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Ice Cream Sandwich won Gold for Best System Experience at the 2012 User Experience Awards at the Parsons New School for Design. Congratulations to the Android User Experience Design team on the win!
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Tnx Google ! ;) Congratulations
Android winning an award for design...Steve Jobs just turned in his grave...
Keep up the great work !
Matias Duarte is the man!!!
Now only if I could get AT&T to give my galaxy s2 the update
Congrats to Matias and his team
Useless piece of information, almost a year later, still don't have it on Atrix 2
gratz Android... but hey! was any competition there?
+Mario Moreno II Valenzuela - We don't need to blame the carriers and manufacturers for their skins bloatware anymore.  Just buy direct from the Play Store.
Too bad its only on 1% of all Android devices
lol so the Android UX team is two guys?  i'm not surprised.
well deserved :) can't wait to see what you guys show of at I/O 2012 :-)
And you thought, yes, lets remember this moment by taking a picture in front of the elevator in my autism speaks button down shirt!
Congrats! I love ics on the galaxy nexus, and I hate touchwiz, motoblur, sense etc. please carriers stop ruining the experience!
+James Mason I'm actually going to once Google unleashes the the 5 phone Nexus line-up this fall.

 I personally can't wait until I/O and the announcements of the upcoming nexus blitz.  Hopefully Majel er.. Assistant will be there so I could troll iphone users who like to speak to Siri
perfect gift to make the ishpeep go mad. 
Congratulations! Now fix the platform fragmentation!
Sure wish I could download for my DROID RAZR MAXX. Smh
Now if only all devices would look/work the same with the OS, and if carriers would allow updates other than purely their vetted editions :|
Don't keep up the work and said you do? All that money you think they could hire some designers. Best UI experience for a Android tablet. Lol
I like both really, they each have their own merits. What I despise is the zealotry and ignorance that IOS vs Android brings out.
New J
I'm currently at the Apple conference in San Francisco feeling like a bit of a fraud because I'm carrying not one, but two Android phones :)
+Sri Reddy android is not fragmented it is as it was designed to be... Android is an OS not a device sooo...
+Mario Moreno II Valenzuela I think you're right.... I had a run in with a complete ios bigot yesterday, he wasnt only obnoxious but also ill-informed and semi illiterate.... probably didn't help matters much
What's ICS? Oooh yeah, the update I've been waiting for from Sprint for my Galaxy S2 for way over 6 months. I wish I could try it out.
Congrats!, You guys well deserve it, ICS is awesome!
Not so great when upgraded onto Galaxy S2. How do I take it off and restore my phone, which used to work perfect.
I think people need to take a closer look at this competition before letting their fanboy flags fly. The judging is based on submissions only, and they don't list the other submissions in the categories, so ICS may not have even been competing against iOS or Windows Phone. Note that they don't even list a Silver prize winner for this category
And the debate will rage for the rest of the day.....
Awesome! You know what's even better? GETTING IT ON MY @!#% PHONE ALREADY!!!! Oh that's okay. I'll just wait another six months.
Sue West
Well done +Android

For those complaining about not receiving the update to ICS: speak with your wallet going forward. Don't buy skinned phones & do not buy from manufacturers that have terrible histories providing software updates. A year ago we didn't have the history. Now we do. We know which OEMs update and which don't. Speak with your wallets.

I got burned by the Gingerbread update on my Droid X. Broke Navigation and Wifi. I bought a Nexus S on Sprint (then sold it for the GNex on Verizon). My next phone will be a Nexus of some variety. Admittedly I have a tough choice ahead of me as Verizon has the best signal by far in my area, but I will buy only from a proven vendor.

I feel for anyone who was promised an update they have not received. Especially those who purchased based upon failed promises. We cannot change the past, but we can all make our voices heard going forward:

<b>We demand great hardware with the most up to date version of Android in exchange for our hard earned money. We will make future purchases from the manufacturers/vendors who have proven themselves to provide both of these requirements. We will recommend these vendors (& only these vendors) to our friends, family and colleagues.</b>

So far the only vendors consistently offering top of the line, regularly updated hardware and software are Google Nexus and Asus' tablets (they regularly update their tablets and offer unskinned- barely skinned?- software on consistently 'transformative' hardware).

Speak with your wallets and your recommendations to friends and family. Google is providing the opportunity for us to do so. We must take the opportunity. Speak with your wallets. 
+Sue West I'd love to, so find me an unlimited data service comparable to Sprint please.
IPhones are for children Android is for adults.
Ever since upgrading, my phone has been pretty buggy. At least for my phone with HTC's stuff on it, I don't think it was quite ready.
I already to design my first app for Android 4.0
Bring it to my Motorola Bionic already!
Kai Hu
Wonder when the Sprint galaxy s 2 is going to get an upgrade
YES! A win for android! I love Android 4.0 and currently am at 4.0.4. Its a great system with lots of customization and comfort! Way to go google!
Still now i don't get why people are complaining about the difference in Android OS and hardware.

Android was designed that way so why the complaints?. 

Do people want one hardware and one software experience?.  If so why not just go for an iphone?.

Eric put it right. Its differentiation which allows for options/choice. 

If people want ICS they can buy an ICS phone. If people still want gingerbread then they can buy one. If people want stock ICS they can root their phone or just buy a Gnext. If people want tochwiz they can buy a sammy. The point is, there is a choice and that's what android is all about. Choice.    
Best software ever from ics on galaxy note
The new Tablet that I will be reselling in New Zealand will be under NZ$500 running Android 4.0.3 along with dual processor, HDMI, USB, 3G+, WiFi, 16GB and expandable upto 32GB. The UI is extremely user friendly and easy to operate. Thanks Android team and a big congrats.
Now I just need AT&T to get with the program and get it on my note like they promised
But still less than 10% of Android phones has it. Lol
Como hago para actualizar mi android????
I feel the pain if no ics for my RAZR. I feel mislead by Verizon and Motorola with the " Ready for ICS" ads. It's a great phone but could be so much more. But good job guys, glad you were recognized for your work.
+namoneta saili that's easy to say... Why not buy an ICS phone? So wrong. Phones should be upgradeable. 
Omg stop crying about not having it on ur phone buy a nexus next time shit every one attacks google for other phones that are not nexus brand nexus is Google's line of phones your bionic isn't no Droid from Verizon is Google's go talk to Verizon and other carriers for ur update they don't update so u can buy there new phone that has ics shit tired of ppl bashing google for fragmentation when its not there fault
Don't Apple have a patient for that!
Nice!! Proud to be a part of it
This has GOT to be a joke. ICS has got to be the worst user interface I have ever used on a phone.  Excellent for a tablet though.
super! lookin' forward to it hitting the Motorola
+Casey Rhodes. Both the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S 4G are available on Sprint. Not perfect perhaps, but both are unskinned and they will be updated (maybe not as fast as we want, but faster then most). I am in the same boat with a VZW GNex. Slow to update maybe, but it has been updated once while most others continue to wait on Gingerbread. I did not expect the whole CDMA issue with the GNex on Verizon (& now Sprint), but still, past experience shows that an unskinned phone (& a phone with the Nexus name) will update faster than a skinned phone.

As an aside, I highly recommend Swappa for buying and selling used Android devices. You can get most almost any device (from like new to something to give the kids or just use for parts) and the prices are less than you'll pay retail. In addition, the Swappa folks keep a pretty good eye on things so the site is probably safer than Craig's List or eBay (seems so to me).

When I made the decision to give up skinned phones I got my Nexus S 4G free with a new Sprint contract (I did not cancel my VZW contract but left the broken Droid X on it for a few months for my grandfathered unlimited data). When the GNex came out on Verizon I sold the NS4G on Swappa and paid off the Sprint contract. I ended up breaking even (including a case & dock I gave to the seller when I sold).

Not sure what the future holds for CDMA. I for one will have to cross that bridge when I get there. For now I own a Nexus device that is running the latest version of Android.

cool, now make it work on my thunderbolt
Cu Lu
really ! wow congrat !
Great job! Well, as long as Google doesn't find a way to ensure (enforce) faster updates on carriers and phone makers, and to encourage phone manufacturers to stick to the ICS interface instead of putting their @#$&@$@ skins, it doesn't make a big difference for most Android users as they haven't the chance to experience true ICS, or ICS at all...
My friend, a long time iPhone/Mac/iPod (let's just say apple user) bought a galaxy nexus 2 days ago because of how much further advanced it is than his iPhone4S. Getting someone like that to change ships shows to me how fantastic Ice Cream Sandwich really is.
Oh congrats. Wish I could experience it on my US Celluar Samsung Gaxaly II.
Ice Cream Sandwich is now part of a Polaroid (branded) Internet Tablet now selling for $99.00 USD at Big Lots.  This is more proof you do not need to charge customers a lot of money for quality.
Of course man ,after the awesomeness we saw from nexus , android I like .
Congratulations Android team & Google & here's to winning a few of these in a row I smell a dynasty 3peat
If steve jobs was alive he might actually try to change apple...but hes dead so andriod is in charge
I love plain old ICS.  I hate HTC Sense :-(
I feel like writing an algorithm to measure how quickly any post about Android (even a positive one like this) devolves into a vitreous pissing contest.

In any case, kudos to ICS for winning this award!
How does that work? Over 50% of all Android phones are still running Gingerbread. It is a very limited (I heard about 8%) are running Ice Cream Sandwich.But glad to know that their are a handful of people who have Ice Cream Sandwich to enjoy the win.
Congrats. Now if only all android apps worked perfectly with #ics
Settle down, it'll be available on a bunch of devices just as soon as jellybean drops
Just waiting for the pocket nuclear generator to power them all up....
Awesome! Now (and I'm sure SOMEONE has already mentioned this, but there are current 177 comments that I'm not about to pile through!!) if only #ics   would come to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!!
I am very glad to see your contributions recognized.  I just hope this comes to my devices so I can quit complaining about how it hasn't. 
I'm still waiting for the update for my Samsung Skyrocket. i put sandwich in a huawei U8220???  :D ....congratulations to the android team....
Such a creative name

Hey, lets name our next OS after a desert!
I have seizures when I'm locked into Android
and we are in india not yet get ics update by htc lol...
That's cool. Except my phone still doesn't have the update. So, kinda pointless
im having truble with my androud. Can you please call me at (502) 794-8070?
My Packard Bell 386 still isn't running isn't running Windows 7 yet either
Whoa!  The cool awards you can win when you steal ideas from Apple... Well done Android User Design team!!! 
I wish i had ics (sigh) but keep up the good work and beat apple's boring ui
D White
Great! Google is where it's at because of the freedom to customize your device like you want unlike that rotten apple. Ppl should want a device that you control bottom line,don't get caught up by a brand and that's what most ppl are doing keeping up with what friends have instead of functionality! Go Android!
I wouldn't know the experience; HTC and Verizon won't give it to me.  :-/
Only one problem. It's not an iPhone 
Really? Because my HTC phone stopped working properly just a few months after getting it and three new phones later, it still doesn't work. (No, not user error...I've checked with tech people.) I find the whole android system to be extremely buggy and annoying. 
Great Job GUYS, keep STEALING IDEAS FROM APPLE and you'll be in great shape to win another. 
Who was voting, google investors? 
Congrats on a job well done!!!!! PEP 
I particularly loved that boot loop of death in my Galaxy Nexus that forced me to have to wipe my system data. Thank you for that Best System Experience!
I just upgraded my Samsung Galaxy 2 from T-Mobile to ICS and I love it. Its aesthetically and technically pleasing. The design of it is just awesome. As long Google continues to put products out like this I will never switch to that other company that starts with an A!!!!
Anton B
+Jonathan Lopez BS. Every work in the World is based on somebody's earlier achievements. It's called evolution and progress. You wouldn't drive a car if it wouldn't be a wheel. The only problem today is that some people think there were "first" and nobody else could come up with something obvious like "double mouse click". Open source will change that absurd mindset and help people to share they ideas freely for everybody's benefit. Get used to it.
kevin p
Congrats! anyone willing to trade their device for my Motorola photon?
Btw, no offense to the UX Design team (I believe they only handled the look and feel - and not the internals of the system that caused so many problems for Galaxy Nexus owners). But I am merely pointing something out that has definitely got to be made more known.... Had I known about this beforehand, I would have reeeally reconsidered getting a Galaxy Nexus!
They deserved it, ics has given me the best experience on my gs2.
Android should make a laptop now!
A laptop would be a good idea:)
Did they poll all six people that have it?
+Mike Hoormann I guess you haven't seen the Razr Maxx. It stomps the Iphone on battery life. Stop deluding yourself.
Excellent. Ics rules. Android rules period! If you don't have ice cream sandwich or are tired of waiting for manufacturer updates that are taking forever or you think just might not happen, don't forever about custom roms that can bring you ics. I have had four phones now lg optimus v & optimus m, Motorola triumph, Motorola photon, and Samsung galaxy s2 epic touch 4g. I am running an ice cream sandwich rom on the e4gt and the photon, cm7 on the optimus v & m and the Motorola triumph. Love the roms and lost hope in either getting an update at all or lost patience waiting. Once i started using custom roms i haven't went back since. I also have started developing my own now. All i can say is i love Android and really like ice cream sandwich.
User experience vs who? Apple and Apple? Pff and dosent have any great user experience yet!! Still a baby common
+Android Thank you! Ice Cream Sandwich is the best. Not only does it have great features, but it has allowed something that I had found difficult to do on other phones, that is to easily use my phone with a single hand, leaving my other hand to hold and enjoy the sweet fragrance of a rose or something similar like that. Congrats!!!
Can't wait to use ics and the Asus Infinity soon!
I am enjoying my ice cream sandwich
Now if only LG would finally update the Optimus 2x to ICS
Awesome for all 15 people with phones that can actually be upgraded to ICS. 
Android is always best operating system for tablet and smartphone
Congratulations for develope the best OS for a mobile device. iOS is good, but still reserved for a few, android is for all. Great work!!
I love it on my Droid Bionic! Oh wait, that's right: even though it was promised to those of us who bought it last September, they still have yet to deliver. Awesome.
+Mario Moreno II Valenzuela I've heard that so many times where people blame android for blot ware and lack of updates when in fact it's Verizon, T-Mobile, at&t, etc that do that. Run a custom from if you want ics and your carrier doesn't provide it.
Android is a best operating system.thanks to all Android team.
Hate to be that guy, but... Still no update for the Samsung Infuse. :-\
But how many people that benefit from this best system experience?
Congrats and too bad I will never see this on my Android phone since T-Mobile deemed it not important enough to upgrade it.
+Carlos Bonifax I still remember when apple set a tend a long time back and ended up having to get bailed out by Microsoft. And yes they created a great phone many years ago, however they are not keeping up again. The phone looks great on the outside and in, but the is has become dated :( that's they way it works, android is out selling iOS and has been for a long time now.
Love ice cream sandwich!! Go Google!!
Is is just me or does the background look like a bathroom, except for the elevator doors.  that tile work is pretty sloppy...
Congratuations Sir God bless u bro during yur work see u back 
Dave J
It means nothing if it takes a year to role out to devices. It was nice to think about but now I'm not sure I care. I have the Bionic and still waiting.
Go ahead unix based systems!
I love Android, but to go from a Droid X to a Driod X2 to a Razr Maxx and I now have the same version of Android that i started with on my Droid X is just ridiculous.   
But it is.not available for s2 in uae......
Eric S
It coulda been a smoother ride getting here... jus sayin'
Great job. I love me some ICS.
Yap KH
pls update ics to all android devices so that everyone can experience it...pls........
Congratulations Google!!! I knew thus day would eventually come and I'm all smiles ^__^
Lo tengo instalado hace poco, lo mejor que hay, se merece el premio. Felicitaciones!
last time i checked ice cream sandwich was a food
Too bad only less than 10% of android users can experience it right now.
I would say a well deserved victory for you guys. Congratulations!
Even if all Android devices did get upgraded, how many of those are getting the ICS user experience? Nexus users, that's it. +Google should release an offical android launcher so people CAN experience vanilla ICS on there bastardized version on their device.
There's like only 2 system
Jay Dev
nice friends 
Woo Hoo for having to root your phone and hard reset it every month for it to work!!!!! It's the best experience ever!! Just walk into a cell phone store and listen to what 75% of customers say about their POS android phones. 
Congrat's Google !
Motorola, please update my RAZR...
Ics is a great improvement, Sry to all the ppl who's service providers haven't released the update, there really taking the pee
Wow! That trophy needs to be much bigger.. I'm thinking Stanly cup size. 
A well deserved award. Congratulations to the team!
Enhorabuena bien merecido ke se lo tienen
Now if only Motorloa and Verizon would push OTA to my Razr Maxx
We can all see why. Very nicely done.
Agree. I feel my best using Galaxy Nexus
I have ics on my s 2 as i sent my phone in to b fixed vodafone upgrded it to ics now half my aps wont work sky go .
Ray Du
That's not gold!  It looks kinda see-through to me.
Android 4.0 iz really good.......keep going on at top of the world
not surprising :)
How seems like only 5 devices run it, when it should be on every phone! Why cant my droid x2 run it?? The hardware is more than capable of running it other than a front facing camera. This is bullshit! And jellybean will be out soon. So pick one and fucking role with it!!!
android is really best..
ja, ja, usted no puede leer esto porque es en español, y si es posible, bien por ti
Nice, now if can only get this idiots like Samsung and HTC to stop putting crap on top of it so that we can see it 
Too bad it's been out for 6 months and I don't have it yet.
+ananda niraula Its already out, I have upgraded my live with walkman. Its working fine. Lots of improvements. 
I have Galaxy Nexus, because updates on other phones are coming too late. Google should not let the manufacturers modify Android except allowing it with the App concept. They mostly cannot modify it reasonably and put crap on Android, sometimes making it unusable. Useful modifications like special drivers should be communicated upstream to Google to be merged into the code base.

This is how it should work, in my opinion.
Its done me nothing but good since I got my Galaxy Nexus. Hats off to you, me and my homie are loving it!
This is awesome but sadly most of the ppl never got a shot at stock ICS :-(
felicitaciones Google por haber creado el mejor software de todos los tiempos, pero tambien agradezco a aquellos desarrolladores que dieron su tiempo para mejorar mucho mas un excelente producto como es ICS
Its good but I have problem with hd games on xpera ray running ics!!:-( all of them come with 'unfortunatly its stop working'!:-(
Too bad it's not as widely used as other android version. This is like an exotic car winning an award. Beautiful but only a handful of people are actually using it. The thing is : it's free! Who's to blame?
Great cant wait two see what the next version will bring
R ehb
best for ever...
I was going to get the gnex but i wanted a phone with a better battery so i went with the razr maxx. Awaiting ics..
I wouldn't know, still waiting to see if I'll get the upgrade from "gingerbread'  
well deserved ... ANDROID ROCKS
Long live Linux, long live Open Source! Google forever :)
Congratulations!! But the next time use other shirt please
awesome.. android ftw :-)
i love ICS ... great experience, even on my old SGS!
Congrats to +Android well deserved.
Bravo excellent. Congratulations
But the fruit company said to their users, they had the best UI!

And they paid so much for it!

And... And....
Yeah it should always win using it on my Samsung galaxy s 2!
Android ICs truely deserves it great job google and Congrats
It looks important! The kind of ceremony that takes place in front of a lift.
News alert : Apple fans mass suicide started and Android fans walking over their corpses.
Ben & Jerry are promoting their newest flavor, Butt  Hole Dip Stick, with Nuts.
Nice one now if only you would insist oems use aosp ics and loose the skins
who cares...get out of my stream!
Great! Now get it on my Epic 4G Touch!
Yet the galaxy skyrocket has yet to see this update...
You guys deserve it! Best UI I've seen. Keep up the awesome work!

#PatOnBackForEntireTeam  !
ISHIT for u rock
I know that, its ultimate and most user friendly. I love using Gapp, maps, calendar and music.
They earned it, ICS is awesome and can only get better.
Great. Only thing is my Sony Xperia S is still on Gingerbread although it says on the box Upgradable to 4.0 ICS.
Im very disappointed. :@
Android ICS is the best of the best OS since the launch of a Smart Phones/Tabs, its surely 100% better & best than iPhone...
ICS was a real breadth of fresh air in +Android . It really has paved the way for the arrival of beautifully designed apps, with more and easier to use functionality. Google I/O can't come soon enough !!!! #BringOnTheDeserts
ICS update to Sprint Galaxy S2 - battery KILLER!!  Getting less than half of life as Gingerbread, same phone same apps
tell me will kie lime pie be??? i hope it will be the best os
em little eager to know more about upcoming nexus smart phone from motorola.. em now using nexus s android jelly bean 4.1.1
Is this a joke? It's the two nerdiest looking, worst dressed guys I've ever seen in my life, posing in front of an elevator with some cheap looking award. It's hilarious, really :-) I hope they are both filthy rich. 
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