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Google Maps 6.5 for Android is now available for download in Google Play ( Devices with a high pixel density phone get a cleaner, faster map style and users of Navigation on a device with Android 4.0+ will see a redesigned home screen.

Speaking of Navigation, we're excited to share that Navigation on Google Maps for Android has provided 50 billion kilometers of turn-by-turn direction--the equivalent of 130,000 trips to the moon, 334 trips to the sun, 10 trips to Neptune or 0.005 light years!
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I wish my Nexus S would get ICS (4.0) so, I could see the redesigned home screen.
Maps is definitely one of the best features of Android.
Google maps WAS my favourite because of latitude but now I find myself using Glympse to share location data because latitudes accuracy is so poor while I'm on the move......
+Greg Randall Huh that's odd. I have a Nexus S and I got my ICS around December timeframe. I'm t-mobile but not in contract and bought the phone outright from bestbuy (if any of that matters)
Firstly, I want the ICS for my nexus s then I can have this.
I used Google maps last night to find a very obscure location. No problem!
it says on the store that its not compatible with my Galaxy Nexus.. why?
+Craig Smith Same here. I've had 4.0.3 since Christmas. Google sent the update to all T-Mobile Nexus S'. I guess it pays to stay with T-Mobile. Google always seems to hook them up first, except with the Galaxy Nexus.
+Joe Pas I've seen that, but I would rather just have the update sent over the air to my phone...
Joe Pas
I couldn't wait for that. I'd need an update right away.
+Joe Pas ... I know that I can install it manually, but I want to receive it to my device from "system updates".
you know what i love most in this world? being told there's an update, going to look for this update, and then finding out there's no update.
+Brian Medeiros Well, you're not among the chosen ones! Really, look again, it's a bug in the Market, happens to me all the time. If I got the update here, you must've got it, too!
completely unrelated but I have to vent.
Why does my android keep deleting pictures on its own???????
I am getting sick of this! I have lost so many pictures for no reason over the last year I am considering flushing my phone down the toilet.
I got it straight from the Market. Went to the list of my Apps and it was marked that there was an update for it.
+Evelyn Vela your gallery may just be losing track of the photos, not actually deleted. I've had that issue with my G2 ever since the Gingerbread update but neither +HTC nor +Android seem to care to issue an update or fix. If you search the problem online you'll find its fairly widespread. You need a file management app to browse you phone and find the actual photos. Still not sure if or when this will get corrected.
Aww, we're not light years ahead. just 0.005. :(
How do I connect to google search with maps like the guy in the first part of the video???
i am downloading now, but will try if can speak navigation
Very nice. Especially the fact that it does not update on a (german) stock ICS 4.0.2 Galaxy Nexus. All we get is "Fehler: Ihre Bestellung wird verarbeitet. Der Artikel ist in wenigen Minuten verfügbar."
It's probably related to the bug that since the Play Store 3.5.15 update YouTube, Google Maps, Earth and Plus are not listed under "installed apps" anymore either.
I know this is unrelated, but anyone know what this "Souper Android Development" app is on Droid 3 no one seems to have installed but suddenly have? Can't uninstall it it either, I've contacted Google and Verizon and it seems to be some nonsense from motorola. I haven't gotten any info on it either.
Oh, what a world it would be if all my friends had Galaxy Nexus' too.
Why doesn't Google put these on TV!?
When will Maps provide turn by turn directions for Mexico?

You already have the maps and they are VERY accurate.
Being a taxi driver,i love the navigation that came with my Droid... works awesome!!
getting an error at dl attempt. Either order processing or memory full. Quite a difference.
+Oliver Stahl google search is already connected to navigation (at least it is on my galaxy nexus, even before this latest update). Just say "navigate to..." before the address and it will open up google navigation automatically. I actually use it quite frequently. Also use it to place a call to a restaurant without searching for it (e.g Call Pizza Hut on google road).
That's awesome for the 8 people who have Android 4
When I try to update it in Google Play, I get an error where it says that my item is ready in a few minutes :(
And I have a Galaxy Nexus › 4.0.2
+Brian Woodring its actually 5 people I am one of them. That's not google fault. Blame it carrier's and manufacturers. The code has been available for almost 6 months already.

Nice feature to add to google navigation would be the ability to remove certain highways, for those of us that drive trucks or large vehicles. NY and NJ make it a pain for truck drivers. Being able to remove parkway from my route would be sweet.
More bloat and still no a2sd. Why am I not disappointed.
Completly offline routing please... I would like to get guidance when offline in a area previous downloaded to cache
I have a Verizon Nexus and I can't update maps error 941 Any ideas? Cleared cache and data
+Frank Rehse I had a similar problem. Was able to workaround it by uninstalling the Google Play Store update and using the stock Android Market to update Google Maps. Then you just need to wait to be updated to Google Play again.
+Marco Duran +Frank Rehse I found a more simple workaround in the +Google Maps thread:
Having issues installing to Galaxy Nexus as well. Kept getting an error in the Play store on my phone. Went to the Web Play store and installed it from there. Cr to +Tyler Hopkins
Why did Google release the Verizon Galaxy Nexus if they aren't going to provide updates at the same time as HSP+ models?
Maps is where Android beats iPhone hands down. Marketing still behind.
et zzy
It would be nice if Google Navigation automatically rerouted around traffic like my TomTom GO 2535 M LIVE GPS unit does. What good is a GPS navigation product that can't get me to my destination as quickly as possible?
Unfortunately, Google Maps Navigation doesn't work in Turkey :(
aww ;( that sucks,keep trying
How long is it taking to roll out navigation for India?!
i have a galaxy nexus unrooted running on android 4.0.2 do i have to stock root it to get the update to android 4.0.4..? please help... i am thinking of using a leaked version as OTA is not yet available in india.
This is one of the big reasons I use Android, best-in-class maps and navigation. Bravo
What I get for being one of the First Xoom 3G users we're last to get any updates, my next device will be an Apple device, both pad and cell.
This is one of the big reasons I use Android, best-in-class maps and navigation.
sorry I don't know what comment your talking about, please let me know; I truly don't know.

+Ankit Khandelwal point releases are usually just to fix problems on a particular variation of your phone. It doesn't usually bring anything new. So no need to stress about getting a point release if there are no known issues with your device.
I wish I had friends like that. :(
That's a long journey, navigated or not!
They haven't arrived yet. Nor 4.04 OTA for yakju builds, nor Google Maps 6.4.0 (#6040015). How long you think it could take in case I should have to wait until the end?
Everyone asking for OTA updates to ICS and other things should learn, always get a google nexus device! :) love maps
Is offline navigation possible? If not, then I still find the function rather useless.
This is unbelievable. How can there be so many complaining whiners?!? Hey, you get the greatest app and service, working almost all over the world, you get it FREE and still lots of posts are complaining over petty stuff. Get yourself together people!
And google maps-team: thanks for an awesome product! It simplifies my life every day. Lets me (in an easy way) travel and experience new cities, restaurants, forests and so much more! Great job!
hi did anybody have problem with google play market im havin on my htc desire hd i cant use google play market it shows when im tryin to go in a server error has occurred and i just wanna know if 4.0 comin for desire hd thanks
Google maps wont update in play...
You can uninstall all google play updates and after try again. It worked for me.
If only you guys started pushing 4.0.4 in Germany, so I could enjoy Google maps way smoother. Seriously - why can't you just release the update for all regions at once? Apple does so! Please don't tell me Google doesn't have the server capacity to do so.
Android Please Inbox Me :
i Got an Invention that will change the world of Re-Charging Cards Please Inbox Me ASAP
What more can be said than Super! Really.pjkral
Well waiting for worldwide navigation ... whens thats gonna happen...??
unavailable for Indonesian user
Don't suppose I'll ever see the improved homescreen, I have the i9020a, witch seems to have been forgotten by google, still on stock 2.3.4
Nice, now if we could only make it look as nice on the nexus s.... oh wait, you've decided not to update all of those phones.
Would love to see the integrations on my AT&T Nexus S.
Why isn't navigation enabled in Finland? What is the reason behind this delay? Google maps is not complete without it.
when start roll out android 4.0.5 for neuxs s? i thought it was last month. i was so disappointed when i see its 4.0.4 last month !!!
with this new update the voice guidance volume has gone down!! can barely hear what is being said
Why android 4 is not yet available for Sony and Samsung models???? thats complete stupid!!!!!
^ Mario, because the Android platform is distributed to Sony and Samsung, it is their choice to deploy it to your devices, not Google's choice.

after a factory reset (due to repair) I'm not able to update to any newer version of Google Maps then the pre-installed one. Google Market says that Maps (I suppose the newest one) is not compatible with my Sony (Ex-)Ericsson X10 Mini Pro running on Android 2.1 (API7).

Where can I get the latest compatible Maps version from?

Google, please don't be evil and help me!
after my samsung galaxy s2 (Sprint) updated to ICS (finally) The voice changed with Google Navigation, it is very choppy and changes, is there a way to download different voices for my device? 
Compare to your Google navigation and Nokia navigation some improvement on your navigation like change voice guidance in country wise language,speed miter and many more
But when I go to gplay now it only has google maps 6.1
Love the new design, but I really miss Latitude. Please bring it back or improve the experience through G+, because Location sharing through G+ is still kinda buggy..
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