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#AndroidTip: In Android 4.0, you can use handy icons to select, cut, copy, and paste when inputting text. Just touch & hold the text and use the icons in the action bar to edit. If you're unsure about what an icon means, just long-press on it to see its description. Learn more by visiting the Android 4.0 Help Center:
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Since only about 1% of +Android phones/tablets actually have #ICS, this tip is a little... um... narrowly focused.
Wait, there's a 4.0 ?..... When the hell is that coming out?
Really? Spam about Gingerbread on a Ice Cream Sandwich post....
Well, the other 99% should get on the bandwagon! Custom ROMs FTW.
Hey +Noah Rusnock it may be narrow but it helped me. I am still learning the basics and I have had the GNex for over a month. The long press tip is awesome. 
Yeah. My smartphone is an Optimus ME and I still make do with the Froyo for crying out loud!

As soon as I get some free time, I'm moving to CyanogenMOD.
Custom rom is the way to go, loving Android 4.0.4 on my HTC desire HD :)
Among the four icons (among which only three are explained in the "Use the keyboard" help page, by the way), "cut" is easily guessable, and "copy" perhaps is also after staring the icon long enough, but it does not click that a clipboard icon means to "paste", at least for me.

And what is that 4-split windowpane icon? I can try and discover that it seems to mean "select all", but I wouldn't call it intuitively guessable.
ICS is portable (still laggy) on my Galaxy Next (mini or pop as you prefer) soooo.... Custom Rom is the way!
I want the long waited ICS for my Nexus S...
Icons for Cut/Copy/Paste should be more clearly defined. The pictures don't really help in defining what each button does. Just saying...
I'll never see Android 4. I have the misfortune of getting a new subsidized phone contract in July of 2011 for a phone that just came out then. Not a single upgrade came to that phone and now ICS won't either. Of course this was Motorola. So Google - when your purchase finalizes - fix this.
Now; if there phones that actually Have ICS; this would be useful.
+Curt Wrigley By the time these phones do come out, banana split or whatever it will be called will have been out for 6 months. The trend will continue unfortunately.
+Sean Badoud that's what Google says. Carriers do not stop MS from updating WP7. Know why? Because Microsoft knows a bit about creating universal operating systems which run just fine on any possible hardware out there with any carrier/provider/oem mods.

It's called MODULARITY, a little something Google engineers never heard of.
cut the Bullz sh** .... where is my ICS ???? HA ??? (Nexus S Europe GSM)
I'm waiting for a portuguese (Portugal) dictionary... and the 4.0.4 update for my gsm galaxy nexus
For those griping about how difficult it is to interpret the icons did you skip over the part of the post that gives the tip to long press the icon to see what it means? -running 4.03 on GSII Skyrocket.
Hey, +Android ! Can we have a magnifying glass too? Or did Apple patent that?
A little bug appears when you try to select and copy text in Chrome Beta. When you press the "Done" button in the top left corner the adress bar never returns. It just remains a large grey box.

HTC Sensation ICS 4.0.3.
Unifying the new symbols across desktop products, such as Gmail, would be nice. Really like the look on my Nexus S (4.0.4)
+Sean Badoud first of all WP7 device are not all the same. Second, their hardware limits come from MSs wish to unify user experince. Yet full WinCE is running inside which is easily installable on any device including laptops. Even old Win Mobile apps can launched with a thin layer added.

And take a look at desktop Windows - every manufacturer has lots of customizations and none of them prevents me from regular updates, even big ones like Service Packs.

Because OS is OS, customizations are customizations.These parts must be independent to a large extent. The problems with Android are lack of proper APIs and lack of modularity. You can't modify status bar with open APIs no matter how much you try - you must dig somewhere deep inside. This is broken by default. And Google's stanceon "we are open" is just a myth. I did a lot of hacking for my device and it is waaaay harder than hacking Windows 7 which is close-sourced.
I have ICS 4.03 on my ASUS Transformer - just as a firmware upload. Working better now with the ICS for sure. Lx
Suggestion for future versions of Android, label the buttons for the cut/copy dialog bar, i can never figure out what button do what.... you should do more testing with people outside of google before you deem a new element a good idea....
Only thing that sucks about this is the lack of standards even across Google Apps in which this is the case. Still won't make me switch to something else though, so I guess it can't be that bad.
Ah but this copy and paste doesn't always go across apps - If I copy from say Kingsoft Office and try and paste it on to using Dolphin for pad in the web based editor there is nothing in the clipboard to paste though I can copy and paste internally to both applications individually!
Maybe it's just me, But I find the copy and paste in Android is always so broken. When the two sliders show up, no matter where I drag, I can never get any fine tuned selection to copy. The times I can successfully copy, I always have to edit extra stuff out after pasting. It would be so much easier if I could just slide my finger over text ( after selecting a copy function) instead of having to use those sliders.
I have a good tip; download Andy application it destroys Siri!
+Roger Wheatley, it's not just you. For me, at least, I think it has to do with stubby fingers maybe combined with imprecise touch-detection.
This was news to me. I'm the 12 person with ICS. What does the check mark do?
Yep copy and paste nearly had me returning my ASUS. The Ics Has made a huge difference but it is still irritating that i bought this to make poetry writing/editing/performance easier and i find copy and paste so clunky i end up going back to my windows laptop to fine tune and copy back and forth between a word type editor and the poetry site i use as poetry repository, Lx
that dose not make any sence to me haha sorry i cant help
I'm stuck with 2.3.5 on a ZTE Warp... any way to upgrade this?
+Greg Ryals yes throw your piece of shit phone in the trash, get a better job and go out to your local Verizon store and buy a Galaxy Nexus 4.0 with a $80 plan. If you can't do this, you can't upgrade that.
Still waiting for my ICS update nexus s user here

When will my Nexus that has been on 4.0.2 since January get the 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 update?!?!?!?!?
Giv the HTC Wildfire Users the Ice Cream Sandwich update, we been stuck on android 2.2 for a while
Nexus S user here. Been promised this update to ICS four times now. Still nothing. Seriously starting to look at an iPhone
So will ics be on the galaxy player 5? Thats what I have...
I just found this out accidentally, it really is a great feature. I use it often now that I'm aware it is there.
The nexus s for at&t are gonna have this update some day? this is ridiculous 
Use this all the time. Good stuff.
For all the people complaining about the lack of updates to non Nexus devices - this is not the right place! once Google has released the source code for that version of Android, it's up to carriers, such as HTC or Motorola, to make then work for each phone and then push the update. (after the carrier has had a good look at it)
Icons white with same colour background when writting app review on market. Also, doesn't work in landscape mode. Hate it
They're taking faaaaaaaarrrr tooooooooooooo long with this ICS 4.0 update <_<
+Android still running 4.0.2 on my GSM Galaxy Nexus which I am using on T-Mobile USA. Have not seen the update yet, starting to think I will not see it. I know that there're ways to updating it but why bother I should see it from you. This makes me angry >:]
Slight update to +Frazer McIntosh it is up to the device OEM's like Huiwai, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG and such to work with carriers like O2, T-Mobile, Vodaphone, China Unicom, China Mobile, Verizon, AT&T to release a updated stable package for the embedded user base.

The pressure needs to be applied / issue discussed with them. Coming online to any forum outside of that combination of Vendor/Carrier for your phone is a waste of your time and energy.
this is great. Now all you need to do is to release ICS for the unlocked nexus S, disgraceful performance for Google's own line of phones.
yeah, this would help if my Droid X2 was going to get ICS, but it isn't.
woah, who's YOU? that guy!
not talkin to u alaina srr but i bet your food was good
For +Calvin Henderson, +Frazer McIntosh, and all the people commenting about ICS complaints:

Google markets its phones with the Android and Google brands. The market is Google Play. The only time most people see the name of their OEM is when they first buy the phone, then maybe on their boot screens when restarting.

I love my Captivate with CM9, so this situation doesn't affect me personally. Still, as long as there are customers who don't DIY or who just have better things to do than research splintered contact details, OS release management and feature portability will be a problem that continues to snowball for Google.

Google may not care (and may have made a strategic decision to simply ignore this issue at the consumer level), but consumers are going to keep griping about it because they use their Google accounts on their phones and see the word "Google" everywhere when interacting with those devices.

Telling those customers to stop complaining, or to complain elsewhere to a variety of equally deaf OEM's, can have only one result: those customers will stop buying Android devices, and the everyday "techies" consumers consult with before making their purchases will stop recommending Android.

--- Edit after original post: ---

I realize this may read like I am calling out the tagged people as "wrong"; that's not my intent. You provided useful information to people - they can't take their case to Google, because only the OEM has control over whether their individual phone gets the upgrade. I'm just frustrated by the whole thing; Google has a huge audience of consumers who want to pour money into their ecosystem, but they don't know how to communicate with that audience in any meaningful way; it's like upgrade paths were a complete afterthought, and it sucks.
I want to use Android 4.0.x. I already use Samsung Nexus S (Korea version). But... Google don't update 2.3.4 to 4.0.x.

I want to use Android 4.0.x.
+Jim Jurista In most cases what you're saying is correct. However, there is one exception...the Nexus line of phones. They are not carrier specific and have nothing to do with waiting for example, Samsung to send the update.
Also, it's unfortunate that Google provides no means of contact for those who are frustrated with their Nexus devices (trust me, their forums aren't the answer either). Thus far, the Android team's G+ page is the only way for people to voice their opinion, even if it falls on deaf ears as has been the case since this update was supposed to have started for the Nexus S back in December.
Agreed though, there are a lot of people who think their HTC or Moto phones will be updated by Google directly. They don't understand that the additional bloatware has to be integrated into ICS before it gets sent to their phones...
Tell all those goodies to Virgin Mobile. Hopefully the day will come when they take phones seriously. As for me, i am using the Motorola Triumph and it has Android version 2.2 and no updates in the future it seems. I wish Google would insist that all manufactures and carriers update the software more frequently. No goodies for me and many Apps will not work on this V2.2 version. Virgin!!! you s@ck!
Sure would be nice if my service provider would roll out that update. Doubt that will ever happen.
Andriod 4.0 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY? Because Google didn't do anything to make sure it reached the end user!!!!!!!!!! #FAIL. Switching to iOS.
+Sodiq Awokoya .. why would i want to pay $80 a month for unlimited everything except data that is restricted after so much usage when i only pay $45 a month for unlimited everything and data usage that isn't restricted?and please don't curse at me.. it shows your intelligence
so cool !!!!!!!!! love it !!!!!!!!!!
Estou a espera do 4.0.4 para o meu nexus s...
+Junio C Hamano the clipboard for paste is how it is depicted in most windows programs that I've used at least
+Zaid Abuzir Really? which carrier. Cause I just read that Ns4G was leaked, so you should have it soon. And if I recall the Nexus S ICS already was released. But you could have had all that anyway if you just install a ROM or go build one from source your self....
So be patience, it's coming. At least your not stuck out in the wind like the Galaxy tab 10.1 owners. My friend is one, his first android... Such a disappointment.
Haha sucks that alot of you need to root and use custom roms. I'm loving stock ics on my nexus s. Just got the update this morning.
By the time I get ICS you'll be talking about the awesome features in Sugarplum
Sean G
+Android since none of the current Hardware Companies support 4.0?! Looks like there waiting for Us to Buy a NEW Round of Phones Again. Might as well just refine & skip to Jellybean. If its Going on 6 months & 1% update rate. Hmm. WTF??? Your Pissing off Android Community by lack of control...
Handle these bitches & hold them to updates.

Only thing i look forward too, regarding ICS is New Nexus Tab Rumors. $149 to $200. For Asus, Moto or Samsung. 3 different types... In a Fire Sale like way (learned price range from HP & let the +Google Play store make up for the price break, with Sales... Learned from Amazon. You SO smart...)
To SEE whats going to work for +Google / +Android Sold directly threw +Google . YES Please...
+Sean G It's definitely true. I bought an EVO 3D something like 6 months before ICS came out, and I may not have it until the end of the year, if ever. It makes me wish for an iPhone, if only so I can upgrade the OS when the new version comes out without waiting for my manufacturer to get around to it.
Inscrutable icons. If you know that you can long press to find out what they mean you already knew what they meant.
+Ryan Schuetzler think about this. Android OS evolves about every 6 months. iOS only does so about once a year. So yeah, Apple can push its new OS to the iphone as soon as it comes out because it has direct access to the device with no middle men. However, they don't come out with full updates as often as Android has been. So the way I see it.. let's just be happy that Android is evolving, and even though it is faster than our device manufacturers and carriers can push the updates (after they add their layer), at least it is evolving and improving twice as fast as iOS is. I for one just love the competition and I prefer the open user control of the UI and other elements that come with Android OS that you won't get with iOS. Competition is good for us.
+Kenneth Smith But if I can't take advantage of Android evolutions until I get a new phone every 2 years, what difference does it make? I receive 0 benefit from new versions of Android if I can't use it on my phone.
+Joe Avery ... I have an unlocked nexus s and I live in Jordan so maybe that's why I haven't received it yet.
I can long press the icon to see what it does, but I can't long press a contact from people to add it to my home screen? Grr!!!
+Mark Friederichs it's not Google causing that, it's your phone manufacturer not releasing it. Google releases the updates quickly. Why do iOS and Windows phones not have that problem? Because Google doesn't force hardware the way iOS and Win Mobile do, and when you have 0 choices it's easy to keep all of your choices up-to-date :)
i am from middle east and i wanna ask when ice cream sandwich will be officially released ? for samsung galaxy s2?
+Hamzah Abu Safieh: You should ask Samsung. It has already been released in several other countries so it should not take long.
I'm a Korean Android Developer. I have a question. Why Android Develop Program don't allow Korean words? When I started it, workspace path coudln't have a Korean name(If Windows Profile name is Korean, then path have Korean words). ^_^
When Google releasing Android 4.0.4, Ice Cream Sandwich update in US to Nexus S(No Contract Phone).
It would be great if my nexus s had ics. Therefore it's just stupid!
That information is only for 2,9 % of all Android users, cause the rest of us don't have ICS yet. What about pushing ICS out to more users, so we actually could try out what you are telling us?
+Frazer McIntosh yet I had a lot of task bar and other customizations for my desktop Windows and this OS lives in a MUCH MORE diverse world. And it's close-sourced. There are NO excuses for Google.
i couldnt comment in the last post, but i hv a galaxy nexus, and i hv got it in India, from thailand. it is yakjuxw and i want 4.0.4, please help if you can
Oh... I accidentally entered this text selection state once, but then I couldn't figure out how to enter it intentionally... Now I will know for sure...
it's the same in gingerbread and OS.
Looks like they copied from iOS, nothing new there!
Just wondering if anyone has filed a class action against google for false advertising on the Nexus S? I would like to join that bandwagon.
still waiting for 4.0.4 on my nexus s

You have now lied to me three times about updating the Nexus S!
Google should have more respect for the users... We buy a Nexus to be the first to receive those updates, but this is not what happens...
I have a Nexus One and now a Galaxy Nexus, giving a second chance to google, if it continues this way, next time I will probably buy a Nokia with Windows Phone...
Android 4.0.4 on Nexus S I9023 : does anyone have it or is it unavailable just in France/Europe ?
M. D.
Nexus S back in the package! As long as I don`t get any updates - google won`t get any more data! (I know it`s rediculous because I´m writing in google+).
I dont understand how difficult it is to list down country names and corresponding release date for any upgrades. We paid good amount of money to buy google mobiles and now just getting frustrated :( btw i have nexus s and still on 2.3.6 in india.wont buy google anymore...
I hear you. I always ignore the apple fanatics going on about fragmentation but it is going to be Googles undoing. I have 3 android devices, 2 of which are Pure Google unlocked, and all three are on different OS's .... retarded.
Four boxes is select all, scissors is cut, two pages is copy, and clipboard is paste.
im STILL waiting for ics on my nexus S!!?? whens it coming?? im in the UK
Waiting for ICS on Nexus S in Spain as well. I'm disappointed with so much delay.
Hi, when can I got 4.0.4 OTA? thanks.
whys it taking sOOOooooo long!!!? its crazy .. they keep talking about it but it never comes
I cannot sync my facebook or my twitter accounts to my phone. When I choose facebook in the applications list, it goes back to the other screen without asking me for my login information. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Still waiting for the Portuguese Brazilian Dictionary for my Galaxy Nexus... and for 4.0.4 update too..
Be nice if you copy text from say a web page and paste to the phone app when the phone number is not a link.
Would be nice, if only I could get 4.0 for my galaxy s2
I just flashed a stock ics ROM from the UK carrier O2 and it worked fine.
+Ryan Melnick For when you long press the cursor. Apple may have patented it but it is on HTC Sense and on Asus tablet ics release.
I got the ota just now in England 
Too bad Google hasn't released the update for AT&T nexus s users, I'm starting to think that maybe the want us to sue them.
Where's the nexus s love for ics ? Its the reason I bought this phone.
Mine is nexus s! i9020. Why I still haven't receive the OTA?
+Lenard Lian I rerooted my nexus s (tmo) and after flashing the stock 4.0.3 image, a notification for the 4.0.4 update popped up about 5 minutes later. before going through that, i'd recommend doing a factory reset. that might do the trick. best of luck! 4.0.4 is running great.
Just been prompted to download ICS - did this, only to receive an error message saying the downloaded system software is corrupted! Tried it four times now, even performed factory reset of phone, same error message. (HTC Sensation on Vodafone UK).

and....for those of us who have expensive devices that don't have ICS yet? now you're rubbing it in our faces lol
Hey, even us who have official Google phones can't get updates.
It would be greatly appreciated if we weren't teased with ICS for DroidRazrMaxx
its look like w150i feature
I love ICS on my nexus S....awesome!!! Would have been happier if it had inbuilt swipe keybowed like in s2
+Elliot Jenkins , you are wrong on multiple levels. People who bought the Nexus S bought it because it was advertised as a Google phone and because of that would receive "the latest updates from Google". Android is competing with the iPhone. Apple does software updates right. All the phones that are going to get the update get it on the same day. People Feel comfortable buying the iphone because they know they're going to get the software updates for least a year, so their phone will be up-to-date for two years.
Why android 4 is not yet available for Sony and Samsung models???? thats complete stupid!!!!!
Could anybody tell me when will sony provide it ics update for its android devices exactly? And in what way? My android 2.3.4 seems to be working properly and very fluently with my stuff , may the update slow down the performance of my android?
Those Icons do not work. and neither does ICS in general. it completely destroyed my phone. i want gingerbread back. either that or i would LOVE google to actually get off their a$$ and FIX this.
I love my Android but it drives me crazy that I'm still running the old version and not ICS on my GSII.  This is why apple kicks our asses. GRRRRRR! 
Ya, Android 4.0 has proved to be fiddly with cut, copy and paste functions ... also maintaining main screen consistencies - any way to stabilise the experience ?
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