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Today we’re launching Google Camera, a new app for your Android phone or tablet that makes it easy to take quick photos and videos. And being behind the lens just got more fun with new creative picture modes.

Sleek Design. The 100% viewfinder gets out of your way while capturing the maximum resolution of the scene (no dropped pixels). And the extra large capture button is easy to press so your eyes never lose sight of the subject.

Lens Blur. Emphasize the subject while blurring the background for an SLR-like shot with shallow depth-of-field (or bokeh). You can even change the subject in focus after taking the shot.

Improved Panorama. New higher resolution panoramas capture the full width and detail of a scene.

Photo Sphere. Immersive 360 degree photo spheres let you look up, down and all at up to 50 megapixels! For the first time available on non-Nexus devices.

Google Camera is now available on the Play store (, and works on all phones and tablets running Android 4.4+ KitKat. We’re just getting started, and in the months ahead we'll make Google Camera available to more devices, helping make photography easier, faster and more fun.

Check out our Research Blog to learn more (

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Great only wish we could make default cam on phones
So LG users can't try it until 2050 when we can receive kitkat 
Sweet just Installed it on my Droid Maxx works great !!
but MTK could not update to 4.4
How can I changed the size of the picture (vga, 3m)?
Motorola Camera is still better
Not seeing photosphere or panorama on my Moto G :(
Tried downloading this for my Galaxy SIII, but said it was incompatible. Oh well...
Not available in my country. Seriously? 
+Dennis Brioso
doesn't have the hardware requirements unfortunately.
I could not find it
It's been such an honor working with an amazing engineering and design team to make this happen. I hope everyone enjoys the brand new "Lens Blur" mode to create DSLR-like images, an awesome new Panorama mode, and an amazing new 50 megapixels Photo Sphere mode!
It's not compatible with Samsung 4!!! WTHeck!!!!
+Android please add slow-motion video recording just like the the moto x or iPhone 5s
No photosphere on moto g? At least give us 360 degree panorama pics then?
I'll try it on my Nexus 7 for the sake of curiosity but I wish this app is backwards compatible to at least Jelly Bean 4.2.2. 
My first impression is not good at all.
The UI is not so friendly, I found it very hard to find the settings button (swipe from left and then the button is on the right? What the...?).
Nice to see another almost useless feature like Lens Focus and still have to tap faster like a dumb on the shoot button to make burst shots instead of having a proper function to do it...
Not sure about this, the lens blur thing is kinda cool but I'm not a fan of the giant grey bar at the bottom and the lack of exposure control.
The blur picture mode is cool exciting way to start a day +Android
No more light manual control...
Very big and ugly capture button! :(
Just updated automatically on my Nexus 5. It looks good, but I don't really feel like a big black shooting button is good-looking.

I actually feel like I can see much less, even knowing the image captured is stills the same.

On the other hand, I just loved the new buttons and icon. Amazing!
You removed time-lapse videos!?! Uninstalled the update, lens blur might be cool, but it's not worth trading in time-lapse.. :(
How about some compatibility with 4.0 and 4.1 devices? We want Photo Sphere too!
Can someone please share the .apk with me? Google is so good to restrict Samsung tablet 10.1 users.
A mi mucho no me gusto :(
I can't intaller app. How do it? I am from Colombia 
It should be available worldwide 
Can't stand the new UI, especially that giant capture button. 
Why can't I install the app on my Kit Kat device here in Ireland? Do we need to have a talk +Google?
Sorry! But how is mine Motorola G incompatible with this app? Maybe because I live in Serbia? What do You think???
muito boa , um pouco de pratica e tem uma esfera nítida. nexus 7.  
This item isn't available in your country...
Go fuck yourself Google horrible icon 
Horrible ICON. the shutter button is TOO BIG. Can´t take pics while recording a video. Not good update
+Jaspreet Singh the app description says that photosphere and panaroma are included but may be they are just exclusive to the nexus line..
Not available in your country, awesome. 
Glad to see this a separate app which can now improve incrementally without the need for a full system update. You need to add burst mode.
I cannot test this.

Because for some unexplainable reason (I'm sure it will be a good one) this app is not available in my country (Uruguay).

Way to go Google! As usual
Didn't expect this at all!! Awesome!!
Great, available for all of the 5.3% of devices out there. Meanwhile, us stuck on Jellybean until our carriers get around to updating are left out. I hope the "more devices" mentioned means more Android versions. 
Sorry Google devs, but why is not fullscreen on KitKat supported?! Why soo many big button, when there is way to take picture by volume button? No logic, please change it
The bar is horrendous, but it runs smooth on the nexus 5.
Is the up swipe to delete new? Or did I just not try that before.
+Android +matthew rappaport could you guys make it use immersive mode in the next update, so the navigation bar disappears and folks can take selfies without fear of hitting Home?

And no, I'm not a big fan of selfies. But people do take them.
The two things I missed from my Nexus 5 when I move to my Moto X were wireless charging and the photosphere. Looks like that list is down to one. 
Aaaaah, such a breath of fresh air for my Nexus 5!
Why not for Canada? LOL
Hue BR
When I try to install it says that an application of that name already exists and that they have conflicting signatures. If I uninstall the old one and try to install the new one then it says app not installed. Anyone have a solution?
Way better than the old camera app!
This app is incompatible with all of your devices. 
Great news. But the capture button's background should at least be made translucent.
The ui isn't Holo. Keep that crap away from me.
Sounds cool, but I guess I will not see this on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, as Samsung appears to have abandoned this S4 variant to stay forever at 4.2.2 (as well as Zoom and Mini). Oh well, fortunately I have a DSLR camera anyway :P
Got it first on my Nexus 5 device! Its awesome! Very responsive, love the new UI! ☺
+Giuliano Ribeiro The big camera button is kinda necessary to be sure you can see the entirety of the shot in the viewfinder.  When you swipe out to view the sidebar, check out the bottom left you'll see that all-too-familiar settings gear with manual controls (among other things)
it's nice app, but we can't choose where we wan't the picture go (Phone/sdcard...) :/
Works great on SGS4.On Nexus 5 or 4 We do not have timelapse.That is not a good thing.
such sadness phone not compatible
Great news! Thanks Google, I love photosphere.
Can't wait for my Note 3 to get KitKat so I can get this!
Far better than the stock camera in Moto G... Love the manual exposure option.
It's a VERY bad update, I highly recommend everybody not to update their stock version. It rocks an ugly interface, and you can't take the picture in fullscreen. I unfortunately have to find an alternative.
Love it! But where has the time lapse mode gone? Was I the only one using that?
อดเลยงานนี้ 4.1-4.3 หมดสิทธิ์ only 4.4 
App is not available in Pakistan :(
Only KitKat... It's unfair!! 😢😩
Please add immersive mode for this please the big camera button is big enough to take up a big chunk of the screen!
Folks complaining about the button aren't getting that before your viewfinder displayed a cropped image, now it doesn't. This is good. 
Very good new camera app with nice new features!
- but the big black trigger is not so nice...
- for the next update is a picture in picture Funktion a good idea!? 
Just updated this on my Nexus 4.  The camera no longer supports left-handed users! The last version of the camera kept the shutter button to either the left of right side depending on the phone orientation.  No matter which way I turn this now the shutter button flicks to the right hand side!  >:(
So glad I just bought the S4....
Looking forward to getting KitKat now !
The user interface is a lot easier to navigate. Great job!
Are you serious +Android?
Giant black bar with shutter button, PLUS the black navigation bar under?
Why letting the nav bar on-screen with disabled buttons? Just use immersive mode instead... 
Please add the option to shoot 16/9 pictures (6 mpx on Nexus5)
Most options I need are there but fact I cant save by default to external SD is a deal breaker for me for daily use
What happened to timer and time lapse?
"works on all phones and tablets running Android 4.4+ KitKat" WRONG! Not on my Nexus 7 2012 :(
Samsung Galaxy s4 not supported? This phone isn't THAT old.
Bullshit, I have 4.1
Woow!Now we need a good Google Gallery directly on PlayStore
No offense, but on the Nexus 5 this looks worse than the old. Where are the settings for white balance/iso/picture size? Also, the app STILL doesn't support immersive mode and the on screen buttons block the 16:9 view of the video camera mode?? What the hell google...
Now I did realize that you can't take a Still while Recording a Video after the update +Android Will that feature no longer be available?
Nexus 5 - Stock
The lens blur effect actually looks pretty good in HDR+ but I'm not really a huge fan of the new UI design.
The new design is similar to VSCO cam which I also love. Great job Google! 
Not compatible with my device. That's the first time I see this message.
Well, you need Kit Kat to run this - and Kit Kat is an absolute disaster. Not sure why Google decided that batteries were lasting too long or that they hated SD cards, but until they get a cranial-rectal extraction, I ain't interested in Kit Kat! 
Sony Z1 camera app is fine, but I'll try this one and compare. But I'm yet to find a third party camera app that does better than the stock sony app. 
"Not available for your device" Thanks ... Back to XDA. Will get a working version there...
Add metering modes, focus modes and something more for exp. control would be nice. Make the shutter button transparent, enable exp. control in lens blur mode and then add some damned manual white balance presets or even a full manual one it is incredible how it can miss WB totally 50% of the time. To be honest it is hardly even a good UI update and except the lens blur it just takes away features. But really, taking out WB? What the hell Google?
+Evan Rapoport I would like to ask, if I install this update does my stock camera app get replaced and disappear, or will this give me another camera app. Looks like some mixed reviews so far, if I don't like it I would like to be able to continue with stock camera on my nexus 5 stock
Just installed on my SGS4 and on my Mako, could you make a transparent button instead the grey one you made? Pleeeeeaseee! 😘
+Matt Harper You can revert back to the system version of the camera if you don't like it. But I promise, you will like it.
Is it on the play store yet?
cop con
Play with it for 30 minutes. Some conclusion on my LG G Pro camera:

1. Didnt get how less blur works. (just figure out how to take it: you need to hold your phone very steady for the camera to take multiple shots, then move it slowly, and you can edit the blur with G+ photo app, again, only G+ photo application)
2. Back camera either have 13 megapixels or 8 megapixel (4:3 ratio only), dont have 10 megapixels 16:9, front camer still has it. If you have 4:3 photos, it will have a big black bar at the bottom (ugly). If you have 16:9 ratio, it will have the transparent one with the camera button.
3. Photosphere works well, but cannot see it 360 degree with current gallery( EDIT: You can see it in G+ photo app).
4. No HDR or HDR+ (It's not acceptable)
5. No scenes and effects options
6. Swipe right will leads us to G+ photo apps, not ordinary google gallery anymore.
7. No count-down timer
8. Still no face detection on vanilla android camera.
9. Sometimes there is kind of a setting buttons but there is nothing when you touch it.
10. Manuall exposure doesn't work (I did enable it on advance setting, but it remains 0 no matter how I try)
11. No touch to focus-then-takephoto option.
12. No power button or volume key option to take photo. It's important to some one who wanna take selfie but with the back camera not the front :)
Everyone that is complaining about a "big black capture buttton" should look up the definition of 100% viewfinder.

There is nothing there behind that capture button!!
Works even on SGS2 with CyanogenMod!
Although it crashes when pressing the settings button when picking a mode... Furthermore great app!
Why isn't there a burst mode? Especially when auto awesome using picture from a burst
You can uninstall updates if you don't like. Lens blur is nice touch.
Sorry Matt, got the wrong Rap... something... port.

+Evan Rapoport as I was saying: could you guys make it use immersive mode in the next update, so the navigation bar disappears and folks can take selfies without fear of hitting Home?
It's not compatible with droid RAZR MAXX? Wtf?! 
This is great. Just got it on paranoid android, just hope it sticks on new rom/gapps flashes.
Add others have said, your statement of "compatible with all phones and tablets running Kit Kat 4.4" is wrong... Nexus 7 2012 - won't let me install. Just because there's not rear camera doesn't mean there isn't a camera. 
It's replaced my stock camera app from the lock screen cm11.
+David Auster you can always just change your icon back to stock if you're using a custom launcher.
Only updates on my nexus 5.
May I download it on my iPod touch? I would like to prove
Gimana pake nya di LG G2?
Awesome. Hope it will arrive in Denmark soon.
hmmm - still not compatible with Galaxy S4 - Android 4.3.. oohhh... 
Icon looks good next to my chome icon😜
Neither in mine +Ibrahim alzintane, but that usually happen with new apps, probably later today it'll be available... probably...
+Majik Pruitt you said "This will be a godsend for all the people with crappy customized UIs. " - unfortunately, it's worse than crappy stock UIs. It looks like Instagram, the old, old, OLD android camera, and the iPhone camera had a baby - and a lot of people thinks the baby looks ugly. I am not updating.
Oh panorama fixed on google+ nice! Any way to fix the old pictures +Android ?
ouch I was wrong... google+ continues to close non 360 pictures :(
Dang it. My LG G2 isn't Compatable, I'm still on 4.2.2!

Does this update fix the focus issues on HDR+ mode on nexus 5?
Superb, wonderful, very good!
+M Butler True, it all depends on the resolution. Normally, pictures are not widescreen, so the app shows a black bar on the right. Makes perfect senses.
The old way of filling the viewfinder by cutting off the sides was horrible.
Bummer!! :/ my device is not compatible with this version... aargghh. :(
It's a good app and I like its aesthetic, but the shoot/play button is too large. You can't keep a big black bar on the sides.
I hope this will be solved on the next update.
Donna H
I cant get it not compatible for my LG G2 , BOOOO :-P 
Sadly my Galaxy S4 (runnimg GPE Firmware) has a deranged (yes, I actually mean that...) motion sensor, so if I hold it steady to do a photosphere image the viewfinder starts drifting on it's own. No idea how to fix that. Already exchanged the phone once, the new one had the same problem... 
Manual exposure is still there! It's in the settings menu under advanced! 
oh this is awesomeness!! but please make it available in UAE~ ASAP.. i can't wait to have it on my phone.. 😃😃😃
Where is the timelapse feature...why did you remove it?
Not compatible grand 2 also. or Andriod 4.3, We missed some beautiful shots.
+Rob Morris how is KitKat an absolute disaster? You can have your apps completely in full screen. You can resurrect forgotten android phones with crappy specs to a highly optimised version. And Google never liked SD cards because they were slow, didn't work well with apps, and Inefficient - KitKat didn't change that. KitKat is a pretty good upgrade... 
4.4... Where is 4.4 for my i9502, Samsung?
Hey Google, its about time you came out with something for photos. I am definitely going to check this app out! :-D
Check the Samsung website for support updates?
Ui is cleaner and much more intuitive. And personally, in hdr+, my n5 shots are much nicer now. Need to try some low light shots still. 
good to see that you support last years devices. oh wait ...
+renard w SD cards work fine with apps. Millions of people have used them with millions of apps and they work just fine - for YEARS now. They are extremely fast, especially with DSLR cameras in mind, the data transfer rates of high end cards are pretty incredible actually. 
This new update seems to have ruined the UI. On a Nexus 4 a major portion of the UI is occupied by the camera button as compared to what was there before the update. Compared to something like Camera Zoom fx it seems to be a wastage of screen space and also counter intuitive to the immersive full screen mode introduced in kitkat. What would have been better is to provide an option in settings to hide the camera button and to add something like double tap on screen to take a snap (like the single tap for focus). Also still no support for burst mode. 
These are unfortunately reasons I'm seriously considering going back to the closed environment of iOS. I love my SIII, but this type of shit pisses me off.
I was licking myself before going to the store now am hitting myself, I hear not available in your country. What kind of crap is that?
Josh C
+Dennis Brioso Moto G does not currently have a gyroscope built-in , so it's not possible to use neither of those features.
But Samsung hasn't yet released Android 4.4  for the Galaxy Trend, which is on 4.0 ICS ><'

I second that +zak Mitala 
on ios you dont need the NEWEST phone with the latest OS to get updates. 
Joe Joe
Missing photosphere and panorama for moto g. And most of the typical options.
But a welcome improvement anyhow.
Dang... Just KitKat tho
Now if only VZW would update my gs4 I can get it! Come on Verizon get with it 
This is what I love about +Android - the upgrades once in a while, that makes you excited about your devices all over again.
+Yuri Lopes Those settings are gone, which is absurd. Not to mention they took up over 1/4 of the screen with a shutter button.

And they have the audacity to advertise that they "removed the UI to get it out of the way", yet they pull this crap and cover up over 1/4 of the screen with a shutter button? Talk about completely negating that statement.
this new app is as bad as hell!
Just FYI to the complainers running old software. The old Kitkat camera wasn't available on your phone yesterday either. Officially at least. Go think about that for a second. You lost nothing today. Next time buy a Nexus.
+Krypton Mod Google chrome the default browser. As for camera, they won't update the entire os just to add that in. In the future they will, I am sure
Liking the new update but that huge bar seriously has to go. It looks tacky as hell. For now, thank goodness for APKTool to get rid of it myself.
HDR not working on Samsung AOSP and option not present on Galaxy S4 Stock TouchWiz
Not compatible with my S3?? 
Valon B
Dear Google you have to bring this app on iOS. 
Like it except the gray rectangle camera button that takes up a third of the screen, I can't get over how much it bothers me
Editing photos on anything smaller than a 20" monitor is just way too frustrating.
Why KitKat only?! Haven't got the update yet and don't really care about it. I hate when apps only work on the version of android that has the fewest number of devices using it!
+Ryan Martin Do you have it yet. Personally, I like to view my whole screen even if its stretched. Maybe I'll get over it but it really bugs me 
Love how fast the focus is. Low light performance seems better too. Seems that it has a closer minimum focus, too. Got a clear shot at about 2.5-3" (in rather poor light)
It's like one percent of camera 360. Lol!
Received the download today. I like the features so far. Feels like the Share & Edit icons should be switched. Reading left to right one tends to edit before sharing.
Video rec in low light is not very good,anyway nice app but needs more improvements.And it is available in Bulgaria-I am very surprised that so many people said that is not supported in their countries.
The lens blur feature is simply amazing. Wow!
Only 4.4, not for me.
It would be really nice if I could share my photo sphere to google maps from my moto x. 
I don't like the so called extra large camera button.. It takes 1/4 of my screen.. I hate just that feature.. Could we have a setting or something to make it small icon like before
Pretty shitty considering only 5% of devices are running Kitkat. 
Es imposible hacer una foto macro con esta camara .. Enfoca siempre lo mas lejano
Picked up the new HTC One M8 and really love the device and new camera app....
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David C
+Chad F Editing tools will be handled by the Photos app. Also if you really want to step it up a notch on photo editing take a look at Snapseed from Google. 
David C
+George Panag, +reyaz ansari, & +Chad F The bar at the side can't be transparent because Google has changed the viewfinder to actually show what your picture will look like. The older camera app and some other camera apps will fill the screen but this creates a false representation of what will be in the actual picture. This style of offset back bar might look strange at first but the tradeoff will be more accurate pictures. Hopefully down the line it might be styled different or used to give information to the user so the presentation isn't as bland.
Stuck on Android 4.1, telco and phone maker not interested in updates, they want to sell new phones.
Why would someone use this over Samsung camera app which is Vry good? They should have built this for older devices on 4.2 and higher. 
Don’t like the new icon and the HUGE button...
THANK YOU FOR THIS!  It's about time :D
Sweet but no photosphere for non-Nexus ... at least on my Moto G photosphere does not work.
very good soaftware program gooooogooooogooooo
Do you need to download it from Google Play Store or will it show up as an update? Either way, I don't see it. I'm in Asia.
WTF! It says my Moto X is not compatible. That sucks. And to all you Sansung fanboys, you're just as bad as the Apple fanboys. Have a little originality instead of buying the same phone everyone else has.
I wish Kit Kat was available for my almost 2 year old Droid Max to take advantage of new android technology!
sphere on all devices is one less reason to get a nexus now
Overall a very nice update, but I am also definitely missing the countdown timer and time lapse options.
The shutter button layout is to big, make it tranparents please, it's take a lot of space
Awesome. But this apps is not available in my country yet. When they gonna release in Malaysia? 
The UI is a bit ugly. Just saying. It needs improvement. 
Not in my country...... how sad...
If a text message becomes more than 3 lines in my language Urdu on my S4 , it is converted into MMS. And cant be sent. 
Thanks, Google.
It's a shame that about 60%-70% of existing Android users will never see this on their phones, though...
I have a 16mp camera. Should I go buy an Android phone?
Not compatible with my 4.4.2 HTC (rooted with custom rom, CM 11).
Hope they can back roll it to ANDROID 4.0(BEST) and later at some point! Thought the Google Services would solve this back port issue, should be no reason to require Kitkat 4.4.x or later 
I liked this u.I a lot but I HATTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEE3EEEEEE how half of my view is clipped!. I'm reverting back to the old version and will do the same for my future phones until changed 
Not available in my country why ?????????
I just downloaded this, and my photos became grainy, with a pink cast. The image on my tablet flickers some. Worst part I can't get rid of it
Man... I remember being a Samsung phone lover some time ago. But then I took a carrier-bloat-free, always up to date Nexus to the hand. Enjoy the Photosphere feature Nexus devices had two years ago with 4.2, which some of you are still on lol
I like the "giant black bar" at the bottom. It is transparent, just not 100%. Fine with me. Easier to capture a picture with one hand now.
The Google camera app turned out to be just an update for my Nexus 7 2013 tablet's stock camera app! I thought it was an entirely different camera software altogether. 
Is it just designed for Kitkat? My jelly bean phone is not compatible with it, please fix and make it avaliable for more devices.
It's the default on nexus devices!! At least it is on my 5. My camera "updated" to this earlier! Pretty cool
Pretty awesome on my humble Moto G great job guys 
Why there is no photo sphere and pamorama feature showing in my Moto G????
I just received the update on my Nexus 4, Bhutan.
Well, since my phone only has 2.5gb of space left, and I can't throw the pics to SD, this is completely useless to me. 
Yes! Finally fixed the ratio for 100% cropping. Framing will be more artistic and less of an annoyance because of the full 16:9 viewfinder.
Hmm looks nice but getting force close when I try to enter settings menu 😕
I keep hoping for a decent camera app... not there yet. I was hopeful when I saw "manual" hidden down in the presets, but all that did was enable an EV adjustment menu... which doesn't work on my tablet (Galaxy Note Pro, my only 4.4 device, and yes, EV adjustment works in other photo apps). And yes, anyone who thinks their tablet is a camera should be dragged into the nearest public square and pelted to death with old 35mm film cans. But it's sometimes useful at the office, for scanning checks into a banking app, snapping a whiteboard shot after a meeting, etc. There are non - evil uses.

Some of new features seem cute, and will certainly be popular with the kiddies. But basic camera functions ought to be possible, too. 
나가여기와서이렇캐글하는것처음 뱀아누구야  아무리구굴가서쳐도 누군지 혹시진짜 그런대아니것같은대누구야
Dang lucky people with upgrades and stuff that isn't a Samsung phone on Verizon... Screw you, Verizon!
Too bad I'm still rocking 4.3. Boo
I cnt download it on my s3 ...
Any idea wats up with that ??
Give me back the old Nexus 5 Camera, the one that didn't cut off 1/3 of the screen with a 'take button'. The one that didn't crash constantly. The one that took photos  in aspect ratios that fit the screen.
I press the blue button. The older version of the pretty colors.
I like the new app icon but I can't change the lighting and exposure... :(
Lost white balance in video and photo modes, lost scenes setting along with timer in photo mode. Lost time lapse in video mode. Nope... the updates aren't worth losing those pretty much essential settings. 
If ever ill switch to android, ill go for stock Android. 
Really cool one from G apps team ... seems lot of improvement and got a effective camera compare to the previous one on my nexus 4 

Kudos to the developers  
need to make compatible with JellyBean 4.1.2
Available just for 4.4 kitkat?im on 4.3..unlucky.. 
Lens blur UI doesn't seem to rotate properly in landscape mode... the guide icon is not vertical in that format.  :)

Also, HDR mode missing on the MotoX (XT1060) is a huge loss, imho.
+Twyala McKinney because Note 2 has no KITKAT and that's because Samsungs's continous support of older devices is useless...
Awesome work as always GOOGLE!
Removal of the ability to take a picture while videoing is absolutely heartbreaking! Was one of the coolest ways to get non-blurry shots, and really cool Auto Awesome Videos. Very disappointed.....

The rest of the app was all positive too! Making it even more disappointing to me. :(
Awesome, many were waiting for it :-) 
Motorola's camera app on the Moto G has a panorama mode even though it lacks a gyroscope.

Found it very easy to set HDR for capturing photos using the Google Camera app.

Been trying out the lens blur mode-a very fun addition!
+Android why only 4.4? I just got the 4.3 update. Guess I'm SOL
... and nobody cared. The majority of low cost devices still don't even have Android 4.3, let alone 4.4, big example all the MediaTek devices.
#nexus5 , it is g8. G8 pic clearity. Bt it is making phone 2 hang sometimes. And does takes a gud time 2 
The reviews on the play store are horrible! And I must say I tried the camera app and agree. This was a step in reverse Google. Good idea bad execution of said idea. 
Already hate that big capture button. It obfurscates 1/3 of the screen. At least it should be semi-transparent and capture preview should be stretched to full screen. Besides many features from previous version have gone (like scene selection). One plus for Google is for adding helper lines - was missing it very much in previous version.
What camera were these taken with
Snap Camera and Camera Zoom are the best apps on the market. 
Please google I need this camera app very badly please make this app available for android 4.3 jelly bean please please please....!!!
Kit Kat uploaded on to my LG G2 right when I turned it on when I got it 3 weeks ago. My question,is if the Google camera app is so good why wouldn't they make it the default camera app for all droids??
Still learning my Android. First time owning one 
Photosphere and lens blur not working on kit kat LG L90 
I have an LG with the newest kit Kat. Js. Andrea marton
I cannot install this app on my phone. I have an LG Optimus F7 and I cannot find it in the Play Store, and when I search "Google Camera" in Google (on my phone), it shows the app. But when I click on it, Play Store opens and it says "Item Not Found". Can someone help me?
not available on play store ?

where have to find ?
photoshpere gets stuck after taking couple of pics in oneplus 2 phone. any idea???
It should be compatible with android 4.2.2
why aren't the photos fullcreen (i have galaxy s4 mini running android kitkat 4.4.2)
Incompatible with the brand new Galaxy Active Neo running Android 5.1.1 Jelly Bean 
Not available on Note 5 android 6.0.1
can't find it either in apps store
:-( I'm using Note 2
is this available in India ??

If not, when it will be available
not available in our country. this is crap. 😡
I like how it is not available or something in the U.S. lol when it was before, but I guess you can still find it with certain links 
Add a comment...