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#AndroidMarshmallow will begin rolling out to Nexus 5, 6, 7, 9 and Nexus Player starting next week.
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Can't wait to see what it does with my nexus player. 
Wat abut moto g .guys!!will I also get!!!
Pls keep any Indian dish name for next android
Jay R
Think the post said Nexus 5,6,7&9......pretty sure if the 4, 10 etc were part of that the number would be in the post.. #obviousobservations 
When's the AOSP update going to hit? Need to know when to start all the OEM's update counters.
Delicious 😋😀
RIP Nexus 10 and so much for swift updates from Google 😥 Might be switching to Windows, very disappointed... 
+Anshuman Mishra dude, those bricks get their software from Sony. Google is not responsible for them. You'll get your update in like 6 month.
+Ton Wissink Nexus Android updates have always been for devices released in the last two years, the Nexus 10 is almost 3 years old. Your device still works doesn't it? Of course it does, so RIPs and claims of switching platform area all a bit dramatic don't you think? 
+Stephen Cornwell not really. The least Google could do to counter fragmentation bashing is provide updates for their own devices. I don't believe the N10 isn't capable of Marshmallow, so they just don't want to. That's Googles choice to make of course, but I don't have to like it. 
+Ton Wissink They do, for two years, just as they always have. If you think Microsoft are going to offer endless updates for their hardware you'll be disappointed all over again. Or any hardware vendor for that matter. 

Why do you care about fragmentation? Are you an Android developer?
The Nexus devices always get the newest update first.if you don't like that idea, petition google to bring it to your lesser device.I suggest you buy a nexus.
+Travis B Google have nothing to do with updates to any devices except the Nexus line. Petitioning Google won't make a difference.
I'll sell one of y'all my nexus 5 so I can grab tha 5x!!
+Michael Portuesi​ but Apps wont stop working if a device is not running the newest version of the OS. That's what happens on Apple devices.
+Michael Portuesi Sure, I never said fragmentation was the issue here, in fact that was the point I was making. Unless you're a developer it doesn't affect you.

I'm well aware Apple tends to provide updates longer than Google, though as +Konstantin Walter pointed out, that's less of an issue for Android users. But my point was, if you buy a Nexus device and expect three years of OS updates it's your own fault, because the two year cycle has been known for a long time and is now official policy (2 years major OS updates, 3 years security patches). In short, there is no issue here.
What about my nokia...¿¿¿¿
+Dmytro Mamon Won't be happening, it's too old. Google provides major OS updates for two years for Nexus devices.
+Aldian Andrew There will be no Android 6.0 for Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2012) and Nexus 10 officially. But there will be a lot of customs, such as Cyanogen Mod 13 and others for them.
What about Android One Devices??
Yeah!!!! My Nexus 7 (2013) has Marshmallow🙌🙌
I am also curious if the Nexus 4 will receive Marshmallow. Any news?
The Nexus 4 will not receive android marshmallow, as Google updates their nexus devices in a two years period. Besides, some trusted news sources said that the Nexus 4 wouldn't get the 6.0
For environmental reasons and defrag, Google please add Nexus 4 to the list.  There's been an unofficial Marshmallow rom for Nexus 4. If they can do it, surely Google should at least give the Nexus 4 users marshmallow.
Dear +Android , I'm very upset! You made Marshmallow for Nexus 5, 6, 7 (2013) but for Nexus 7 (2012) nothing! Why???!!! And when? 
+jen jeno 
 "#AndroidMarshmallow will begin rolling out to Nexus 5, 6, 7, 9 and Nexus Player starting next week." see the post
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