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Over 900 million Android devices have been activated so far! 

Announced at Google #io13 #keynote, which just began:
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My biggest "ooooooh" moment so far was the bi-directionality of GCM :)
Te Ku
Samsung Galaxy 4 with 4.2.2 with direct updates from Google.

Would have been happier, had it been a Sony 
I hope other brands of Android phone will be able to use it.
Erie T
When the S4 with pure google is released, devs will extract the pure rom and make it flashable to current S4 simply.
amazing! :D totally enjoying this to the fullest 
Still no sign of a Google music uploader for Chromebooks and no syncing for Google tasks in Calendar for Android! Grr
Still no release date for play store voucher/ cards in the UK. This sucks balls !!

My HTC one is the best thing ever. I came from an iPhone.
Came from iPhone 3GS since it came out, got a Nexus 4 and couldn't be happier.
Galaxy S III makes the WhyPhone look like a useless piece of metal... 
Solo I'm looking at a little android netbook running ICS? Any thoughts?
I feel Google should launch Google command in there next android os update this feature will allow the users to speak to there smart phones and tablets. Users will be allowed to lock and unlock their android phones and tablets by just saying lock phone and unlock phone

Igor M
Doesn't say anything: personally, I activated 4, hardly use 1.
Ciao, sarà rilasciato un aggiornamento per la versione Android del Galaxy GT-S5570I
How many of these users wanted to save their apps on an sd card but can't anymore thanks to complete idiots??? Thank you Google for making my brand new Samsung Xcover2 totally useless for work with it's laughable tiny internal 1Gb of storage.. Please put app2sd back. At least as a user choice if you're concerned about security..
kapan bisa di terbangkan dan opersikan ke konsumen...
A slightly misleading statistic, android devices that die do not get taken off the headline figure.
+Евгений Виткалов
And app2sd does not work in certain phonemodels including Xcover2 whatever the android version. Samsung says it's Google's fault and Google says it's Samsung's factory settings... which one to trust? Unlocking phone and installing custom rom helps but I don't want to do that since it breaks guarantee.
+Juho Anttonen guarauntee often is just word on paper, in reallity, you coudn't get free repair in some situations.

and guarauntee is not so important - vendors provide high quallity devices - so each device haven't need to be repaired.

plus the flashing counter (samsung likes to integrate it to their devices (showing counted number of flashed custom ROMs)) simply get nulled by custom made JIG (microUSB-gadget)

and if there isn't any counter - before you go to service centre, you can flash stock firmware, and it's all. often the employers of the service "closing his eyes" on your custom firmware, and doing repair for free.
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