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Want to get your hands on Android 4.1, Jelly Bean? Starting in mid-July, we’ll begin rolling out over-the-air updates to Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom and Nexus S, and we’ll also release Jelly Bean to open source. 
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Nexus S!  What a great investment (free from Best Buy that one day)
Is that guy on stage now wearing a Black Dynamite t-shirt?
So Glad I bought a Nexus S as I waited until Christmas!!!
Which Galaxy Nexus? Both LTE and GSM or just GSM? 
Chris Szc
I am sure that +Verizon Wireless will hold that update from coming to my Galaxy Nexus by a good 6 months.
Will it also be for Canadian GNexus? I'm still stuck with 4.0.2...
Watching the Keynote right now and it looks spectacular. Well done Google. 
WTH... there are so mane android gadget and only this 3 can get the update!?
I hope Nexus S includes 4G on Sprint.
Does this include the Sprint/Verizon handsets?
Please get on Verizon to get timely updates to their Nexus owners...
Woot! Already loving ICS on my Xoom.
Don't care if I'm on Verizon or not. Gotta love the dev community. CUSTOM ROMS!
Verizon Wireless Galaxy Nexus?
Awesome! Very satisfied Nexus S owner here.
Really looking forward for Android 4.1.

Great Work, Google!
So...Verizon GNex will be getting this sometime in Q3 of 2013?  Got it..
Will the AT&T Nexus S get 4.1 OTA?  It never received ICS via this method, as the one Nexus S device that was left out, it seems.  Could a confirmation of yea or nay be given about this specific model?
Is there a timeframe for the HTC Thunderbolt?
Ha! Still waiting on ICS for the Skyrocket... AT&T Fail.
Tons of new features! Way more than from what I read from the iOS update :)
Sweet! This Xoom-er is ready for another update. Now if only my Atrix would get it too.
N m waitin for the galaxy tab!!!!
It shows again, that the Galaxy Nexus was an excellent choice :-)
waiting for the download link
I hope there aren't any problems with this update...but I am looking forward to it.
Can +Android or +Google confirm or deny if the ota update for galaxy nexus will include all among the different service providers like verizon
My Xoom doesn't even have ics yet. Does that mean I leapfrog it +Android
so glad I bought my galaxy nexus this month. so happy!
Are those releases going to Verizon devices as well?
My motorola xoom still doesn't have ics either yet
Q3 2012 motorola is saying for the family edition of the xoom, which is like the xoom 2
What happened to Skyrocket getting ICS?
Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S II would be nice.
Still waiting on 4.0.4 on my GSM Galaxy Nexus.. 
Nexus s was a good deal heck yeah bring on that jelly
A rather chuffed nexus owner :)
This is great, but i'm wondering if Verizon will pass on the update to their customers (me) or if they will not release it for months like the 4.0.4 update or gen the mod.
Nice, I'm glad my Xoom keeps getting update love. 
will it be available to low end android phone like htc cha cha? I hope it will be, felt be abandoned by google and htc when the ice cream sandwich is not available for my phone 
I think that the ota update is screwing all U.S. customers. I am huge fan and advocate of android OS, just wish they would have a downloadable install...
It would be nice to be current on the updates...Still no Ice Cream Sandwich for the Droid 4...  Since we can't get the current OS, I have little faith of ever seeing a future one...
I'm confused..I have the galaxy s 2 epic touch and I'm still waiting for source for ics to be released.
Now I just want the update for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus.. Samsung my wife's SGS2 Still does does not have ICS so how about JB instead in july?
YAH! JELLY BEAN! Also, LOL @ the guy saying it's 5.1 not 4.1 when the DEVELOPER THEMSELF calls it 4.1...
Glad you learned something from the ics nexus s update disaster
Ken S
Yeah I'm actually looking forward to Ubuntu phones, assuming updates will work in the same way as on other devices: apt.

I don't like the fact, for example, that my phone's Wifi driver is buggy as Hell and I'm going to have to try and manually update it, or wait for a new firmware update, which is madness.
سامسونگ بدقولی کرد وگالاکسی تب 7اپدیت نمیشود
GSM since its for all carriers. Not being held down by the individual carriers
What about us nice folks who just ordered the SIII? 
To soon to change from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean
Just ones bought via Google, or even the Galaxy Nexus bought through carriers (specifically Verizon in my case).
i wish i could get my sept'10 galaxy to work :(
F**k this sh*t!
I didn't get 4.0 update yet, and there is 4.1...
F**k you LG!!!
CD a gets it later
I hope Jelly Bean update will rolling out on Sony Ericsson Xperia 2011 series like SE Live with Walkman....
So many people complaining. I JUST got gingerbread for my phone which was supposed to happen last year sometime all because of AT&T and LG. Will never buy LG again and plan on cancelling all 5 lines on my AT&t contract as they get close to termination. Think about the fact there is a whole group of people that got royally fucked out of their upgrades because of false promises and lies by at&t. You being stuck on ICS a little longer wont hurt too bad.
Nexus S... strike! Best buy ever.
Wow my comment didn't go through
.. anyway there is a whole group of AT&T users that just got Gingerbread which we were lied to on a release date and got screwed out of our upgrades. Brand new phone and it wont even get ICS in its lifetime. Will never buy an LG anything again. Even my TV is a 42"LG and it electrocuted you if you try and use component inputs. All 5 lines on my at&t contract will be cancelled as the get closer to termination date. Will never go back to at&t mobile service, or internet service. Neither are worth a crap.
Does anyone know if there is a shortcut to select multiple photos on Google plus?
Oh can't wait to have jelly bean on my galaxy nexus....and also to show off to my friends who are still waiting for ICS..!!!
+Android does that include the LTE/CDMA version of the Galaxy Nexus? Lately it's like the LTE/CDMA version is the illegitimate cousin of the Nexus line.
Will the improved search be available only in Jelly Bean or will I be able to use it on an ICS or Gingerbread device?
+Serg Vergun I don't know what mine will be. By the time I can financially afford a way out of my AT&T contract there will probably be a whole new line of phones.
i will pay good money to see a google exec punch verizon in the nutsack so i can see this update before 2014!
What about the galaxy note? And is jellybean for both phones and tablets? Did google decide splitting Android off into two different os's was a bad idea?
Hoping this comes to the Razr at some point. Though I'm still waiting for my ICS...
What do we have to do to get in on this?
How about for htc phones?
Still waiting on the 4.0.4 on my Nexus.
Like others are saying, Verizon is likely to give us the jelly bean update by the time Strawberry Shortcake version of Android rolls out.
Hope Samsung galaxy s 3 wll get update soon also! Great!
I love my htc one x and hope it will get update soon !  Amazing!
Will it come to HTC?
Wonder if any of the Asus tablets will get it as well.
I was planning on getting the Galaxy S 3 and getting rid of my Nexus S 4G. Now that I know NS4G will most likely have a custom rom of Jelly Bean by end of July, I'm going to keep the NS4G and wait for the next Nexus. 
Waiting for cyanogen porting jelly bean for my Galaxy S. Tik..tok.. by the way, I love cm9 for a moment.. ;)
Sweet! I just hope Verizon doesn't botch it up :(
Better include Xoom 4G this time. Little tired of being second-class to Wi-Fi, given I bought mine first.
Without a doubt I am buying every phone that Google rooms out... Forget carriers.. GSM Unlocked baby...
Too bad my lame moto droid2 never got support after launch...
There will assuredly be a Galaxy S4, before my brand new Galaxy S3 gets it...:(  I think my next phone is going to have to be a Nexus.
Another reason to love my Galaxy Nexus
I can't wait for my update on GalNex it would suck if Verizon holds up on the update for my GalNex.
Anyone got any idea when jelly bean will be coming to htc one x?
Verizon version will be left in the dust I assume?....... I loved Google and nexus phones till they did a 180 on the updates for nexus devices
Hopefully because El Goog handed over the details of 4.1 to OEMs in advance it shouldn't be too long... I personally prefer stock 'Droid, but Sense is a beaut. 
What about Transformer Prime owners?
Will the Samsung GS2 get some Jellybean love?
Can't wait to try it on my Nexus!
I hope my s2 currently on ics gets some jelly
I hope my Droid maxx get this maybe even before we get ics!
The bad thing is it will take Verizon 6 months to push it. Grrrrr.
+Android How will the rollout affect you if you have a Nexus, but a yakjuxw Stock?
you should release the Jellybean for the nook color.
How about releasing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Razr Maxx first?
Nexus S? The AT&T one did not even get ICS!!! Is ICS installation a pre-requisite?
Any chance of updating the HTC Droid Incredible sometime soon? We're still stuck waaayyyy behind.
Great!! And I dont even have my ICS update for Sony Xperia, damn you Sony!!
Yeah that is the biggest drawback to Android, updating process totally sucks. Google News keeps saying going to, going to, going to, but again this morning Google releases Nexus 7, OH BUT you can not get it until later next month or maybe the month after.  Google is so becoming Microsoft. When Apple says "Hey look at this" you can usually get it the next day.  Full disclosure I am an Android owner HTC evo4g now a total lemon, at end of life, no updates for me unless I cough up a few hundred more dollars for another Android device that may or may not be update-able. This is doing extreme EVIL because of all the electronic waste non update-able android phones are generating. 
Hopefully that includes the xoom 4g on verizon.
Andre, Apple just announced IOS 6 but it's not coming out until the fall. How does that fit into your logic exactly?
Amazing, the nexus s? Go google
when can we expect the Android OpenSource Repositories to update? will it take months or maybe even before an official OTA?
Project Butter is my favorite out of all today!
Mid-July you say? So with the last update in mind, I'll get it on my Galaxy Nexus sometime in September...
What's new with jellybean?
I wasn't impressed with ICS on my Galaxy Note (especially after it took so long for Samsung to release it) so I'm not interested in JB.
Can i get the Android 4.1 update if i only use the WiFi and not the Carrier Network?
+Lewis Collins Good luck with that..has nothing to do with Google but Samsung..Google should enforce them to update way sooner than they usually do.
Just flashed the CM9 RC1 today to my Nexus S and quite happy with it. So i have to flash the backup to get 4.1 OTA, but hey!... Nice work Google, never thought this would come OTA to my Nexus S. Thank you!
Very exciting! Hopefully +Verizon Wireless won't get in the way of a timely update this time (although I can't say I'm holding my breath)
Still nothing for Nexus One? I'm so disappointed... 
How about the galaxy s 3? Newer and running touchwiz too.
I'm counting on +Verizon Wireless to royally screw this up. Its the reason why I'm unlocked, rooted, and ROM'd.
Fuck MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) Why i can't connect my android tablet to Linux!!!?  
Despite being dead, Microsoft continues to doing monopolistic practices even outside of its products
Motorola Xoom, the gift that just keeps on giving
Okay +Samsung Canada -- let's see if you can get this pushed out to my Galaxy Nexus not long after the yakju builds get theirs from Google.
Does this count for rogers galaxy nexus.... I'm still on 4.0.1
I want it on my motorola xoom 2 as well. Can I get it?
Bah, and the RAZR just got ics....
Please please tell me the xoom 2 is getting it, still waiting for ics :-(
+Rudy Batz , the problem emerges when even Nexus devices don't get the update...
Example: And I don't even mean necessarily Nexus One. I have Galaxy Nexus, but apparently only the GSM version get the OTA update. Or something like that...
Motorola xoom...still waiting fpir ics in europe, cmon motorola, pull ure finger out!
Just updated Google+. Damn, this looks sexy.
Xoom? What about us who got the samsung tab at last year's IO?
So for the gnex will the update come for the GSM version and the LTE version be delayed from Verizon?
Can't wait for an update on my SGS2! I hope Team Hacksung will make a port for my device! Samsung itself will take ages to do it.
Hopefully JB comes to Asus Pad & Prime owners this year.
i Woot twice ! Best news of my entire year !
Let's hope that manufacturers have already had it for months. Otherwise most of us will be waiting until the end of the year (if we're lucky). I still can't get 4.0 on my Galaxy Tab 7 (original 2010 model).
I best roll back my nexus s from cm9 to stock then! This is what I like about Android, you can fiddle around with it to your hearts content.
I have the GSM unlocked Galaxy Nexus and im still waiting for 4.0.4 update. Seems that yakjuxw Gnex models dont deserve update dispite the money ive paid to have a Google Phone....
NEXUS S! I thought we would not get 4.1!  X-) One more reason to love you google!
I guess it's only for the yakju in july. Others are pretty fucked by Samsung. Or if you get yakju your self. Interesting to see if the OTA will work as they say.
Can't figure out why GNEX way released with so many different versions. It's not good for Google as costomers gets pissed off. Don't make the same mistake with Nexus7...
When can us htc One X users expect an update?
Nexus S!!! Best choice I made for my first ever android phone!! Google u were a lil late with ICS but at the end of the day u lived up to my expectation!! :) Google till I die
Please bring android 4.1 on htc one x and htc desire c asap
Im still waiting for Ice Cream on my Cells, come one Google, does Apple own the Patent or what rolling out updates to everyone at once.
That's why it's s great idea to get a nexus device as they all seem to get first dibs. Each Android gadget I buy will be a Google Legacy device. I've got GNexus and I'm loving it.
Gnex all the way
Will Jelly Bean OTA be available for all GNexus??? I haven't received ICS 4.0.4 update on my yakjuxw version...
Is the search bar definitely gray? I like the way it is on ICS.
Yep, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola Xoom will all be getting Jelly Bean mid July ,Dario
I hope that Verizon or other carriers don't delay the roll out as they have with previous updates. I am really excited for this update.
CY Pie
Nice! I doubted JB was coming to Xoom, glad I'm wrong!
I've learned that if you want the latest and greatest updates from Google in terms of software, buy Nexus devices. I learnt that the hard way with my HTC desired (1st generation ). Couldn't upgrade past 2.2 as the only way to get stock gingerbread (Sense) was to install it manually which would wipe the device clean to factory settings.
I'm not technically gifted when it comes to rooting and installing custom ROMs and to be honest I can't be really bothered with all the hassle
Can't wait to get this on my Galaxy Nexus!
So glad I bought myself the galaxy nexus for a birthday gift to myself this month. Can't wait for the jellybean update!
Hopefully the Verizon Nexus will get this update in a timely fashion

and I need to kick Asus in the arse to see when they will update my Transformer Prime
I'm sure Asus will update your tablet. When it comes to tablet updates, of all OEMs, they come out on top
Woohoo! My Xoom just keeps getting better and better!!
I hope that this update doesn't take so long like the 4.0.4. I wish Google improve their update(OTA) system.
+Felipe Fernandes if you're referring to the CDMA Galaxy Nexus, it took so long because Verizon is the one who rolls out the updates (Which is why the CDMA Galaxy Nexus is not a developer phone).
Verizon Galaxy Nexus plus AOKP = instant gratification! 
I need a nexus phone. This galaxy s I was sold a year ago is shite.
happy to see nexus s in the list.
Loving ICS for Xoom. Hope Verizon doesn't delay Jelly Bean. Nice job Google ans Android team!
fred ba
how about htc sensation xe ??? :(((((
+Charlie Mortensen my Galaxy Nexus is GSM, it's the limited version for the Google employees. No carrier.
Awesome... can't wait to update my white galaxy nexus!
Just ordered my galaxy nexus from Verizon. Please don't dissappoint.
+Android Really ? Galaxy Nexus? Can I really trust your word? Does your statement for update include yakjuxw (aka localize version) Galaxy Nexus? Its been few months since 4.0.4 updates starts to roll out for most of the phone and my GSM Galaxy Nexus still stuck with the buggy 4.0.2. We buy Galaxy Nexus aka GOOGLE PHONE for the sake of getting the quickest first hand firmware update. Now we have to ROOT the phone in order to get 4.0.4. It beats the purpose of having a phone label as "Google Phone" ! I felt cheated!
Nexus S best phone ever!!!! Thanks Google! can't wait ^^
I'm so happy I went with the cheap and reliable Nexus S! :)  From Gingerbread to ICS to JellyBean, what it lacks in raw power it more then makes up with optimization.
What about samsung galaxy s3???
Jelly Bean update for Sprint Nexus S 4G too, please...
Really glad to see the Nexus S still getting love
Bring it to the MoPho(Photon) please!!(If possible!!)
+Android Is Chrome going to be default there too, or is it Nexus 7 special only?
Can't wait! My GNex is hungry for Jelly Beans!!
LTE Nexus is encumbered by LTE patents in the firmware so it will never be updated by a google repository.
Great to see Nexus S in the list!
Means "Motorola XOOM" the XOOM 2 Version?
bought my nexus s for £200 end of January this year, within 7 months then it will have been updated through gingerbread (came with 2.3.1) up to 2.3.7, then to ics 4.0.4 (before my housemate who owns a galaxy nexus) and now to 4.1. So glad I bought my nexus, best phones out there for updates as well as rooting and putting custom roms on them.
Thanks for a support of nexus S!!!
Thanks google!
That's why I should've gotten a nexus
Mid-July.... suddenly it's too far into the future
That's why I should've not got a Nexus One, and instead waited for a Nexus S.
OMG Nexus S, i am not believing it.. 
Jelly Bean is awesome!!
Im suprised its coming for nexus s being that its getting kind of old.  Love the google support for the nexus devices!
Jellybean on Nexus S! F*ck yeah!
I want! Please write my name on the list. Galaxy Nexus GSM - Unlocked. ICS 4.0.4 here in Brazil
My yakjuxw Galaxy Nexus is still at 4.0.2. At this rate, I guess I might get 4.1 around christmas.
Sadly... I cannot get my hands on it w/o a hefty new investment again on a new device -:)
+Gary Martin I can confirm that this includes the Nexus S 4G through Sprint. I have the same phone and provider and received the ota update to ICS a day after it went live! :)
+Android I hope this includes the Sprint/Verzion version also on the day of the roll out
I really hope this is for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus too!
Running it on my Galaxy Nexus now. Its a huge improvement!
Just can't wait to have it on my GNexus!
Can't wait for this to hit my Nexus S 4G! It... it is coming to the 4G too, right?
+Michael Babcock its not that simple for newbies like me. Why my Nexus has Google writtin in the back? When i bought it no one told me that mine wasnt going to be update by Google... This sucks, having a New Samsung galaxy Nexus and Still on 4.0.2...
Its really easy, even for newbies like you, just read the instructions.
Wooo! Nexus S users rejoice !
What about the galaxy s2 epic 4g touch
Any idea about the newly released Galaxy S3? 
Will the 3rd generation Nexus be release late this year? If so, will it have a 1080p display? What about a 12 MP camera? At least quad-core?
Ha Im ALREADY running jellybean v 4.1 on my nexus!
I really hope we"re speaking globally here; I only just got 4.04 on my GNex here in Japan... does look like a nice upgrade though; kudos for keeping them coming!
Installed the leaked version from XDA just now! It's pretty awesome!
y yakjuxw not getting ota update from google .....why google name is written back on nexus casing. ...... when i getting nexus i don't know this shit is going to happen ..... google you are cheater
i bought nexus with hefty price.. .y now go to root this.. ..y don't get update from google.. .and y ota update came from 4.0 to 4.0.2 from google. ........i hate you google.. .u r big Cheater force me to go back to apple
can google reply me. ....can anyone defend google Android
It would be great if the I9020A was one of the nexus s models to get update because we're still technically on 2.4 in the US.
oh cant wait to try out new software put it on the open source fast
+Sajid Paik dude ........fuck the android ...who mentioned that galaxy nexus yakjuxw getting update too
Nexus S best investment ever: from 2.3 to 4.1 . Wonderful
This better mean that the regional GSM versions of the Galaxy Nexus will get it at the same time.  So far in Canada we've had the phone (yakjuux) for SIX MONTHS and have yet to get any update past 4.0.1.

I'm extremely disappointed in the update experience of what was supposed to be a Nexus/Google phone.  Otherwise the phone is fantastic.

+Google really needs to step up their game and kick +Samsung Canada into gear so that they can actually give us the experience that we paid for with our Galaxy +Nexus 

Of course I could flash to yakju, which is becoming increasingly tempting compared to this whole update issue.  But we shouldn't really have to when everyone who was sold a Galaxy Nexus phone was promised/sold on the latest and greatest updates straight from Google.

The reality is far from it if you don't have the yakju stream on your phone.
+Daniel Engel you are absolutely right. I unfortunately have a yakjuxw model. Didn't know when I bought it, I thought all nexus were the same. Why wouldn't it be? No Samsung support or response on this situation.... If I want 4.0.4 I've to do it manually taking the risk off messing up my phone.... The update in July is only for yakju models off course. Even my wife Sony Ericsson arc s has been updated to 4.0.4 by Sony with a easy installation...
waiting for the update to arrive :-)
now they are forcing us to convert yakjuxw to yakju that we can get updates directly from google.....i want to know that is this suggestion confirm from google android officially
 Why wait? Simply flash your GNex with Jelly Bean now to see how it runs. Mine runs so nice..
It's not that easy to flash. Try it yesterday and when was going to flash the first file the pc loses the phone.... For luck it was on the first file and I still have my phone, but if it was in the middle of flashing bye bye phone
I hope the Galaxy 3 gets this soon.
It will also be updated in July Takju version of the Galaxy or Nexus will depend on the Samsung?
google is only responsible for their product line only (nexus), because using the stock android nexus of their own making. while the other android products using their own interface, as touchwiz, sense, etc. remember, android is open source!
Galaxy Nexus owners in the northern European countries haven't gotten a single OTA since 4.0.1... Doubt we are getting this update for 4.1 in mid july.... The reason why you go with the Nexus series as a consumer and developer is that the updates roll out seemlessly when ready, if that doesn't happen why even bother making a reference handset?! Even Nexus S gets the updates, but not the Galaxy Nexus... Cmon! 
Mid-July but only for those who live in the land of the chosen :( The rest are rubbish-class customers that have to estimate the release date for their countries themselves. Revenge comes in the long-term...
Samsung doesn't say say a word about this issue. You don't even have support for galaxy nexus in their website. I tried to register my nexus and couldn't because it simply doesn't appear... Ridiculous. Samsung based Galaxy Nexus are dead in terms off update. Mine is a Yakjuxw... I feel cheated...
Yayy nexus s.. But will jelly will make an effect in this single core..??
I am glad that I bought a Galaxy Nexus! Waiting for official update now.
+Afifi Zainal Google only support the Nexus devices - all others are down to the manufacturers to get Jellybean ready for them. Samsung, Moto, and HTC need to go and put their silly skins on them, remove some of the useful features, and introduce some bugs, before it'll be ready for release.
I am yet to get the 4.0.4 update for my Galaxy Nexus and that is after 3 months from the date Google had started rolling out the update. I cannot even imagine I'll be getting the 4.1 update before the turn of the year!
Yeah Nexus support my ass...unlocked GN still on 4.0.2 with no prospect for official 4.0.4 ota update or any support from Google ignorants.
why would anyone buy a phone that is locked to a carrier anymore? they want to put their own skins over the UI and won't allow updates..I'm curious to see how many new nexus google phones come out this fall? Only way to go in my opinion. Have a nexus s and have continued to receive OTA updates and looking forward to Jelly Bean in a few weeks. So in the future, just pay full boat for a google phone from the nexus carrier boatware and timely updates
I'm so happy I went back to my Nexus!!!
As soon as I can afford a new phone it will be an unlocked Galaxy device purchased straight from google. Why spend $199 for a Galaxy SIII with a two year contract on a phone that will hardly get updates in a timely matter at all when you can get an unlocked GNex for $349 and get updates the moment they're released?!?! 

That kind of freedom from contracts and a better device experience is surely worth the extra $150 bucks! I recently bought a HTC Vivid and I love it, but I will never make that mistake again!
I just got ics on my razr. How long until I get my jelly bean?
Interesting since my Droid Bionic via Verizon still doesn't have Ice Cream Sandwich :-(l
Well, seeing that I'm on CM9 nightlies on my Galaxy Nexus I'm torn between flashing back to stock JB or waiting for the CM10 nightlies. Decisions, decisions!!
Nexus s??...what the hell what about our galaxy $2??
I can never go back to a non nexus device again! can't wait to get my nexus 7!
Interesting how many people with phones from HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. is begging Google for Jelly Bean. Obviously these people have no idea how the system works.
Only Nexus devices (the ones mentioned in the original post) are maintained by Google and hence will be the first devices to be upgraded. All other devices (S2,S3, Rezound, Optimus etc.) will depend on the phone manufacturer (HTC, Samsung, LG, etc.) so don't go slamming Google when your phone doesn't get updated!
+Android  : What about Galaxy S2, it there any chance of releasing 4.1 for GS2
+Anoop Kumar the SGS2 is Samsung's responsibility. Not Google's. You should direct your question to Samsung in your country instead.
^^ Can't wait to get it on my Galaxy Nexus. I've been OCD checking for system updates even though I know it'll be another week or two...
+Kelvin Xu yaa..I know but at least samsung should not give us stupid and Display...
my Nexus S started with Gingerbread, then ICS, and now JellyBean awesome ! thanks Google
Android 4.2 will be ready before Verizon allows the 4.1 update to roll out.
Will it come to the gnexuses in Canada??
Also if I have 4.0.2, will I first need to get 4.0.3, then 4.0.4 or can I directly update it to 4.1??
Plz Samsung galaxy s 9000 I 8gb latest version ice cream sandwich upgrade
Great to hear nexus s will get jb soon.
Can't wait for the butter.
I love Google. Can't wait to receive Jelly Bean.
Soooo... when is mid-july, tomorrow, or the 21st?
india didnt get a taste of galaxy nexus device...sadd...
bt jb 4.1 is gud for nexus s users in india
Will it be available for Sprint Nexus S 4G?
I've been running on ICS since February 2012 4.04
I called SPRINT just now and they confirmed that the Nexus S 4G will be getting Android 4.1 
Now its almost mid july :D I can't hold any longer to eat jelly beans :D
please google make it available soon :)
Once my Nexus 7 arrive, the OTA of JB for my Nexus S should be available also... they say Nexus 7 will start shipping within the week, then we should be expecting JB early next week.
I wish to release today !!!  cyprus here !!!
I wish it would be simpler to upgrade old devices. I have 4 Samsung GT-P1000. I would like to upgrade them but Samsung offers no update and aftermarket initiatives are not very good.

Why cant Android OS be like WIN7 capable to be installed on just about any device.

How long will it be before we stop being slaves to the manufacturer who doesnt provide an update to force us to buy a new product.

I am very excited to learn that Asus is offering updates to their first generation tablet the EEE Transformer TF101. By this ASUS is indicating to its customers that it will provide support and update to its loyal customers unlike Smsung and others.

Here is one customer that may switch to Asus.
what about my motorila droid bionic ?
I got sick of waiting for +Samsung Canada to finally make this right, so I followed the Guide here and flashed to yakju 4.0.4

If you're familiar with DOS/Command Prompt, then it's not that bad really and noticed the difference right away.  It was good practice for flashing of ROMs to get ready for the release of the JellyBean ROM this week and more importantly it puts updates BACK in YOUR/GOOGLE's control instead of Samsung.

Highly recommended, though we really shouldn't have to do this step ourselves.
Does anyone know if this update is coming to the Nexus S 4G on Sprint?
Wow you're already in the next version already some people still on froyo XD glad I got a G-Nex
so +Google any word on yakjuxw version of galaxu nexus and when can we expect update to jelly bean?
fuuck i want JB for Nexus S so freakin bad. Give it to us tonight or the next day?? or on the begging on next week;:D we are getting inpatince
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Hi i have Google play 2.2 on my Samsung galaxy europa. Will it ever be an update to it?
It is now already Mid-July, still no news for Nexus S OTA Update #fail
system adopted by the Google update is wrong and must change something???
hii . any news for Nexus s OTA? We still waiting
Still haven't received jelly bean on my galaxy nexus?!?!
I'm still waiting as well..Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ version on Rogers network (canada) eta please
When will the Sprint version of 4.1 Galaxy Nexus be rolling out?!?  It's already August...
I am from Belgium and I am still waiting my update... if only someone Told me when I bought my phone that it was a yakjuxw version with updates pushed by Samsung instead of Google, I would have passed my way. It is really a shame as I bought a GOOGLE phone to get updates ASAP and it's already 1 month without anything and I've read that Samsung started updates on their Galaxy SIII... before the Nexus!!! GOOGLE WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR TO KICK SAMSUNG ASSES???? Are we supposed to wait 2 months more or to root our phone and install the update ourselves???? 
Still no Jelly Bean update for my nexus :-(
I have an international Build!!!
Yea right!! I think the updates should be rolled out at the same time for all builds. We poor international buyers have to suffer due to stupid Samsung!!!
Dude, close your post, I just updated to 4.2.
Don't hold your breath people I've been complaining to android for ages about this update but still have not got anything 
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