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We've started rolling out Android 4.0.4, Ice Cream Sandwich, to Nexus S 4G devices. Enjoy!
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Waiting for 4.0.4 ICS on Galaxy Nexus 4G Devices...
Chris Chase
And the Galaxy Nexus, your flagship Nexus device, is going to be getting it...when?
Adam M
Finally. Guess I have to go back to stock and see if it's true.
How about finishing the 4.0.4 Galaxy Nexus rollout, indeed. German GNex, still on 4.0.2...
Please send the ICS love to all the Nexus devices! ...Including the very 1st one...
Thanks! Got it yesterday on my Nexus S. Working just fine.
Should I have 4.0.4 on my Galaxy Nexus on Rogers already? or is it still coming?
Still waiting for 4.0.4 - Nexus S GSM i9023 - It's a bit annoying. And yes, i'm thinkin about the Lumia 800 right now. Just thinking about it - yet. So hurry up. :-)
How bout the Skyrocket? I just got 2.3.6 the other day.
when do us Galaxy Nexus owners get the 4.0.4 love?
Hey Google and VZW! Are you reading this-- what about the latest "Nexus"? This supposed flagship phone is in dire need of an update to fix some very pesky bugs... namely, powering off for no reason at any time (even while plugged into an outlet).
I want the 4.0 update for my Xperia PLAY!
Stupid guys go ask Samsung google don't update none nexus devices!!!
Bionic owner here - hoping for some tasty ice cream sandwich.
Is there an app for the Evo HTC Evo Design 4 G also?
hey +Tyler, stop the complaining Ive been waiting for 116 days since the launch of ICS
I got it yesterday. Thank you Google!
Tmobil HTC amaze getting any love????
What a wait!!...HTC Sensation 4G.
Adam M
Too many people buy phones for the NEXT OS. Why? If you don't want what it comes with, don't buy it.
Well is would be nice to get it on a standard nexus S. The way this is going I'll be getting an Apple! I pay for a phone that is supposed to be getting the latest updates and feel like I've been left out in the cold.
+Kamran Mackey listen do u go to ford an ask for ur update on ur Chevy? Pay attention to were ur at google only updates there flagship devices as in NEXUS PHONES
Adam M
Steve, would you rather have to buy a new phone every year to keep up with the latest features of the OS? Or wait another few weeks and still benefit? You have a Nexus, which already has features that the next iPhone doesn't. Stop crying over nothing.
Those with a LTE Gnex should really stop thinking of just themselves. Google is bringing as many Gingerbread/Honeycomb devices as possible up to speed with ICS, as fast as they can. The media has been blasting Google for fragmentation, and Google has doing their best to fight it.

The Gnex was launched with ICS, meaning we already have the latest version of Android. Why are we nagging Google for a minor update when there's so many devices out there that still on Gingerbread/Honeycomb?

Also remember, there are other Nexus users out there than just us, as well other versions of the Gnex (i.e., the GSM one) that is vastly easier to update than ours. Plus we have to go through the wonderful VZW.
I'm still waiting for ICS for my Droid Bionic. Le sigh.
ICS OTA rolled out on my Google Nexus S in the UK this morning. It's nice and smooth, no battery issues and I'm giving the new Chrome Beta a whirl as well. It was well worth the wait. If there is one niggle, the minimalist analogue clock blends into any background that isn't a solid colour, whereas the Gingerbread one had a grey circular backing which made it stand out more. But it can be replaced.

It took its time getting a proper stable release, but it's now very good. Congratulations Google Android Team, another job..well done! :)
This maybe overly generous, but, you have until the end of august to get my nexus s from 2.3.6 to 4.04. If not. I'm switching allegiance and going all Mac all the time, starting with an iPhone. At least thy send updates to all phones.
Adam G
If you have a GSM Google Nexus and are still on 4.04 there's a wealth of information on every Android forum on the internet how to flash the offical GSM Google Nexus 4,04.

And if you bought the Verizon model... You should know better. Nexus is a GSM thing and its always worked best that way. Both CDMA carriers's Nexus products (Sprint NS and Verizon GN) have always suffered from update drama.
+Anthony Damiani A Nexus is a Nexus, no matter how long it's been out. They all deserve timely updates.
Did it ever occur to you all that 4.0.4 is just 4.0.2 with bug fixes for other devices?

Google's version system isn't cut and dry. After all, the entire 3.x product line was for tablets only.
when will it come to the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon
+Android - I am having major signal issues on my GSM Galaxy Nexus after the 4.0.4 update, goes off every time its on standby, please fix it .
<Insert usless bitching that google doesnt give a crap about>
Android, I would like to know why your ICS flagship, Galaxy Nexus, is being pass up on these updates. It has many bugs that need to be fixed soon. I am really starting to wonder if the Galaxy Nexus should have had the Nexus badge on it.
Nexus s UK Sim free please!
sure wish my Droid X would move up from 2.3.4 :(
Still waiting on the update for my Galaxy Nexus :-(
+Anthony Damiani - I won't. +Android - a lot of people bought the GSM (like me and expensive too) version, you would think it would be fix :(
LOL Galaxy Nexus not "Nexus" at all.
Just samsung's fake.
4.0.4 speeds up the slow screen rotation, has a nicer calendar widget, a new power menu and a more consistent Holo theme.

It's really not worth getting that worked up about, even though they are all nice wee changes.
You guys fighting for an ICS update and i have 4.0.3 on my Captivate since it was release and now waiting for AOKP and Onecosmic next update to 4.0.4 :)
+Anthony Damiani My God... Give it a rest... We get it... Your Android has some problems and the iPhone has none... Google has caused you so much psychological stress that you have to vent about it on a Google owned social network. You can fix your issues in 2 minutes. Go buy an iPhone! Wow! Simple!

I'll just stick with my GNex if it's all the same to you...
Yes can't wait ..thank you
+Anthony Damiani Did it ever come across to you that you might have a defective device? Get it freaking swapped already. My wife and I are on 4.0.2 and we have none of the issues you're whining about. In fact, my friend had a Nexus with freeze issues and he got it swapped before the 30 day-return period ended and now it's solid.
When do y'all think in central time zone will get the update?
i still love and explore the gingerbread version :]
I hope I get it soon. I love you Google!
yeah, i also cant get enough of that gingerbread.
I'm still #*#checkin#*# with my nexus s and I can't find anything... grrrrrrr...
awesome on my Desire HD, thanks to xda guys
so far better than 4.0.3 on my Nexus S 3G
looks more stable
Please Google, kick Samsung's ass so they feel in the need to upgrade Galaxy S familiy devices to ICS (Specially GT-i9003, it's a forgotten device). Android depends on smartphone providers! We don't have the chance to buy a Nexus here in Argentina because they didn't release it here!
Update on the Verizon nexus please
I wish someone from Google will comment whats with Error 7 and manual update for Nexus S GSM. How long we need to wait? Always some waiting for updates... Not cool :-/
Bug free phones don't exist... Even in the Apple world... Updates coming to different phones at different times is a direct result of having choices in what type of phone you want. Apple makes 1 type of phone... The only choice you have is to buy a new model or buy an old model... With Android, you have tons of different phones with different specs and different price points... If you don't like exactly how it's working, go out and flash a ROM...

But as far as saying the firmware not working... That's just absurd.
.....Has anyone got the update ......
I still have a 4.0.1 on my Galaxy Nexus, when will I get 4.0.4 then ?!
Waiting for the first to ask when this update will be rolled out for the ayePhone :-)
"Your system is currently up to date."

Patience, Danny, patience...
Android (and Google and Verizon) ..just hope you know that you alienated a LOT of people on verizon that truly feel burned by your actions. I've seen endless posts of people saying that if the phone doesn't get updated within the next few days, people will be leaving android for the iPhone. I don't want to see this happening, but the nexus line is bought to be updated in a timely manner.
Seems better than 4.0.3, waiting for the full ROM releasing and the solution for compatibility of Screen Lock Widgets.
GOOGLE! INSTEAD OF RELEASING 4.0.3, RELEASE 4.0.0 FOR OTHER PHONES!!! LG Spectrum needs it too! Please!
Still waiting for the Sprint Nexus S 4g to get it.
We're the hell is it!!! Aaarrrrgghhhhhh. . . 
Ya era hora! Mi hermano lo ansiaba!
I feel like everything with the Verizon Nexus has been a test of patience. False release dates in 2011. Google wallet. And now android 4.0.4. It's like you guys are trying to turn me into Gandhi.
I hope that now that I have new unlocked Google Nexus phone I will see the same kind of dates in the future. I love Google! keep up the good work.
+Adam Griffith Why? Apple is able to update all devices OTA, so why can't Google do it with their Nexus devices?
Samsung galaxy SII Wimax Japan, Still Waiting !
To the people complaining about your Galaxy Nexus still on __ version, your nexus is probably not updated by Google and you're at your carrier's whim. Flash your phone to 'yakju' to get updates when Google announces them. If you live in an area with picky providers I suggest keeping your radio as-is. Cheers.
If you're device doesn't have "Nexus" in the name, stop asking Google for updates. You are bad at the Internet.
Just root, no more waiting (for most devices) running ICS on my T-Mobile SII touch wiz though... :-(, or just flash the updates manualy, no root required (well it wasn't on the Nexus One)
Is there a location we can download this for the GSM nexus s? I've sort of lost faith in google's ability follow through on their android/nexus talk.
If only it would roll out to my Galaxy Nexus on VZW........
seems good so far - tho it has rebooted twice in 4 days. but battery life seems much improved. screen is primary battery consumer again as it should be...
Protip: if you haven't gotten the update notification, and want to force your phone to check in, dial: #*#CHECKIN#*#

Don't know if that works on the normal nexus s, but it triggered my update. :-)
There's an extra * at the start and the end.
still waiting the update for my standard 3G nexus s..... Italy is always the bottom of the technological world...
Di S
I'm still waiting for mine too.
When to HTC Google Nexus One? We want ice cream too grrrr
+Geoffrey Geiser The Verizon G Nexus is skipping 4.04 and updating to 4.05 sometime this month at least that's what I've read from a few sources online. The 4.04 radios were leaked for our lte version but I guess there were a few more bugs to squash. Let's hope we get the update soon because my amazing phone has too many major bugs for a flagship device and I shouldn't have to root to be able to use my phone or have 6 random reboots a day.
It said checkin succeded but nothing happened
i would sure appreciate my galaxy nexus LTE getting 4.0.5's bug fixes soon!
My phone is sumsung Nexus S using android2.3.6,(2nd generation Nexus), dose it support the android 4.0.4 ?
Still no Galaxy S II update... First time I've felt somewhat jealous of Apple users. They get to keep their OS updated for a few years. Seriously, Google needs to get this together. No update yet is ridiculous.
+Ryan Vickramasinghe omg u need to do some research Google does not update other company's phone they only update the nexus line if u wounder about gs2 talk to Samsung about that
I have a Sprint Nexus S 4G and the update hasn't shown up yet?
+Anthony Damiani issues exist with 4.0.2 and being I have the GSM version didn't have the same issues but I bet its annoying having problems doing common things. Google can't comment on an update eta since its all on Verizon at this point if you have the CDMA variant and as for GSM users you can flash it if your that impatient otherwise it takes a bit for it to reach all devices

I could go on but I'll wait for a reply that will warrant me continuing
i haven't got any update on nexus s I9020A version...
Got the update my wi-fi xoom. Did not fix the errors? :-(
Why We Not longer can update the patch manually via stock recovery since 4.0.3? Why google, why? Waiting for OTA to arrive on phone is a long wait journey.
Is it here yet ....
+Anthony Damiani well I haven't had any of the issues you've stated and that was on 4.0.2 but now its awesome on 4.0.4

Google can do simultaneous rollouts so when an update is live releasing another won't hurt also the codename of your device has to be yajku which is updated via Google and all others are done by Samsung
Nexus s 4 g they never sent the update. Sprint lied again WTF!!!!!!!!!!
I got mine Tuesday 04/03/2012 GSM Nexus S. I haven't been this excited for Android since my T-Mobile G1.
Anybody got the update yet? None of the NS4G phones friends own got it yet.
honey i just received on my NXS S 3G!
Don't worry about us and our Verizon Galaxy Nexus...
Q Ross
Give me, give me, give meeeeeee
Xperia play pls!!!! ;)
Any day soon would be fine for the Rezound as well... just saying
When are you planning on rolling it out to XOOM WI-Fi devices outside the US ?
How about Galaxy Note? Any love for Note user Google & Samsung
The nerd-rage is strong in this thread ...
how to download it ....plzzz send the link of it!!!!!
When does it for the galaxy s 2 epic touch? (sprint)
When is it coming to the galaxy nexus for vzw?
As much as I love you android how bout we get a lil better at this thing we call updating cuz now its starting to affect ur own flagship devices getting their updates which kinda is the main selling point for a nexus device

Sent from a galaxy nexus STILL waiting to be updated to 4.0.4
+Verizon Wireless is gonna update the Razr first to 4.0.4, to make yall GNexers feel bad for picking it over their Droid. Just sayin.
i need a phone mine broke it needs to be android powered
I still don't have android 4.04 and I'm also on the GSM Galaxy Nexus.
Sad that it's not even on the Nexus (the developer's phone) yet. I can't imagine what other smart phone owners are feeling.
I recently installed a custom ICS 4.0.3 to my Samsung Captivate and I have to say, I like what I see. I can't wait to see whats new in 4.0.4
It's funny how misinformed how some people are about their phones. If you do not own a Nexus phone, Google has no responsibility to update yours. It's up to the carrier/manufacturer that you bought your phone from to update.
1/100 that should already have it. All the phones that CAN have ICS should ALREADY have it. If one person in his living room can already have a beta done for Bionic than there's no excuse.
We've started rolling out Android 4.0.4, Ice Cream Sandwich, to Nexus S 4G devices. Enjoy. 200+ comments and only about 10 are for NS4G.
When Nexus S 3G phone will receive the Android 4.0.4 OS.
Seriously people, look three posts back on the +Android page and you'll see where they announced the update rolling out to the HSPA+ (that is, non-Verizon) Galaxy Nexus and the original Nexus S. The only one that doesn't have a rollout going on currently is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.
What about the nexus one?!!!! When will it come out for this phone?!!!
Already have that 4.0.4 on my nexus s (i9023). Smoother than ever!!!
Waiting for it to arrive on the Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch
The HTC One X should've come out in Hong Kong now! Where is it? I want it!
Still waiting for UMTS Nexus S (i9020a), that was supposedly "being rolled out" last month! Wth, Google! :(
How does Google time and restrict which areas get the update when OTA? Is there a country schedule of sorts? Would be very cool to see a country schedule so users know when to expect the update to be available for them, without waiting in suspense or feeling left out not getting the update timely. Is it as simple as a scheduled location OTA or are there unforeseen things that influence when it gets rolled out and where?
Tim R.
Still waiting on the UMTS Nesus S (i9023) update here. And i hope that the black screen issue in the recovery mode (from 4.0.3) has been fixed in 4.0.4.
+Anthony Damiani didn't your device come with ics? We've been waiting months for the "official" update. However, I've been running ics for 4 months on my non flagship ns4g, and I can assure you, its better than any iOS platform available. If your gonna go back to an iphoney because "Google is being Google" and wants to make sure the update works, then have fun w crapple. Why dont you use your "developers phone", root it, and get your update? Just sayin.
I have just received today the update over the air, 4.0.4 on Google Nexus S, UMTS version in Roumanie. I hope it will remediate the lag and the calling fail feature..when I got a call, sometime it didn't answer, had a lag and I had to repeat the answering move...
why not in the others brands? Why we have to buy the others new models from Samsumg and Sony with an old operating system. Thats not cleaver, Iphone is diferent when there are a new operating system all can use it
Good, because I am running 4.0.4 since 2 days on my HTC Desire. Loving it :)
still waiting for 4.0.4 on my i9023 gsm :(
Verizon LTE !? 4.0.5 Nothing sense release 10/15/12
Since Google has forgotten us N1 owners, does anyone know good working ICS ROM for Nexus One?
This series of comments has a troll lurking
When we getting our 4.0.5 on!!! My battery life stinks in my Galaxy Nexus. Also would like to add, to you other Galaxy Nexus owners. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR!!! We aren't getting 4.0.4!!!
J Damon
Galaxy R is waiting~~~~~~~~~~
Just got it here in Belgium (Nexus S on Telenet, still waiting for the update on Proximus-carrier)!
Urgently need it for Samsung Galaxy S2. Current ICS 4.0.3 makes it freeze frequently ...
Need the ics on the sensation now . A . Because the ONE,s , are out now . And people will get them . Then Thay no point ain't android 4.0 on the sensation . Because everybody gettin one x , one s. With sense 4.0 has well . A . Wake android . You take to long to bring stuff out . A . Just putting my point across . Have A good Friday everyone .
Pffff still waiting for ICS on my SGS2 which seems not coming at all after 6 months if waiting and almost every day checking Android is a monster. I ll get an Idevice as they have improved a lot (update over the air NO Itunes soft anymore) I have enough of Android. as soon as bugs waiting for 1 year and not getting anothing. that s why I m checking the updates everyday. Grrrr. enough of this !!
Since I got on Android 4.0.4 on my Galaxy Nexus:

+works faster :)

- Play Store isn't able to download any new app or Update!!! :( :( :(

Does anyone know how to fix my Play Store Problem? It's Version 3.5.16
What about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?
Ditto the other posts...haven't received the update for my ATT/GSM Nexus S.
+Dave Byrd they have already announced that for Galaxy Nexus, but I haven't received yet...
+Leandro Cassa hmm really? The Verizon galaxy nexus? Did they say they started rolling out the update?
And when Nexus S I9023???¿¿¿ Fuck off google. You lied about everthing of Android ICS. We bought the Nexus devices because we trust in Google. Very very very bad.

Nexus S was supposed to be the second device with oficial ICS (Galaxy Nexus the first) and six months after it doesn't have it. Bad boy, Google, bad boy. You released too soon a buggy ICS final version.
ICS does not make your phone do anything different! People get so fired up over their phone updates! The only thing that ICS adds is Android Beam and I know no one is using that feature regularly. Oh and you can swipe left and right. Woo Woo.
Peter A
+Jose Jacobo what other smartphone has ics besides the galaxy nexus and nexus s?
we need this update for galaxy s Alsoooo
But why many people ask for Phone that aren't directly supported by Google? The Gnote, SGS, SGSII and by the way all the phone asked for an update are supported only by the Producer of the Phone, not by Google... The SGS, SGSII are updated by Samsung, Not directly by Google. Google update only Nexus ONE, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, and this one are allowed to complain for not beeing update, not the other...
you have to release updates for Android 4.0.4 build yakjuxw managed by samsung, updated always late ..
+Peter Ashaolu Jr my name is Jose Cabo haha.

Well. There are a lot with oficial ICS version already in other brands. Even tablets!!
How about build IML74K? I'm still stuck on 4.0.3 :(
+Pixplicity Yeah! You're advice worked! Now I CAN download new apps via Play Store again!!! :) :) :) Thanx for hat!
Still no 4.0.4 here..GSM phone.

Btw, If you read this, and own an iPhone, you obviously regret your purchase.
GSM users were to receive OTAs .. what happened? When is AT&T GSM going to receive it? Why is GOOGLE so bad in communicating?
Still no android 4.0 here on my nexus s 4g phone I think sprint is holding up the update
I want Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy Ace, it would be that possible?? It seems Samsung don't going to update that phone, do something!!!!! :(
You know what's awesome? Buying a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and having to WAIT FOR UPDATES. WTF Google? Why do you think I bought the phone? Explanation please.
HTC INCREDIBLE S please! You're taking agggeeess!!!
I have the NS4G and still no luck. With that said, the whining has to stop. Yes, Apple rolls out updates to everyone at once (eventually older models won't receive updates). Android is an open source project. Not all Android phones receive the same updates because the carrier and the manufacturer control what they put on the's not just Google. The Nexus devices are supposed to be flagship phones however they all have different specs, as well as Sprint and Verizon to get in the way. The Nexus devices are also "developer phones" so if you really want it and don't have it yet, go flash a new ROM.

As for me, I will be patient with the update. I've flashed my phones in the past, but I'd like to wait for once. I'm perfectly happy with 2.3.7 in the meantime.
Waiting icecream sandwich for my samsung galaxy note.......
Max I
Motorola Droid 3/Milestone 3 please!!!
are there any news for the android 4.0 for galaxy s2 in austria?
I have a Galaxy Nexus GSM, with ICS 4.0.2. My device is one that Google employees received in Canada. But i don't received any OTA update to 4.0.4. I don't want update manually.
ICS is now even smoother on my year old Nexus S
Does it has the same Zero Shutter Lag problem on Android 4.0.4 for Galaxy Nexus?
It's time for Google +Android to provide an approved/official way to upgrade our phones directly from the source instead of waiting for +Verizon Wireless to get around to it (if ever).
Hmm to all the ones that are complaining about your "GSM" Galaxy Nexus , make sure your ICS software is yakju, if not flash it over, and just be patient. If you have a nexus device are not savvy with it shame on you
When are you guys going to release the ICS update for galaxy 10.1 tablet.... Disappointed !!
Brazilian Galaxy Nexus GSM... Still waiting...
Nice for those who really get the updates in time. We're still waiting here for the Nexus S GSM (4.0.3) and Galaxy Nexus (4.0.2) updates in Switzerland. Looks like most Nexus owners of non-branded Nexus devices are 3rd class customers only. We excaped from SE due to the almost non-existing update policy - and now we find it's almost the same on the real Nexus devices. Sorry for posting here - comments on the "old" update informaiton was closed at least a week ago. Very disappointed!
i hv a yakjuxw galaxy nexus, i want updates too!!!! and please increase the comment capacity
Anyone know the release date fof the motorola razr?
Hey Guys, could you "persuade" Samsung to hurry up with their ICS update on the GT-I9100 in the NL? This 2.3.6 crashes several times per day, and isn't giving the best impression about Android. Also, why the hell are we still waiting while a load of other countries already have their update... :/
Also, tell them to F'off with their custom software please...
Wow at last! Just got on my nexus s - about time! All working well so far. Lovely android but not feeling the love for complete lack of response on Google forums re. the 6 month wait!
In "We started rolling out Android 4.0.4", who is we? Is it Google, Carrier, Android, Samsung? "We" must imply the cloud! I use unlocked Galaxy Nexus with prepaid service from T-Mobile and I have no idea where I get updates from. First update "rolled" more than 2 months after it was released and it came from who knows where.
Tim R.
Yeah, I just received the 4.0.4 update on my Nexus S a few minutes ago (-: The black screen bug on the recovery mode is fixed now, thanks Google.
we own two exact same i9020 on 2.3.6 and only one been given the update?
damn it ! still no 4.0.5 for my nokia 2110i christmas edition :( completely disappointed by apple. will never buy a KIA again
I need for my Galaxy Nexus GSM. I am from Brazil but my phone is Canadian. My friend gives me.
Got it on my Nexus S yesterday, it's a whole new world. :-)
It a start .... hopefully the 3G version is right behind
Dell BH-200 Bluetooth Stereo headset doesn’t work with new ICS (android 4.0.3) in galaxy s2, I am able to pair it and Phone Media works with it but not Audio, I mean to Say, Unable to answer calls using the headset. Please Assist.
I'm crying on my CDMA nexus s.
Still waiting for my Xoom to come out of Honeycomb hibernation. I want some Ice Cream.
I'm in Canada with a Nexus S I9020A. Still running 2.3.6. Checking for system update every day. No ice cream for me yet. :(
Glad to hear. Finally. Ics is great. Nexus community got screwed tho. We should have been on 4.0 four months ago. or atleast told why we were waiting for so long
I don't know where the problem is.. my GSM Galaxy Nexus "yakju" runs perfectly fine with Android 4.0.2. The bugs I encountered on 4.0.1 were fixed with 4.0.2. The things which bugged me (google search bar at the top, just 4x4 icons on such a huge screen) were eliminated with a different launcher. If the USB host mode is also working properly (still didn't get my UTG cable), I don't see a reason why I need the latest update before anyone else.
+Mike Jans Sometimes it's not google that is holding off on your updates. It's also the service provider as well
Verizon has control over whether the galaxy nexus gets the updates or not it is out of google's hands
what about galaxy nexus yakjuxw?
Why I still haven't got it? I don't know the version of my phone. But it's nexus s! Pls hurry up!
For everyone saying they've not got the update yet just dial #*#checkin#*# and it'll check for the update. Worked 2 days ago for me.
That's * # * # checkin # * # * forgot it bolds it with stars at the front!
Runnining 4.0.4 on my Nexus S since April 1st...No fools day! OTA from Google!
Just got upgrade at midnight!
When does the LTE Galaxy Nexus get an update? I thought we were the flagship?
Where's the 4.0.4 love for my LTE galaxy nexus?
So when is the AT&T Nexus S getting the update didn't you promise that a few posts ago? Hey, Google, get your thumb out your bum and do your friggin job!
why my Galaxy nexus still not receive OTA 4.0.4 right now?? So disappoint to bought google right now.
Okay, FINALLY, I got ICS on my nexus s...I feel better now...However, thank GOOGLE!
Is the ICS update still rolling out on for GSM Nexus S or just something is wrong with my device?
Had enough of waiting for promised updates. Good bye Android, hello Apple. 
You will enjoy your experience with Apple as you wait for promised updates.
Why not for unbranded UK SGS2? This is the reason Apple getting more customers. You are giving promises and First ICS have been rolled out 6 months before, still it is pending for more devices. really Bad!!
Issue with low speed through usb still exists. Is there any workaround?
received ota update today for 4.0.4 vodafone uk nexus s. updated will not install. phone just restarts without install. update is not installed, all apps fail to load, wifi doesnt work, cannot copy to usb storage, cannot reset factory ... nightmare trying to get my device to just work! can't even root device now....usb storage has fried!
MY IMEI: 3559 2104 2664 738
Päivitys tuli minulle viime yon aikana. Nexus S i9023 Nordic
Got it 2 days back.... Thanks...!!
Got mine - HTC Sensation XE, thanks :)
Why a roll out? Can someone explain why it can't simply push to every Nexus S 4G? Is it carriers? iOS does not have this problem across more carriers. Same thing with Xoom LTE.
I very disappointed about Google. Before I bought nexus. I used HTC legend. Because the late upgrade, so I change to nexus s. I think Google phone will get the lastest firmware from other android phone. But almost few month I still not get the 4.0 version for my nexus s . Now I using galaxy nexus, same problem for waiting the 4.0.4 version for few months! Why not upgrade all device at same time? Fxxk goolge to waste my money!
I own an Unlocked (SIM Free) GN running on Three network UK. Can someone confirm if the OTA is Carrier based because I read on XDA Forums that several UK GN owners on Three network have already received the 4.0.4 update. I am amongst the ones who are still waiting rather eagerly..
I know HTC, samsung use custom UI. So cannot upgrade immediately. This is the reason I choose ORIGINAL PURE Android system of Nexus. BUT I face the same problem. 
What about the Samsung galaxy s2? Deja vu with galaxy vibrant. I didn't learn first time. Samsung won't support their products.
Still no love for my cdma nexus s. I'm so sad.
But galaxy nexus is still on 4.0.2?? What happened to you android, you used to be cool
When does it come to the Galaxy S2?
Google, please stop rolling out 4.0.4 until the "signal lost in standby" bug is fixed! A mobile phone which loses connect to the cellular network is worthless. Google issue 28133 opened 5 days ago and still no official comment from google yet, that's very unprofessional :(
If I understand well, it takes a while to receive the update because servers have limited capacities. Fine, but why is it so hard and obscure to update it manually ? If I want it now, I should be able to find the file on a trusted website and download it with my phone myself...
And the uploading photos from mobile to my account in Google+ feature was broken with 4.04 in my Nexus S!!!! sad, very sad!!!
we should be able to do a check in on the Google+ app Via Google Maps!!!
This is very frustrating. +Google needs to hurry things up and stop playing with loyal customers. Soon they'll just be a search engine, nothing more, nothing less. furthermore, the +T-Mobile +Nexus S (GSM version) received the update within hours. However, not one +Sprint customer has reported receiving this update: meanwhile, +T-Mobile customers are relaxing in ice cream sandwich heaven.
Well I got an original Nexus S in the UK (bought 3 days after release) and still no update!!!
When will there be 4.0 for optimus 2x???
+Anthony Damiani they've stated why and how they're working on it which is apparent in 4.0 which is a major revamp furthermore hardware means nothing without the software and being how they're working on multiple devices with different hardware trying to get it optimized enough not for one device says a lot.

+Dj Hidro that has to be annoying but it being CDMA but more so the 1st launch device for 4.0 was bound to have issues every release does even IOS just hasn't as blown up over the net because many like to focus more on Androids issues and ignore there own.

+Ravi Varma its been out for a couple of days before any other nexus

+Edrina Calderon the current hardware won't allow it to be updated.

+Mark Edwards I don't have this issue but I see its affecting others but things are good on my end.

+Hiren Patel has nothing to do with any of that just an IMEI unless its during a testing phase in which case its controlled
+Narayan L when they say something they communicate well but the question is why are people so bad at receiving and processing that information.

+Ralph Schmidt 4.0.4 is working great for me and I'm stock with locked bootloader and realize its not affecting everyone but enough to make noise. They started asking for some info from users experiencing the bug I heard but not sure and Google never was a company that comments on things just acknowledge and fix eventually
Not all Galaxy Nexus' will be directly updated. Check your model type, and have a quick look online, as you'll see.. Only one or two are directly updated, so wait til whoever is in charge of the rollout for your device to sort it..
+Ralph Schmidt Those radios in the Galaxy Nexus and GSM Nexus S are different, and do not affect the version for the Nexus S 4G. Different radios are used.
Apparently they don't care enough to respond. At least on the iOS boards, you'll get a response. Even from Sprint believe it or not. Not Google or Android.
When it will be available for yakjuxe version (galaxy nexus)?
When it will be ready for HTC Sensation XL???
dont quote me on this cause this is my perspective. no it dont matter, google releases the update to the carriers they tweak it with their mumbo jumbo and release it to public. Thats what the big deal was with the NS4G. We thought it was a pure google phone and would get updates directly from google but apparently do not. The tmobile nexus s 3g got it so you will get the update. Again tho I have no idea. I could be completelywrong. Im just explaining it how I see it.
quick question: How can I hide my number on the Nexus Google S, please? I know, it is unrelated to the main post but I cannot post anything on the wall. Thanks in advance.
How can I update my HTC desire to Android 4.04 when it doesn't detect the update from the phone settings? Thx.
still not receive the OTA update of 4.0.4 for my Nexus S
Still waiting for OTA updates to 4.0.3 on my Galaxy Nexus! :-(
still waiting for OTA updates to 4.0.2 galaxy nexus gsm :(
Why are you all waiting for an update to 4.0.4 which could brake your phones link to the cellular network in standby? Be happy that you can not update yet ... and still no comment or ack from Google about that issue. Affected phones are at least Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S
for an fyi for those with the sprint nexus s 4g phones, sprint is only releasing to the different markets and will be going on through to next month. i saw this on sprints web site under the community section
please be more and more devices available! indeed any device! (android 4.0.4)
I wanna get an Android tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich. Are there any currently running it?
Enjoy What !!!!!! I have A Samsung Galaxu Nexus GSM version with 4.0.1, still waiting for real help from samsung by OTA, damn it like why its not that easy like iphone with itunes...Samsung with kies software is not supported yet...this makes me really before when google chosse to sell Nexus one only by Internet and it failed...come on create a damn nice software open source like itunes to support All devices or at least google phones and which it will be easier to up to date...Mouahed angry Tunesian from Canada...;(((
Yes there is a tablet running ICS. That is the Asus Transformer. Currently running 4.0.3 and it looks great
Still rockin the 2.3.7 on Sprint Nexus S 4G
When we will get for Nexus One?????
I'm sure. And the Easter bunny came to my house last night. More bs from you guys.
Who cares? When my cell carrier (CDMA-based) offers a phone capable of running it, my contract will be long-expired, and I'll be carrying an iPhone, because from the looks of things I'll have to get an iPhone to obtain a phone model less than two years old...
+1 this post if you have not yet received notification for your I9020A Nexus S...
Ok how about a fix for 4.0.4 and galaxy nexus connectivity problems)
I have 4.0.3 updated manually without rooting from official down from Google. A lot, and I mean a LOT, of my friend all have their 4.0.4 but I didn't had the OTA update yet. Anyone is in the same situation has me? Has anyone got the 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 for Nexus S?

Btw Google, I love your Android devices but you really are the worst at communicating information to your customers. We can't even contact you and have a decent response ...
What about the Nexus One?
I'm kidding.. But seriously April 12th would be a good day to bring 4.0.4 or higher to the Galaxy Nexus CDMA. April 12th is my Birthday :-)
Did any one in US got Android 4.0.4 OS on Nexus S 3G Unlocked(Non Contract) Phone.
Got my ota for my nexus s about 4 days ago from 237 to 4.0.4. And it's working petfectly without any problem.
Ya Ser
i have HTC Sensation XL still Awaiting for 4 OS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any Newsssssssssssssssssssssss when i can Upgrade,
ukung x
my nexus s got it, keep move forward android :)
When we will get for sgs2 in india?
can i use bluetooth mouse for my Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 plus?
When Can I get 4.0.4 for my LG Optimus 2x ?
can i get 4.0.4 in my sony experia neo v?
Only for users in the States?
I have a GSM version Galaxy Nexus (I9250) in Singapore. I am still not getting Android 4.0.4 (today is 17 April 2012). What's going on?
Since updating to ics my nexus s battery drains so quickly due to exchange services taking up 40% if my battery. What use is my phone to receive work emails when on the road if I have to kill this app. Also my contacts names do not show up in messages only their numbers. Can you please advise as to when a solution will be provided.
ICS tastes great! Looks even better :-) My Nexus S 4G is now flawless. I'm open to helping people out if they're having problems.
Any idea when it will be coming to Samsung GSII??
When will ICS update 4.0.5 occur for the Galaxy Nexus? I have been waiting for a while and watching in disbelief as the flagship Google phone gets left behind while other Android phones get ICS updates
Still waiting on ICS 4.0.4 update for my Galaxy Nexus on Rogers. Wonder when Samsung will get around to deploying it.
i have gsm galaxy nexus yakjuxw version, will i ever get the OTA ??? ... already 2 months late ... this sucks!
Since i recieved the 4.0.4 facebook is messed up...and my screen does.not go as bright as it used to when in manually made max bright
And battery life still.sux with bigger battery and the upgrade!....i shoulda kept my droid x2!
When ics 4.0.4 come to malaysia
Is that all it took was for apple to get a ban on the phone for me to finally get 4.0.4 update for my yakjuzs gsm galaxy nexus 3 months later....guess better late then never I just pray it doesn't take 3 months to get jelly bean after its released
last week finally i get 4.0.4 update for my galaxy nexus yakjuxw
when will google provide a 4.0.4 update for gt i8150
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