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Our new #AndroidPhotography cover photo of the Caucasus Mountains was taken by +Artem Arakelov with Galaxy Nexus from the top of Mussa-Achitara mountain (altitude about 3,300 meters above sea level).
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Great shot! What's that man-made object on the far right of the photo? Sled? Darnit, when will Google+ come out with an "Enhance" button! :-)
+Thaddeus Pecorak Vendors don't want to update what you bought, they want to sell something new. Still waiting on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, but my Nexus S was done last December.

Maybe I'll only buy Google devices in the future....
I have the Droid X witch is pretty good quality but not as good as that! :)
That is a really good panorama by the way.
+Artem Arakelov Was that edited or did you do it on panorama setting?
What a gorgeous view!
Sprint galaxy nexus shipped with 4.0.4 XD
Bang!!!" Galaxy nexus has a shit camera" I'm sorry maybe your shit at photography? Proof in the photo . Great shot, congratz on the climb
who cares!! really tell if u really care what this guy doese!!
Thats is ama awesome shot, especially from a phone.
Got a big family so panoramic mode is useful for family pics xD
wow really i was planning on getting one and i am sorry that happen.
i support the cow in the rainbow
Awesome! Nice use of the panorama mode, there. I'm loving my international GSM Galaxy Nexus. Thank you, Google!
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i phone beat that no i don't think so
Can't wait to get my nexus tomorrow, thank you Google play
get the freaking iPhone why don't ppeope get an iPhone androids are stupid
Spoken as eloquently as I would expect of an iFan.
@Connor Shinn cause most of us who use Android like to customize our phones and not have to pay for everything like Apple users. ;)
+Connor Shinn iPhones are 'stupid' too. iPhone or Android, its still a computer and only as smart as the software it runs. No actual intelligence exists on the devices.
the intelligence it has siri an intelligent artificial program on it
One of the main reasons I bought my Android phone was it's claim to be able to take good video footage and good photographs, mine does neither as well as it claims to...
i had an android once and i hated it now i have an i phone and i love also i an not an if an apple is just a superior product and lastly if you don't have an i phone has it ever occurred to you that many you just don't have the money for it so suck it
I wouldn't touch an iphone with the end of yours buddy...and I've seen the photo's that come off an iphone, they're about the same, crap...
I bought a android once not making that mistake again.....
Lol. Apple fans gonna flame.
Just shut it already. The camera is good. If you want real high quality, then buy a real camera, not a phone.
So, back to the Android.
That's a very nice photo. I used my Samsung Galaxy SII once to shoot a few pictures of the moon through my telescope. Went very well and the resulting pictures were quiet detailed too.
Let me rephrase of what I just said android sucks and apple rocks DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!
i started all this shit irule apple all the way
If you call yourself a photographer and you use a phone (Android or iPhone) you are failing. Use a real camera or hang it up. 72 dpi jpegs are not a good starting point for doing any kind of photo editing. 
I don't see why this turned into Apple bashing. Nice work by the way, on the stitching.
So much adolescent bullshit combined with atrocious grammar would be funny if it wasn't so sad.Incredible photo.
:D It's funny to see Apple fanboys on google+ flaming on a post about the camera, why? Could it be iPhone has always had lower res camera than the top tier Androids? Or is it because its stock has been falling regularly ~17% over the past week. Steve Jobs failed multiple times to keep Apple profitable, they still have less than 9% of the PC market, and have fallen from 80%+ of mobile to less than 30%, and 90% of the tablet market to 55%. It will fail again, and where will these rabid fanboys be? Living the cult life while the rest of us consumers enjoy the best products from the best companies in the world. Loyalty to a company is the most inept attitude a consumer can adopt. I use the best equipment period, if it were Apple I'd have an iPhone, it's not.
#James Nelson I could not disagree more. You obviously have no idea about Apple whatsoever. You clearly have an Android, diluting your sense of quality on a product that is an imitation of a clearly better one. However, this is not about insulting Android. I personally love Google, but I just think that people that insult Apple to make their close-minded ideas look more intelligent, is a little pathetic.
I think apple obviously won this battle :)
Isn't it obvious apple is more awesome than stupid android :)
Oh yeah, everyone around me has the iPhone...Apple is absolutely nothing compared to Android!
Oh my hell do u people have brains!!!!!!!
what happened to my argument i started and if you look back in the comments i started it i love google but the android is crap they obviously lied and took that picture with a slr camera aka a professional camera and every one has iPhones we are now ifanboys but only the more intellectual for we can see beyond all of the crap to the truly good products aka tho iPhone while android tries to make impressions of the iPhone with this unrealistic garbage for the few who can see have been brought to the side people who troll might be only being whimsical now lets see how many comments we can generate up shall we :p
i did start this crap and someone by now should have realized that i have an evil side
Well if u read previous comments we got into a argument of which was better android and apple obviously apple
@Alexa. I have both Apple and Android. I hardly ever use the iPhone and the iPad anymore because it is so inferior to my Samsung Galaxy tab and my HTC One. These two make my Apple stuff look like pre-production prototypes. Of course, anyone who has fallen hook line and sinker for the Apple hype will not agree.
The in-phone stitching looks bad. look at the top of the image in the middle, then move your eyes to the left and notice the vertical lines.
I love my nexus but I doubt my battery would have lasted to the top of the mountain :P
i have iphone but my dad has android and i say iphone is so much better then the android. the iphone can do so much that the android cant do
Alex V.
Amazing landscape
Matt S
I hope that with next +Android #jellybean (i doubt it would be 5.0 maybe 4.1 or 4.2) you will improve panorama mode quality its a bit blurred at times. I wouldn't mind waiting few more minutes for full resolution panorama
Nice picture ! But why the hell these iFans come here and critisize a picture taking from android phone?! Go Back to your apple fansite to be brainwashed !
as for me, default android camera doesn't do good panorama pictures. as u can see on this one, there is problem with brightness (dark part in middle sky) it's on every panorama shot i take
Cong Ma
That's no finger. I think the cause is the camera software trying to perform different levels of exposure balancing in individual frames, creating the banded artifact in the combined picture.
This picture looks mine ! Taken with HTC Desire Z.
Excellent picture made with #galaxynexus
Great shot. Weak camera (Samsung should not have given Google Nexus inferior camera hardware to their Galaxy flagships...)
Like how it stitched it together very nicely. Wonder what was the temp reading? With clear skies too, couldnt have asked a better shot.
How lucky we are you would share such sacred beauty with all. 
Matt S
+Jason Combs a good photographer will take a good photo with any camera. Just because you have mk3 it doesn't mean you're a pro.
You know you're doing really, really good when people think you used a real camera.
U know what it is a pretty pic but apple is still better :)
People that argue about which is better iPhone or Android as if it's a religion fail at life. 
Honestly, people with Apple products think that they use great products. There's no denying Apple are doing a good job, however, after using an old Android phone (running Froyo) you can see how behind Apple are, and that OS is years old!
She has been in the iShelter too long..
+Alexa Thatcher Based on the fact that you used the phrase "I bought an android once" I am willing to bet you have no idea about technology and just got confused. You can't just lump all Android phones in to one big group. Some Android phones are God awful, I bought a HTC Dream when it first came out and it was so bad I traded it for an iPhone 3g. However, I now prefer the Galaxy Nexus to my previous phone, an iPhone 4. If you don't like to tinker and customize and just want something any idiot with two thumbs can use you should probably stick with the iPhone. In summation Android and iOS both need to exist so they can both keep getting better. Look at how RIM stagnated with no competition for so long. Android just isn't for everyone but neither is the iPhone. I for one will continue to use whatever I like better regardless of your opinion.
+Alexa Thatcher just stop. While I have nothing against iPhone, I prefer android. You are being a flat out troll. If you don't like android, don't comment on their posts. Meanwhile, some android fans here are being just as bad. The iPhone is a good phone. I won't deny that. But trolling in the name of android is still trolling. Also, saying that the android camera is awful is wrong, and if you don't like these pics, remember that the hardware (not the software) is what makes the camera good, and this is just one android phone. Lastly, if you want amazing and professional photos from a phone, your only real option is the Nokia pureview 404 ;p

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those mountains are breathtaking
Ar Hy
Amazing !!!
gracias por el servicio android que DIOS lo colme de saviduria y bendiciones
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