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US Android users, we’re rolling out a few new Google Music features to make your experience even better:

You already know that you can upload up to 20,000 songs to Google Music for free and stream them to your +Android device. Now we’re making sure the process is just as smooth for you to retrieve your music from the cloud. We just rolled out a new version of Music Manager that gives you the option to download all your songs from Google Music, including songs you’ve uploaded yourself and those you’ve purchased in the Google Music store. Your music will still be accessible from the cloud, so you will continue to have all the benefits of cloud access. Now if your computer crashes, you’ll have a great backup for your music. You can learn more in our help center article here:

And, for those of you that have enjoyed being able to share full plays of your purchased tracks with your circles on Google+, now you can easily share +YouTube videos for songs you’ve uploaded to Google Music. Click the dropdown next to the song title to share the video with your circles, and your friends on Google+ can see what really gets you moving.
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When will you come to Europe? :(

We want Google Music! :(
"US Android users" - I'm getting tired of reading that =(
Awesome!!! I've been waiting for this feature!
+Android this is good. now, pls finish the google music app so i have better functionality on my HTC Evo. Right now, it sucks.
Habib Manzur
We want google music at ALL THE WORLD...!!!
Google+ is better than Facebook. Google Music is better than iTunes. Google for life!
Especially Germany... :-)
Will probably take a while.. damn GEMA!
That's great, but what's the point if the rest of the world don't have access to it? UK please?
PLEASE allow us to store 40k songs, 20k isn't enough! :-(
Please expand outside the US so that I can get away from iTunes.
I'm sorry that you guys can not use Google Music. When you do use it, it will blow your guys mind.
Was just trying to download some purchased albums a couple of days ago with little success. Wondering if the help pages got updated first because it showed two download buttons where I only had one. :)
HA! They make an awesome announcement and not ONE positive comment!! THANKS GOOGLE! Google Music is awesome and I appreciate that it's a free service I can use!
love it, very useful. i found that new feature and used it right away to backup some songs to my PC :-D
Will the Music manager ever become a full "Manager" or are you planing to keep it just as an uploader?
Portugal needs Google Music too!
for all those complaining about Google Music not being available in your country, feel free to go get a law degree and pass the bar so you can help Google negotiate with the record labels...

otherwise, leave 'em alone. you aren't helping.
Thank you! I can now download all my music that I uploaded onto my new computer!
I need a gif of someone squirting milk out of their nose. This is GREAT!
Will there be an option to download an album now from the cloud? Right now it seems like you can only download individual songs, so an album must be done one song at a time.
Great news but please allow > 20,000 songs. Even if it needs to be a fee based plan.

I love Google Music but I can't upload my entire library there :-(
I'am german and I already use google music. :D
Please make the file naming / directory structure of the downloaded tunes configurable the way many other programs do.
Holy crap, thanks! I needed the download feature :) I knew you guys would come through.
Excellent.... when can we have it in the UK?
+Andrew Lieffring do you experience any issue with Amazon Cloud Player on Android? The last few times I've tried to stream anything (both on wifi and over 3G), I get errors. I've pulled a couple of albums down from Amazon and uploaded them to Google Music because it works better for me.
"US Android users": i'm one of YOUR android users, so why i'm excluded from this?
Still needs a way to sync up (to the cloud) the changes that we make on the local files (like tags, ratings, and covers).
Google; Tell us how we can help in getting music in our respective countries!
Costa Rica is waiting for it as well
Mhm, maybe you should break the border. It's starting to get very frustrating to see/reed about all those coole Apps/features without the capability to use them[ without rooting and stuff ;) ]
OK, but how do I update my Music Manager? Or do I have to wait for it to update itself?
XDA=you have Google music;)
+emilio g by displaying a "need", or a "customer base in other countries", basically a demand for services, it gives Google a little, necessary thing called "leverage".
Wait. So I can download it only twice using the web interface...but unlimited times using the Music Manager? BUT, when using the Music Manager, I can only download everything...not individual albums/songs like I can on the web. This needs to be cleaned up a bit.
When will Google Music be available in Canada?
I'm with +Kirby Gauthier on this one. Let us know how we can help here or, you know, throw a bone to the international market and let us know if there are even plans for worldwide release.
I love Google Music, but am still waiting for an answer to the question regarding managing music from more than one computer.

How to upload from three from computers and avoid duplicates?
When come in italy? We want Google music!!!
What version of the music manager do you need, and is it for all platforms? I just downloaded the 'latest' version for linux, and it's the same as I already have - no downloads :(
I support album cover changes. My girlfriend's Google music account has about 60 album covers of a Lenny Kravitz album. The funny part is she only has, like, 1 Lenny Kravitz song.
I use Google Music, and I live in Europe, It's not that hard to get. AND IT'S AWESOME!
Google: when is 4.0 I.c.s.update coming out for galaxy s2?
+Renaud Lepage go browse all the other Google Music postings, and all the other hundreds of repetitive, non-constructive posts demanding the service in their country. i think they get the picture, but these folks don't.

the music industry is very tough to deal with. even licensing a song for a TV commercial can be a huge, expensive ordeal, so imagine what it's like for entire libraries? they're probably already working on bringing it to other countries, it just takes time.
Yes, this only available in the US shit is getting really boring.......
+Sara Piazza I just share music across the network. share the music on all computers then have each computer upload to what ever Music account you need :)
This is by far the best update so far for this product!
I am in Europe and I got the update last night, which is weird. I dislike Google Music, mainly because there is no option to send songs via Bluetooth in it, I have to use alternative apps.
+Tristan Smith: I have this same problem, but a cover for a Janet Jackson album is on tons of irrelevant music
^ there are fully functional workarounds though..
I think it would be awesome to release this for Europe (The Netherlands), I got everything on Google, Docs, Photo's etc. but I am still waiting for my music! :D
Think of the poor Canadians!! Bring Google Music to the Great White North!!
Great! I'm in the UK and Google Music works brilliantly :)
I can now free my computer without worry of losing any music. Google is the best.
US only, of course... I thought you were a global corporation...
When will be Google Music Outside EEUU (Mexico to be more acurate) :P how can we help?
Hey +Google , can we work on a fix for "gapless album". I'd like to play my live +Nine Inch Nails albums or other albums that lead right into the next without there being a 2 second pause. thanks!
I have accidentaly lost all my data on pc. Thank you for that. My offline music library is saved! :)
Does this mean downloaded songs are stored where the media scanner can find them, so that music players other than Google Music can access them, including metadata and artwork? Music saved for offline play is not accessible outside the GMusic player at this time. I use iSyncr to upload all my Amazon music to iTunes. Until I can do that with music purchased from Google, not going to switch.
+Mike Crews You can specify the folder for it to download to, so just direct your other program to scan that folder.
Is Music always going to be part of the "Android Market"? I'm not sure that's the best place for it since many people use it on their desktop primarily.
Awesome! For the next feature, could there be a button in +Google music that reverts Google Reader back to the version that allows for sharing and commenting instead of forcing you to read freinds' content on a separate site? Can't wait!
I would love the ability to create a play list and then share it with my circle.... Google make it happen.
When will it support upload from Android and/or ChromeOS? I don't have Windows (or a mac) anymore!
Any way you could get around to making it so the Android app can play more than .5-4 songs before either pausing for no reason, or stopping because it sent the phone into a desperate tail spin? I'm sick of having to hit play every 5 minutes.
Thank you!!! My hard drive DID crash marooning my music in the cloud! Finally!!!
What about Costa Rica? I'm tired of having to pretend I'm in the US to use any web service.
I really love the Android Google Music player but living as I do in the backwater boondocks of the Bay Area I get very sketchy coverage.
i would really appreciate gapless playback in the android application
Añadan un gestor de metadatos mas completo con posibilidad de editarlos en bloque, para 15 o 30 pistas.
Hay canciones que son identicas en varios albums y no permite la repetición, asi que solo puedes tener esa canción en uno de los discos, si tienes un Greatest Hits y la cancion coincide con la de su album primera edicion.
Sistema de etiquetas para las canciones.
Google, don't be evil US-centric.
Oh, I just noticed this might be the same thing. :p
Being able to share Youtube videos is a great addition to the product. Thanks!
Oh, I see now this involves the PC application used to upload songs. Has nothing to do with download for offline play on the phone. Here's a clue Google: nobody has enough bandwidth to stream songs all the time. Everybody has plenty of sdcard storage on their phone. Do not want or need the cloud for music storage.
Gapless playback and the ability to crossfade between songs would keep me listening to Google Music 24/7.
oh my god this sounds amazing, let Europe use this service, itd be awesome!!!
+Mike Crews You've been able to offline songs onto your phone from the app for months now; go into the Music app, if you're pre-android 4.0 you just long press on an album, play list, etc. and select "make available offline". If you're on ICS you press the option button rather than a long press.
Great updates! Just couple of weeks ago, I formatted my device and was asking my sister +Reem Khatib if there's a way to download all the music that are already uploaded to Google Music. Now I can! Thanks for the update!
+Mike Crews actually, I usually have just the opposite problem. I'm running out of SD card space and plenty of bandwidth to stream (I'm on WiFi maybe 90% of the time, plus still unlimited (for now) on VZW). I've deleted all my locally stored songs in favor of having them in the cloud on Google Music. As +Scott Hartman points out, you can mark songs for offline play in the mobile app, so if you have more SD card space than bandwidth, you can use it. Best of both worlds.
Thanks Google for a great and ever improving service. To those outside the U.S. please stop complaining this is how it has always worked in mobile. You guys get the cool new tech before we do and we get the services. Either deal with it or contact your local political figure to get laws changed so Google can negotiate easier.
I'm outside the US and use all its features - it's not that difficult!
This just made my day...! I lost all of my music a few days ago and now I can get it back! :D
When will google music be avaliable in other countries cept US?
Please allow us to store 3,000,000 songs. 20,000 is not enough.
I'm plus 1ing it even though I can't use it! Canada is not in the loop yet!
Canadians need this too!
1. Make it international
2. Fix the search function for both the web and the android client. If I click on the found song, i don't want to listen to it all the time ...
3. Gift certificates. Really, how hard can that be ...
This is AWESOME! I'm able to find videos of music I uploaded from my own cd's... in seconds. no more searching. This rocks.
Great, now bring it to the UK please.
Can't the music industry figure out a way to unify the regulations and limitations that prevent us from getting this in countries as awesome as Canada?
Sigh... don't blame The Google... blame the danged music industry.
What's the "release date" of Google Music in France ?
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that has said this but when is it coming to Canada?
It's pretty easy already. But I guess easier its even better.
I love this service. Keep it up Google.
Finally! This was the one option I was hoping for. How about a 'check for updates' button in the music manager? Currently the easiest way is to uninstall and reinstall...
You guys that are not in the us need to stop your bitching. You guys always get the latest and greatest phones way before us so deal with it.
Everyone chill. It's not Google but what they are able to negotiate with the industry.
I want to be able to control the music from the lock screen i know you can in ics but until then i want to be able to that now
Awesome. Just awesome. My computer freaked out some time ago and a bunch of new songs disappeared. At the time I played them via the google music app and then copied them to my computer that wy but it goes without saying that that was a pain.
Now all I want is full resolution instant uploads to google plus for extra storage paying customers and I'm set!
+Android So I was looking at my Dashboard earlier and under the Google Music section it says that I have 2194 total tracks, but only 2175 are playable. What's that about and is there any way to see what those tracks are and why they're unplayable?
Now all it needs is podcast support!
When will it be available globally....
This is exactly what I was hoping to see when it went out of beta, and it's finally the case! Great update!
Why isn't it available in the United Kingdom?
Would it be possible to make Apple Lossless compatible ? I'd like to sync Google Music directly with iTunes (iTunes doesn't support FLAC). AAC (not converted in MP3) and lyrics support would also be great. Need a little bit more options, Google ;-)

+Ian Hsieh You can use Google Music outside the US by installing Hotspot Shield, a US proxy, and login on After this, you can disconnect Hotspot Shield and you will be able to access Google Music anytime !
any rough ETA on when the music store will be available in Canada?
any Korean, Japan, Chinese music? It's sounds great
Always the US first !!!!! Why not for once provide europe or Asia for somewhere else first ... arrggg
y en España estará ... ¿cuando? el 95% de las búsquedas en españa son en google y es de los países donde más crece android... entonces porqué no españa
Lost my hard drive last month. Google to the rescue!
US... I wish I could use GMusic but now I just ended up programming a service like it.
When are you going to fix the freaking Linux ”virtual machine error” it's pathetic that it's still not connecting!
Not being able to download songs that you've uploaded was one of the main reasons I started going back to Amazon Cloud Player. Thank you, Google! I'm very happy that you do listen to your users and strive to come out with the best services. :)
For those of you begging for Google Music outside the US, you should probably be telling this to your local major record labels instead of Google. I'm sure Google want's to bring it global just as badly as you want it, but the labels need to be dealt with first.
I love that Google is really making a push to continually better their music service ... these are some great additions to an already amazing service ..
I lost my laptop AND external hard drive a few months ago, but not before uploading all of my music to Google Music. Now, I'll be able to download it all back. I have lost none of my music, thanks to Google Music. Thanks!
where can we download the newest music manager? My version still only has the "download purchased music" button, it doesn't have the "export" option. (I'm on Linux Mint if that matters)
Really great news! The share youtube video is quite unexpected and a nice feature add! This is the green light for me fully dedicating myself to Google Music!
+Brent Jordan I'm running Ubuntu and only what I did was check for updates in Update Manager. I have Google repository in my /etc/apt/sources.list
Ace E
Hope they make this available on our country
Cesar A

I was waiting for this feature to finally come to the Google music manager. Good job!
I'd love to know how I can get my purchased music back! I accidentally cleared my whole locker when I was resyncing music, and now it's all gone!
You can get it in canada. Use stealthy to make an account. Mwahaha.
Not to be bossy but can we have some news about ICS on Nexus S ?
ICS should already be on the Nexus S. (that was last year's right?) My coworker got it on his Nexus S (US, i think Sprint) the weekend after the Galaxy Nexus LTE launch (so mid December). He has version 4.0.3 if I recall correctly.
+Joshua Richards I set up google music account and I can upload my own music but I still can't access the music store and I don't feel like accessing internet through proxy 24/7 :(
I would love to have an option to get higher bitrate songs. Example: if I upload a 128kbps song and you sell the same song at 320kbps then the cloud version would be changed to the higher bitrate.

I would be understanding if you wouldn't let me download it directly as this post is originally about.
Will there ever be a desktop player to manage computer files and sync to the could? I have bad wireless in my apartment and can't stream so am stuck using iTunes for now.
Don't Forget Morocco ! we have smartphones too and we Love Android !
700 000 activation every day do you think that thay are all from US? It's time to start thinking for all people which are using Android OS
Great update!! Now when will it come to Canada?
Thank you!!! Been really increasingly bitter that I couldn't re-download my own damned music using this service, and I'm thrilled to have that issue corrected. Great job!
OK, I've upgraded and now see the newer option to download my library. w00t! G+ question: How do I add a screenshot to my comment and/or add a person to my comment (comment directly to somebody)?
Why does Music Manager not auto-update itself?
We're testing for you +Steve Webb. Plus if one of the media company is going to sue it's easier to defend your own turf!
I wish for full FLAC support. No conversion to mp3, and embedded album art please.
Great features, will take a look at it, for everyone outside the USA a little hint, tor ;)
I have Goole Music, i live in Denmark :D
It's AWESOME btw! Only downside is that there's no love for FLAC-users.. like it will transcode FLAC to mp3 when you upload!
when will the app have lock screen controls?
This absolutely made my day. Thank you so much. Now I can go on with a full scale adoption of Google music
Would love to see a Roku Chanel for Google Music! Anything in the works?
What about Canada ?? Why only US for tired of "US only".
LOL the page is so direct "Google Music is currently only available in the United States" ........... I AM AN ASIAN DAMN IT
Indeed. It's not like Google doesn't want to sell you stuff; it's the damn labels.
Is there a way to download a single song? Or do I still have to download my entire library? If not, please see Amazon Cloud and duplicate functionality.
If so.. yay.
Please, avialable in Android market Thailand.
We're sorry. Google music is only available in the United States.
I'd love to see some other options like an eq for playback.
When the big company gonna learn (shame on Google called itself an Internet company), contents geographically based just not gonna work with Internet age. A simple as circumvention tool can get around the restriction.

I am sure it's not 100% google's fault but those BIG STUDIO GUYS!

Licensing issue? I am f**king sure it can be done better than that. Why can't they just fix the issue up? This is very un-internet!
One question: When will Google music be available in India????
Google music rocks. Thank you for NOT blocking it from non-US countries. I am sure you can block it if you want. As long as you don't block it, I won't complain that it isn't available outside US.
THANK THE LORD!!!! What an amazing thing. The only thing that was missing IMO. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
I would like to see saved places but I don't think that will happen
How about you release it globally? What's with all of these US only products? Useless to the rest of the world...
Google Music is available worldwide, if you know how to use a proxy. The only thing we don't get is the Music Store, but I don't care about that.
i am waiting for google music from long long time
Jay B
Cool! Now I can actually start buying music.
How i play my music on my stereo? Need an API for squeezbox or other Devices. Or develop tungsten devices!
Great update! I want cloud storage for movies too though!!
when will Google music be available in europe?
how do you stream the music from your computer to your phone?
When will this be available to people outside of the US, like in South Africa?
I have a question +Android
Do you get the same format when you download as the ones you uploaded? I'm uploading FLAC-files, but as far as I know they're converted to mp3's in Google Music.
I officially hate our German collecting societies as they are the ones postponing every single digital service and the products that rely on them... Arrrgh..
The added flexibility is nice, but this feature is almost useless for me. For some reason, Google Music considers most of my music as being "purchased." So There isn't much difference between "download purchased tracks" and "download full library" for me. What I'd really like to see is the ability to pick and chose which tracks to download.
Google Music for the UK, please. Sooner rather than later.
Google music for italy please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Google Music in INDIA...please can't wait any more,and why USA always enjoys all the new and best features that's not fair,everyone in the world likes google so USA why not the whole world,think again google...
THANK YOU! Downloadz was the one thing missing from Music. This is wonderful!
Be even nicer when it works in the UK...
Why it is not in India...? Y google is not making available it in india...
Google Music for the UK, please. Sooner rather than later.
Google Music for the UK, please. Sooner rather than later.
Will Google Music on Android ever get the option to move the app to the SD card?
Google should read the comments on their own entries. There is massive requirement for this in the UK and they're missing out on a ton of revenue. I and many others I know would use G Music exclusively over iTunes / Amazon / etc. Come on G - Analyse the trend, act on the info.
+Abhisshek Das You get more room on your phone, so you can have more apps
Awesome new feature! Now all we need is Google Music in Australia ;)
Sounds awesome. Unfortunately its US only. Need it in the UK!
hey android my phone is lost please can you track it out?????????????????????????????
+Mukul Arora You should've had Lookout downloaded, or if your phone was signed into Latitude, track it on google maps
Ohh, come on!
What about fixing bugs before releasing new features?
I have tons of albums in Google Music with the same cover art (
Also, you can't modify id3 in your PC as they don't sync with Google's Music.
You are listening to your fans. Yay!!! Thanks!

PS: I use google music every chance i get and love it, so keep up the good work.
+Abhisshek Das I know that but I do with what I have. When I bought my phone I didn't know much about Android and I knew I could put an SD card.. I chose my phone because I liked it (the shape) and I wanted to try Android. Not everybody can afford a phone with 16GB internal memory, and besides, I didn't like the fact that every phones are big, I chose the HTC Wildfire partly because of its size. For your information, it's not a shit phone, it's really great when you're not looking for the most powerful, my only problem is the internal memory, that's why my next phone will be a Desire S, when I'll have enough money. Bigger, but I've got no choice.
when is this coming to india and rest of the world ? i hate US only google ! really sucks !
I'm muting this post because it's basically saying, "look what we have and you haven't got it!"
Would love a feature allowing you to do the reverse of what music manager currently does-keep a physical location up to date with all the songs in your google music account.
Google, when will Google Music, Google Books come to the rest of the world?
+Matt Miller Right now you can, but it doesn't seem to be automatic. Within the music manager, you go to Options->Download and select a location. It will then download all your songs back onto a computer.
When Google Music will be available for Panama?
I might as well join the choir - availability OUTSIDE US please? couldn't care less for a new feature, when it's not even available...
Li Ma
Good move, I love music!
Checkout Ringjoy Ringtone Clipper App to make a unique ringtone for your loved ones or your most important contacts from your own music. When my phone rings, I know who is calling by the ringtone without look at the phone.

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Until Google Music is available worldwide, iTunes is going to remain the best option for most people.
Google Music IS available worldwide. Your gmusic account must simply be created from a U.S. IP address. After which you can access it anywhere without trouble. iTunes is a joke. Actually jokes are funny, iTunes is a horror movie.
Nexus S owner and international user entitlement issues know no bounds apparently. You guys should just save yourselves some time and make a standard copy-paste response for everything. I recommend "omg my life sucks nexus s no ICS can't listen to Rihanna in Ghana Google hates me I'm going to Apple and I got 96 more #whiteguyproblems"
Will F
updates to the google music service is good and all.. you know.. i appreciate that. but u wanna know what would be better? ics on my sprint nexus s.. the roms are great, but it sure would be nice to have the official release.
I agree. Where in the world is ICS for the NS4G? This is getting really infuriating. Can you just say something???? Anything??? Like "we are having some issues with it, but are working on them", "we are hoping for a 2014 release date for the NS4G". Dear god anything, you guys are just leaving us hanging.
Why is Google Music only available in the US?
A proper linux client would be great. One that works on ALL Linux, not just i386 based Linux. All my music is on ARM architecture, and the Linux binary release for Google Music is no use to me.

And whilst you are at it, make Google Music officially available in the UK :-)
All fine and dandy but support for more countries would be way more appreciated...
I appreciate that your US specific are being identified as such at the start of your posts.
When do we get some love north of the border? Google Voice is long overdue and I want my Google Music :)
I want this application to my Google 3D Optimus Music would have to be available throughout Europe !
Something that would be nice to add onto that feature is the ability to download a playlist of songs.
Attention UK and Canadian citizens: you are no longer allowed to post publicly any positive mention of your free healthcare system or your months of mandated paid vacation time until every other country in the world gets equal benefits. Doing so is just bragging and makes everyone else sad. Also artists in your country must export their work unconditionally with no licensing terms in place that can be enforced in other countries. Sounds silly doesn't it?
Why does it say "US Android users" instead of "US Google Music users?" What does Music Manager have to do with Android?
Cool. But can we please have lockscreen controls?
when will this be available outside the USA????
I know you guys get bored of hearing people screaming for global availability and you guys probably have your reasons, but what about people that choose the galaxy nexus outside the US? They expect to get the full Google experience. If this limitation has the same reason as limiting these kind of services for all devices, please do explain.
I know you guys get bored of hearing people screaming for global availability and you guys probably have your reasons, but what about people that choose the galaxy nexus outside the US? They expect to get the full Google experience. If this limitation has the same reason as limiting these kind of services for all devices, please do explain.
How about getting Canada Google Music before expanding it???????
Jam Iey
when do we get goggle music in the UK? 
I would love to be able to add more files to the cloud than the 20,000 limit... is this feasible option, perhaps for paying customers?
dear european:
get your ass behind a proxy and enjoy:)
How about Asia? We are here in Hong Kong
We're sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States
Philippines is also waiting for it mate...
All g users are equal but there are US users wchich are more....
Woooow.. i want to try this
I'd like to try and use this but only available in US so no good to me :-(
I've been using google music for a few months now... outside the US. big wink
Google should really know google is worldwide........
About time they allowd us to download our own songs. Now, if only they would support loseless files...
please make it avalable in india i am waiting for a long time this is my humble request or not then give me the day when will u reales
Google voice, google music, google wallet.... only avaiable in US!
third world Italy?
i have a small question...i'm dying to find out when will the android 4.0 will come to samsung galaxy s 2? pls...if you can please answer!
Europe is waiting for it and for Google Currents.
Kiran S
When India will get Music Hub service, we are eagerly waiting for that !!!
This would be nice, but without an option to install on the SD card, it won't fit on my phone...
Very nice update. Smart move on sharing YouTube videos for songs (more views = more ads). Similarly, the ability to share songs uploaded ourselves would be another great addition, as not all songs have a respective +YouTube video. Keep up the great integrations.
I love it. One criticism I had was not being able to download uploaded content. Permitting sharing of uploaded music via YouTube is a great idea. The limit of two downloads should be rethought though.
I May love it, I don't know, I live in the U, and excluded from being able to use Google Music. Thinking of migrating away from Android, and getting an iPhone as a result of Google's continual lack of vision for the non US markets. even iTunes Match is available in the UK Now.
Please bring this, officially ;-) to UK as I can't buy anything yet.
I am always happy to see additional improvements.
any idea when it will be available in Canada?
Google, think Global, your market is lacking. Why Apple is able to go global and you can't? True there are legal barriers, but focus on enhancing the Android experience before rolling out new features. I think Android is extremely feature rich, but the Market experience leaves a lot to be desired for US, but especially for non US citizens.
Luka R
Yeah.. i want it in the EU!
Okay, these new features are pretty cool, and I admit Google Music the website, and the OS app are much better than three months ago. Nevertheless, is it too much to ask the Google OS 4.0 programmers to include a stopwatch and timer built-in? As in part of the operating system apps, just like Gmail, Calendar, and clock?
Log into music using a US proxy once this is done once you can access it from any device in any country.
Been using it in Australia for a few months now.
You whiners need to move to America.

Also, dealing with copyright laws and stuff is hard enough for one country. Imagine trying to get record companies worldwide to sign on as well as fighting off complaints of potential copyright infringement.
You're right Ken. Why record companies have to be managed by a bunch of douchebags?
We would appreciate Google Music in the UK too. When does Google plan to make the service available in the UK?
If it's free, why am I required to give credit card information in order to "purchase" the "free" songs?
Let's give the international community some love too! Canada eh!
would be nice if it was available for international(Malaysia) I can only get it if i have rooted+"faked" my market to US...
hey guys.. check about #droidrage on twitter.... Microsoft is seriosly pathetic
When is the UK getting Google Music and Currents? Keep getting updates about both, but can't actually use them!
How about people that are not from US and would like to enjoy this? The world does not revolve around US ya know.... :S
+Djordje Planincic it's a matter of the stupid per-country distribution rights. Europe, for example, is just a mess of laws. It's going to take them a long long time.
Why is the music from my friends band that I uploaded to google music being treated as though google owns it?
Waiting for them to open their service in India
Hey... Don't hate Google because they love us Americans. I mean, you can hate if ya want to... just remember to call in your complaint you'll have to start dialing by pressing +1. Sincerely the USA
GMusic is one of the best ideas that Google has ever released, but I have a question why does GMusic convert flac, aac and ogg to 320kbps MP3? I think Google has the infinite servers to store even flacs, so that's a problem now for me that the convert compression downgrades the quality of the music. Or have I missed something?
I love the idea of this new service, but I store every album I ever bought in FLAC and wish to keep them that way. I just hope that the guys at Google will make this feature available soon! Keep up the good work!
Hear, hear.
why almost every good service comes to USA first, while we look in envy???
let us be your playing ground for once.
hello !! Hello !!! SOS !!!! EUROPE

Pourquoi Tous les Presque bon service aux Etats-Unis Vient d'Abord, tandis Que UNO regardons with envie?
laissez-nous Vous terrain de jeu d'écoulement Une Fois.
is there any way to retain the folder structure i have organized my songs in? that's how i have done digital music for ages and i wouldn't want to change my ways to tags...
Marc C
We're sorry. The Google Play music player is currently only available in the United States.
You guys should really make Google Musc App available to other countries Cuz US isnt the only place where they have android USERS
Yay, this release supports 2-step verification!
How can i get my music back from Google music because on my other phone has the same account with the Music.
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