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Introducing +Google Play - a new place to purchase and experience Android apps, books, movies, and music. Google Play is home to over 450,000 Android apps and games and houses the world’s largest selection of eBooks. It gives you access to thousands of your favorite movies for rent, including new releases and HD titles. And lets you store up to 20,000 songs in the cloud for free, with millions of tracks available for purchase.

Join us in welcoming Google Play to Google+! And make sure to circle +Google Play for all the latest deals on Android apps (amazing deals coming all week!) and much more.

With Google Play your entertainment is stored in the cloud and can easily go with you when you're connected or offline. No wires, no hassle. It’s how you buy and experience digital entertainment on your Android device and any web browser on any computer.

Google Play will be the new home for Android apps around the globe. In Canada and the U.K., we'll also offer movies and books. In the U.S., Google Play will be your place for music, movies, books and Android apps.

To learn more read the Official Google Blog here ( and visit
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of course US (+UK+CA+AU) only ^_^ nice... i love this things... really.
Google always have the best adverts :)
Nice, everything I need in one place. Oh wait, I can't access that place, because I live in germany! :/
When are wee going to have this in the UK!
So I go and play with some books...NOT. Are you kidding me? Whoever came up with the Name "Google Play" instead of Market should be fired, he is secretly working for Apple. Google Play Books... Now it feels like I got a cheap kid's toy instead of a 500$ smartphone in my hands.
Dαn J
So when does Android do more of these for Kindle Fire?
I would have understood changing "Android Market" to "Google Market," but this... It's just goofy.
oh yay. Another "US" only service from Google. The world is a big place. Please support it like it supports you.
Looks interesting, except for the fact that I live in Norway and don't have access to Google books, Google music and Google movies.
When will I see a Google product that releases features outside the USA first or at least at the same time?! Android is a global product... Is it too much to ask that this be reflected in the feature release cycle?
ye ye. buy a book or a movie. or a song. IF you live in the US. Stop being so US centric, Google.
Seems a good rebranding to reflect the reach of the product... Now the music part just needs to reach beyond the US! Any news on that?
"El documento solicitado no está disponible en tu país."

So sad... i hate when this happens
+Paul Jewkes most of time when Google announce something new it is US only. And then industry complain about piracy. I want to buy music, movies hen they are released. But no one is interested in selling them to me. Should I pirate it instead?
How about you start catering your loyal fans outside of the US? There ARE other places of interest on the planet, you know.
If this is US only I'm going to solely pirate.
Wow, great - 4 services under one hood, 3 of them not available in Europe. U guys kiddin'`?
It's nothing change for me but the name only, still i can't use google music, book store.
It's the same with Android Market for the people in HK=[
Don't get hung up on the name and understand what they are doing....they are unifying their platforms to make them easier to use and understand, good name or not its a great move in right direction, now all we need is this to be seamless and native to all androids moving forward
Music is available in EU, if you know how to and are able to use "google" it is done in seconds...
A bit desperate move.. Everyone knows it's failing and no rebranding will change that.. 3min/month for G+ vs. 6h/month for FB.. gMusic miserable sales.. gReader suicide.. Black/dropdown menu fail.. Keep up grrrreat work. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF usa
What exactly would I be playing rather than buying?
I'm wondering if this is going to confuse people who know the Android Market and suddenly can't find it anymore on their phones. They'll be wondering what this "Play Store" is about, but will find out it is (also) about Android Apps?! At least the icon somehow resembles the old one.
A "new" place to purchase apps... I swear, it's not Market just being called by a different name. Oh, wait...
If Google had the same attitude in the 90s as it does now then it would have launched a groundbreaking search engine called Google which was only available in the US.
Those of us outside USA would probably still never heard of this strange thing called Google!
Boy it seems ppl will complain about anything, " this sun shines to bright and why is it called the sun anyway".'s called re-branding, it's called marketing
+Vlad Shytchenko Nice trolling, but G+ has absolutely nothing to do with this. The same is true for Google Reader.
This new name change is confusing. Google Play -- play what?! Andriod Market is appropriate because it brings app users and app developers together.

This a very bad move, Google! Larry Page should've not let this happened in the first place.
+Tim Harrell Books, Music, Movies - those are all about rights holders. Every country is a entire new market with different conditions and so on. Google still rolls out services to the whole world as long as no rights holders are involved.

+Son Dang At least they call it "Play _Store_". The new icon also resembles the old one.
Google is planning to introduce a service which allows people to watch live feeds of all the events in the London Olympics 2012.

It will be made available to people outside the US in 2016.
I like the idea but stick w/ the old google colors please....color choice is sickening!!!!!
No captions? I thought Google/YouTube was getting more inclusive...
+Daniel Rose yes but the EU is a single market with EU-wide law concerning copyright so why not consider Europe also? As someone above said - it would be ok if they merely said they were starting this in the US but they announce stuff as if it's for everyone and then you find out it's only available in the US. That's becoming very annoying (Google Flight was the same).
So what will happen to the Android Market icon in the app drawer in ICS?
+Tim Harrell No, it's not! Every country has an organization like the GEMA (for music) in Germany (don't know how it's called in other countries) and their demands are also very different.
+Duarte Molha Currents also involves rights holders, namely the magazines that are showcased.
+Google really needs to stop rebranding so much. They average consumer will get confused or frustrated and stop using the product.
+Korbinian Kpunkt Using Google Music is not hard. I know, i'm using the service for months now. But Books, Movies and the music store (!) are a complete different story. They just don't work without any funky or expansive permanent proxy let's-call-it-workaround
Google Market would be the best option. It's close enough to Android Market so people don't get that confused and it has Google branding so people know it's related to Google products. And it's not "Android" so you can put it on Chrome, Android, Google TV and everything Google-related. (Change "Android Apps" to just Apps, because it also runs on Google TV. And add the Chrome Web Store too.)

Just my 2 cents!
no es por nada pero se parece mucho a ZUNE de Microsoft
"In the US Google play will be your place for music, movies, books and Android apps "
Yes, you said that because you are ashamed from saying IT'S ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE US!!!!!!
Why "My Android Apps" in Web-version shows All apps, i've ever installed in all time? Is this list realy more important than currently installed apps in my devices? Why this "current" list in the sub-menu and so un-intuitive? There is a mess in "My Android Apps"... And no Feedback button..
Good move, now introduce some updates to ICS already! :)
Market was a better name then "Google Play" is.
YAY FOR GOOGLE!! More sugarcoating. -_- . U SUCK.. Give us a damn update on your OS, not to say i'm super excited about you changing the name of the market, and me getting a shiny new widget......
I think my Nexus S will be seeing a place called craigslist soon
Great stuff and nice video too!

I think it is great that G is aiming for the 90% now. G is going to really kick it up a notch now that they have a new brand behind this engine (plus the new policy update). Play sounds so much better than Market and you can already see it working, the science of marketing is fascinating.

In addition, to everyone complaining about other countries, it has nothing to do with G, it has to do with laws and contracts. If G could put all their services in all countries they would. Give them a break, they are working on it I am sure.
Too bad Google. Show some love to the rest of the world not just Us. Everybody should be able to buy music, bokks and rent movies....
+Daniel Rose sure it does.. It shows worse decision after a series of bad ones.. thx for pointing out the 'currents' fail I bet that one is doing sooo well...

Rolling our services to usa only pushes people to move to Apple and makes Google/Android look like a cheap ripoff
+Octavius Sylvers There are three problems with this.

Google Play is still a market, not an online gaming service (a la Onplay). The name is ambiguous.

You rebrand when you make a major change (this isn't one) or when the old name is tarnished (I don't believe Market is) and are just polishing a turd.

Changing the name can lead to confusion among users.
When Is the Google Play Music App going to be available in the UK?
+cristian donose It isn't Google's decision, there are legalities and agreements and contracts standing in the way.
Google is definitely a world-stretching internet-service provider and therefore, I think it would be natural for something as big as this to be released worldwide. I hardly think we over in Sweden will get to see even a glimpse of Google Play within the next few years and that is really shameful :(
+Elijah Lynn "Give them a break, they are working on it I am sure." .. They seem to be working on a lot of things.. They are not following the keys to success.. how many projects can you have on the go, and nothing ever seems to hit completion.
+Tony Bertuzzi Google has been putting out OS updates. Blame your carrier for not pushing the updates to you, not Google.
Renaming "market" to "play" is a mistake.
I am a Google fan but a much as I dislike the Apple fanboy trolls that always populate these posts I also dislike the PR types that come in to control the message... The truth is that if you are not bringing something new to the table and only basically changing the name for marketing purposes you are going to be rightfully criticized. There are countless examples of Google not owning up to their image as a global brand... They have to start behaving that way... Now stop marketing ploys and start delivering on the requests of your loyal customers...wherever they happen to live in this planet.
I hope Google Play will soon be fulll featured in Germany, too!
WHY? What was so bad with Android Market? What's wrong with Google Music, Google Movies, Google Books? Why not simply Google Market?
"Google Play Books" sounds simply rubbish to me and more like Toys'r'us than like names for decent products we love(d?)
Entertainment anywhere i want it to be? Except for everywhere I want it to be. I guess our money isn't good enough for Google.
I hope it doesn't take too long for the full suit to be made available to other geographies. Just having access to apps and books in Australia is a bit frustrating.
All I can think of is Wii Play. +Android , +Google , please change this back. It's not shameful to backtrack.
+Daniel Rose ... Don't feed the trolls. You won't win... Whatever you say...

By the way... You can tell an troll by their profile... A lengthy comment on someone else's post but no post of his own on his sparsely filled in profile page... You probably can guess who a I'm talking about.
New app in Google Play: install fun app "Google Docs" and play it with friends". Why Play?! Not Market, not Box? Play with Books? What a crap...
At this rate Android Will be a US only OS and the rest of the world Will be on Windows Phone or iOS. I was thinking of getting a Galaxy Note when my contract is up for renewal, I might go for iPhone or Windows Phone instead with Google's new US only policy.
you guys really didn't need to change the app names and icons. Play Books sounds really, really stupid.
If Amazon can make content available for the rest of the world, why can't Google?
In US it may work ok. But what about the rest of the world?
SocialScope has the worst Customer Service ever. I've been trying to get an invite code for years and they still say there is an overwhelming demand for an account, bit yet still refuse to open up the Beta program to everyone, they've now got the app on Android Market/Play Store but it's still in Private Beta, now Google are going the same way with stuff, fist Google Voice now Google Music. Books & Movies are available in the UK so why not Music? Apple is starting to look less like the enemy of Android & more Google is the enemy of its own OS with its pro US agenda.
+Roland Hurt Google Music probably isn't available in the UK yet because the license deals Google signed with the record companies only allow them to sell their music in the US. Blame the greedy, anti-competitive record companies, not Google.
"Play Books" might be the worst name ever.
Let me just try and predict the new Google product upcoming to a USA household near you... Google drive... Or google play drive.
Yao You
Just think the name is awkward...Google Play music may be fine but something like Google Play book is just silly.
ok, to be honest, i'm a little bit of a google, especially android, fanboy. but what the hell is going wrong here? what was so terrible with the names of Google Music, Android Market, Google Books etc.? ok... rebrand Android Market in Google Market or Google Apps or something similar. it was so easy till now. nearly every service was called "Google <servicename>" and was available through the address <servicename> now changing everything without adding real benefits for the customer seems little bit strange. and why on earth put these services together and invest so much energy and money in these step instead of getting these services available all over the world? i really want to BUY (!!!) music in google music (or what its called now: google play music) but i can't because i live in the wrong country!

if i'm to silly to see the real benefits of these steps, please excuse me.
Terrible name, sounds like a new range of sex toys (at least to those of us who see 'Durex Play' advertised on a regular basis!)
I'm getting sick of this, US only at the moment. Google please realise that less than 1/10th of your users are in the US!
No Real Google Voice in the UK, No Google Play in the UK, shocked Google+ is even available in the UK tbh
Are you shocked we even have Android in the UK?
i didn't realize there was anything besides for America
Uhhhhhh.... huh. Yeah, I don't think I really like this name change. The Market was a lot more to me than just games, and those syncing features are something I just come to expect from Google, since it's so awesome.

Google "Play" sounds like it's designed for me to just waste time, and there are many times when I'm giving instructions to someone with an android device and having them open the market to download a very work related app.

It's great that you're still innovating and all, but please don't change the name of the market icon on my mobile devices. It's more than just a play app.
+Android What is the point of changing android market to Google Play? Just kill the whole Google Play thing and go back to Android Market. It all MADE sense you buy and get stuff for Android from the Android Market. I hope they just kill Google Play like they did with all the other stupid ideas. Sorry Google I am usually a huge fan of everything you guys did but there is no reason to do this Google Play stuff.
It would make more sense to change it from Android Market to Google Market or just keep it as Android Market. But Google Play is just ridiculous! Whoever made that name should be fired right away for that unnecessary change.
Why can't you access Google Play - all the stores basically from your other google services like Gmail, Google Docs etc from the Google bar?
I assume the answer is DRM or the studios not playing with you because you're Google... but why only rentals? For me... might as well just strip that out of the market. I'm never going to bite.
I like this a lot. Finally a decent competitor to itunes means better prices for consumers!
now only if all the different websites you have to go to can be cut down to only one......
Google music is still only available in the US!? What are you guys doing in that lavish Googleplex of yours all day?
Love the concept, hate that's unavailable continental europe (music, books and movies) what's the point without that? How long we'll have to wait?
Google Play does not tie in well with Applications. The name seems all right for Music, Movies and Games!
No ability to buy films? No access to music. I bought the book (can't complain) and rented the movie (480 max res - poorly encoded in dark scenes) to test it, but without the ability to keep media I don't think I'll use it. I want what Steam is to games. I've tried iTtunes, Spotify, Sky music etc etc. None have come through...this looks like more of the same...
Did anyone notice that the book is not synced anymore at the end of the video ? It kinda disturbed me.

And I agree that the new name is confusing and useless, unless Google comes up with a new service that would give justification to that.
Emil W
Why not call it "GOOGLE MARKET" ? Would've made a lot more sense.
play? ffs, grow up google.
Even though this whole non-USA thing is about rights and agreements, it's still not an excuse. Apple made it world wide and so did Spotify, which is a much smaller company than Google.
I don't care for this. I think this is throwing away brandspace claimed by the Android Market. I liked the simplicity of Google Music, and HATE "play books" as a concept. One of the primary reasons I liked the google app suite was that it was separated, and I could work with Music Or the Android Market without bothering with the other, or the ebook store, or anything else.. and you've taken that away.

Way to be like the enemy. Great job, copying the utter camel-dung that is iTunes. Great way to drive off customers
Is a great change, but sadly I can't not use these service to the full because in mexico is not available yet. I hope google do something soon.
just as 'available in the appstore and android market' was finally catching do this? what are they supposed to say now? 'available in the appstore and play'?
this has got to be the worst name change for any google product ever. and correct me if i'm wrong but weren't google music useres able to buy their music in the android market anyways? what changed besides the name (that is just terrible for any users that want to use their android phones for business i might add)?
wow google. just wow.
Another thing I noticed is the URL "". It would look so much better as or even

I'm waiting for the update as I know we are gonna have to live with this name (why?) but if the update is any similar to Android 4.0 update for my Nexus S, it's gonna take forever.
I think the concept and direction that Google is going with this was entirely missed. Poor word choice using "Play" (I will admit that...), and there's always a control group with any initial/test release, but I don't get why so many people are against this. A cloud market place where I can download one time and have my app/book/movie hit all my devices simultaneously is great. They're not just renaming the marketplace, but making it more available and putting it in the cloud. I like the idea of being able to buy a book from my work comp, which isn't Google or Android anything, and have it ready on my tablet at home. How is this not a good thing??? (...besides the name.)
Since when was U.S. everywhere? The name's just embarrassing. Speaking of plus, why not just add "Market" to Google, Google Market. Redo and do it right.
When can +Android offer movies, music, books in Hong Kong?
dear google android, how can i make facebook work on my tablet ? i keep getting an error message i don't have a phone. It's not a phone it's a tablet. help. thanks.
+Abigail McElroy Just Google it yourself. Google would probably just Google it if they actually responded regardless.
Why change the Android Market to Google Play? That makes no sense. I don't play a book and I don't play a grocery list app. I could see Google Market being a great name to unify all of Google's stuff, but to call it Play? That is just retarded. You buy and sell things in a market, which is exactly what this Play is supposed to do.

Idiotic move Google.
Excuse me while I go play a book?! This would be great if they offered audio books.
Where are HD movies for PCs?... Never understood why their available on Android devices, but the ones available for PC are Standard Def only.
First time I've seen the verb "circle" used in that way, I like it.
Thank you!!! I just made the switch from iOS, thank you for the reason yo stay!
I'm a huge fan of Android and use Google Apps for Business and Google services daily. Please re-think the "Google Play" moniker. I immediately thought it was something about games, not a rebranding of the Android Market.
rebranding to google play is a bad idea. when you buy groceries to you go to the play to buy them? Nope, you go to the market. I think this will be bad for new/novice users of android devices. They won't think to click there to get apps. I told my coworker about this, he thought it was some new adult entertainment from google.
+Joseph Henson the music store part of Google Music doesn't interest me it's more the ability to upload my music & stream it to my phone that interests me, if Google did Google Music without the store for non US Android users I think they wouldn't be as many complaints from outside the US.
Noooooooo..... Market sounds better!
what's the real difference between market and google play? I. find to be none,both still expensive if out of USA. Just make this things cheap, the in can praise you for Job well done!
+Paul Chapman it has to do with movie, music and books licensing, it's not that Google want us foreigners to not have entertainment
The one who comes up with the idea of “Google play” and the one who approved this idea needs to be fired, right now. Please also fire the one who designed the new icon for Google music.
Is that 7" tablet frame a hint of something to come?
But why play? WHY? This name ... sucks.
Or has google something to do with Sony`s Playsation? ;)
I liked the "market" with this little Android on it... RIP
Why did you have to call it Play ? I'm not playing when i'm updating the adobe reader or downloading a business app . Moreover, in countries other than the US, the Uk, canada and australia its only an Android Market . So why change for the sake of a few. Where is the greater good ?
I love Android but it seems it's potential it's only for US users. The limitations for users of other countries are going to be to many and not reasonable acceptable. iOS and iTunes haven't such strong differences between US and foreigner users. Apple found a legal way to offer the same product all over the World. Why Google isn't able to so the same? Sorry but i feel discriminated just for beeing a EU customer and not US.
Google and android i hate you so much for not supporting rooted devices with play. When ubuntu develops os for phones I am going to buy and use that. Many android users are power uses and we bought the device for the open source etc... huge loss of face on your behalf boooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Bad name by the way, i have never been so angry at a company before. Google play video not supported on rooted device what big mistake.
"Google Play" as a name sucks. Bring back the Android Market.
+Draken Blackknight we can argue about whether the name sucks. But the big issue with it called the "Android Market," is that from a branding perspective it implied only Android products, when the Android Market Google Play offers so much more to those who may not even have an Android device.
+Jon Cilley Why not just call it Google Market, Google Bazaar or Google Things
I liked it as Android Market. As someone else mentioned Google Market would have been fine. But, 'Play' is the least of the things I do with my Android devices.
I too agree Google Play is a terrible name and all these permissions are bullshit why didn't they just keep the market the way it was? Worked fine for me. Google is up to something and I don't like it.
looked at the site i liked the idea actually. diff name would be better
sorry android but i'm really bored about your way to handle in different ways US users from EU ones... yes The New Ipad is out and i will get it
Besides that all other services except the market not being available outside the US, the name Google Play is really awful, who came up with that name? Android Market is a really well established name and Play Store just sounds really really bad.
If you want to buy an application you now have to go to Play Store?
It feels like you have to got to Toys'r'Us if you want to buy a computer.
I see that many agree that this is a really really bad name for what is a good service if you only can get it released outside the US.
quote from the developer blog "accessible to users on Android devices and to anyone on the Web"...what a lie!!!! would like to see going as much effort into distribution outside of us,uk... as of this new logo and name. if this change would have brought any change at all, besides a new logo and name maybe this would have been a good thing. But this way this is just pathetic.
The more I think about it, the less I like the 'renaming', 'rebranding', whatever. The name stinks. But the idea to make the disparate purchases more susinct, that was a good idea. Sorry to hear the rest of the world was left out. It's an interesting dynamic, to provide a means for mental work to pay off-- creating music, images, computer code, the embodiment of unique marketable ideas... legal mumbo jumbo and boom much of Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa are left in the cold.
O Cerna
Having features like this for only one country is just annoying
Google please! I want my ICS update for Nexus S first!!!!
"Now available in the App Store and Play Shop"
Didn't anyone at Google think of how silly that sounds?
It's also feels very unintuitive, if you didn't allready know, who would think to go to something called "Play Shop" to get applications?
Really looking forward to Google Music UK... this can't be far off, surely!
Paul W.
There are people out there that are fans of Android but not so much Google, doesn't such a move force them to make a decision? Also, I can't play books nor (most) apps. This seems like a poorly thought out move to help other services that seem to be flagging.
Play!!!! simple yet too complex for the moronic competition from Apple or Microsoft to figure out!

Ask any of them what that icon represents, and they can't seem to see it's a simple "Play" button Icon. So what can you find to "Play" in the "Play Store"?
Well you can Play a Video, Play a Game, Play a Song, but you can Play other Apps too!

Because Play is also as good as saying "Run". So what if Google called it the "Google Run Store"? Then all you ignorant freaks could really flip out over the name change! But with Google Run you could also "Run a Video", "Run a Song", "Run a Game" or "Run an App"!!! just doesn't fit quite so nicely into what Google has become known for and that's Playing With YOU iDiot's Minds! ;-p

Google Run..... haha yeah laughable. So I'll take Google Play over Apple iTunes Store or even more generic App Store. Which automatically locks you into just thinking of Music or Apps and leaves you out of the Fun of Games or Playing Videos.

How about the simple fact that it seems Google understands better than anyone, that when you find your fans and users getting pigeon holed into a one dimensional moniker........ Google is Simply Smart enough to Reinvent itself, to fit everything that's available in the Google Play Store and NOT just Music!!! :DDD ............leaving iTunes for the rest of the iDiots in this World!!!
When searching for an App, I am now presented with search results for Books, Music and Films :-(
I have ZERO interest in purchasing Books, Music or Movies from Google, but I understand some users may not feel the same way. Why then, can I not filter my search results to ONLY include the things I want?

The answer to this question of course, is that if the search results were filtered, Google would potentially (almost certainly) lose advertising revenue. I'd like to remind Google of their supposed motto: "Don't be evil"

Google, please let me continue enjoying the ever-improving Android experience I have loved since Android 1.5 Cupcake, and don't 'do an Apple' - I fear it won't be long before we see a Google Play client, and it'll be the iTunes fiasco all over again.

Also, Google Music doesn't work in the UK yet, so an entire quarter of this new experience is not available to me.
I would have preferred it if regional-support was improved before this unnecessary change was made.
+Google +Larry Page +Hugo Barra Please, Please change it back to Android Market, you can keep the added features but just change it back to Android Market. Google Play kills me and other "valued" customers mentally badly. Remember Don't Be Evil
Hate the name and the stupid new icon, Playstore sounds really generic, like it could be something from RIM. Miss the Market already
Alright... c'mon guys & gals at Google... this is really just a long ramp-up to one of your famous April Fool's jokes, right? I mean... "Google Play"? Such a stupid, stupid name. Ha! That's hilarious -- you almost had me!! Well, if this is for real, then you can use "Google Play" in your own internal documentation, memos, etc. all you want; but your store shall henceforth be known as "Google Market" by the rest of the outside world. There. Problem solved.
Using tor network I can get at least free books in Germany :.-(
Google, please be aware:
Not all of us live in the US!
I'm with the comments above. Where is ICS for the Nexus S. It's been months. This is why we bought a Nexus device. The lack of communication is insulting.
As usual; small print: US only. Soooo tired of the media companies of the last century...
Well I'm unsure of why all the new changes, but since Google has introduced Google play, I cannot even access the store nor any of my other apps I've downloaded. The Nexus is becoming more trouble than it's worth not to mention all the crazy changes. Fix what's already broken, instead of trying to put new clothes on it and call it better.... I'm about to say the hell with it and go back to my iPhone, for real!
One more step to push business away from Google then to embrace them. A name is everything....
Google Gay.....Not that there's anything wrong with that. Thanks, but no thanks.
I can't use and download apps from google play. Why can't I use? I am from Myanmar. What can I do?
Android Market was better. Google Play will most likely suggests that it's a gaming related thing. I'd say Google Market is a good name.
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