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More Jelly Beans, just in time for the weekend!
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I love you Android team! My Nexus S will be very happy.
I got Google Nexus this morning with ICS and not Jelly beans
Got mine one hour ago (Nexus S / Vodafone / Germany)
Just got the message that it is ready for me... 
Just got the update on my T-Mobile Nexus S a little bit ago! Very cool!
Eugene Wu
Please tell Verizon to stop being slow to the game
Please let Verizon get this update pushed out in a timely manner.
i want a droid so bad. 
Gasp. I forgot my Nexus S phone at work. I will have to wait to try on monday.
Wait a minute, you're telling me S phones are getting 4.1 before my VZW Galaxy Nexus? Something just doesn't seem right about this...
I avoid Verizon at all costs. I'm guessing Google will never do a Nexus through them again.
Just got my update for Nexus S here in Canada.  Thanks a bunch guys, I was pretty discouraged with the ICS update, but this is how it's done.  My faith in buying the flagship google products has been restored.
I'm a Galaxy Nexus (HSPA+) on rogers in canada (Calgary, Alberta area) does any one know when i'll be getting my update?
Luckily, for anyone who knew where to look, the .zip was on your servers for the past week too. :)
If you notice the networks who are getting them ,they are NOT CDMA
Hey, wait. What about the Galaxy Nexus in Canada?
it was supposed to but apparently there are multiple builds of the galaxy nexus and some of these builds get their updates from samsung rather than google directly and i'm actually still using 4.0.1 
Yeah! With Nexus S JB, the Cyanogen guys will come out with a stable and perfect Galaxy S ROM soon :) Thanks Google!
Love jelly bean on my nexus s only one disappointment. No offline speech recognition? Why is that?
I've been searching for an answer but when will we get it for the Nexus Galaxy on Sprint?  I know it's out of you root your phone but I'm not savvy enough to do it and would rather get the official update.  Thanks!
+Adam Haas Verizon will not be receiving the OTA for a while. If you relally want 4.1.1 flash a rom. 

Its like me telling a person who just bought a brand new Ferrari to open it up a little bit. 

Dev phone, explore options, open source man!
Wtf its crazy how the nexus s can get the update with the MAJORITY of the galaxy nexuses haven't even received it yet since there seems to be like 100 builds of this damn phone guess that whole first to receive the lastest updates was a bunch of BS.....

Sent from my unlocked GSM "guess I'm not official enough" yakjuzs galaxy nexus
Already updated in Costa Rica, :D
My Samsung Nexus S now has Jelly Bean! WOW!

The Netherlands - T-mobile
Hi +Android, it's great. But early morning I received an update on my Nexus S, but when I open the notification bar the update was 4.0.4. This version just had been installed on my phone. I thought that was JB.
Just got the OTA update on my Nexus S. HOLY CATS, DUDES. I can't wait to show off my spiffy new phone to all the iZombies
Start rolling out ICS on the Samsung Captivate Glide, please!!! :)
Di S
And how about ICS for the Samsung Nexus S. :(
Action by pressing Mechanical Search Button not depends from app now, it's not searching in current app, it's always Google Now. Very sad
Check.... Got jelly bean on my " Nexus S " (T-Mobile) Kansas City, Missouri...
My galaxy nexus is still waiting with 4.0.2
Hey +ASUS How soon can I expect it for my TF300? Am I going to have to wait for excitement for the Nexus 7 to die down? Don't worry... I understand.
My galaxy nexus is still waiting with 4.0.2
Brazil needs to! Brazil needs of the Nexus and Jelly Beans!!!
I'm from Mexico. I cannot wait any longer. I'm anxious to get it for my Galaxy Nexus. I also tried to placed an order for a Nexus 7 tablet at Nexus site and couldn't do it. Hope it doesn't take much longer. Congratulations to Google.
And to everyone in Canada, I contacted Samsung Canada and they said that jelly bean isn't even out...
I already have 4.0.4 and it's awsome. But what can I do!? I need, want, I'm hungry of Jelly Bean.
+José Maria Farias Same happened to me this morning and now I'm running JB. Just wait a bit, I think that small 4.0.4 update is needed to upgrade to JB.
You can force OTA update to be installed immediately using the following steps:
1) Go to the System Settings->Apps then hit the ALL tab at the top panel (swipe left if you don't see it)
2) Scroll down to Goggle Service Framework and open it
3) Hit the clear button and confirm
4) Go to the System Settings->About phone->System updates. The last checked date will be 1969 or 1970, this is ok
5) Hit the check button
6) Nexus S should now show update to 4.1.1 is Available
7) Hit install and enjoy
I think it's time I started buying Google released phones. I'm sick of not getting updates
I got the update.. It said download.. i pressed it a couple of times but dint work... later on it said install now. and then it rebooted.. wen i went to about phone. still running on 4.0.4!
Looks like us yakjuzs build Galaxy Nexus owners will be left months behind as usual. I am so tempted to overwrite my phone with a takju build, if it wasn't for the complete loss of all data that would entail.
I already got one . New Zealand
Looking forward to receiving the 4.1 update for the GALAXY Nexus CDMA/LTE Verizon Wireless model.
My GNex got the update...Now Waiting on my Xoom to update...
I must have checked my Xoom a thousand'm pheening over here..
Does anyone know when it's available? If it's available, is there somewhere on my phone where I can do an update?  I still have 4.0.4 and I bought a brand new Galaxy S3 what's up with that?
How about your "flagship" devices, Xoom and Galaxy Nexus? I am sick of Google LYING about their so-called flagship devices which are LAST to get updates
Have it for a few days on my Galaxy Nexus and I wonder, how to group apps on the homescreen now, since the icons flip away. Please help!
I have, and love, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but I too am fed up and for the first time in a decade will be considering a switch when my contract ends.

This whole Verizon Galaxy Nexus fiasco has me stuck somewhere between bewilderment and uncontrollably frustrated laughter - do the suited executive monkeys at Verizon have their head so firmly lodged up their ass that they don't realize they're taking a bazooka to their own brand?

Give me the damn Jellybeans before I go Willy Wonka on your ass Verizon.
Are GALAXY S 2 people getting JB? They ought to if a lower specced phone like the Nexus S is getting it.
I'm using Samsung Galaxy W in indonesia ...did'nt receive yet :'( :'(
So the AT&T is delayed again.
Any chance of making an upgrade that doesn't depend on the phone companies to push it? I get phones in a different country (spend mroe time there) so my phone company doesn't recognise it...and China Mobile aren't exactly on the list of companies pushing Android!
My Nexus S got JB OTA before this announcement. You are right, it's like butter! WTG.
Some people hate on Android cause all of the fragmentation , i tell them if you hate Android for that Buy a Nexus branded device or ROOT YOUR FREAKING DEVICE.
The carrier comments just prove why its best to buy unlocked straight from Google instead of from a carrier.
Still haven't seen any updates on my Galaxy Nexus?! Still running 4.0.2, as purchased March 21st... and I'm not happy about it!!! ( Carrier: WIND Mobile in Canada )
How about getting it out for all yakjuux phones in Canada? Including those of us on Wind..... What's the point of a getting a Nexus when it comes with Samsung support?
I hope samsung release this new version to galaxy s2
Usual spam on a Google OTA post then? It's either stupid people asking about OTA ETA for non-Nexus devices or people moaning because they bought a Verizon handset. It's a choice people; LTA speeds vs update speed. You can't have both through official means.
Nice, just need to charge my phone and start the installation. Kudos for the quick roll-out.
Cant believe they left out my S2.... Looks like i am going to have to root it after all then.... :(
I'm from Taiwan.... updating is always late...
Already received and installed JB update here in Indonesia. Thanks Google :)
got the JB update for galaxy nexus.. pretty happy with the smoothness. but the google now dont get me right al the time
A Nexus S in Pakistan waiting for JB...
I can't believe that a month after I got my vivid with the newest version of Android, they release a new version that probably won't be pushed to my phone. Should have gone with the windows phone
Got mine for my Rogers Nexus S! It's not too bad, although I don't see the difference between this and ICS
I'm so disappointed. How can this be? Sprint is one of the biggest mobile phone companies in the world. How in the world can that be true? They've yet to show me one good thing about the network. This is my last year with Sprint. I will never again fall for a gimmick like there's again. Take care of your customers you ungrateful asses.
Really nice. If you haven't got notification try this go to apps open Google services framework clear data and force stop app. Then check system update .
Waiting for official jellybean to come on my new HTC one x
I want jelly bean on my droid bionic..... motorola needs to step it up a notch , or I will not buy another one
Just waiting for Jelly Bean on Telus Nexus S...
Can't wait for it to get to HTC One XL
PK Lee
I got a notice for an upgrade but it wasn't JB but ICS 4.0.4 (Rogers). Where is the JB?
sanmsung 9100 At what time can?
+Adam Haas CDMA is Verizon's 3G network not a back lmao 4G is what's LTE
Already have it on my i9020a this afternoon, after forcing it it came through... buttery and smooth.
Am still waiting for the update for my Galaxy Nexus :(. It helps to know at-least when one will get the update :)
At what time can we expect JB on galaxy S II...??
Hurray we will get jelly bean , I like the green ones
Got the update here in Bangalore, India. JB is amazing. Thanks Google!
Great work team. Got my nexus s updated.
I'm not getting the update still
how much time will it take to come to india ?
I updated.. but it seems offline voice is not included.!! :(
Missing the Wifi direct support in the Jelly Bean update. Is it not possible to provide this feature on Nexus S?
When is the upgrade coming to Galaxy Nexus LTE?
Will it be available for Sony Xperia S????
And wath about Canadian Galaxy Nexus phones??? We are stuck with yakjuux build which is still on 4.0.1 or 4.0.2... We never received the 4.0.4 update from +Samsung Canada, so I'm guessing it's gonna take a while before we get Jelly Bean...
Mi nexus con ICS 4.0.4 a esta fecha aun no ha recibido el update :-(
Waiting car the Xoom to get some Jelly Bean love... In the mean time, loving the Nexus 7!
Cuando se comienza actualizar los nexus con build jakjuxw ???
Flashed Bugless Beast Jelly Bean ROM to my GNEX LTE today. Loving it.
Both Sprint and Verizon need to get their shit together, big time.
i updated my nexus s to jb bt play apps don't show exept store and musiv no magazine movies and bokks plz hlp me
Когда же получит обновление до 4.1 мой Nexus в России? Очень ждем )))
So when are u rolling out Jelly Bean to Motorola Xoom?
When my Nexus S unlocked phone will get Jelly Bean update?
How to force OTA Jelly Beans update on Nexus S with the latest ICS:
1) Go to the System Settings->Apps then hit the ALL tab at the top panel (swipe left if you don't see it)
2) Scroll down to Goggle Service Framework and open it
3) Hit the clear button and confirm
4) Go to the System Settings->About phone->System updates. The last checked date will be 1969 or 1970, this is ok
5) Hit the check button
6) Nexus S should now show update to 4.1.1 is Available
7) Hit install and enjoy
I'll be happy when I get official 4.1 on Verizon till then 4.1.1 from kejar will work just fine
by when it vl come for Galaxy note?
JB is simply awesome, i've selled my 4s and now i use gn..only camera is so and so ( 5 mpx) but the speedy of the os is plz focus on the graphic of the this scenario apple is more at the time
Esperando en España con un nexus S libre
Got the update last night, phone is faster than ever! :)
JB is amazing. google now is even better:) Glad i bought nexus s last year instead of galaxy s or s2. They are still stuck at 2.3...
Buying the nexus s was worth the wait.. it may be old but the most up to date :)
News and weather app doesnt works now on galaxy nexus
How about the non-yakju Galaxy Nexus devices? We're still stuck with Jelly Bean :<
Please bring it to the Samsung galaxy s2!
+diego zepeda 4.1 for S2 is Samsungs problem, but i red something about this. It's already on testing mode for the S2. ;)
Thanks for the update. It will be down when I come home :)
I upgraded to JB a day ago it's good. I am a lover of android but why can't Google do native tasks? And a nice Mac app to with it? I might switch back to iOS for this reason alone
Still have not received 4.1 on my GSM Galaxy Nexus on Yakjuux build!
Malaysia got the update! Thanks!
Anything for wind mobile? They didn't state if the update is coming soon
I'd wish my Xperia Arc S was in the list to upgrade... Though it's most likely to stay with ICS... :-(
Galaxy Nexus Vodafone, Aus!! Love jelly bean
I think you should make a web page to let everyone knows when his phone will be updated to Android 4.1,
I have Galaxy Nexus and have been checking system updates for the last two weeks continuously, or at least provide a timeline for this
+Nexus why, when i look for an update on my T-mobile Nexus S, i cant find any update?  i am now running 4.0.4... is it because i have CM9 on it?
Same here, waiting for the update on my Nexus S =D
Jelly Bean? Still waiting for ICS on my S2 LTE from Rogers :(
Hi Google! - why did you remove the ability to separate the System volume and the Ringer volume? This is really annoying.
+Spencer Jacobsen of course if you don't have an official ROM, you will have to flash back a Google ROM if you want the update right now, or just wait for CM10
Tim R.
JB just arrived on my Nexus S, thanks Android team! (-: unfortunately the google reader app keeps crashing a few times per day.
Still no luck for my nexus s in India..
still waiting for updates for my nexus s 4g in Pakistan
Hurry and release tbis to the galaxy SIII Sprint!
When there is an update to Ukraine for samsung galaxy nexus i9250?
when we gonna receive the upgrade to jelly bean in Venezuela? for the GN GT-I9250
+Eric Mewhort you can update your software manually to the yakju build very easily. Google search it and then you will have JB in a matter or 10-15 minutes. I did this and it was very easy. I have never had ked anything before and if I can do it, so can you :-) if there are users that want the instructions for doing this on a Mac, let me know and I will send it to you. Of course, if you mess up your phone... Not my fault.
hola tengo un movistar link soy de uruguay no me llego la actualisacion tengo vercion 2.1 quiero la 4.0
Thank you. You guys are awesome!
When will the AT&T Galaxy SII Skyrocket get jellybean! I just got ICS!
And how about ICS for Galaxy Tab 7.7? Please.
Great job Android team !! My NS is now on JB greaaaat ;)
Somebody know the release date in Mexico i'm still waiting the jelly bean
All i wanna do is xooma xoom xoom xoom
still waiting for my jellybean on my nexus s i9023 on t-mobile :(
When is the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon getting the jelly bean update I keep trying to check for the update it doesn't show
Someone should start a petition/threaten a ban for +Verizon Wireless  and ask them to use their resources and push the OTA Jelly Bean update out already. It's obviously a business maneuver and, honestly, I won't be a Verizon customer much longer unless they prove us otherwise.
Where is "Offline Voice Typing" on Nexus S ???
By the time Verizon will get the update, Android 4.2 will come out two months later.
When we will get it on Galaxy S3?
If you flashed your galaxy nexus to stock yakju build then rooted your phone to the jelly bean ROM will you receive the notification for the official update
Thanks for the quick update Android team! It's working smoothly on my Nexus S.
Sad they can put it out on Nexus S prior to VZN Galaxy Nexus, but glad it's hitting more phones.
when will we get it in india? ( OTA)
All of these phones that you are asking for JB for will require Samsung, not Google to update. And then your specific carrier will want to test it before releasing it to your handset.
Got the Jelly Bean update....its awesome.....lot of improvement in graphics and performance ....loving it
Got mine this morning in Israel
If you are on a Galaxy Nexus with Verizon or Sprint you should just root your shit. If you wait for your carrier Key Lime Pie will be out. If you can't figure out how to root your shit, send it to me and I'll do it for you.
Jst downloaded it on my Nexus S. Kinda diggin' it
Come on roll that bad jelly out to my Samsung galaxy Nexus lte please please please I need me some jelly beanssss
when will it happen for the Galaxy Note ?
hi after i download the update and start installing it show an android laying back and a red triangle then nothing happens please help (galaxy nexus 4.0.4) 
Hope my Galaxy S II gets the update sometime!
I just had the Update on my Nexus S (UK O2). Congratulation to +Android team for the job: it is now even better!
Hiya, just got my update for nexus s..
Downloaded, installed, happy! So far this is the best thing I saw from Google. I love it !
WHAT ABOUT NEXUS PRIME????? When do we get the JB?
I wish I never switched to sprint and stayed with Tmo
definitely going nexus for my next phone..
I wish I passed before all this I have been on the ride of my life and still they have no clue....
I have Google Nexus and I live in Mexico, When will arrive the upgrade?
Do I need to be on ICS to have the update available?
Please, update Samsung Galaxy S3!!! We're waiting on it!
I've already got it on my NEXUS S !!! love it especially GOOGLE NOW!!!
+Thiago Raposo you should speak to Samsung instead of Google, Samsung has it's own android version, called touchwiz. So it depents on them when wou'll be getting jelly bean.
Did any one in US got Jelly Bean on Nexus S unlocked?
I wanna be an engineer for android =) how do I get there
I' m still waiting ... :-( I'm going crazy...
Hey all Nexus S ppl who require OTA update plz follow these steps:
1. Goto settings --> Apps ---> select 'ALL' ---> find "google services framework"
2. Press "Clear data" 
3. Goto settings --> about phone--> system updates and slect check now ... ur JB update is here :)
Unfortunately i will be stuck with GB since my phone is the sorry HTC Desire HD :(
Can you give a release date for Galaxy Nexus samsung branded ( aka yakjuWX ) .It is tragic not to have jelly bean since I own a galaxy nexus.
When Jelly Bean will reach my Nexus S unlocked?
I got my update last week in my Nexus, but since then I can not connect withn the Eduroam wifi network, while still no problem connecting to my home's wifi network. With 4.0 there were no problems connecting to Eduroam.
Meh, it'll be months prob before I see it on my verizon galaxy nexys
And still no update for Galaxys Nexus. (carrier free in Denmark, Europe)
But hey. When they rolled out Jelly Bean 4.1 in the US. They rolled out the 4.0.4 update here. So almost there.
Still no update for me (Nexus S, O2, Germany)
I'd like to see my maxx get a few jellybeans tossed its way!
We here in the Evo 3D world are still wating for ICS that was promised months ago on Sprint. Welcome to the disenfranchised fold Galaxy S users on Sprint.. Guessing Sprint will not make it too much longer, seeing A LOT of backlash cropping up. I guess that if you don't have a great as network (Verizon) then you really don't have room to treat your customers like crap!
Maybe I'll get lucky and get jelly bean on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus for Christmas! Probably not though...
Please release it also to Sony Xperia line up especially Sony Xperia S... ♥
Google, please don't do another Nexus on Verizon. Unless you demand full control of the device! 16 months and counting till I'm out of my VZW contract. Nexus got me in here!
Where is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus JB update?  Come on android!  At least find out an ETA for it!
When will it be pushed to the Nexus on Verizon? I hear it's an excellent update.
Just received ota update to nexus s i9023 in Pakistan
I wonder why no mention about Verizon? Alas, Verizon screws with customers again just like 4.1.
er dal
How about #NexusOne 'Big THX to the evervolv-Team "jellybean4.1.1.p2
er dal
Google Now kills Siri yeah!!! from malaysia. i still havent got the jelly bean update to my gsm version of galaxy nexus.. i've been checking for updates every single day..
I love Jelly Bean but there are a few bugs with it on the Nexus S. They're easy to find out, just go on xda in the Nexus S section.
I received the OTA, but it seems to have omitted offline voice typing (T-Mobile Nexus S).
I got Jelly Bean on my TELUS Nexus S today. Thanks Google! :)
My yakjuxw version Galaxy Nexus haven't got any OTA update for Jellybean. Android, you failing me again.
you're not the only one with that build. mine Nexus has the same build with no update also. I thought that all GSM Nexus models have the same software but now... it seems like there's Google's and there's Samsung's ICS versions that are not going updated obviously very soon. very disappointed with that...
Please, give update for Galaxy Nexus(yakjuxw) to Android 4.1! Google! Please answer, something!
got my jb update few days ago. Vodafone india. Its pretty smooth . But then i hate the search bar , it was so nice on ics. On jb it sucks big time.
the problem with Android is,,, is it a mobile phone OS, or is it a Tablet OS, JB 4.1 seems to say, its a Mobile OS, which has a portrate home screen with pull down notifications. the world is full of mobile OS 2.x. JB 4.1 is trying to continue from there,, 3.x and 4.03 was just a presentation glitch. i suspect.
I'm on Fido and JB is downloading right now. I followed the instructions from one of the posts above. Clear the app data for the 'Google Services Framework', but also Force Stop it (one guy left that step out). Go back into the settings and check for the update. Should start the dl...
Its from my experience with +Samsung Mobile USA that they will not be updating ANY phones before their new babies are taking care of the original galaxy s wasn't gonna get any love until the galaxy sII then the sII and the galaxy nexus weren't gonna get 4.0.4 from them until the sIII came out so us ppl with the samsung builds of the galaxy nexus shouldn't expect a JB update until either the note 2 is announced or until the sIII gets its update!! FU Samsung and Google do what you told us you would and keep our "Google Experience" phones up to date
When ever you want for the S3 It suxxxxxx on 4.04 Never seen an os That buggy on a phone , soooo slow.....
I am a step closer to IPHONE!
I was going to get The SIII, should I hold of?
To all the Sprint users waiting for JB to come out. I hear your pain guys. I'm a Sprint Nexus S CDMA user and I would love to get my hands on 4.1.1 ASAP so I can start playing with new SDK and the device, and having some fun with Google Now. But don't you think we are being a little too whinny about this? The general reaction is as if someone has removed a fundamental right from you. It kind of resembles arguments about health care, conspiracy theories, etc. Let's be patient. Our phones are still fully functional.
I recieved last night jelly bean upgrade in my nexus s..some mistakes in any app but.. I hope for a short time; -)
4.1.1 doesn't seem to be making Google Now available to me. I see the screen flash up, but then generic search. I don't recall having deactivated when I set the device up. This is stock unit from Google Play. Could this be because I am a Google Apps user?
I Just received an OTA update of 4.1 on my Nexus S I9023 with the framework trick. I am in INDIA & brought mine Nexus from Australia. It works great & smooth like butter
I having an issue in jelly bean that i am not able to switch to video mode....
i just called t-mobile and they say that the update is unavailable...
Why my Galaxy Nexus still haven't got the 4.1 OTA? I'm in Hong Kong.
it doesnt mean immediately its gonna take awhile to get it out to all devices unless you own a Nexus Like Me Then you should of gotten it a week ago
and tmobile wouldnt know if the nexus has an update because they come direct from google no OEM or Carrier Bullshit added to it
Why is it that verizon still can't seem to figure out how to get the update two jelly bean forest the nexus on the verizon network they're so slow at getting the updates about it is remarkable that they can even get a phone out
Ali Cuf
No offline voice typing,
No smart application update,
No face unlock,
No viber working
No ....
Nexus S, Donetsk, Ukraine – got update by air last Sunday at midnight! happy as an elephant after the shower!!!
I just installed in in my Nexus and can't believe one simple but VERY VERY annoying issue hasn't been fixed. Both in People app and Messaging app if you type the name of one of the contacts search is case sensitive!!! This is really WTF??? Isn't anyone testing this???
Sorry to say this is why I switched all our phones to IOS. We had Droid 3 by Motorola, barely a year on the market and there is no update to Jelly Bean or even Honeycomb, Still running 2.3 even though it is capable to run it no problem. It is sad when you see commercials for junk nadroid tablets at Big Lots running 4.0. At least IOS will update everyone. Sorry Android, I was a huge fan
Got OTA update in Malta... and it is buttery smooth. Only thing I wish is offline voice recognition and don't tell me it is because it lacks processing power because it doesn't.
Updated myself on Sprint. Jellybean 4.1.1 and LOVING it.
I am based in NZ...have a Galaxy Nexus...and still have not been updated to Jelly Bean...even tho I check for updates every day.  A friend has the same phone, bought from the same place and got the update 2-3 weeks ago.  Workmates with the Nexus S also have the update.  Is there anything I can do to get it
Got it on my Nexus S (i9020A)... I'm in Colombia with Movistar but bought the phone on eBay more than a year ago!
i need official Jelly Bean on my Crespo 4G! ICS is nice, but needs more butter
Punctuation doesn't show up at the top as a suggestion between words...very difficult to add commas now (which is surprisingly annoying)
where do we get the jelly beans?
When Does It Hit Dubai, for Nesus 
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Awesome, romantic, congratulations, may God bless your union.
Got my update on Nexus S a week ago. Not too happy about it!!! Battery life went from 1.5 days to 1 day. Buttery is not so buttery, lots of 'thinking' moments. Seems like account sync is no longer configurable, There are some more options that seem to have moved or disappeared, I did not write them all down...
Seems like it uses more data on 3G. 
why can't android be more like apple and just update everyone? this whole rolling out updates in waves is ridiculous.
Hi there! I live in Russia, Sibiria. Recived Jelly Bean on my Nexus S, very happy about it, but... Seems there is a problem with the battery: indicator marked as «full» but it is realy not. Because of that my phone is suddenly turning off when i needed! Please fix it :)
Now that I've gotten a taste of Jelly Bean on my Motorola Xoom, when can I expect it on my Google Nexus S 4G?
I installed 4.1.1 as automatic update last Friday (July 27th), since then the power button started to "misbehave". Not working 50% of the times I pressed on it and sometimes the phone displayed the "power off / flight mode" dialog as if I held the power button in.
Yesterday morning the phone didn't react when I pressed the power button. I removed the battery and inserted it back again and the phone booted up afterwards after pressing the power buton.
During the day the phone completely stopped reacting to the power button. I tried taking out the battery once again, but with no success. The phone only boots up or wakes up when I insert the charger cable. 

And it seems that there are more people with the same problem:!topic/mobile/13PmfpukeMQ

Google/Android could you please help us out with this problem? 
Marcius Allan, where are you from and what's your carrier? My Nexus S got updated to Jelly Bean like 8 days ago. btw, it runs smoothly and no problems whatsoever 
Not cool! just because no offline voice typing on Nexus S! Real bummer
No update for my galaxy nexus on telus? :/ wth. I wonder when I will get it....
When is the Galaxy Nexus LTE by Verizon going to get 4.1, Jelly Bean? The device has AOSP support, so I don't understand what is going on here. I thought this was a nexus device. I guess you shouldn't brand it as a Nexus product if you don't plan on supporting it. 
Have been using Jelly Bean on my Nexus S for more than a week. At a times I still see some lag in the UI experience.

The messaging app crashes most of the times when I open a message thread having more than 1800 messages.

The GPS never gets a fix, even when it has more than 3 satellites available. GPS only works when AGPS is available.

Sometimes on pressing the power button during a suspend, the previous view on the screen is shown first and then the unlock option.
My phones has become a bit slw after i installed jelly beans.
I want to know if I can install it on my Galaxy S2 
It's nice but no offline voice to text on Nexus S, really? and the crt lock screen animation is bugged :( Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
And when are the billion dollar company Google gonna add more languages to Android? I'm tired of living in a country that's not using English as main language since I can't use my $400 device to it's true potential. You keep adding voice features but ignore adding languages so everyone can use them. If nothing happens soon I'm seriously gonna switch to your biggest foe, Apple. At least they know that their devises exist outside the US.
when is this update coming to telus galaxy nexus
it is especially sad that all models of galaxy nexus have not been updated. I do not know if Google has consciously decided to hide from the public the existence of models "yakjuxw" that are not directly updated, but for those who have these phones is really zero. We did not toujous the right to update, while many other brands are starting to receive them. The interest to buy a product directly Google disappeared.
Thx to the update my Nexus S is now crap. Verry Laggy, verry Buggy, and no offline voice to text. disappointed :( plz fix it fast
When is Verizon gonna get this I'm still waiting on this update for my galaxy nexus ...........
Got Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Nexus this weekend. It's amazing!
When do I get jelly bean for Relics Galaxy Nexus?
I receive jelly beans update for my samsung google nexus s but when i wanted to update the third day it is gone.
I bought the GN to have google experience!!!
I want to receive updates from google and not from Samsung.
Samsung is sleeping too long!!!
My gnex still hasnt got the update yet! Google, y is this?
please how can i install android to  my device
download software
I havent got JB on my nexus s 4g sprint
Im gjetting frustrated with google and Samsung stiller No jb on my gnexus. Tell me if Apple can updates all iphone and ipads at the same time why must google and Samsung struggle like this. I dont see any reason to buy a nexus device anymore.
Me too no JB in my GNexus. Samsung has to work harder.
 I am from israel and my nexus s 19020A doesn't get it, why??
I still haven't got mine, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, in India.. :(
can some of you please help the guys at moto bring some damn updates?
Still no JB in Canada for Galaxy Nexus. What is going on????
Google please get on Verizon's butt about this..i bought my Galaxy Nexus on VZW for the Google Experience and verizon is being a c@ck blocker about the jelly bean update...please get on them about this!!!! Im buying my next Nexus straight from Google when my contract is up....!!!!!!
No jelly bean for the Galaxy Nexus international build. I thought that I'll get the fastest updates. :(
Ppl on custom roms have jelly bean. But not for poor nexus users :(
Still waiting in india to get official 4.1 on galaxy nexus
what about jelly bean for yakjuxw google nexus?? I feel I was cheated by google. Nexus brand should be the first being updated... 
when does the jelly bean update arrive in  Norway? phonecompany: Onecall
Please, I beg you
Give the next iteration of Android more work done on improving battery life
I do love my galaxy nexus but now I can't bare it's battery life
I have to charge it twice a day -_-
SPRINT NS4G owners: you should - by now - realize that you (we) will be among the LAST to get the update.  Do you remember the wait for the last update … to ICS??  Yeah, be ready to relive that experience all over again. Priority= −9
my euro nexus s update is stuck on the warning triangle image after it rebooted to install the's been like this for about 10 mins now, any ideas?
1. September... Still waiting jelly bean on Galaxy Nexus yakjuxw!!!
Samsung WAKE UP ASAP!!!
Jose A.
I have the Google Nexus cellphone when is jelly bean going to be available for the phone sprint ?
Guys when is the JB for yakjuxw rolling in? Seriously, I bought a GNex for the latest release. I didn't think I'll have to wait months for it x.x I don't want to do any flash etc tho =/
is there any way to know that when ill be getting "jelly bean OTA" on my device? or i have to check it a million time daily through my phone and wait?   :(
I have a Galaxy Nexus from Google, yakju build, baseband 19250 - are these phones not going to get the OTA update? I have tried the Framework & System update many many times, but no update to Jelly Bean is available.....
how can i update my yakjuux in pakistan... i am stuck on 4.0.1 ... and good to have this handset thanks google.
When is it coming for ATT Nexus S. I have ICS but haven't received any updates yet. Any timeline when it will come to ATT Nexus S?
+Android it's been October now and still there is no jelly bean in UAE!!!!
when it will be available in s3???
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