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We weren't challenged to take the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, but we're happy to support a worthy cause. Your turn! To learn more and donate visit
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Nice effort for a good cause 
I first thought you want to bring proper ALSA to Android L, and was thinking to donate, but then I saw it's not that ALSA.
Not you to? Love the charity but not the waste of water. Especially with the drought in the southwestern States. Oh well. But good for you. 
I admire that +Pedro Flores and it is a great approach. I meant to say that for those who are doing the Ice Bucket thing, but all other ways are welcome to bring awareness to both things: water shortage and ALS :)
Dei G
Great idea... Even better cause... 
The rest of the android team I challenge you
hopefully +Android will throw a cold bucket of ice on their development team; there have been no worthwhile features since moving to Ice Cream Sandwich.
+Kyle Barry please stop being ignorant. +Derek Ross called Samsung out on something he was completely right about. This post isn't the same. The post has links to information on how to donate to this cause, it's spreading awareness, not attempting to make an advertisement about a device
+Ben Williams yes there have. Quick settings was huge. Not to mention the many, many great under the hood changes that have fixed performance and battery drain. As far as huge UI improvements, that's what you'll see in L
Ya lo fregar o ahora se va a oxidar y no podrá trabajar al 100/100
+Kyle Barry Google's execs already participated a week ago. This is acceptable.
that must be the s5 android 🌊🙅💦
Virtually better than wasting real water.
Hey Pedro Flores, its only 2 gallons, and by the way, the water evaporates
I dont have the money to do that . Sorry 
So now I in the name of +Android nominate +iOS to take the challenge in next 24 hrs on so .. 
Come on guys, no one invited Android, wtf?
No one invited you either haha.
Good job +Android !!!!!!☺ great job 
People wasting all that water where the poorest of villages would love just a drop of clean water. Pitiful!
+Pedro Flores, I'm here in Texas, too. I just keep reminding myself that hopefully they are standing near some flowers or a tree that could use a little water. 😊
Wow that is so cool! what is this ice bucket thing all about!?! What's its purpose!?!
Raising money to combat ALS Kiana Kuell, but android used virtual water and ice :)
Well, at least this doesn't use real water. 
You should call your next android ice bucket
vamos doar o dinheiro depois tomamos o balde de agua
com gelo.
Aple or windows can't do this, have no heads or arms hehehe.
No other OS can challenge you! 
Please on android L make some fitur for unlock screen like knock code 
Me & my 7yr old daughter were nominated yesterday.. We did it.😀 my auntie died of this awful disease ... It was freeeeezing lol 😨 
And I thought, that at least Google would understand that challenge... I was wrong... 
You and Brittany should do it together!!!
இனிய தோழிக்கு என் அன்பான இரவு வாழ்த்துகள். 
Ari S.
Best art team ever.
I got challenged, I loved every minute of it !
Would love to know where to update my Android OS.........hint hint............
S5 Android water proof very nice mobile now days I'm using 
TThis is the day that the Lord has made. Let's rejoice and be gglad in it. 
K. mo . k o . i. : .j n . . K l . .b :h i . mb .ui .l . U. . 
Did you know that Samsung is a good company? 
I have an Samsung tablet (updated android kit kat 
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