Introducing +Google Play - a new place to purchase and experience Android apps, books, movies, and music. Google Play is home to over 450,000 Android apps and games and houses the world’s largest selection of eBooks. It gives you access to thousands of your favorite movies for rent, including new releases and HD titles. And lets you store up to 20,000 songs in the cloud for free, with millions of tracks available for purchase.

Join us in welcoming Google Play to Google+! And make sure to circle +Google Play for all the latest deals on Android apps (amazing deals coming all week!) and much more.

With Google Play your entertainment is stored in the cloud and can easily go with you when you're connected or offline. No wires, no hassle. It’s how you buy and experience digital entertainment on your Android device and any web browser on any computer.

Google Play will be the new home for Android apps around the globe. In Canada and the U.K., we'll also offer movies and books. In the U.S., Google Play will be your place for music, movies, books and Android apps.

To learn more read the Official Google Blog here ( and visit
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