the cost of an off contract cell phone? I can't see why people are shocked at the price of this phone! Yes its a rip off but its an extremely common fraud
700 US Dollars. What the heck? 
Found this on +Engadget's post about it, +Emmanuel Pacamalan
The Play Edition obviously forgoes all that Sense business, and instead will ship with a relatively unmolested copy of Android 4.4.2. We say relatively because it will be able to take advantage of the One's Duo Camera, which requires tapping into HTC's APIs.
Without an all day battery to use, why?
Wow, that was fast! Now a Galaxy S5 GPE?
sUPEr phoNe
$$$$ ??
Nice phone there, have the HTC One and it's awesome will stick to this for a while...$699 is way too much
+Android When will the devices shop be available out of the us? This is so sick. 
Only €100/$130 more than i paid for my 16GB nexus 5
Typical HTC Phone: Small Battery and bad 4Mp camera.
Brian B
I hope the battery life is better for that price..
Good looking phone :)
100% more expensive than the Nexus 5.
No thanks
+Scott Wilson did you try the original Swype?

I like it better than the derivative Google/Android/Samsung... versions. 
I'll just pocket the $300+ and get the OnePlus One. 
Eric T
I'll get one next month on Swappa for like $400 and CID convert to a GPE. 
They will probably make a grand selling two of these
"Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon."

Story of my life.
Switzerland hasn't Google Play Hardware.. So.. 
I was all excited until I saw the price. Nope nope nope.
+Zach Papadopoulos perhaps, but keep in mind it's an unlocked phone coming, more or less, from the manufacturer as opposed to a carrier that offers either subsidized pricing or interest free financing
Can someone...anyone please explain why we have never seen a +Verizon Wireless Google Play Edition phone? I mean, what is the real reason here. The only reason I am still on Verizon is because I am clinging to my unlimited data plan. Once they force me out, its time to switch. 
It's a beauty! But ridiculously priced, REALLY!! I"m still discovering new features on my HTC one. You only live once so "WHATEVER YOU LIKE.";-)
Would absolutely buy this phone over the S5, no question. But it's not enough to sway me away from Nexus.
+Danny Hanes Verizon does not allow phones that were not built for them and originally sold by them.  So has it always been, and so shall it always be.
Hope it has a removable battery
Only if HTC didn't spoiled it with their logo at bottom bezel.
I want it, but that's too much money for a married man with school loans lol Sheesh
1080p display?? Hoped to see a 2k display
Getting one tonight at 7, will have to fire sale my like new HTC One you only live once. :) 
Awesome! Sadly, Google Play devices are not available in the Czech republic 😢 
+Jonathan Rose and that's why I'm gonna stick to the galaxy series have an s4 now probably gonna wait for the note 4 and get that.
I still think I'm going to get The HTC ONE MAX.
Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.

Hope it will be soon!!
Man that is an expensive phone. But it looks awesome. 
The S5 will be higher priced, but this is a nice looking phone.
What's wrong with you guys. 699 is not expensive off contract. Same price as the Galaxy S5.
Cell phone prices are just damn ridiculous. HTC phones are okay but each and everyone I have owned gets hot... Now I steer clear of them.
Just waiting for that link to go live and it is MINE! +Android any word if we're getting the Sony Xperia Z2 as a GPE? I want that too!
The price isn't that surprising. You guys fail to remember that before you almost always paid this price for off contract phones. It will probably be about 200 on contract. The nexus devices were some of the first phones to be affordable off contract. You can't just expect all of them to be like that. +Austin Elwess +DOREEN MAXWELL +Jon Alvarez +Jorge Vargas +Karyn L Dixon+Zach Papadopoulos+Jason Wagar+Arlene Luciano+Antony Williams+Harry Makafui+Pra Noto+otis ellis+Marco Gymnopoulos+Joe Brown +DOPEAZZBYTCH D.A.B.q+Brandon Miller+CARLOS ARTEAGA+Jay Wilhelm+Pedro Peguero Jr.
+Tyler Raber HAHA, well then they should learn from other companies who are cutting the price. 700$ for an unlocked phone,

I can buy 2 Nexus devices

Almost 3 Moto G's

Maybe 2 OnePlus Ones

2 iPhone 5C

3 Nexus 7s

The Z1 compact with a google play edition and i take it right now !
I can't wait till the Nexus 6 or Nexus 5 2014. That would be an OP phone. 2k display, 8-cores, enhanced camera, 6" display. That would be awesome.
+Alexander Perkov Wait for the Nexus 6 or Nexus 5 2014, that will blow away all the other phones. The Nexus line also gets the software updates first while the others wait like six months.
Okay Internationals, STOP with the redundant questions!! The phone literally just released and you already want it available in your country!?!? RELAX you'll get it in the next 6-9 months! YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS BY NOW BECAUSE THAT'S HOW GPE PHONES ARE DISTRIBUTED BY GOOGLE. OKAY!? 
Rip off= HTC ONE (M8) $699. NEXUS5 $349 or $399 is the winner on Play Store.
+Pedro Peguero Jr. Moto g and nexus are both something I mentioned. This is normal for FLAGSHIP device to cost this much off contract. Just because a nexus 5 goes for 350 doesn't mean every single company ever is going cut their prices on half. You have to see the market and where its at. Most people buying the m8 will be on contract and even then people like T-Mobile and AT&T will subsidize them into a contract. So they shouldn't be cutting the price. 
The nexus 5 has its tradeoffs too. You guys have yo remember that the nexus 5, moto g, etc... Are all marketed towards different people. If the HTC one m8 is out of your price range then don't buy it and stop complaining. 
Ummm... no. I'll stick with my n5
It's not fair comparing the price to the Nexus 5. Google can more or less sell this device at cost price because they have so many other ways of making money from you, including the likes of music, movies apps let alone the ads.

This is the only way HTC are making money. There are no ancillary forms of revenue. Of course it's going to cost more.

I bought a Galaxy Nexus when it first came out, unlocked and off contract it cost about the same as this. It's not a ridiculous price. 
I think the giant HTC logo, with the giant on screen buttons and off center screen might just be a dealbreaker for people.

It would be awesome if they just ditched the logo...
Seriously pricey! Will definitely wait to see what the Nexus 6 has to offer.
Big no on that one. You can get 2 Nexus 5s for that much...
Amazing!!!! The more premium Android device.
Schon schön, aber kein Grund mein One dafür abzugeben
Yeah..all of you...just stay with your plastic note 3, s4 s5..etc. It's hard to apreciate quality when you only look at the price. Wanna feel premium quality, have a Htc One or M8, wanna have only specs but no/midrange quality - keep buying those plastic toys.
I can't believe that people don't know how much a typical off contact flagship phone costs.
Fuck the HTC branded extra bezel! That killed it for me. I fear for HTC.
If you don't buy a contract phone guess what? It cost an arm and a leg. It's not an uncommon price. That's why we buy contract phones for the discount.
If they ever do a Mini version without nerfing the stats, then maybe.
Price... Price.. ?
The HTC one is garbage. I've had 5. They keep breaking. Finally switching to a galaxy. 
I would like to have one of those phones but $699 way too much for a phone doesn't matter how good the phone! Rip off
This phone looks great but the bezels are so damn ugly...The phone has a Jay Leno chin. ;-(
$700!? 4MP camera? N5 or MotoX instead. The Sony Z2 would be the only camera I'd think of paying more for.
Cost way to much and smsll battery life I will keep my moto g 
You people are way too spoiled. In Norway, the Sony Xperia Z2 costs from $950 and up. I had to pay $700 for Nexus 4 right after the release, and now it costs "only" $500. Be happy that you don't have to pay extra for products to be imported in to your country.
If it had an 8mp camera I would have sold my nexus 5 for it
keren ajah..bisa nyimak ajah
+Tyler Raber it is surprising... Most flagship phones are $600 off contract for the base model. Then when your upgrade comes there is a $400 discount
This phone definitely looks good, but apart from the build, it doesn't have much to make it better than the Nexus 5...which is $350 cheaper. Just sayin. In terms of value, unimpressive.
Yea its HTC guys.. Company is losing money hand over fist, just grasping at straws with no real clue of what people want anymore.. HTC no matter what they do is a fail for me. I'll be happy when I can stop reading about their lackluster devices and shitty support.
Incredibly handsome so so beautiful and what a phone this is. Best looking phone 
Still holding onto my almost ancient HTC MT4G Slide until someone makes another keyboard phone...
Great job HTC on making a device that is a real contender for the best on 2014 
+Dominic Cheung, I tried Blackberry Q10 keyboard. It was bad for my hands. For 1 hand usage my pinky would feel weird soon, in two handed usage the keys seemed small. I long for a slider smartphone. I loved keyboard on my Glofiish M700 PDA.
Gil U
dual camera is a cool & creative design
what amazing phone is
Its 100$ more than the first. Better specs require higher cost
They always create Gr8 phones. Esp their design is best in market ...
I really like this phone! I just wished they create powerful phones such as this but in a much smaller device. Maybe a 4.3 inch display would be great! A powerful phone that we could use it in just one hand...
Just be aware of the 4g bands.
Well, if it was the choice of touchwiz or the Google launcher I would choose the Google edition, BUT I like sense 6 to much.
Still behind Japanese phones in Japan, but hey not bad!
Will W
+Jon Olaivar r plus the Sense 6 HTC One M8 is much cheaper. $700 dollars is a lot for a phone that has a poor camera. If HTC had made a better camera, it would have been a no brainer. 
+Will Walker Yeah under some conditions the camera lacks detail, but most of the time it looks better than my note 3, some photos have more light on the phone than in real life.
Working out great for me so far, I was way overdue for an upgrade with my Thunderbolt. Nice feel, will be buying the dotmatrix case once in stock. Perfect size for my larger hands. 
That camera needed at leat 8up.....sounds like I'm playing a Super Mario game. Lol. 
All you haters on here they can afford to buy the phone stop complaining and just get your little bargain basement flip phone in and be content with your non-existent life
Or just get a contract phone for $200 and pay over $100 a month for the next 2 years
Tony L
Should have called it nexus 4.5
I just got mine on Sunday. So far so good .$275..out the door Verizon wireless
Joey Hart. I bet your tablet can call can it? 
Exelente teléfono no tiene nada que envidiarle a ningún Samsung ni s3 .s4.s5 ni muy bueno y el HTC one x
I had a 3 month old one that bricked when it lost power and I was talking and they refused to warranty it or help me out. . . . .  NO WAY would I touch this device!!
Chris Watson, that same thing happened to me twice, first with my m7 silver with at&t, but at&t immediately sent me a refurb, and I sent my dead one back, so I sold it when I got it back, so I get the same phone from Sprint just in Blue, the same exact thing happens and they try to charge me 75 to put in a new system board, now this is while I'm within my 1 year MFR warranty, which the problem was a common problem with these phones, I use to be the biggest HTC Supporter, but not anymore I would never purchase another device period from this company, and I will forever spread the word amongst my tech peers, about this company
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