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Movies on +Google Play now available in Australia!
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"Chopper" - what an excellent film that is!
"The Google Play music player is currently only available in the United States."
Great... But whens Google Music coming?
Ah!!! Plz +Google Play, there are a lot of books and fimls and song available internationally... enable them worldwide!
It's not Google who determines where these services are available. This is why everyone needs a business class....
Waiting for Brazil... I don't understand why content providers don't see that Brazil is one of the biggest markets in the world... It seems like they don't want our money....
Any word if this includes New Zealand? We're usually inline with Australia with regards to media distribution deals.
What about Malaysia???????
No way, there was no way I thought this was going to happen. I seriously nearly had my mandible drop out.

I am not really going to watch many movies, but i hope this means we are one step further to having music available to us Aussies.
+Joshua Duthie I agree, usually Americans think NZ and Aus are the same country when it comes to launching products/services. You guys still can accept the Australian constitution and become an Australian state. I have a feeling that may also be faster than waiting for this worldwide roll out.
+Joshua Duthie It's in the Australian constitution that if NZ wants to rejoin Australia they can, the same with Papua New Guinea and some others.
And what about Spain? If Google could at least say if it will come eventually...
Still no way to buy movies...
I won't rent movies from the Play Store. Need a way to purchase them though.
Bloody locked out here in the USA, will the movie industry just die!
Unless you're rooted, of course.
Ha funny, the aussies are complaining about being locked out of google music, which I have, and I am complaining about getting locked out of chopper, which they have. Bloody hell.
Milty C
Dont mean to sound ungrateful but im really looking forward to Google music, and not so interested in google movies.
When you have amazon music cloud player too, well its not such a big deal, versus chopper anyway
Wake me up... When Plaaay comes to Braziiil...
People, the complaints about this are getting old. Selling media means licensing. Google obviously wants to sell in every country, so why give them crap? Complain to record labels and movie studios.
+Khalid Boutin Well, I for one wasn't really complaining --- not to Google, at least. I was just saying it is a bummer that such things are so complicated and take so much time...
+Edgar Sifuentes Yeah, I know, but I plead guilty; sometimes I catch myself thinking "Bollocks, Google, can't you just... I don't know... Ignore everything and come already?" =P
Unless you've had the gall to act like you own your device... support for root users, please.
I don't know what's wrong!I can't download software on the Google play yesterday!
oh, l can only use google+ on my galaxy nexus because this is China~
I need google play books and music more 
No shiznit? That's great news, runs off to turn on temp unroot via OTA Rootkeeper
im wondering when it will be available for India !!
Google, why not make local movies available on a per country basis first? I.e., German movies in Germany, etc? At least we'd have something to watch while waiting got Hollywood to get their act together... It would also help boost local movies. Granted, it wouldn't help much in Singapore ;-)
Congratulations to the Australians! But don't forget, the Swiss guys are also waiting for ;-)
Here we go again another impossible mission to achieve. As long as movie and music companies around the world don't agree to world wide terms to pay and receive on-line content some countries will always have problems accessing such services. It is really annoying to see this industry complain about losses due to piracy but failing to make legal content accessible world wide. Instead they spend millions on copy protection and hunting file sharers. Pissing off people by adding anti piracy videos to a legally bought DVD or Blue Ray that you can't skip. Forcing subtitles on you because of some weird licensing issues in certain countries if you want to watch the unsynchronised version. Dear music and movie industry get your act together and stop this nonsense you are a pain in the lower backside area.
How about Germany? Is there any kinbd of roadmap when it will be introduced in each country?
So close. Just a little bit up and to the left to Indonesia....
Please Austria, not Austrialia! Must be a mistake, or? :)
+Ray Davis Er...'android'? Is that like Data?

You want I should watch movies on an itty bitty phone screen? And hold the popcorn bowl in the other hand?

Putting the popcorn on because although I don't have a clue, I'm sure you do, and that's great.
My "itty bitty" phone can stream video to my large home entertainment center PC via VLC. On the go, I'd just tape it over one eye and eat the popcorn with both fists -- Yarrgh!
When I can buy music in Poland? Books... Movies...?
Now available only applications.
Any reason why it is just rentals and not outright purchases?
Google offers much more than I even need. It's a good thing, though. Something for everyone!
Any news about the German market? Desperately waiting for it... Thx
Whern will be Movies available in south america???
+David Posthuma de Boer I agree with you, but, again, this is all about licensing. When it comes to media, the rights-holders have all the power. This is why it took Google a year from their first Music Beta(as it was called then) of upload-only to be able to sell songs and then only in the US, so far.
The ridiculous pricing makes it uncompetitive when compared with things like Netflix(unless it's a newer film than Netflix usually offers) and that pricing and terms are obviously down to the studios. It's the same reason why Netflix can only make about 10% margins on streaming.
I think it's because they feel that they have to compete.
Apple has their ecosystem, Google likely feels like they have to have theirs. After all, they produce software that runs on a huge amount of phones and tablets, even ignoring the fact that their web-based applications can be used on any modern browser.
Though they're competing in many arenas with Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple, it's really Apple they need to compete with for a complete solution for the consumer and perhaps Amazon too, but right now, to a lesser extent.

Sure, not having competitive pricing sucks. It really does. But every major platform needs a first-party music, films(even if only rental - though purchases are said to be coming soon-ish) and applications offering. It's just the way it is.
We can only hope that Hollywood etc come to realise their mistakes and agree to more promotions and overall lower pricing.
what about Turkey? There are huge amount of geeks beside Greece that waiting google services...
Is the most important thing in life for some people to be able to watch a limited amount of movies on a tiny screen? Please, have some patience...
When v will b able to see n download movies from google play india....
So how do I un-hide Google Play Movies on my Galaxy Nexus?
Btw I'm from Australia..Google hid the app due to it not being available previously. Now that it is available here, I can't play any movie I just rented
To my fellow Kenyans, there is a downside though. The widely popular low end smartphone, the Huawei U8150 IDEOS is not supported. Most of my friends have this phone and it is very sad that they have been locked out of the party. I hope a future update should make the app accessible to these users even though the Ideot (yes we call it that way) camera is very whacky.
Clint J
Great but they're cheaper from local video store! In some case twice as much!!
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When are you launching this service in New Zealand? Most of the products are launched simultaneously in Australia and New Zealand.
About Galaxy Nexsus:
can you please cancel the limit of the buy website only to USA?and why you not accept an Israeli international credit card?(i want to buy the Nexsus Galaxy and ship it to an adress in USA)
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We're waiting for central Europe :-)
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