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The phone app (you know, the thing that helps you make a call!) on most smartphones hasn’t seen much change since the days of flip phones--with a dialer, a list of all your contacts and a call log. The new Phone app, which comes with Android 4.4, KitKat, makes calling even easier with improved search and caller ID by Google. 

Better search
The new Phone app helps you find just the right number, even if it’s not in your contact list, by letting you search among nearby places or even Google Apps accounts (including your company’s directory, if employees numbers are shared), directly from within the app--just start typing, and results will show up!

Caller ID by Google
Screening your calls just got a whole lot easier! Even if you don’t already have a number saved in your contacts, Caller ID by Google can help you identify who’s calling. It’s useful for:
-Businesses: We match numbers against the names of companies and services with a Google Places listing ( Now when they call you to tell you your table is ready, you’ll know to pick up!
-Google Apps: Never worry about missing a call from work again - lookups from your Google Apps domain ( will let you know if someone important is calling.
-People: Coming in early 2014, users who have verified their phone number and have discovery turned on will have their names and Google Profile photos display whenever they call you, or you call them (it’s great if a new friend who hasn’t been saved in your contacts yet calls you). Check your Google Account to make sure you are happy with how you appear on caller ID by Google:

In addition to these two new feature areas we have also refreshed the look and feel of the app, placing the people you call the most frequently front and center, so you can call them even faster. All of this is available now to all Nexus and Google Play edition devices running Android 4.4, KitKat.
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TZig Adam
This is very convenient and creepy at the same time. 

But hey, that's Google for ya. 
4.4 for Nexus 4 please? 
Will this be compatible with earlier versions in the future?
I got my nexus 5 today and have fallen in love with this feature
Me Be
Why can you not update Android OS?
Yeah yeah.... Just give it to me in my nexus 4
Imma try it out on Wednesday when my Nexus gets here!
Curiously why doesn't the phone app take advantage of transparent notification and navigation bars? 
I hope the bloatware is gone, i.e. acoustic warning, in kit kat. Make the people happy!! Give Motorola a chance lol
I'm still running 4.2 and the latest Google now update gives you caller ID from checking out the number from Internet. So, I guess I'm already getting some or most of this without 4.4?
Brian B
I like my new nexus 7...also like my HTC one. I'm good for now.
The amount of redundant questions on this post is unbearable.
scanning for virus******************************&*****&***&**
excited about the people discovery based on their verified numbers
virus detected shut all your phones off now
Sounds great, but when do I get Kit Kat for my Nexus 4?
I wonder how it will search the internet on a CDMA call with only 3G available. You can't talk and be connected at the same time. 
+Jim Jackson I've been wondering that since I first heard about it. I know that when I get a call in phone pushes the data to mighty text, so maybe, if the connection is quick enough, it might be able to get that info fast enough to show the caller ID in time... 
+Randy Mullenax cdma can't, as far as I know... Doesn't matter what radios. I could be wrong
Phone call quality needs to change now. Great work Google! 
Another discussion, somewhat related: will the nexus 5 (on sprint) roam to a gsm network??? 
Does anyone have the dialer apk extracted? I'm hoping to test it with the rest of the apps I've grabbed from kitkat.
I DJ on the weekend and am a realtor during the week. I have no need for an additional phone number that separates both businesses. My DJ Business is established on Google+ and has this number associated with it. It is my cell phone / Google voice number. However, this is the same number on all my business cards and listing for real estate. Will I now show up on users caller ID as a DJ when I make calls as a Realtor. I really don't want that to happen. 
I agree, all of these features should be able to be on application side of things. A application for Google Caller ID would be great. 
Lol +Ricardo Reyes keep hoping. the chances of finding a similar functioning app from a third party are much better. Or you can do what I will do and wait for someone in the modding community to build a ROM. I'm sure the CM developers will do a nice job. 
People are giving Google a hard time about closing the source of their features by taking them out of the Android AOSP and releasing them as Apps. then they update the Dialer as an OS change, which makes it open source, and people complain about that too.
The dialer app needs to have the following capabilities or allow other custom apps to replace it (in settings select the default dialer app):

1. Google Talk/Hangout capabilities
2. Use WiFi only for calls via google talk/hangouts
3. Always use WiFi first, then if not available check for mobile data signal and route.

No need for a voice over mobile just use the pipe!!!
You can talk on networks such as Verizon and Sprint while surfing the internet with smartphones that support LTE. They have two radios. One for talking on 3G and one for 4G LTE for data. Next year the CDMA networks will be moving to full LTE where data and voice will be digital and the phones will have one radio for talk and data. 
Was hoping for a larger Nexus battery or a really improved camera app (capture the moments or something like that).
It's such a simple yet practical evolution of the dialer for the age of internet. Let's hope the execution matches expectations
+Android when will these parts be available on the Play Store? And the launcher?
+Michael Buck I use a SIP dialer as a replacement for my phone. If SIP is unavailable it defaults to a GSM call. You don't need a setting to set it as default, just replace the phone icon on the homescreen with it, and when making a call from google search results etc, it asks you what app you want to use as the default...
My brother just got a new HTC ONE ISNT TURNING ON 
On wait we actually can make ✆ calls using our smartphones, pretty handy!
So now Google wants to co-opt the privacy killing features of TrueCaller? No thank you.

It should have been made an opt-in feature instead of an opt-out one. 
+Aja Hemphill I am almost sure this feature won't be available to previous versions in the future, but lets wait and hope Google will make it happen!
Is't only for nexus. .. can I upgrade my Samsung note 3
+Daniel Frank They were clear by saying it is going to be available soon for "all Nexus devices running KitKat". I have a Galaxy Nexus too, and surely I wanted it to be updated, but that's not a reason to misread things.
I wonder if this will work for telemarketer numbers.
All of this is available now to all Nexus and Google Play edition devices running Android 4.4, KitKat.

OK - I'm on a GP edition S4. I want my KitKat! When will the update be sent out, +Android?
+Edward Bartel Google said it would be soon and within next few weeks! You'll see you'll have it soon!
It's a huge upgrade, fortunately Google gives us the option to hide our numbers for those who "do not want" much exposure.
+Pravin Vibhute Google has confirmed they are not going to place ads in the dialer. What the initial teardown revealed was a few strings about ads that is not even used in the app. It probably has more to do with showing you the business that called you than showing you ads.
Hey google, how about an eta? God waiting for kitkat forever only to wait some more
Microsoft does updates so much better. 8.1 had a launch date months back
I'll be hyping about this if I got android 4.4 right now. Guess iOS 7 is on the hot seat right now
Will google support galaxy note?
+Cory Wilson 8.1 was announced months back and updates started only a few weeks ago. Android 4.4 was announced on friday. So yeah, MS is not better with updates..
I'm running Jelly Bean on a Samsung Galaxy Note II and I'm sure my cellphone has everything to run KitKat but why can't I upgrade yet?
And yeap, I can't deny all those fancy new changes look fantastic but... who's running KitKat right now? Just a few of people.. and that's where Google fails, at least I think... 
+Cory Wilson You got it when they released the update. But 8.1 was announced months ago..
Same here, Kitkat is only announced, not released.

There is a difference between announcing an OS and releasing it. iOS 7 was announced first, then they released 3 betas for developers before finally releasing it to the public..
sounds good, but not all my contacts have google account, by that's a good feature.
I think displaying Google profile photos automatically is a little creepy.
+Prem Suraj no... Kit kat is released now. The source is available to anyone. 
Wish there was an apk for the phone app for the Galaxy Nexus
I see this like a hate/love thing, I am divided in half noooooooo!! 
Nexusnot sure if i like it but i try to make it simple..

Just the sort of thing I've been after for ages.  Next step will be setting up encryption keys between contacts to ensure all comms between us isn't able to be snooped on.  Host the public key on my profile, if found, people calling me must use that to connect.  Give me the display to show if the person calling is able to setup an encrypted call, done.  Integrated hard and safe encryption that's easy to use for everyone, all setup using a webpage wizard and phone app.
When it will be available for Nexus 4? I am waiting for OTA..
that's cool, but what about landscape layout during the call? it's so annoying when it rotates every time while driving. 
Already using for that so this would result in a lot less results. :-) 
It's definitely more pleasing on the eye and the search feature for nearby businesses is spot on. Really like it. 
+Prem Suraj you could say Kitkat has been released, since it's shipping with the N5 ie it's available to the public, albeit exclusively to N5.
+Mahfooz Hasan N5's shipping date is Nov 5, right? Only the press has gotten hold of the N5 now.

The kitkat SDK was only released on Friday. They need to give time to the app developers to iron out compatibility issues and such before doing an OTA
Android y su fragmentacion es vergonzoso....a la altura del consumismo de mac......
Tengo un galaxy nexus y ya no puedo actualiza .....y todo esto por que?......para que consumamos como cerdos...
Acaso ellos cambiaran de equipo cada 18 meses?....
Malditos nunca mas
+ruben cansado You do know that Ti that makes the CPU and GPU in Galaxy Nexus is not in the mobile space anymore? No OS update is possible without supporting drivers from the manufacturer.
Will Caller ID work internationally in all countries? At the moment many in Finland use Fonecta Caller app to see who is calling.
Hopefully 4.4. arrives on N4 soon.
+ruben cansado que tiene que ver MAC aquí dejalos hacer maquillajes. O quisiste decir Apple? Instala 4.4 CM y listo. 
+Rich Hyndman  +Raul Monroy +Ayush Patro  Is there any API for the caller ID feature? Where do you get this information and what exactly is the information? Could you please show some video of how the whole thing works? It's sad that Google has added so many features to Kitkat, yet there wasn't any event to show them all (like on Google IO) .
+Prem Suraj How can people easily program custom roms without the support of TI and the mighty google can't? Dont buy a nexus 5 otherwise you will be just as frustrated in 18 month from now like me today!
At least discovery can be turned off.
Are you saying that anyone calling my number will be able to see my profile? That's scary! Can we have a circle that allows who can see me, just like location?
Also, please consider eventually releasing the dialer in the market so any device can benefit from a smart dialer and we can eventually kill phone numbers
+Android :
"All of this is available now to all Nexus and Google Play edition devices running Android 4.4, KitKat."
I have a nexus 4. When will be the update ready for nexus 4 phones? You're saying "available now to all nexus..." but it isn't ready YET. :D 
If you have more than one number, how to add multiple phone numbers?
So by "all devices running Android KitKat" you mean the Nexus 5 and just the Nexus 5. Come on, roll it out to the rest of the Nexus family, please! ;-) 
+markus kirchberger and how well does a custom ROM build on outdated drivers work? If you flash a custom ROM and ruin your phone you have nobody to blame but yourself. But do you think people would blame themselves if Google pushes out a buggy ROM? Ofcourse not everyone will go after Google. A major corporation like Google can't afford to pump out half finished or bug riddled ROMs to users. So take your complaints to TI
+Prem Suraj not really, you can go to shops like Carphone warehouse and pick one up. Previously all versions were made available on the day of announcement. I think this is the first time they're making us wait. 
Yo Google! ! That nicely creepy!
+gerardo mm It's Samsung that should update the Note to 4.4. Every manufacturer has his own hardware and drivers. Which are none of Google's business.
My Galaxy Nexus is just 1.5 years old :(
Actually still a good phone, I'm wondering if I should have bought an iphone instead ... 
colleagues with iphone 4S still have the latest OS running!
I had an Iphone before and you can't update, you HAVE to update even if it renders your phone unusable, and this coincidently happens when they throw a new phone on the market. You can keep your current version but you can't update apps anymore.

Iphone 3G when 4G came out and forced everybody to upgrade to their OS version. Just toke 5 minutes to load whattsapp messages for example, if this is acceptable to you...

I prefer to buy a phone when I decide to do so, not when a company decides that it's time for me to buy their new model and renders my actual one useless claiming it's 'old' (just worked fine before that forced OS upgrade).
All nexus? I don't remember galaxy nexus being on the list of 4.4 ota updates 
Why did it have to have a white background? it's like looking into a torch at night Nightmode theme option CHOICE would have been nice... 
+Neil Wilson my biggest problem with smartphones ))) I can get SMS from monitoring system at 3-4 am and you actually can't even open your eyes after waking up, but when you open it the world just explodes in your eyes with this white background
I'm really looking forward to the 2014 version, where you can see personal accounts! Would love it, if you would bring this to iOS and the Play Store
please android kitkat for SGP Plus GT- S5301?
if u love me buy one for nd GOD WILL TOO MUCH BLESS U
+Marc Serra My fathers iPhone 4S still runs an early version of iOS 6. It just points out that there is an update available. It never "tried to force him to upgrade. And all applications still get updates, I don't see a problem.
... And in 5 years Verizon will roll out this update for whatever phone I have. 
Lovely.Looking for Android 4.4 Kitkat! waiting for my nexus 4 to get an update.
The phone app sucks! When I want to make an urgent call, android is too busy doing who-knows-what to bring the phone app up. Sometimes an incoming call arrives, but I cannot answer it. Go figure!
Lakukan apa yang bisa kamu lakukan saat asal positif
How about releasing the app in Google Play for handsets that haven't been updated to KitKat yet? +Android +Google Play
I see this as a really big brother (read: awful) kind of feature - which I just provided to turn it off for myself.
Any ideas as to when the Nexus 4 will receiver the Kitkat upgrade?
nice feature ...        almost kitkat is most genie version compared by all android versions
I want it for my stupid iPhone V. How I miss my Galaxy S II! 
hmmm that is how it should be!  I loove my W8, but these features are definitly worth switching for...
Im contempt with my Android Jelly Bean
Finally Google always knows who's calling us. You can't know enough about your customers. They just needed to sell it as a feature. And since they're passing data unencrypted from one data center to the other intelligence just needs to listen. But that's no problem. Just make sure you're not accidentally called by the wrong person.
Gs5 with kit kat out of the box can't wait till march
+Charles Bartley Only some LTE phones support simultaneous 4G data and 3G voice. At least some newer models go to a single cellular modem chip, which means you're dropping to 3G for data/voice on GSM networks, and currently SOL for those on CDMA networks. Verizon certainly plans to offer LTE-only devices, but they are going to need more infrastruture for tgat to practical. And a voice standard -- hopefully VoIP (which was the original plan for EvDO, that's why EvDO has no voice layer), no mucking up LTE with a separate voice layer protocol like GSM/HPSA. 
+Prem Suraj Google certainly had the board support source code and drivers for the last several releases of Android on the Galaxy Nexus. No company would launch a major product without that. The hardware hasn't changed. Maybe they have a few binary blobs for some of that, but they are making some kind of business decision here, and damaging if not destroying the reputation of the Nexus line for support. I mean, the Cyanogen guys already have 4.4 at least booting on the Galaxy Nexus, without any of the low level code that didn't pose any problem last summer for 4.3. 
+Dave Haynie 4.3 is very different to 4.4 particularly with respect to memory use and project svelte. I'm sure that whatever binary blob they had for Jelly bean would not have worked well under project svelte.
+Prem Suraj They have exactly the same drivers that worked for 4.0, presumably got a few bug fixes for 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3. Again, most of the OMAP4460 support code is going to be source code. In fact, it's typical in the industry to arrange a source code ecsrow agreement for any binary blobs that TI owns but won't release, in case, oh I dunno, they discontinue the part and risk your company's reputation as a result. This is a competitive market. Apple just released iOS 7 for the iPhone 4, 17 months older than the not-even-two-year-old Galaxy Nexus. And this isn't just any old cheap Chinese throw-away, it was Google's flagship. The Nexus brand was supposed to be pure Google, with fast updates as long as the OS would reasonably run the new OS. And Google's simultaneously pushing everyone else to support 4.4, claiming a lower minimum performance and memory footprint. You can't trust these guys anymore. 
+Dave Haynie How can you be sure they have the source code for OMAP4360? And how can you be certain they did not come across any issues while building 4.4 for Galaxy Nexus that they could not have cleared with support from Ti? A person building a custom ROM does not have to take the responsibility that google would have on its updates. Neither would be face a class action suit for bricking a user's phone.
+Prem Suraj I design computers with the same kind of chips, for one. No one can sell a chip without a "Board Support Package", which is always source code. That is all you need to get your choice of operating system up and running. There may be occasional bug fixes, but realistically, this stuff stopped changing on the 4460 long ago, I'm sure.

Yes, sometimes there are pieces only made available as binary blobs... in fact, this year I'm replacing just such a vendor with one that doesn't do that... I was not around at this company for the previous generation of HW. So ay best, Google is complaining that some binary blobs that worked for every release up to last summer's 4.3 are somehow no longer suitable for 4.4, TI won't fix them, and Google was too naive in the ways of hardware development to insist on a source code escrow, just in case those chips went away. Even that's unlikely... can you imagine Apple or Samsung blaming lack of support on unavailable source code.

OR it could be they really could support it, but it's just too much work for them at this time. No reason to keep their promise on the Nexus line, just maming a business decision here. No, I don't know which, but I've been designing electronics professionally since the 80s, some products fairly well known, and I would never have needed such a lame excuse. 
+Prem Suraj Memory allocation is an OS function, not part of the BSP. Think of the BSP as providing the basic POST functionality, and maybe a little BIOS like stuff, but only very low-level. The stuff TI supplies will turn on the set up the memory controller, turn on the memory, maybe set up physical address maps, that kind of thing. And that's never a binary blob... TI doesn't know the specs on the memory you're adding to their SOC. I only looked over the datasheet in early 2011, I do not recall the specifics, but most SOCs have a variety of RAM and flash options. And this is standard stuff, no earthly reason to hide it in a binary. 
+Dave Haynie I can see you have more experience than me in this field and I am willing to concede that you are probably right and this was a business decision. But I will still give them the benefit of the doubt.
duh beuki edan wae technology euy, zaman
you guys,anyone who knows about hisense android fone coz like Ive been searchin for the thin and i cant see myself findin a thin about it
Its weird that you can't easily text from the new dialer and it goes straight to a call. I could get used to it :)
I hope you implement a 'Enable only when on Wifi' setting in all solutions your team is building. +Attila Bodis 
I am wondering will it be a standalone app for older android versions?
i really like to update my android version, but it doesn't have any system update on about phone. is there any way to update my android version without rooting? . please help, if there is anyway. thanks i hope anyone who could help me.
Same problem here - running Jelly bean 4.1.2 on a 1st Gen Galaxy Note. It's so sad that users like us have no other option aside from rooting, in order to experience what the higher versions of Android can offer.
Wait, wait. You mean that a caller (say some kind of con man) can randomly call my mom and instantly know her name, what she looks like and all kinds of stuff from her profile?

I'm not so hot on this. I mean, it's OK that people you call can see your name. You're the one who got in touch, after all. But people calling you? I think it's a disaster waiting to happen.
+Fernando Miguel nope, it's enabled by default.

Again, I think it's perfectly fine that anyone you call can see your profile. But random people calling you? That's a no-no.
It means no use of true caller..
Good one feature of Android..
When I update it from 4.2.
Shad X
+Android we all glad to see the screenshots of new cool features, but what would make all of us really happy is an OTA rolling out to our phones and the ability to see all these new features not only on screenshots
Can I get this feature in my Nexus 4, if so do I get get any update
Will Samsung galaxy grand will get 4.3/4.4 Android OS update in INDIA
Very nice, but i think its also time to give some call insights / statistics / log / history information (web based and mobile based)
Samsung Galaxy plus Kitkat = Fantastic
why not make the dialer/phone work on a nexus 7 LTE??
Seriously google? With every addition to your crap you become worse and worse. Give me my freaking internet privacy back. You have a deal with government or something?
I could start dialing random phone numbers till I find some nice bitch to stalk!
Thanks, +Android!!!
can't wait to get access to this functionality!
It's not the best change to be honest. Got 4.4 on my Nexus 4 and it's nice to be able to look for business and services, but that's not how I primarily use my dialler. It's always around people I know and have called.... This isn't very clear or clean in how it works... Fail in my opinion
I still haven't received any update on my Nexus 7 (first gen) tablet. Is the first gen tablet obsolete when it comes to Kit Kat? 
You mean people still actually use their mobile devices to make phone calls? How quaint
Здравствуйте.у меня
9.7inch ONN tablet M3
android 4.0.3 3G wifi.я на
плей маркете загрузил
"android tuner free" и стер
программу "vendor".мой компьютер показал
ошибку и остановилась.я
выключил ,а потом
включил.Но компьютер не
"loading" потом исчезает,опять появляется
и так до
программисты не могут
через микро-карту и
программу "live- suite"потому что тоже не
берет.и можно ли прошить
до андроид 4.2 .спасибо.
I think I'll miss my old Nokia ....
Push the 4.4 update for nexus 4 as soon as possible !!! Because nexus 4 users have the right to enjoy the newest android system !!!
Just got 4.3 on gs4 and it's a pretty good speed increase both performance and data wise, data speed almost double from 4.2.2
20 MP ? So you could store all those huge pics always on your phone? Grow up. Attach a DSLR bruh !!
Please bring landscape support for dialer and caller id back. No bueno
+Android: but as many other nice services you can't use the phone APP futures when you are in germany. Too bad :/
That's funny because of all the things that people do though .
Whats the point of buying a nexus 7 when its missing Google Experience Launcher we already suffer from manufacturer fragmentation now Software fragmentation best wait for next yr model
There's no difference between nexus and another one kind of devices, since that my nexus is outdated about new android.. I really I'd like to understand why we need to take too long time to update our revolutionaries nexus phone!!!
Google keeps making it harder and harder to just place a dang call. Why does the active call not show up in recent apps while it's active, why must you go home, select the dialer icon and then select display current call, or select the current call from the notifier panel.

Oddly unintuitive.

Why can't I search my for all messages and calls from a single contact, from a single place.

Why can't I search my call history?

Why is the keyboard so bad?

I'm seeing KitKat as a downgrade, or perhaps it's not android, but rather Google Phone 1.0, it's buggy enough to Be a 1.0 product.
Sounds nice, can't wait to use it in about 6 or 10 months when I get the update on the high end phone I bought new in 2013 :)
+Android Dear Google, may I ask why there is a different dialer included in the AOSP sourcecode, and not this one?

Hope anyone can give me some more information on why that is.
4.2.2 was just installed on my galaxy grand dous...after that, my sim cards could not be registered on network....any solution?

+Hatem Mohamed wrong place to ask, try searching on google and/or xda developers.
Anyhow; try go into settings->Mobile networks->Network operators and select the right APN.
i have updated my Moto G to 4.4.2 Kitkat but the smartcaller ID seams not working. is any option to enable it or i need to change dailer?
I find this kinda scary for obvious reasons
I get a lot of telemarketing calls from the states
Can you add a pic on a facebook comment line using a cell phone. I have a real nice straight talk phone
I'm fed up with scam and telemarketing calls.
Add a comment...